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“Hahaha, with all of you here, I will definitely win.

This time, Ill make Tai Ritian vomit blood.” It seemed that Instructor Liu had imagined the scene of defeating him.

He felt relieved and raised his glass, saying, “Come on, everyone, cheers!”


Everybody raised their glasses.

Those with liquor took a gulp while those with beer almost finished half of it.

Xu Yong and Elder Meng sat inside, cutting large pieces of roasted meat with a short knife and handing it to everyone from time to time.

Although he spoke casually with Instructor Liu, Xu Yong was still very respectful in his actions.

He directly pulled off a lamb leg and placed it on the table of Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu, telling them to cut it with a knife by themselves.

“It looks good, and smells great.”

Instructor Liu didnt refuse and directly cut off a large piece of meat with his knife.

The marbled meat looked a little greasy, but when he bit it, he found it so tender and delicious.

The intense aroma of mutton occupied his mouth.

“Whoa! What kind of sheep is this Its really delicious, so delicious!”

Instructor Liu couldnt stop praising it.

“This is the sheep raised by the boss on the mountain.

Most people cant eat it,” Zhao Feng replied while eating lamb.


Zhang is really something else.

Only the high-level people like him are so tasteful,” Instructor Liu expressed himself.

He had also seen some masters on Inward Strength, Peak Strength and even Qi Strength.

He knew that Qi Strength Masters had stepped into another level, a higher-end circle.

Although those Qi Strength Masters that he had seen before seemed quite extraordinary, they werent as unworldly and refined as Mr.

Zhang was.

Some Qi Strength Masters even quarrelled and fought for resources.

Instructor Liu thought that Zhang Han was extremely refined and awe-inspiring.

He was like a strong man who stood aloof from the world and inspired people with awe.

From this point alone, he felt that Mr.

Zhang was superior to other masters.

But in this regard, Zhao Feng just replied lightly, “You cant imagine how powerful my master is.”


Hey, stop talking about this.

Youll have to brace yourself tomorrow.

Tai Ritian really pissed me off today!” Instructor Liu said angrily.

“He ridiculed you again” Zhao Feng asked as usual.

“Its more than that.

He almost cursed me face in face.

When I was leaving, he told the chief instructor that I was nothing and not suitable for continuing to serve as the instructor.

He said he also investigated Wolf Head Detachment and it was not worthy as a first-line detachment.

What the **! When Wolf Head won the battles successively, he was still wetting his pants! What a bastard!”

While he was speaking, Instructor Liu became more irritated and his face got red.

He patted the table, as if he was shouting abuses in the street.

Seeing his behavior, Ah Hu and the others took a look at each other.

They all found surprise in everybodys eyes.

Instructor Liu was really emotional and straightforward!

“Calm down, calm down, dont be angry,” Zhao Feng found him very funny and comforted him, “We will get revenge tomorrow.

Being angry is useless now.

Who laughs to the end will be the winner.”

“You are right, dont mention him.

He made me so angry.

Come on, everyone, bottoms up.”

Soon Instructor Liu joined Ah Hu and the crowd.

His straightforwardness really impressed Ah Hu and others.

Instructor Liu was such a person.

If there was anything, he just said it directly, never hiding it or tolerating it.

This also made him offend some people, but he did not care.

Hop like a fish in the sea, fly like a bird across the sky.

Instructor Liu just liked to live his life in this way.

However, he was nearly 30 and still didnt have a girlfriend.

On the other side, in Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

After dinner, Zhou Fei stayed in the restaurant.

It seemed that she wished to say something but she hadnt.

She wanted to find a chance to talk to Zhang Han.

Finally, it was almost eleven oclock.

“Mengmeng, we should go to sleep,” Zi Yan said that while shaking Mengmengs little arm.

“Okay, lets go to sleep.” Mengmeng threw herself into Zi Yans arms.

“Feifei, its so late, you should go back to rest.” Zi Yan looked at Zhou Fei strangely.

Usually, she would just go back after having dinner, but she was still sitting here today.

“Oh, yeah, I should go back to sleep.

Brother-in-law, the car is out of oil.

Please come out and tell me how I can get to the gas station,” Zhou Fei said.

“Yeah.” Zhang Han got up and walked out.

When they got outside, Zhou Fei said directly,

“Brother-in-law, Sunday is coming soon.

You didnt forget Elder Sister Yans birthday, right”

“No, I didnt.”

“Then have you prepared anything Do you want me to help you I used to remind you of her birthday,” Zhou Fei asked.

“No need to help me.

Ive prepared everything.

Dont remind me this time.” Zhang Han smiled while he was saying.

“Great, it seems that youve prepared a gift.

Haha, then I will not worry.

OK, theres nothing else.

I just wanted to ask you this.

Oh right, the gas station nearby is to the south or east of this road”

“Drive only a few minutes to the south.” Zhang Han pointed out the direction for Zhou Fei.

“Im leaving then, brother-in-law.”


Zhou Fei got in the car after saying goodbye.

Zhang Han went back to the restaurant, closed the door, went to the second floor, opened the master bedroom and walked in.

When he saw Zi Yan and the baby lying in the bed, he smiled happily.

“Come tell a story.

Were waiting for you,” Zi Yan urged him.

“Daddy, come, come over here.” Mengmeng stretched her little arm and patted it on the quilt on the right.

“Im coming.”

Zhang Han smiled and took off his coat.

He stretched out his finger and smacked it in Mengmengs cute little nose.

He chuckled and said, “Where were we last time”

“Huh Uh… Uh… I dont know,” Mengmeng thought for a while but she forgot it.

“The jungle, remember” Zi Yan blinked her beautiful eyes and told them gently.

The little girl didnt know that her parent was so serious.

Zhang Han looked at them and said, “Then Ill continue.

The Dwarf King led the soldiers and after many difficulties, they finally saw the elves in the depths of the dark jungle.

The elves had long ears and had always loved peace, but right here they were cursed dark elves.

They were also very greedy.

They heard that the Dwarf King was searching for treasures, so they went along with them.

With their guidance, they walked out of the jungle…”

Zhang Han simply told the part of yesterday so that Mengmeng could keep up with the progress, and then he began to narrate this wonderful adventure.

This story was what Zhang Han read from some notes about spirit treasure when he was in the Cultivation World.

It was mainly about the knowledge of spirit treasure such as beasts, rare herbs and exotic foreign objects encountered by the Dwarf King along the way.

Zhang Han slightly modified it and it became an adventure story.

Zi Yan had never heard of it, just thinking that Zhang Han was telling a story from some novel.

And gradually, Mengmeng fell asleep.

Then Zhang Han stopped telling the story.

He gently picked up Mengmeng, kissed the little girls tender face, put her on the small bed, tucked her in, and then walked to Zi Yan.

He planned to help tuck the great beauty in.

“Youre so gentle.”

Zi Yan saw what Zhang Han did just now.

Since she was a little sleepy, her voice sounded very soft.

She looked at Zhang Han trancelike and said tenderly.


Zhang Han smiled lightly and tucked Zi Yan in.

Looking at her delicate cheeks, he reached out his fingers and touched her gently.

Zi Yan kept her eyes open and looked at Zhang Han in a trance.

“You are so beautiful.”

Zhang Hans heart trembled a little and an impulse made him slowly lean down, his lips going to the thin red lips of Zi Yan.


Zi Yans heart skipped a beat.

She just felt that her whole body became very stiff.

She knew what would happen next, but she did not refuse.

She was nervous!

Very nervous!

This sensation brought by Zhang Han nearly made her suffocated and her brain went blank.

‘He kissed her…

Soon, Zi Yan felt the breath of Zhang Han.

He was breathing to her face, making Zi Yan feel limp and numb.

Zi Yan was so nervous and shy that her slender neck soon got blushed and then her face as well.

Her blushed face, attractive expression… Everything showed that it was time for him to enjoy the great beauty.


When their lips were only a few centimeters away, Zhang Han stopped.

After a second, his lips went up and finally stopped on Zi Yans forehead.

“Good night, sweet dreams.”

Zhang Han got up.

He smiled softly and turned away.

It was totally fine that he kissed her just now.

But he felt that it was more appropriate to kiss her when he confessed his love to her.

“Good night.”

When Zhang Han walked to the door, Zi Yans soft voice came over.

Zhang Han stopped for a second.

With a smile rising from the corners of his mouth, he walked out.

After he left, Zi Yan exhaled a long breath.

She didnt know why Zhang Han didnt kiss her lips just now.

At that moment, Zi Yan felt a little empty and upset.

Although a kiss on the forehead was also not bad, but in Zi Yans heart, she was still looking forward to that real kiss.

“Bad guy.”

Zi Yan murmured.

She gently bit her lower lip, showing a complicated expression with a little dissatisfaction and expectation.

On one side of the beach.

At midnight, the atmosphere here had reached a climax.

Everyone here and Instructor Liu were getting along.

They played together happily and were enjoying their time.

This made Instructor Liu very content.

But because of the next days event, no one drunk too much.

They went back at one oclock in the morning and had a rest on the fifth floor of Feng Ming Nightclub.

At seven oclock the next morning, Instructor Liu got up and called in the others with Zhao Feng.

At 7:30, everyone got in the bus and headed for the 100-ring military camp in the south island.

After arriving at the place, they immediately boarded a 226 transport helicopter prepared in advance.

About an hour later, they landed at Hidden Dragon Island.

Instructor Liu directly led them to the rest area of Wolf Head Detachment, which was like an enlarged courtyard.

At this time, there were more than forty people standing in the yard and they were preparing to have breakfast.

“Our instructor is back!”

Suddenly, they saw a group of people coming from the gate.

“Instructors bringing some people”

“Hey That person seems to be… seems to be Zhao Feng”

“Zhao Feng”

After seeing Zhao Feng, several of them immediately remembered and hurried to greet them.

“Zhao Feng is back Instructor! Did you go out to find helpers” A dark-skinned guy asked.

“Yes, l found helpers.

Ill get my revenge today!” Instructor Liu replied.

Hearing their instructors words, everybody felt so guilty and helpless.

They were incapable, so their instructor had to go out to find helpers.

They had nothing to do about this, since the guys of Dragon Eagle were too powerful.

At the same time, they also constantly glanced at Ah Hu and the others.

They didnt know how capable these people were and whether they could defeat those guys of Dragon Eagle.

They were quite doubtful about this.


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