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“Why dont you answer me” Zi Yan asked.

Since she just woke up, she looked adorable at this moment.

Zhang Han walked to Zi Yan and reached out his hand to fix her messy hair, and then he said with a chuckle, “Im going to prepare breakfast.”

“Oh.” Zi Yan nodded slightly.

“Is Mengmeng awake” Zhang Han asked.

“Not yet.”

As soon as Zi Yan finished her words, Mengmengs voice was heard from the master bedroom on the second floor, “MaMa MaMa! PaPa! Owww…”

Since the little princess did not see Zi Yan when she woke up, she burst out crying.


The instant Zi Yan finished speaking, Zhang Han bolted out.

He moved so fast that Zi Yan felt a little shocked.

How does he run so fast

I havent finished talking yet!

He only cares about Mengmeng, idiot!

At this moment, Zi Yan felt somewhat envious.

This was her life.

Although Mengmeng was her own daughter, she was jealous of her at this point because of her possessiveness.

Zi Yan had seen a North American funny video not long ago.

On the video, when parents kissed in front of their child, the blond little girl shouted anxiously, “no!”

Finally, as the parents wanted to coax the little girl, she cried again, “no!” Then she ran away in anger.

The video was very interesting.

Life was always colorful, and fun was just one of its components.

Zi Yan stood at the corner of the stairs.

After two seconds, she went upstairs and walked to the bedroom, for she also wanted to sweet-talk the little princess who was crying.

However, she found that Mengmeng had calmed down.

“MaMa, give me a hug.” After catching sight of Zi Yan, Mengmeng stretched her arms out in Zhang Hans arms.

Zi Yan was very pleased to take Mengmeng.

Judging by Mengmengs actions, she was much closer with MaMa than PaPa.

The instant Zi Yan smiled, she saw Mengmeng burrowing her little head into her chest.

The teardrops in Mengmengs eyes were all absorbed by her pajamas.

Once, twice, three times.

Perhaps Mengmeng felt more comfortable to wipe her tears with the pajamas.

Zi Yan did not know whether to laugh or cry as she saw what Mengmeng did.

She threw herself into my arms just to wipe her tears.

“Mengmeng, why did you cry You seldom cry when you get up.” Zi Yan stretched out her fingers to touch the end of Mengmengs nose and said.

“I, I, I dreamed.

I fell from a height.

Im so scared.” Mengmeng pouted and said in a childish tone.

“Dont be afraid.

PaPa and MaMa are with you.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “The sun is shining, and we should get up and go to wash.”

“Im going to cook.” After speaking, Zhang Han went downstairs to prepare the days breakfast.

At seven oclock in the morning, diners came into the restaurant one after the other.

From 7:30 to 8:00, the number of diners always increased.

One may think that it was a little early for them to come here at this time, but they found that the food was all gone if they arrived by 8:30.

Therefore, they knew that they had to come before eight oclock if they wanted to have breakfast.

Just as an old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.

Even so, there were only half of all the dinners.

In this era, in addition to those who had a routine job, many other young people got up at nine or ten oclock to have their brunch .

Even among those of the people who did a nine-to-five job, many of them slept until the time they had to wake up as well.

Of course, there were also some who had a regular routine, sleeping early and getting up early over the years.

This mode of life was beneficial to their health.

At half past eight.

In Zhou Feis rented apartment.


Zhou Fei yawned and opened her eyes in a daze, then she glanced at the clock on the wall.

“Its just half past eight, and I can sleep for another while…”

She stayed in bed for half a minute.


Zhou Fei screamed.

She sat up and looked at the clock.

“Its half past eight! God! My gosh!”

She reached out her hands and pulled her hair randomly, then went out of bed and walked to the secondary bedroom.

She knocked the door several times and said loudly.

“Lili! Get up quickly, or you will miss the breakfast! Hurry up.”

“Ouch, stop shouting.

I see.” Zhang Lis muzzy voice was heard from the room.

They had played poker until two oclock last night, and now they still wanted to sleep.

However, lured by the delicacies, the three of them all got up.

They did not have enough time to make up but directly hurried to the restaurant after putting on clothes.

It was already about 8:40 when they reached the restaurant.

In front of the restaurant five Mercedes were parked.

On seeing these cars, they knew that Zhao Feng and his men had come.

They entered the restaurant.

Then they saw Zhang Han and Mengmeng sitting on the sofa watching cartoons.

Zhao Feng and Ah Hu were sitting at a table.

“My gosh.

Were late!” Zhou Fei curled her lips and snorted, and then she looked at Zhang Han and said loudly, “bBrother-in-law! Im hungry!”

“Brother, have you saved us any food” Zhang Li asked frankly.

“There are three bowls of fried egg rice in the kitchen.” Zhang Han glanced at them.

Judging from their hairstyles, he knew that they were in a hurry and just got up.

“Yeah!” Zhou Fei let out a cry.

After taking the fried egg rice, the three of them started to eat.

“Where is Elder Sister Yan” Zhou Fei asked while eating.

“Shes dressing upstairs.” Zhang Han responded.


Zhou Fei continued to eat after getting the answer.

A few minutes later, Zi Yan came downstairs.

She spruced herself up today.

She wore a white Chanel T-shirt with a pair of red curved shorts, like a skirt, which made her white and slender legs stand out more than usual.

She wore a pair of white sneakers and a Louis Vuitton bag, with a peak cap in her hand.

She looked so beautiful.

During this day, Zi Yan was calmer than usual.

She glanced at Zhou Fei and her companions, then she did not greet them but sat by Mengmeng to watch TV with her.

After breakfast, it took the three of them another half an hour to wake up.

It was 9:40 when they finished doing everything.

Zi Yan checked the time and said, “lets go.”.

Then everyone stood up and prepared to go out.

As for Zhang Han, he walked to the kitchen first and took two plastic bags.

“Whats in the bags Rice and eggs” Zi Yan was a little stunned.

One of the plastic bags contained a few leftover rice, while the other only contained an egg.

He was so casual.

“This is enough.” Zhang Han slightly raised the bags in his hand.

“Brother! Arent you being too humble You should show your superb cooking skills!” Zhang Li was speechless.

“Thats right.

You can defeat the opponents by virtue of your cooking, not necessarily the ingredients.” Zhou Fei twisted her mouth.

“Well, lets go.” Zi Yans eyes flashed.

She gave a nod and took the lead to walk out.

She thought that using simple leftovers and an egg to win the competition did show their contempt to them, so it was a great way to punish those who were arrogant.

After going out, Zi Yan, with Mengmeng in her arms, got into the panda car with Zhang Han, while othersgot into the Mercedes.

They drove to Aslin Restaurant.

In the meantime, in Aslin Restaurant.

At ordinary times, there were only few people here, but now it was full of people.

The manager of the restaurant was very supportive of this cooking competition.

To be honest, without his support, those men who went to Zhang Hans restaurant would not have been so arrogant.

At this time, there were dozens of people in the restaurant.

One-third of them were the media reporters invited by the manager, one-third were their friends, relatives, and some famous chefs, while others were just passers-by.

In the past few days, they tried their best to run promotions.

Therefore, many people of the culinary industry in south island heard that Lv Chao was going to compete with the boss of Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant that was becoming popular recently.

In fact, this competition only attracted some peoples attention.

Usually, the showdown in cooking was a decent gimmick.

However, Lv Chao was of low status even though he was one of Wang Longs disciples.

So there were not many people in that circle coming here to watch the competition.

If it were Wang Long who joined the competition, lots of people would have come to see him.

The manager, standing next to Lv Chao, checked the time and said, “its 15 to ten.”

“He promised that he would come here.” Lv Chao chuckled and said, “if not, we can take advantage of public opinion to smear him.”

“Haha.” The manager patted Lv Chao on the shoulder and said, “our boss is coming soon.

If you win and please the boss, youll definitely get a raise.”

“Dont worry, manager.

Its impossible for an insignificant person to defeat me,” Lv Chao answered with great confidence.

At this moment, in the center of the restaurant two simple kitchen counters were placed, with some stoves, chopping boards and other utensils on them.

There were a lot of small chairs 10 meters away from the two chairs on the left, and a total of about 60 or 70 people were sitting on them.

Furthermore, there were some guests who had just finished breakfast or were still eating .

They intended to watch the match after breakfast.

On the right was a row of 16 or 17 sets of upscale tables and chairs.

There was no doubt that they were reserved for VIPs.

“My master is coming!” Lv Chaos eyes suddenly lit up.

He quickly got up and walked forward.

“Master!” Lv Chao greeted him with a smile as he approached his master.

His masters name was Luo Sheng.

Hewas popular among the people in the culinary industry in Hong Kong, for he was the top disciple of master Chef Wang Long, with superb cooking skills.

Luo Sheng came here with four his friends.

On seeing them, the people in the circle burst into exclamation.

“Chef Luo actually comes to support Lv Chao!”

“Im afraid that the opponent is likely to lose since hes here! The jury will definitely respect Mr.


This is the importance of the contacts!”

“Yeah, Chef Liao of Weimi Restaurant came as well as him.”

“Chef Hong of Fasen Western Restaurant, Chef Ma of Linxi Restaurant and Chef An of Taibin Restaurant also show up.

They are all heavyweights!”


Luo Sheng nodded to Lv Chao without saying anything.

His presence had shown his attitude.


Luo, Mr.

Liao, Mr.

Hong, Mr.

Ma, Mr.

An, welcome.

Come in please.” The manager said to them with a smile and showed them the way.


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