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As they walked, a lot of people greeted them.

“Hello, Mr.



Hong, long time no see.”


Luo Sheng and other heavyweights did not give an enthusiastic respond for their greetings but nodded slightly.

Because most of them did not know these people who said hello to them.

Even those who they were acquainted with were much inferior to them.

Those reporters also picked up cameras to take many photos of Luo Sheng and other heavyweights under everyones gaze.

Luo Sheng and his companions were invited to the VIP seat, accompanied by the manager and Lv Chao.

However, in less than two minutes, another group of people came into the restaurant.

A total of five people, headed by a middle-aged bald man with a pair of glasses.

When the manager saw these people, his face changed and he hurriedly ran to them with Lv Chao.

“Boss.” The manager walked forward and greeted them with enthusiasm.

The bald man was the owner of the restaurant, Niu Xuebo, who was in possession of a good fortune in Hong Kong and was also a businessman.

At this moment, hearing the managers greeting, Niu Xuebo nodded gently.

“President Li, President Feng, President Ren, President Huang, lets go inside to have a seat.”

Niu Xuebo smiled at the four middle-aged men next to him and walked to the seats inside directly.

Luo Sheng and the other chefs all stood up to greet them.

For them, it was beneficial to know more bosses like Niu Xuebo as they were all rich men.

After shaking hands with them, Niu Xuebo and his companions sat beside them.

“Chef Luo.” After sitting down, Niu Xuebo said with a smile, “Im going to open a restaurant in the North Ring.

If you are interested, you can come over and work for me.

I guarantee that you will get better payment and benefits.”

“Thank you for your kindness, President Niu.” Luo Sheng said with a smile, “but my contract has not expired.

My apprentice Lv Chao also learned from me and you can trust his cooking skills, President Niu.

You can leave the opportunity for promotion and raise to him.”

On hearing his words, Lv Chao became so pleased.

“Hahaha.” Niu Xuebo laughed and said, “of course, Chef Lv is a great talent, so I wont let him go because Aslin Restaurant needs him.

Chef Lv, todays competition is also a great chance.

If he perform well, I will give him a raise.”

“Thank you, boss!” Lv Chao thanked him with excitement.

At this time, President Li, who was standing next to Niu Xuebo, looked at the people beside Luo Sheng and said, “brother Niu, dont focus only on Chef Luo.

The people who sat next to him are all famous chefs.

Chef An, have you made a decision on what I told you last time”

“Thank you, President Li.

I can leave the job at the end of this month.

At that time, I hope that President Li can take care of me.” Chef An saluted President Li and answered.

“Hey Its just a piece of cake.”


Everyone chatted with each other.

The dozens of people who were sitting on the left also whispered to each other.

Those who knew the people sitting on the stage were gossiping their stories.

They said, “do you see the man with long hair Hes President Li, who runs two companies and his wealth is worth over hundreds of millions yuan.”

“Is he really awesome Fu*k.

I thought it was just a cooking competition between two small restaurants and didnt expect that the people who support Lv Chao have such strong backgrounds!”

“Small restaurant In fact, the owner of this restaurant, President Niu, works in the catering industry, earning lots of money.

Hes indeed a rich man! The presidents next to him are all his friends, who came here for his sake.

Or, do you think those big shots will come for no reason”


After five minutes, the manager found that it was nearly 10 oclock.

He, therefore, asked Niu Xuebo for instructions.

After he nodded, the manager stepped between the two kitchen counters and took the microphone, then said, “Its nearly 10 oclock, but the representatives of Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant havent shown up yet.

Maybe theyre scared.”

“Whether they come or not, we have to take a correct attitude.

Aslin Restaurant, founded five years ago, enjoys a very good reputation in Hong Kong and has been on various food shows.

It was ranked as a two-star Michelin restaurant last year and this year we will be promoted to a three-star Michelin restaurant.”

“This time, I want to tell you the grudges between Aslin Restaurant and Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.”

“Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant opened nearly a month ago, and I heard that its owner was an outsider.

To be honest, coming to Hong Kong to make money isnt a big deal.

After all, he just went into business.

But he did go too far by promoting his restaurant unscrupulously and hyping it shamelessly!”

“They found an unknown fraud to improve the grade of their restaurant, saying that the food there exceeded the standard for three-star Michelin restaurants.

Haha, has he seen the brand of Michelin Lets be serious, they defrauded everyone!”

“Therefore, Chef Lv Chao of Aslin Restaurant decided to compete with them, going public with their deceit!”

After he finished speaking, everyone below the stage talked with each other and several media people kept recording.

Hearing his one-sided speech, everyone believed him.

“All right.”

After about thirty seconds, the manager said again, “next, Id like to introduce the judges for you.”

“This gentleman is the famous entrepreneur, President Niu! This is the famous entrepreneur, President Li…”

“You must have heard of him.

He is Luo Sheng, a famous chef, the top disciple of Wang Long, who is one of the master Chefs in Hong Kong.

His understanding of delicacies is more than enough to be a judge.

The man beside him is Chef An…”

After some introductions, a burst of applause was heard.

“Now, its 10:01.

If the other party doesnt show up at 10:30, this competition will be terminated by the victory of Aslin Restaurant.

At that time, I hope that the media reporters present can report truthfully.”

The manager checked the time and said, “of course, they may have inquired about and found out the social status as well as the level of the chefs of my Aslin Restaurant.

Probably theyre afraid.

I can understand them, for they are newcomers.

I promise that as long as they apologize to us, we wont hold them responsible.

After all, we dont intend to give start a conflict.

Catering is to serve everyone, and we hope they start knowing their place…”

Seeing the managers performance, Niu Xuebo nodded, secretly thinking that he had chosen a capable person.

However, before he finished his words, another group of people hurried into the restaurant.

At the beginning, those who were standing behind, exclaimed.

Gradually, everyone fixed eyes on them.

Under everyones gaze.

More than 10 men in black suits with ties took the lead.

After opening the door, they stood in or outside the restaurant, next to the door.

They stood straight, leaving the impression on everyone that they were bodyguards with extremely strong discipline .

The group of people accompanied by these bodyguards were likely to be powerful.

Even Niu Xuebo and other heavyweights were curious about them because the powerful people, like them, would not bring so many bodyguards.

Does a big shot come here to watch the competition

Everyone was thinking about this.

However, when the manager saw seven or eight people behind walking in and a cute little girl, his mouth trembled slightly.

Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant!

Come on, thats too much of an entrance.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan led the way.

Zi Yan was still dressed a white T-shirt, red shorts and sneakers, but she also wore a cap and a pair of sunglasses at this point.

As for Zhang Han, he was in a beige casual suit.

What made him different was that he wore a pair of sunglasses as well, which belonged to the same lover style as Zi Yans.

Mengmeng, in Zhang Hans arms, with a ponytail, looked at the people in the restaurant curiously with her big clear eyes.

Zhao Feng kept up with them, followed by Zhang Li, Zhou Fei, Luo Qing and Li Anna.

After they stepped into the restaurant, Ah Hu and others who had stood next to the door followed them.

They got to the left front side of the stage and sat down, occupying a patch of land.

At this moment, five or six media reporters came in.

They were all Li Annas friends.

Seeing what was happening, everyone present stopped talking, and the whole restaurant fell into silence.


Niu Xuebo came to his sense and coughed to remind the manager to receive the guests.

Judging by what they did, they obviously have strong background.

One more friend, one more ally.

Anyhow, we should invite them to the judging table to have a talk!

However, Niu Xuebos facial muscles trembled when he heard the managers words.


The manager swallowed briefly and said in a much weaker tone as he looked at the crowd, “er, everyone from Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant, welcome.

Now that you are here, can this game start”

“Yes,” Zi Yan said very coldly.

Zi Yans aura was so strong that she seemed to be the person who gave the order.

After hearing what she said, the manager nodded and said.

“Okay, okay.

Lets get start! The chefs of either party, please walk on the stage.”

“Go ahead.” Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han and said.

“Well.” Zhang Han nodded.

Then he stood up and walked up.

At this time, Mengmeng, who was next to Zi Yan, pouted and said, “PaPa, fighting.”

Zhang Han turned his head and smiled.

At this point, everyone could feel that his eyes behind the sunglasses were also filled with happiness.

Zhang Han walked to the stage and stood next to the manager.

As for Lv Chao, he walked to the other side and sized up Zhang Han in disdain.

It was really amusing for him to find a group of people trying to so obviously increase their stature.

In his opinion, the boss in front of him, as a newcomer, could not have worthwhile connections.

There was no denying that he was pretending to be a powerful man.

When you lose, you will show your true colors!

Lv Chao sneered.

“Next, the two chefs will introduce themselves…” The manager put on a solemn look.

Before he finished speaking, Zhang Han interrupted, “dont waste my time and start the competition directly.”

Everyone felt that Zhang Hans words were suffused with contempt.

At this point, Niu Xuebo, who was sitting behind, frowned slightly.

Are you being too arrogant

Even if you are a rich man, you shouldnt forget where you are! A powerful dragon cannot crush a snake in its old haunts.

As an outsider, its odd for you to have such a bad attitude.

So, he said in a colder tone, “Lets get started now, for our time is also very precious.”

“Ah, well, well.” The manager hurriedly nodded and said, “now, the competition begins!”


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