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“Why did you go to Aslin Restaurant” Liu Qingfeng asked directly.

Going to the restaurant at 9:00 in the morning Apparently, it wasnt for a meal.

“Their chef wants to challenge my boss cooking.”

“Whos so bold” Liu Qingfeng asked straightforwardly, “Aslin Restaurant huh Let me give them a call.”

“No need, weve arranged everything,” Zhao Feng replied quickly.

His masters wife, Zhang Li and Zhou Fei were all very concerned about this matter.

They were planning to abuse them tomorrow.

If Chairman Liu helped them deal with this now, Zhao Feng thought all of them would blame him for doing so.


When will it start I will go straight there tomorrow.”

“10 oclock.”

“I know.


Ill ask the person in charge of the amusement park to call you back,” Liu Qingfeng hung up the phone after telling him.

Zhao Feng took back the phone and chuckled.

Sometimes, with afriend like Liu Qingfeng, it was really convenient for them to do anything.

This was the importance of social status.

Some things seemed to be very difficult for a lot of people, but in some peoples eyes, they were just a piece of cake.

With Liu Qingfengs help this time, the problem of the amusement park was solved.

Now everything was ready and they all needed to wait for tomorrow.

However, Zhao Feng believed that it wouldnt take a long time for him to become a person like Liu Qingfeng, oh no, a person that would surpass Liu Qingfeng.

Now that things had been resolved, Zhao Feng was completely relieved.

Finally, he took a look at Zhang Hongbo and said,

“You can be greedy, but only if you have that ability.”

After that, Zhao Feng took the lead and walked out.

Xu Yong released Zhang Hongbo and went out after a stare at him.

After the group went out, the lobby manager exhaled a long breath.

“Youre the lobby manager.

How could you bring those people to open my door Youre doing great! Ill report to you! Ill complain! Ill sue you! You bastard!” Zhang Hongbo glared at him with his red eyes and cursed.

“What did you say” The lobby manager was stunned and then he got angry.

His face became darker and then he said calmly, “Just go to complain, but let me remind you first.

Those people are all officials.

Theyre from regular troops.

Humph! Sleeping with your mistress at the hotel Werent you afraid of being caught”

After finishing his words, he stepped out of the room and secretly cursed him:

This big fool, it served him right!

Zhao Feng and his men went in the elevator.

When they came over, Zhao Fengs face was a bit gloomy.

He was so depressed that he even smoked two cigarettes.

Now that the problem had been resolved, a relaxed smile appeared on Zhao Fengs face.

“Brother Feng,” Ah Hu looked at Zhao Feng with a smile and said, “Its been a long time since Ive seen you so upset.”

“Yeah, I havent been so upset for a long time,” Zhao Feng shook his head slightly and said, “Tomorrow is such an important day.

If I screw it up, Ill be really embarrassed, especially since weve been preparing for it for days.

Its good to have someone to help us this time.”

“In short, everyones clear about tomorrows schedule.

Instructor Liu had got all kinds of equipment.

We must cooperate perfectly in the evening to make the boss feel satisfied and give a surprise to his wife.”

“Haha, dont worry, Brother Feng,” Xu Yong laughed twice and said, “Weve made so many preparations.

Even if there is only a single part, itll be very romantic.

With so many programs together, I believe no woman will dislike it.”

“Thats right.

Everyone must be extremely careful tomorrow.

You all know that the boss cares about very few people or things.

But this time, he has planned this for several days.

So we have to make it perfect.

Oh, Xu Yong, have you prepared flour and oven” Zhao Feng said.

“Yes, theyre in the lobby on the first floor of the company,” Xu Yong replied.

“Okay,” Zhao Feng glanced at the watch and said, “Its almost eleven oclock and the boss will arrive in an hour or so.

Lets go back and prepare.”

The elevator arrived on the first floor and the group of people went towards the gate.

This attracted the attention of the receptionists at the front desk.

They all felt that these people were so handsome.

That was the special forces! Theyd never expect that theyd see their secret actions today!

In the eyes of other people, this group left the hotel.

At this time, the lobby manager also followed them down here.

He went to the front desk and looked at the receptionists, saying, “They just left”


The way the walk and their expression are so cool! Theyre handsome.”

“Manager, what mission did they come here for”

Hearing this question, the manager thought for a while and then spoke something that made the receptionists stunned,

“To catch adultery in the act!”

Zhao Feng and others walked out of the hotel.

When they were about to get on the cars, Zhao Fengs cell phone rang.


“Ive got things.

You come over and see how we should put them,” Instructor Liu said directly.

“Okay, I will go back in about ten minutes.”

After Zhao Feng finished speaking, he hung up.

“Go back first.” Zhao Feng opened the front door of the car which took the lead and sat in the passenger seat.

A few cars in a row left quickly.

When they arrived at the former CBD building, the building had been slightly modified.

The first floor to the seventh floor was already available and the logistics service personnel sent by Liu Qingfeng had also come over.

The modification was simply to smash some walls on the second and third floor, decorate with ready-made things, and then put various training equipment.

Only the hotel-style accommodation was still under construction.

They were not afraid of disturbing the people, so they were working 24 hours to make it faster.

The decoration and the process of filling in the furniture would be completed in about seven days.

The materials used were all high-end brands, plus the air purification system.

Professional designers told them to observe for two days after the renovation.

They could move in if there wasnt much formaldehyde or other harmful substances.

However, the decoration still cost more than 30 million with the help of Liu Qingfeng, or else the market price would be no less than 50 million.

The two-story residential area were all luxurious suites of different styles.

It had been constructed for three days till now and it would be completed in a few days.

The efficiency was evident.

As for the five-story low-rise building next to it, it was also under construction.

The first floor would be changed to a bar, the second floor of a restaurant, and the third floor and the fourth floor would be functional rooms as those in clubs.

The fifth floor would be reserved for the office area.

Although there were not many floors, the area was not small and the planned parts were quite enough.

The amount of work here was relatively large, so it was expected to cost a long time.

It would take at least one month to complete the reconstruction.

After twelve minutes drive, they returned to the company.

Cars were stopped at the parking lot on the left side of the square in front of the main building.

After getting out of the cars, people saw that a row of large salutes was put in front of the building.

At first glance, there were forty or fifty salutes.

Instructor Liu was casually sitting on the wheel of a salute and smoking.

“Instructor, where have you got so many salutes”

All the people got off the cars and went over.

Then Zhao Feng asked him.

Originally, he expected there would be twenty salutes.

He didnt expect the Instructors to get much more.

“Here are fifty salutes and fifty more will be sent over in half an hour,” Instructor Liu patted the barrel and smiled.

“Do we need so many” Zhao Feng found it both funny and annoying.

“Hey Of course! Why not” Instructor Liu stood up and said, “Mr.

Zhangs business must be done perfectly.

You think about it, a hundred salutes being set off at the same time, what a scene!”

“Well…” Zhao Fengs eyes sparkled and he said with a chuckle, “It will illuminate the entire New Moon Bay!”

“Thats right!” Instructor Liu laughed for a while, and then he coughed and said, “I have told Director Dong and we will arrange a lot of traffic police and fire fighting trucks, so lets play to our hearts content tomorrow.

But, well, ahem, you must tell Mr.

Zhang about this.

Speak some good words for me.

Maybe when he is happy, he will directly agree with what I said!”

“No problem.” Zhao Feng nodded with a smile.

“Then see how these salutes should be placed.” Instructor Liu waved his hand.

“100 in total, then 50 at each side.

Ah Hu, you push these to the left.

And when the next bunch arrives, push them to the right,” Zhao Feng ordered.

So Ah Hu and others began to push the salutes.

At this moment, inside Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

Zhang Han was lying in the pink bed of the master bedroom, telling the story for his sleepy wife and daughter.

After about ten minutes or less, Mengmeng fell asleep.

And another ten minutes later, Zi Yan fell asleep soundly.

Zhang Han stopped telling the story.

He was lying next to Mengmeng, holding his head with his left hand and quietly watching the two beauties.

With a daughter and a wife, that was home!

Zhang Han felt very warm now.

Even he himself didnt realize that his state of mind had had some changes.

He didnt want to a king who could conquer the whole land, nor did he want to stand on the top of the mountains, overlooking the entire world.

Even the uncomfortable feeling when he couldnt look for treasures gradually disappeared.

There was only one word in his heart: home!

He didnt want to fight nor win.

What he only wanted was to guard his home.

He also had the same feeling as others, that was, a sense of responsibility.

He wanted his daughter to grow up happily and his family to be carefree.

This was Zhang Hans motivation for moving forward, which was even greater than his motivation for improvement in Cultivation World.

It was like an attitude.

Although he didnt want to dispute, for the sake of his home, he would sweep away some obstacles.

Although he didnt want to be the king, he would personally conquer a piece of land for his family.

After watching for a few minutes, Zhang Han gently got up and put Mengmeng in the cot.

He walked to the door, turned his head and looked at Zi Yan, with a soft smile in his eyes.

Gently closing the door, Zhang Han left the restaurant and drove to the company.

It was late at night, but the companys lobby on the first floor was full of lights and there were dozens of people standing there.

Zhang Han parked the car aside, got off and went inside.



Zhao Feng and others gathered together.

What made Zhang Han feel interesting was that Instructor Liu was just like an obedient baby, standing next to Zhao Feng and greeting him.

“Mm, is everything ready” Zhang Han nodded while asking.

“Everything is ready.

Over there.” Zhao Feng pointed to the direction of the original service desk on the right.

There were two large chopping boards over there, with a bag of flour, a pot of eggs and a king-size oven on them.


Zhang Han was planning to make a birthday cake by himself.


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