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“Hahaha, thats good.” Instructor Lius eyes sparkled.

He chuckled and said, “Zhao Feng, you can rest assured.

I wont make it hard for you.

Ill call my uncle later and apply for something heavyweight in exchange for Mr.

Zhangs training method.”

“Whats that” Zhao Feng asked curiously.

Instructor Liu squinted his eyes and his head moved forward a little.

He whispered, “Heavenly treasures.”

After that, a confident smile appeared on Instructor Lius face.

He believed that he would definitely make it with those things.


After hearing those words, Zhao Feng didnt have any special expression.

He just asked him doubtfully, “Is it spirit treasure My master has a lot of those things.”


Instructor Lius smile suddenly became stiff.

Seeing this, Zhao Feng couldnt help but laugh and he added, “Although my master has a lot of such things, I think he will still be interested in yours.”

“Alright,” Instructor Liu shook his head helplessly and said, “I took it for granted.


Zhang is a high-level person after all, so he must be a man of broad outlook.”

“Instructor, with all my due respect, Im afraid my boss outlook is so broad that you cant even imagine,” Zhao Feng smiled.

“You brat, dont be so proud in front of me.

I know he has a broad outlook.

But no matter how strong he is, Ill always have a way.


I will win by volume,” Instructor Liu grinned while saying, “I have a large number of them and prepare to hand them in after a few days.

Finally, theyll play their role.”

“I was a little curious about it.” Zhao Feng shook his head.

He was still curious about the spirit treasure.

Except for those on Mount New Moon that Zhang Han told him about, he had not seen other treasures.

“Lets eat.

Finish the meal, and we will start soon,” Instructor Liu said.

Five minutes later, everyone left the restaurant after finishing the meal.

After two minutes walk, they got to an open square.

To the west stood a building which was like a basketball gym.

The building had only one story and it was high.

It was an indoor training venue.

There was nothing on the north and south sides.

To the east was a large area of jungle.

When they just walked to the edge of the square, everyone felt a bit strange.

It was about to begin.

Why were there so few people

There were only a dozen logisticians on the entire square.

Where was everybody

Instructor Liu glanced around and suddenly fixed his eyes on the front of the indoor training building.

“Hey Why did the chief instructor come” Instructor Liu was surprised.

Zhao Feng looked in that way and saw a familiar figure.

The man wearing the military uniform with a square face in the front was Ren Fei, the chief instructor of Cloud Soul Force.

He once beat the instructors of six detachments severely only by himself.

Since it was a piece of cake for him, he was really a man with great power.

After Ren Fei saw the crowd, he walked straight and came over.

Instructor Liu and others also went to greet him.

“Chief instructor, why did you come” Instructor Liu asked curiously.

“Not only did I come, but Leading Cadre Liu and Leading Cadre Chen also came, as well as other chief instructors and some high-level executives in the army,” Ren Fei said calmly.

“You all come Whats going on” Instructor Liu raised his eyebrows.

Everyone else also paid their full attention.

This situation was unusual.

The last time so many high-level executives came to watch it, it was still three years ago.

“Todays team battle will be an assessment,” Ren Fei replied, “This was proposed by Instructor Tai of Dragon Eagle a few days ago.

Leading Cadre Chen felt it good, so he agreed.”

“This assessment is unusual.

The team with the worst results will be excluded from the first echelon.

I can see that they are targeting us Cloud Soul, or you specifically.

Leading Cadre Liu agreed, but he also gave some suggestions.

According to the rules, well have a chance to win, or else our overall results will definitely the worst.”

“This…” Instructor Lius face became a little darker.

If they were excluded from the first echelon, the combat readiness resources of the team would be much less.

It wouldnt be at the same level as before.

Besides, all the other aspects, such as the welfare of the soldiers, would decline as well.

“That bastard Tai Ritian! How could he What the…” Instructor Lius face got red and was about to call names.

“Hey Alright,” Ren Fei interrupted him in a little helpless tone and said, “There is still a chance, but you have to go all out.

The high-level leaders are serious this time.

Even Leading Cadre Liu cant help you.

So be sure to do everything you can.”

Ren Feis tone showed that it was really serious this time.

“Right, didnt you say that about twenty people were hurt in Wolf Head Why are there so many people here And there are also six women” Ren Fei glanced around and found that there were nearly a hundred people present.

He felt strange, so he asked.

“We have to have so many people.

Were going to beat Tai Ritian to death today! Brothers, come!” Instructor Liu, just like a gang boss, took the lead and walked to the building.

Ren Fei helplessly shook his head and followed up.

Since Instructor Liu had some connections, he couldnt easily embarrass him.

Besides, in his eyes, among all the instructors of Cloud Soul, Instructor Liu was quite extraordinary.

Though he had a hot temper, he did have a strong ability.

So what did that matter

This was just the simple and rude style of handling things in the army.

To Tai Ruitain, who had always targeted Instructor Liu and been so arrogant all the time, the leaders also tended to turn a blind eye.

Walking through the entrance, they saw a hall and corridor.

At the end of the corridor on the left were some functional rooms, including baths, changing rooms, equipment rooms, etc.

Walking from the right side of the corridor would lead to the entrance to the indoor training venue.

The mighty group went in.

There were many people sitting inside.

People of all the detachments were sitting on the ground.

There was a stage at the end of the left side with a row of tables and chairs on it.

Leading Cadre Liu and Leading Cadre Chen were sitting in the center, with a lot of high-level executives sitting next to them.

There was also a row of small tables and chairs on the floor below, which was the position for the ten detachments instructors.

In front of these tables and chairs, that was, at the other end of the venue, there were about thirty hundred-inch projection screens.

On the screens, the scenes of the situation in the jungle were being debugged.

It could be said that every corner had been covered without a dead angle.

Walking into the venue, Ren Fei went to the stage, while Instructor Liu, Zhao Feng and others went to the far left and sat cross-legged.

During the period, Leading Cadre Liu looked over without any expression, but Leading Cadre Chen smiled and shook his head, seeming to express that the power of Wolf Head was falling far behind.

As all the guys of Wolf Head had sat down, Tai Ritian looked on coldly and kept sneering.

“You b*stard! Scr*w you! What the hell are you looking at” Instructor Liu came over and sat down.

He couldnt help but say it.

“Im looking at you, loser! Starting from tomorrow, youll just be a bunch of waste excluded from the first echelon!” Tai Ritian sneered and said.

“Youre spouting **! Well beat the ** out of you today! Just you wait, bastard!” Instructor Liu said furiously.

“Haha, wait and see.” Tai Ritian laughed and turned his head.

It seemed that he didnt want to talk with him anymore.

Instructor Liu snorted and said nothing.

After about five minutes, the last detachment arrived.

After they had sat down, the chief instructor in charge of the base began to speak,

“Todays team battle will be a part of this years assessment.

I will first explain the rules.

After research, the personal fighting a few days ago and various indicators have been converted into scores in proportion.

The scores of each detachment are shown on the big screen in the front.”

Everyone looked up at the projection screens and the most central one showed the scores of each team.

The scores were not high.

The highest was Dragon Eagle, 79; the second was Thunder Tiger, 68; the third was Star Sea, 63; and the ninth got 56 points.

It could be seen from this that Dragon Eagle was far ahead.

And the last one, Wolf Head, scored 33 points.

Seeing this score, all the guys of Dragon Eagle laughed.

The obvious sarcasm made the members of Wolf Head a little ashamed and resentful.

“What the f*ck!”

Instructor Liu muttered.

They got such a low score, all thanks to Dragon Eagle.

But he had nothing to do with it because they were indeed stronger.

In fact, he was angry not because Dragon Eagle won them, but because they maliciously hurt his men as well as the fling abuses of Tai Ruitian.

Such a hot-tempered man as Instructor Liu really couldnt tolerate it.

“This ranking doesnt mean anything.

Everyone has the opportunity to counterattack today.

After the assessment, the top three will have some rewards and the last will be downgraded.”

The base instructor continued to say,

“Here are some specific rules.

It is very simple.

We will score it according to head count, with 60 people in each detachment.

The base will help replenish the team who doesnt have sufficient members.

The winning team will get 60 points.

The losing team will get the corresponding score according to thedeath toll” of the winning team.

But the winning team will get extra points, which will be scored by the two leading cadres, with each up to 20 points.”

Everyone couldnt help but start discussing.

This rule meant that every team was likely to win according to the current scores.

Think about it, after the two sides finished fighting, the winning team only had one person left and the losing team would still get 59 points.

But victory would bring them higher scores.

The extra 40 at most was not a small number.

“The team battle is about to begin.

The first round, Thunder Tiger vs Star Sea.

Two teams please prepare and start after five minutes,” the base instructor said.

He finished talking.

Both the instructors of Thunder Tiger and Star Sea got up, walked to their detachments respectively, and then led them to the preparation room.

At the same time, it could be seen from the screens that a lot of fogging facilities had been thrown into the jungle outside, causing a slight mist there.

It was a little hazy, which would affect peoples line of sight in distance.

This situation was a test of the teams ability to collaborate.

It was precisely because such team battle in the jungle could test various abilities, so it took up a large proportion of the scores.

This gave other teams some chance to counterattack, including Wolf Head Detachment.

There was little hope for them earlier, but the rules today gave them a glimmer of hope.

Although it was only a glimmer of hope, they were not completely hopeless.

But it was difficult, extremely difficult.

All the detachments present were full of masters, so one-sided battle wouldnt happen when two teams fought.

Even if one team won, they would also suffer a great loss.

There had never been a time before when the whole team had triumphed unscathed.

It was common that the winning team had ten to twenty people left.

With thirty people left was still very rare.

If Wolf Head wanted to win, alright, first, they must achieve victory; second, they must have enough people left.

But in the eyes of other people, it was a pity that their opponent was Dragon Eagle!

The Dragon Eagle known as the First Special Force in Hong Kong!


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