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The sound was like continuous mountains.

The manager, who was standing behind them, felt a little embarrassed.

Meanwhile, he felt pitiful for the people inside: They would apparently get a fright as a group of people rushed in when they were having the best time.

Zhao Feng sneered and walked to the bedroom.

The two of them were still in the “war”, and totally did not notice that a group of people was standing at the door.

At this point, Ah Hu twisted his mouth.

After taking a deep breath, he shouted loudly, “Hey!”



Two screams came from the bed.

The two of them immediately turned to look at the door, and they turned pale with fear as they saw the group of people.


That delicate woman hurriedly hid her body in the quilt.

She was so scared that did not dare to show her head, for she thought this group of people was sent by Zhang Hongbos wife to catch them in bed.

On remembering the horrors of those who were beaten badly because they had an affair with married men on the Internet, she could not help shaking with fear.

As for Zhang Hongbo, he was terribly frightened.

He half knelt on the bed, staring at the door blankly.

“Put on your clothes and get out!”

Zhao Feng said coldly.

Then he walked to the hall and sat on the sofa.


At this moment, after Zhang Hongbo came to his sense, the anger in his heart rose into his brain in an instant.

He swore and began to wear clothes.

In the face of so many people, he felt somewhat scared.

However, after he realized that they were led by Zhao Feng, he calmed down.

He firmly believed that they did not dare to beat him here since the hotel manager was standing behind and there were so many monitors in the hotel, let alone he lived in a society ruled by law.

Furthermore, as the administrator of the amusement park, he was on good terms with superiors.

Actually, every director of the amusement park was distinguished, and the underground gangsters obviously could not match them.

So, Zhang Hongbo blushed and put on his clothes, panting, then he strode to the living room.

The next moment, he frowned and looked at Zhao Feng with great dissatisfaction.

But for that he dreaded him, he would have abused him.


Zhao, could you give me an explanation now” Zhang Hongbo asked after taking a deep breath.

“Oh” Hearing what he said, Zhao Feng wanted to laugh.

“Does he actually want an explanation”

Xu Yong did not say anything but took two steps forward and waved his hand!

“Pa! Pa!”

He slapped Zhang Hongbo in the face twice.

“You are so arrogant.

Why didnt you answer the phone”

Xu Yong sneered and punched Zhang Hongbo in the stomach, arching his body.

“Do you think that I cant find you once you turn off your phone”

Xu Yong grabbed Zhang Hongbos collar and hit him with his knee.

Although he did not exert all his strength, Zhang Hongbo was too weak to bear this blow.

“Poof… Ahem, ahem…”

Zhang Hongbos spat all over the ground and kept retching.

If Xu Yong did not hold his collar, he would have fallen to the ground.

Xu Yong did not hit him again, for he worried that he probably would stun him.

Therefore, he dragged Zhang Hongbo in front of Zhao Feng, who was sitting on the sofa.

As soon as he let go, Zhang Hongbo half knelt on the ground, covering his stomach painfully.

Zhao Feng leaned forward, grabbed Zhang Hongbos collar to raise his head with his right hand.


Zhang, could you give me an explanation now” Zhao Feng asked the same question Zhang Hongbo had asked before.

“You, you are, breaking the law, and I have the right to sue you.

You bastards will go to jail!” Zhang Hongbo blushed and said, out of breath.


Zhao Fengs eyes became cold and he moved all of a sudden.

He grabbed Zhang Hongbos collar to rotate him and threw him on the tea table in front of him!


The whole glass-made tea table was crushed, and Zhang Hongbo was at a loss, completely dumbfounded.

Not only him, but also the manager nearby also got a fright and looked at Zhao Feng in horror.

She did not know if this man was to arrest someone or simply to fight someone!

To everyones amusement, the door of the master bedroom was suddenly closed and the sound of locking the door was heard though they made a lot of noises in the living room.

Then Zhao Feng lifted Zhang Hongbo and threw him aside.

He sat on the sofa, feeling a little annoyed, and took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket.

He lit one and took a puff.


After exhaling a long column of smoke, Zhao Feng stared at Zhang Hongbo and said, “Now, if you say any nonsense, Ill break your legs.

Tell me what the hell wrong is with the tickets of the amusement park”

“I, I…” Zhang Hongbo was really scared at this time.

He felt very painful, but he did not dare to ignore Zhao Fengs question.

Therefore, he twisted his mouth and said,

“I tried my best.

Since Im not a core manager, I cant do anything as long as the superiors stop me.

However, I have put off the launch day till today.

The people who buy the tickets will be much fewer than usual as the tickets were accessible to visitors for only one day.

In the worst case, I can draw half of your money back!”

“Draw my money back Do you think I am short of money”

Zhao Feng became angry.

He stood up and said,

“What did you promise when you charge me”

“What did I tell you”

“Why didnt you inform me since you cannot complete what you promised Because of your poor greed”

Zhao Feng clenched his fists, eagerly intending to punch him to death!

But he did not take any action, for he knew that even if he killed this greedy guy, he could not change the fact that Zhang Hongbo failed to complete what he had promised before!

“What should I do”

Zhao Feng was really upset!

After taking the final puff, he directly threw the cigarette butt directly and took out another cigarette to puff it.

Then he dropped on the sofa and kept smoking.

“If I fail to finish the masters task tomorrow and make a mistake on such an important day, Ill totally lose face!”

As Zhao Feng was in silence, the whole room became quiet.

Zhang Hongbo sat on the ground and did not dare to make any noises, while the manager was completely stunned nearby.

Xu Yong, Ah Hu, and others were somewhat worried.

Seeing Brother Fengs expression, they knew that Brother Feng was definitely in a bad mood.

“Zhang Hongbo.”

After finishing smoking this cigarette, Zhao Feng looked at Zhang Hongbo.

Although he said in an extremely flat tone, as if he were telling a story which had nothing to do with him, his words did shock others,

“No matter what you do, I need to get the desired results tomorrow, otherwise you will regret coming to this world.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Hongbo trembled.

He could obviously feel the chillness hearing what Zhao Feng said.

At this moment, he only felt like falling into an ice cave, and he was extremely desperate.


Zhao, oh, no, Brother Zhao, Elder Brother Zhao.” Zhang Hongbo said in a panic, “I really spared no efforts, but I can only postpone it until this morning.

What if I guide you in person tomorrow You dont have to line up, and Ill arrange everything.

Is that ok Moreover, Ill refund you seven million yuan, you…”

“Cant you do it” Zhao Feng grinned.

Although he smiled, his expression was so cold.

He whispered, “Since you cant keep your promise, I wont say any nonsense.

Xu Yong, take him away.”

“Yes.” Xu Yong nodded and stepped forward to lift Zhang Hongbo.

Zhang Hongbo was thoroughly panicked this time.

He kept twisting his body but failed to break away.

He shouted, “Youre breaking the law.

Ill sue you.

Ill call the police.

Manager, call the police hurriedly, help me.

They are a group of thugs.

Let me go.

You bastards…”

At this time, the manager was truly frightened.

He glanced at Zhao Feng and believed that he was an underground gangster rather than a soldier.

“Is his certificate fake”

Suddenly, the managers heart gave a great leap, and he had a bold idea in his mind.

“The mans certificate is fake, and they are all outlaws.

Am I helping the criminals now”


The manager thought for a while and his face turned pale.

At this point, Xu Yong raised his left hand as he thought that Zhang Hongbo was too noisy.

Bang! Bang!

Zhang Hongbo became quiet after he was hit by Xu Yong several times.

Seeing what was happening, the manager shook in terror.

“What a terrible thing!”

He was too desperate to figure out the reason why he was involved in this matter.

Fortunately, the thing did not get worse as he expected.


Zhao Fengs mobile phone suddenly rang, which stopped people who were taking action.

Zhao Feng took out his phone to take a look.

After catching sight of the telephone number, he froze.

He picked up the phone,


“Ha, ha, Younger Brother Zhao, Im Liu Qingfeng.”

“Chairman Liu What can I do for you” Zhao Feng asked.

“Ill return to Lin Hai at noon tomorrow and want to visit Mr.

Zhang before leaving.

I dont know if Mr.

Zhang will be free.”

Hearing what he said, Zhao Feng was lost in thought.

While he was thinking, his eyes suddenly brightened and he quickly asked,

“Chairman Liu, do you know the superiors of Ocean Park”

“Ocean Park Yes! What can I do for you Tell me directly.” Liu Qingfeng said without hesitation.

“I originally told a senior of the Ocean Park that I wanted to rent the park for a day, and he told me that Sunday was available.

However, something is out of control.

In fact, tomorrow will be a very important day for my boss and I dont know what to do now.

Can you help me, Chairman Liu I can pay some price.” Zhao Feng said.

“Rent it for one day Well, its just a piece of cake.

As a major shareholder, I can do it only with a call.”


Zhao Feng put on a delighted face and let out a long breath.

He felt completely relaxed and said, “Thank you very much, Chairman Liu.

You do help me a lot.”

“Hey You dont need to be so polite, for were friends.

Who did you ask to help you Why didnt he get such a trivial thing done since he is a senior”

“His name is Zhang Hongbo, who charged me 12 million yuan and did not inform me that he could not keep his promise.

Besides, I think this money can count as the amusement parks revenue.

What do you think, Chairman Liu” Zhao Feng glanced at Zhang Hongbo, who was lifted by Xu Yong, and his eyes narrowed.

He did not intend to beat Zhang Hongbo, but he would not let Zhang Hongbo get the money.

“Zhang Hongbo Well, I see.

When is a good time for me to visit Mr.

Zhang I want to entertain Mr.


“My boss will be busy tomorrow.

It will be nearly nine oclock after breakfast, and he will go to Aslin Restaurant after cleaning up the restaurant.

At eleven oclock, he will go back to the restaurant for lunch.

Then he will go to the amusement park and wont be free until night.” Zhao Feng simply told him Zhang Hans schedule and said, “Chairman Liu, if you want to visit my boss, you should come at about eleven oclock in the evening.”


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