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One minute later, the two teams had been fully armed and ready to go.

Thunder Tiger took the helicopter and prepared to enter from the other side of the jungle.

The two teams would enter the jungle from the east and west respectively and head to the middle to attack each other.

For the team battle in the jungle, in the past there would be a target point in the center.

Who got the target first would be the winner.

But this time it was a pure battle, a fierce battle.

Both sides didnt need to defend.

They must attack.

If one team took defense, that would be a disadvantage for the attacking team.

And if it was very cautious, then the battle could last for several days at this place.

Therefore, although the chief instructor of the base didnt say it, it was still an unwritten rule.

The instructors of each detachment would issue instructions.

Soon, when the two sides were ready, a signal flare rose into the air and made a sound, which stood for the beginning of the battle.

From the screens up there, it could be seen that both sides were entering the jungle quickly with their guns and people who were responsible for command made gestures.

Of course, the guns they took were not true, which were equipment especially used for simulate training.

Everyone had a small green light on his shoulder.

There were attack areas on the camouflage clothing, plus helmets and goggles.

If the key areas were hit by the bullets, the green light would turn red, which meant the person had been killed.

It was like a relatively high-level live CS.

Seeing that the two sides entering the jungle and continuing to advance under the command, the people indoors also began to feel nervous for them.

“It looks really cool,” Ah Hu whispered to Xu Yong, who was next to him.

“Yeah, they are all heroes, silently serving the people.

They deserve respect,” Xu Yong said with some emotion, “Now think about it, when I was working for Tang Zhan, it was really a waste of time.

As a person, we should live a meaningful life.

Im very glad that I chose Brother Feng back then.”

“You are right,” Elder Meng shook his head and said, “This is our life opportunity.

Those who chose Brother Feng back then have seized the opportunity, while those who didnt… What a pity!”

By saying this, Elder Meng felt sorry for the other fellows who didnt choose Brother Feng.

“What does that matter When they want to come back someday, Brother Feng wont refuse them right” Ah Hu said with some confusion.

“He wont refuse them, but it doesnt mean he will let them join us,” Xu Yong shook his head and said, “They have already made the decision.

Coming back again wont look good.

Besides, Brother Feng has made it very clear at that time.

He decided to train us, but maybe there wont be the next batch of people that hell train.

Even if there is, itll be very late.

Itll be different from before.

Stop talking about this.

Lets watch.”


Ah Hu nodded and looked very carefully at the projection up there.

Only the people here were whispering, while the other detachments were much quieter.

They were not whispering because they had been used to this kind of training.

Besides, so many high-level leaders were sitting behind them to make an assessment, so they wouldnt make a fuss.

On the stage, Leading Cadre Liu and Leading Cadre Chen were looking at the screens very carefully.

Other high-level officials didnt speak, but some chief instructors of the ten detachments were saying something.

The chief instructor of Dragon Eagle looked at Ren Fei and said casually, “Instructor Ren, I remember that last time you said my Dragon Eagle has no rules.

But now it seems that the detachment without rules is Wolf Head.

They dont sit properly, just like resting at home.

And theyre even talking in groups.

This is really eye-opening.”

After hearing his words, Ren Fei glanced at the area where Wolf Head was sitting.

Xiao Wu and other active-duty personnel were sitting straight and not speaking.

They were all staring at the screen, while others…

Ah Hu was sitting on his back, ignoring the formation.

He leaned against Xu Yong and spoke now and then.

Elder Meng stretched his long legs, with his right leg on the left and two arms against the ground behind him.

He was looking at the screens while shaking his head.

In the front, some people were lying on the legs of their teammates, some were cross-legged, and others gathered together, talking and laughing.

Such a beautiful scene even made Ren Feis eyelids tremble.

Although he felt embarrassed, he still couldnt lose.

He looked at the chief instructor of Dragon Eagle.

After a sneer, he turned his head and said loudly, “Leading Cadre Liu, Instructor Hong said that my people dont have discipline.

I have a question.

You are not assessing them now, right Cant they sit a little casually”

His words suddenly attracted the attention of everyone sitting in the chairs on the stage and several other instructors couldnt help but laugh.

Let alone Tai Ruitian and Instructor Liu, Ren Fei and Instructor Hong also had some grudges.

Leading Cadre Liu was more than 50 years old with short hair and square face.

The hair on the sides of his forehead had turned grey.

He looked like a righteous and upright man.

After hearing those words, he glanced at the direction of Wolf Head Detachment and said, “Yes.”

“Instructor Hong, do you have any other questions” Ren Fei asked loudly.

Instructor Hongs face suddenly became red and he couldnt say what he wanted to say.

“There are no rigid requirements, but…” At this time, Leading Cadre Chen opened his mouth.

He glanced at Leading Cadre Liu and said with a smile, “Soldiers must behave like soldiers.”

As soon as he said those words, the atmosphere on the stage became very tense.

Since the two great leaders opposed each other, the common soldiers didnt dare to say anything at all.

“Hahaha,” Leading Cadre Liu squinted his eyes a little and said, “Remember when I led the soldiers to fight back then, the atmosphere was very tense during the break before the battle.

I wanted to let them relax, but they just couldnt.

However, after they had won the battle, they began to celebrate even before I told them to.

They were so happy and liked to talk loudly.

Theyd cheer at the top of their voice.

Every one of them was the best.

Thinking of this makes me so excited.

But time and tide wait for no man.

Im getting old now.”

Leading Cadre Liu did not say anything about Wolf Head, but everyone in the room knew exactly what he meant.

A soldier who could fight enemies was a good soldier.

His words made Leading Cadre Chen lose his tongue for a while and his eyes showed that he also had such recollections.

It really wasnt easy in the past.

He shook his head and said with a smile, “Leading Cadre Liu, youre right.

Everyone that can protect our homes and defend our country is a hero.

Look, theyre so energetic now.

Im sure itll be a very good memory for them in the future.”

The two of them said a few words and turned to look at the screens again.

They looked very peaceful, but the people below were not like this.

Instructor Hong stared at Ren Fei furiously.

Ren Fei didnt show any fear and also stared at him.

The two of them stared at each other without blinking their eyes, as if they could both send electricity from their eyes and they were engaged in a tug-of-war.

It was okay if it only lasted for a while, but their eyes would be sore after a long time.

Gradually, both of their eyes became red.

The chief instructors around them found it very funny.

The two of them could also compete with their eyes.

Fortunately, when the two of them could hardly hold on, some sound came from the room.


Instructor Hong glanced at him angrily and turned to look at the screens.

Once he turned back, he blinked his eyes quickly.

Ren Fei was also the same.

He blinked his eyes several times to ease the pain and then looked at the screens.

At this time, Thunder Tiger and Star Sea were already in a fierce fight.

On the other side, many high-ranking officers sitting on the stage repeatedly praised them, while constantly recording something.

Thunder Tigers formation was point-type.

60 people were divided into 11 small groups, with 10 people in the middle and 5 small groups of 5 people respectively on each side.

The battle line was very long, but if there was a fight, other small groups would quickly come to support them.

While Star Seas formation was V-shaped, with one person every few meters.

They were advancing with full coverage.

In the screens, the two teams began to fight and they all found a cover to attack each other.

The two sides constantly changed their formation.

They advanced or retreated, and gradually, the personnel of both sides was decreasing.

They were fighting so fiercely just an action movie.

After fighting for nearly an hour, Thunder Tiger finally defeated their opponent and won the game.

About ten minutes later, the two teams returned to the field and sat down.

All members of Thunder Tiger looked very happy, while the members of Star Sea were a little downcast.

“The first team battle, the winner is Thunder Tiger Detachment.

Two leading cadres, please evaluate,” the base instructor said.

“Very good,” Leading Cadre Chen applauded and said, “You are all elites.

The tactics are very good and the executive ability is also good.

As for the score, Ill give 10 points.”

“10 points.” Leading Cadre Liu smiled and applauded.

The two of them did not give full marks, because Thunder Tiger was indeed powerful, but like previous years, they didnt have any breakthrough.

There were no highlights.

So they gave half the score.

The instructor of Thunder Tiger was very satisfied with this score.

Last time, with the hundred-mark system, almost all officials gave them 60 points.

Since there was nothing new, they couldnt be impressed.

“Thunder Tiger Detachment, 68 points, plus 60 for victory, 20 for evaluation.

Total score: 148.

Star Sea, 63 points, plus 45 for the death toll of Thunder Tiger.

Total score: 108,” the base instructor said.

This score made Star Sea somewhat disappointed, but they were not worried, because their score could not be the worst.

In their view, the last place had been reserved by Wolf Head Detachment.

After the recordkeeping personnel had made the notes, the base instructor continued to say, “The next team battle will be…”

The second team battle started.

At 12:40, three rounds of team battles had finished.

Thunder Tiger still held a safe lead with 148 points.

“Finally its our turn,” Instructor Hong glanced at Ren Fei and said sarcastically, “Well score 79 points, plus at least 80 points.

With 159 points, well definitely rank first.

Unfortunately, someones team could only get less than thirty points.

How can they even be our opponent”

Obviously, he was ridiculing Ren Fei.


Ren Fei didnt say anything and stared at him again with his fierce eyes.

Instructor Hong quickly turned to look at the screens.

It seemed that he didnt want to talk with him, but inside his heart, he must be cursing him.

Both chief instructors even began to compete, let alone the instructors of the two detachments.

At this time, Tai Ruitian stood up first and glanced at Instructor Liu.

He said coldly, “Such an incapable instructor can only train some losers.

Wait and see.

Ill show you how powerful our Dragon Eagle is.”

“Get lost!” Instructor Liu glared at him.

Thinking of his uncle who was sitting behind him, he didnt say much and just moved his lips, seemingly saying: you fool!

Tai Ruitian clenched his teeth and walked to the front of Dragon Eagle Detachment, saying, “Follow me!”

“Buddies, lets get ready,” Instructor Liu went to Zhao Feng and others and said this.

The two teams of people stared at each other.

The atmosphere became tense again.

And then they entered their preparation rooms one after another.


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