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“Zhao Feng, there should be 60 people.

You still need 9,” Instructor Liu reminded.

“Then you choose 9,” Zhao Feng replied casually.

“Okay, Xiao Wu, Mingrui…” Instructor Liu didnt talk too much and directly chose 9 people.

And then he pointed to the equipment and said, “Camouflage clothes, and the equipment.

Remember to wear them and use whatever you like.

Zhao Feng, you must beat them seriously this time.

Dont make them dead, but make sure theyll look bad!”

“I know,” Zhao Feng smiled and said, “Anyone who will fight later, remember to wear the gear.

Ah Hu, you didnt touch a gun before.

See if theres anything useful here.

Take it if there is.

If not, just fight bare-handed.”


Wait! He hasnt touched a gun” Instructor Liu was so surprised that he almost spit his blood out.

He goggled his eyes and said, “Zhao Feng, didnt you say that youve taught them almost everything Why havent they even touched the gun”

“Where did I get guns for them Its illegal to get a large number of firearms in private.

Im running a legal company,” Zhao Feng replied.

“Can… can they make it” Xiao Wu and others had some doubts.

“What should I do” Instructor Liu was also stunned.

“Ahem, ahem,” Ah Hu grinned and said, “Instructor, it doesnt matter if we cant use the gun.

Did you forget last night on the beach you…”

Instructor Lius facial muscles trembled and shouted, “Whats wrong with being drunk Ah Hu, whats your problem I just got drunk once and you cant stop talking about this.

Stop the nonsense, or Ill make you regret!”

After interrupting Ah Hu loudly, Instructor Liu snorted and said, “Alright, you can fight without guns.

Use whatever you want.

Anyways, dont forget our goal.”

“Beat them up!” Xu Yong said.

“Alright, its all up to you now.

Im going back.” Instructor Liu didnt talk much.

He directly turned around and took others away.

Then everyone began to take off their jacket and put on camouflage clothes.

Then Zhao Feng glanced at the six women, including Leng Yue, and said, “Is it convenient for you”

“Nothing is inconvenient.”

Leng Yue responded calmly and took off the coat directly.

Xiao Wu and other eight active duty personnel were about to kick up a fuss, but who could expect that they were wearing something like yoga clothes inside.

It wasnt revealing at all.

After putting on their clothes, Xiao Wu and the others pressed their fingers on the light-colored paint, dipped it, and wiped it on their faces.

The paint was printed on their faces at once, representing they were the soldiers who were about to join the battle.

“Hey You also should rub it.

This can make you hide better,” seeing that Zhao Feng and others didnt do it, Xiao Wu reminded them.

“We wont do this.

Or well have to clean it up later.

Its troublesome,” Ah Hu lazily waved his hand.

“Alright then,” Xiao Wu forced a smile.

He found that he couldnt talk some sense to these people, but they really had high skills.

They could knock down someone only with a few moves.

In addition, they were helpers that Instructor Liu brought back.

They must have their own advantages.

He didnt need to worry about anything.

They were preparing casually here, while on the other side, members of Dragon Eagle had been ready to move.

They took the helicopter and flied to the other side of the jungle.

Zhao Feng and others went to the edge of the jungle to wait.

Inside the training venue.

When Instructor Liu led the rest of his people back, he happened to meet Tai Ritian and his several men.

The fight was about to begin.

Both teams were in a combative mood.

Tai Ruitian made the move of cutting his own throat.

With the sarcasm reflected by his expression, he showed great disdain for his opponent.

“Humph, whats with your ugly face huh Its disgusting!” Instructor Liu felt sick and waved his hand.

After hearing those words, some people around Instructor Liu burst into laughter and those who didnt want to laugh also pretended that it was funny.

Tai Ruitian frowned and said, “Youre just good at cursing others verbally.

Just wait and see how your Wolf Head will be abused by my men!”


Now several men next to Tai Ruitian also began to laugh.

Since the two instructors were arguing, they didnt dare to speak anything, but they could also help them with smirk.

“You said I can only speak, but look at you, you just cant stop barking here.

Dont you feel ashamed at all” Instructor Liu snorted.

“Instructor Liu, you know yourself better than anyone!” Tai Ruitian didnt want to argue with him anymore.

He took a step forward, frowned, and then said coldly, “Youre a big fool! Youre here just because you have connections!”

“What did you say” Instructor Lius face became dark.

“Or else” Tai Ruitian wasnt afraid of him, saying, “You want to fight me Dont you know how useless you are”

“You!” Instructor Liu was angry, but he couldnt refute it.

He was no match for Tai Ruitian back then, but he didnt use his connections.

Later, Tai Ruitian mastered Inward Strength.

So he had no chance to win Tai Ruitian at all.

“Instructor Liu, you were born with a silver spoon and always live an easy life.

Why Because of your background, you deprived others of the position they deserve.

Why When I was fired back then, I really wanted to skin you alive.

Now I have this ability, but I havent done that to you, because I want to keep you, I want you to see with your own eyes how Wolf Head will be defeated by us.

As long as I am alive, youll never have your day!”

Tai Ruitian said with a cold smile.

“Damn it!” Instructor Liu couldnt control his anger.

He lifted his leg and gave a kick.

Tai Ruitians eyes sparkled with a panic.

He stretched out his right leg quickly, pushed Instructor Lius leg away and then kicked him in the belly.


Instructor Liu leaned back and was held by two team members.

This kick was not heavy, but the warning was strong enough.

“Lets go!” Tai Ruitian sneered and waved his hand towards his men, “Lets go and see how Wolf Head Detachment becomes the last one.”

After he finished talking, he took the lead and walked into the venue.

And his men were also very bold.

Some glared at Instructor Liu, and some even made faces towards him.

This made the members of Wolf Head very angry.

“Instructor Tai is outrageous!”

“He went too far!”

“Instructor, are you okay”

Several members said indignantly.

“Im fine,” Instructor Liu frowned and clenched his teeth, saying, “Lets go in.

Tai Ritian wont be so arrogant for a long time!”

Then he took the lead and went back to his position.

The battle was about to begin.

When people saw Zhao Feng and others from the screens, they were all stunned.

“No equipment”

“Theyve given themselves up”

“Whats going on There are still six women”

“What is this”

The appearance of Zhao Feng and others without any equipment caused an uproar among all people present.

Even the top executives sitting on the stage were a little surprised.

“Instructor Ren, are you being too negative here Wolf Head Detachment is the representative of Cloud Soul.

Shame on you! They even dont have the equipment.

Are they kidding” Instructor Hong sneered and said loudly.

When he finished his words, everyone looked at Ren Fei with doubts in their eyes.

This test was very important as a part of the assessment, but seeing Wolf Heads behavior, everyone was stunned.

Even Leading Cadre Chen also frowned.

He looked at Ren Fei lightly and said,

“They are messing with such a formal competition, which will exert a bad influence.

I said that even if this is a drill, it should be treated like a real battle.

Look at them, they even dont bring guns with him.

Are they prepared to die”

Leading Cadre Chens words made Ren Feis face get red and he didnt know what to say.

He glanced at Instructor Liu in anger.

“This is ridiculous!”

Ren Fei couldnt complain in front of others.

He felt that he was on pins and needles, but there was no other way.

He could do nothing but reply to Leading Cadre Chen, “I believe in my soldiers.”

“I believe my eyes more,” Leading Cadre Chen glanced at him while speaking.

This time, even Leading Cadre Liu didnt say anything.

His silence showed that he agreed with Leading Cadre Chen.

Leading Cadre Chens words were so harsh that he not only criticized Ren Fei, but also aimed at Instructor Liu.

It also made the atmosphere on the site a lot tenser.

But Instructor Hong looked at Ren Fei in relax.

However, he just felt relaxed for less than 30 seconds before the scenes from the screens made him wide open his eyes.

“What the hell is this”

Here came the scenes of the other side.

Zhao Feng stood on the edge of the jungle and pondered for a few seconds.

He said, “Ill divide our team.

Each group leader should choose ten members and stand in a row after I read your name.

Xu Yong, youre the leader of the first group.

Ah Hu, the second group.

Elder Meng, the third group.

Qi Mi, the fourth group.

Leng Yue, the fifth group.

Your members are the other five ladies.”

After hearing this, every leader chose their members and stood in a row.

Zhao Feng glanced at Leng Yue and something suddenly occurred to him.

He said,

“Leng Yue, your group can act in your own way.

This time your opponents are very professional, so I hope you can have an amazing performance.”

“Yes!” Leng Yue responded.

“Xu Yong, Ah Hu, Elder Meng, Qi Mi, your four groups should be arranged horizontally every 100 meters.

You can fight with your own specific tactics.

I only want to remind you that this time were going to beat them up.

The more severely they get hurt, the better,” Zhao Feng said.

“No problem!” Ah Hu shouted.

“Ahem, then what about us” Xiao Wu asked a little embarrassedly.

He and other eight guys were standing behind and there were no missions for them Although Zhao Feng and his men didnt bring guns with them, but the nine of them all got the equipment.

“You Just follow me and collect the dead bodies,” Zhao Feng smiled and said.

“Collect the dead bodies” Xiao Wu was confused, thinking about the specific meaning of his words.

But the next moment, a signal flare blasted off and the battle began.

“Action!” Zhao Feng shouted after seeing that.


The five groups of people moved into the jungle very quickly and they were so fast that Xiao Wu could not see them in a blink of an eye!

“What” Xiao Wu opened his mouth astonishingly and murmured.

This scene also made the people indoors marvel.

“How could they be so fast” Instructor Hong was a bit confused.

They were looking at them from Gods perspective.

In the screens, the five groups of people were moving forward extremely fast.

Their speed was amazing.

It felt like a mudslide that rushed down.

Even across the screens, people still felt it overwhelming.

It seemed that these people had become hungry wolves, running wildly for their food.

“Is it…” Instructor Hong looked at them carefully and suddenly realized something frightening: They are all martial artists


Instructor Hong gasped.

With eyes wide open, he turned to look at Ren Fei and pointed at them, “You… you… where did you get these people”


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