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Hearing his words, Xu Yong became anxious.

Not to mention how powerful Zhao Feng was now, every time when he spoke in such a firm tone, he would have created much of a stir!

Otherwise, how did he get his nickname “Crazy”

Xu Yong, therefore, replied in a hurry, “Ill check it now.

Please give me half an hour.”

“Fine.” Zhao Feng answered and hung up the phone.

He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly to relieve his irritation.

After calming down, he walked back to the round table and sat down.

The gauntlet only affected their mood for a few minutes.

At first, they felt a little angry, but then they cheered up as they realized that they were to defeat their opponent in this competition.

At this moment, everyone present was offering pieces of advice and thought about how to punish the arrogant man.

After they talked for less than two minutes, Mengmeng became active again.

She wanted to sing another song, but Zi Yan did not allow her to do so.

Mengmeng had sung five songs, and it did harm to her throat if she sang too many songs at one time.

So, Zi Yan asked Zhang Han to play Melody of The Night, and everyone enjoyed their leisure time here.

In the meantime, Bay Mansion on Anhe Street in New Moon Bay.

Sun Donghengs Mclaren was quietly parked in front of the gate of this community.

Seeing the environment inside the district, Lu Yin sighed with emotions repeatedly, “This district, with eight high-rises in it, looks very upscale.

Besides, since each of them is spaced far apart and its green coverage ratio is really high, I guess the house price is not low.”

“The price of the houses in New Moon Bay is always the highest in Hong Kong.

It costs about 300,000 to 400,000 yuan per square meter for high-rises.

I dont know the details.

In fact, rich people generally live in half-mountain mansions, and it costs over one million yuan per square meter.

Because my fathers former company developed slowly, he bought an apartment in a high-rise.” Sun Dongheng said calmly.

“Its so expensive!” Lu Yin stuck out her tongue, curled her lips and said, “I even cant afford a small bathroom here by virtue of my current deposit.”

“Ha, ha.

The houses are always expensive here, and the prices of houses in other districts are also high.

Since there were few land resources in Hong Kong, the piece of land is worth a lot.

They have arrived.

Lets get out of the car and come to meet them.” While speaking, Sun Dongheng glanced at the rearview mirror.


Lu Yin and Sun Dongheng got out of the car.

A black Buick, which had been booked by Stone before, slowly approached them.

The car stopped at the roadside, and then Stone, Chubby and Xiaomei got out of it.

“Lets go to pick up the car first.

I rented a villa and we can go there after having supper.” Sun Dongheng said with a smile.

After Sun Dongheng opened the gate with his entrance card, they walked into the high-rise.

They passed by the cell gate and stopped in front of the elevator.

After thinking for a while, Sun Dongheng said, “Since you are here, why dont you visit my home”

“Well!” Lu Yin responded with a smile.

She was curious about Sun Donghengs apartment.

Therefore, they went upstairs.

There were thirty-two floors altogether and Sun Donghengs apartment was on the 22nd floor.

He took out the key to open the door.

On entering the apartment, others gasped in admiration.

“Wow! Your apartment is so big!” Lu Yins eyes lit up.

A large living room came into view first.

The living room was a rectangle, and at the end of it decorated a semi-circular French window with a strong degree of lighting.

There were a lot of furnishings in the living room, such as a sofa, a tea table, a television, a TV cabinet, background wall, and two wooden shelves with various antiques on them.

Moreover, there were several potted plants by the window and some other ornaments.

The living room looked ample and uncluttered on account of all these decorations.

“Wear these slippers.” Sun Dongheng took out five pairs of disposable slippers.

After Lu Yin and others changed their shoes, they walked around the living room and were totally intoxicated with the scenery of New Moon Bay out of the window.

“Its so beautiful.” Chubby sighed with emotions repeatedly.

“It will be more spectacular at sunrise and sunset.” Sun Dongheng said with a smile.

“How many square meters is your apartment” Lu Yin asked curiously.

“One hundred and seventy square meters with three rooms, two halls, and two bathrooms.

Let me show you around my apartment.” So Sun Dongheng took them to visit the rooms, “This is my bedroom, and there is a private bathroom in it.

It is my parents bedroom.

There is a vacant bedroom.

Here is the kitchen, inside which is the dining room.”

The dining room was in the north of the room and people could see the night scene of New Moon Bay through the window.

“Do you see the tall building” Sun Dongheng said as he pointed to the building covered with glass in the distance, “Its the former CBD building.

I heard that it was sold recently.

The villa I rented, with a private pool, is located on a low hill nearby.

By the way, do you like to play with others What if I call my friends to come here later”

“Well, the more the merrier.

Brother Dong, why dont you invite other beautiful ladies I havent seen young models since I was a child.” Stone, with black skin, took the opportunity to say.

“Hey What do you mean, Stone Youre protecting us, so how do you still think of young models” Xiaomei patted him on the arm.

She glanced at Sun Dongheng, who was standing behind her, gave a wide smile and said, “Brother Dong, is there any handsome guy You can invite some handsome guys!”

“Ah” Sun Dongheng was shocked and said, “You really know how to enjoy yourself!”

“Im just kidding.

Im just kidding.” Stone grinned.

“Thats great.

Ill call my friends to come there later.

By the way, what kind of wine do you like to drink My dad has a few bottles of treasured liquor here.” Sun Dongheng asked generously.

“Whatever.” Lu Yin replied.

“Ill take a few bottles of Lafite.” Sun Dongheng said casually, “Lets go to the living room to have a rest for a while, and Im going to take some fruit.”

They came to the living room.

Then Sun Dongheng took some fruit and put it on the tea table.

“Brother Dong, are you going to do the live broadcast at noon tomorrow” When Lu Yin took the orange from Sun Dongheng, she asked.

“Yeah, we can enjoy ourselves in the villa at night, and Ill do the live broadcast after I get up tomorrow.”

When Stone heard what he said, his face changed and he said, “Brother Dong, I think it is not bad to do the live broadcast in your apartment, for it was well decorated.

Besides, everyone can see the scenery while standing in front of the window and they will definitely know that the apartment is worth a lot since it is so large, which will improve your level.

After we go downstairs, you drive the super sports car, while we drive other luxury cars, to go to dinner.

In the afternoon, we can stroll on the beach, or go somewhere to enjoy ourselves.

Then we can go to the villa at night.

Im sure that this schedule will attract fans attention.”

“Really” Sun Dongheng froze.

“Youd better follow his advice.” Lu Yin smiled and said, “He specializes in designing tour routes, and helped me design the route for my outdoor live broadcasts and select the accommodation.

He does know the ropes.”

“Oh, I see.” After pondering for a moment, Sun Dongheng thought it was a good proposal.

In addition, he had to figure out how to do the live broadcast tonight, so he said, “Well, just rest in my apartment today.

The two ladies can live in my bedroom.

Stone, you can live in the guest room, and Ill live in my parents bedroom.

I have new sheets and covers.

Now, Ill take you to have supper.”

“Were at your service, host.” Lu Yin said with a smile.

They went downstairs and came to the underground parking lot first.

Then Sun Dongheng and Lu Yin got into the sports car, while others got into the Audi A8L, driving to an upscale Western restaurant.

After more than ten minutes, they reached the destination.

Since all the parking plots were occupied, Sun Dongheng parked the car in the parking lot of the hotel nearby.

When they got out of the car and walked to the restaurant.

Suddenly, five black Mercedes-Benz S600 stopped not far away, accompanied by a burst of the creaky sound of doors.

About twelve or thirteen men in black suits walked out of the cars.

It was obvious that they had a strong background.

Lu Yin and her companions looked at them with curiosity.

“Hey” Sun Dongheng snorted.

He took two steps forward and said in a loud voice, “Brother Hu!”

“Huh” Ah Hu turned to look at him.

Finding that it was Sun Dongheng, he nodded.

“What a coincidence, Brother Hu.

Im going to entertain my friends, do you want to have dinner with us” Sun Dongheng said with a smile.

“No, thanks.

We still have something to do.

Just enjoy yourself.” After giving him a response, Ah Hu rushed into the hotel.

“Brother Dong, Brother Dong, who are they They look so scary!” Chubby asked, hiding behind Sun Dongheng.

In fact, other people also wanted to ask him this question, so they all waited for Sun Donghengs answer while looking at him.

“They” Sun Dongheng thought for a while and gave them a wide smile, then said, “Theyre my buddies, who were the underground gangsters before and were the superiors of Forever Harmony Association, which was the most powerful force in Southern District.

But now, theyre doing business, followed by one of our elder brothers.

Im not talking horse.

Theyre really formidable and of great influence in Southern District! Therefore, youll have a good time.

I carry weight here!”

“Great, great! Brother Dong, youre so awesome.” Xiaomei said repeatedly.

“Brother Dong is awesome and really cool!” Stone gave a thumbs up to Sun Dongheng.

“Well, well.

Lets go to have dinner first, and Ill take you to some amazing places if I have the chance later.”

Sun Dongheng waved his hand in a free and easy way, then took the lead to the Western restaurant nearby.

At this moment, inside Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

Everyone was sitting on the sofa and chatting with each other.

As for Zhao Feng, he sat in the chair by the bed.

After answering a phone, he got up and walked to Zhang Han, then said, “Boss, I should go back as I have something to deal with.”


Zhao Feng walked out of the restaurant and got into the black Land-Rover.

When he stepped on the gas pedal, his face fell.

He drove at a high speed and arrived at the destination in five minutes.

After stopping his car in front of the hotel, Zhao Feng walked in.

At this moment, Ah Hu, Xu Yong, and their men were sitting in the rest area in the bar.

Catching sight of Zhao Feng, Xu Yong walked to him and said,

“Zhang Hongbo is at this hotel with a girl, but we dont know which room he is in.”

“Well.” Zhao Feng nodded and went to the bar directly.

He took out the black certificate from his pocket and showed it to the staff, then said in a cold tone, “Tell me which room Zhang Hongbo lives in!”

“Okay, okay, sir please wait for a moment.” On seeing the certificate, the staff was completely shocked!

“Special forces”

She hurriedly called the manager.

After seeing the certificate, the manager checked Zhang Hongbos room number without any hesitation.

“Hes in the presidential set on the 27th floor.” The manager replied.

“Show us the way.” Zhao Feng said flatly.

“Okay.” The manager responded hastily and took the lead to the elevator.

More than ten people went into the two elevators and arrived on the 27th floor.

Then the manager opened the door with a spare door card.

After entering the room, everyone seemed to hear the dissolute breaths from the master bedroom.

What were they doing

It was obvious.


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