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“Ill set a timer for 30 minutes.

Now, let me start it.”

The manager took out a timer and pressed the start button.

Hearing his remark, Lv Chao went straight to his kitchen counter.

He glanced at Zhang Han coldly.

After Zhang Han arrived at the kitchen counter, he shook his head and sneered.

“Sir, it seems that I have informed you that you should bring your own ingredients to the gauntlet.

I deem that if we use the same ingredients, you are bound to lose.

Since I dont want you to lose miserably, I gave you time to make preparations.

However, you seem to have forgetten preparing ingredients.


Youre so funny.

Manager, please ask someone to give some ingredients to him…”

At this point, Zhao Feng stood up, then he frowned slightly and said in a chill tone, “stop talking nonsense! Hurry up!”

Zhao Fengs action made the atmosphere on the stage grow very tense all of a sudden.

The dozens of media as well as their friends, relatives and guests, somehow, felt afraid and did not dare to say anything.

As for Lv Chao, he still stayed calm because President Niu was on his side.

Therefore, he shouted while staring at Zhao Feng, “who are you talking to”

“Thats enough! Stop talking.

Lets get started,” Niu Xuebo said coldly.

At this moment, Lv Chao obediently shut up, but he also glared at Zhao Feng several times.

Zhao Feng felt a little funny as he saw what Lv Chao did.

Idiots, like Lv Chao, would be killed in three days if he became an underground gangster.

“Zhao Feng, sit down and ignore them,” Zi Yan said as if she were the hostess.

After finishing his words, Zhao Feng also sat down.

Zhao Feng

On hearing this name, Niu Xuebo suddenly froze.

He thought that he had heard it, but he failed to remember it for a while.

“MaMa, um, they are so fierce,” Mengmeng whispered in Zi Yans arms.

Zi Yan touched Mengmengs little head and replied softly, “because they are bad guys.”

“Uh-huh, bad guys.

PaPa will be really formidable in the face of bad guys, and can defeat them with only a blow,” Mengmeng muttered, nestling in Zi Yans arms and glanced around the restaurant with curiosity.

At the kitchen counter, Lv Chao washed his hands and said as he looked at Zhang Han, “in this case, dont blame others if you lose.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han stood behind the kitchen counter, then looked at Lv Chao and said flatly, “start your cooking.”

His indifferent attitude infuriated Lv Chao, who secretly gritted his teeth!

You are just an unknown chef.

It is unreasonable for you not to take this contest seriously and pretend not to care about the result because your opponent is me!

However, Lv Chao did not want to bother about this now.

After all, President Niu and Luo Sheng were still watching.

If he performed well, he would definitely get a raise.

Lv Chao, therefore, looked at the audiences and said loudly, “the dish Im cooking is called Jin Chan Abalone.

It is a famous dish with main ingredients as abalone and fish paste, , and it is also one of the dishes in the Man-Han Feast.”

“I select the half-catty Japanese abalone, which is one of the three famous abalones in the world.

This kind of abalones, whose color is gray, are like shoe-shaped ingots and have vertical edge.

It is tasty and refreshing.

This dish, named Jin Chan Abalone, will be more delicious because of this type of abalone.”

“Concerning other ingredients such as shrimp, I chose those of best quality, and the details will not be covered here.

Next, Ill show you the specific steps of Jin Chan Abalone.”

After finishing his words, Lv Chao nodded and began to prepare ingredients.

His friends and relatives below the stage took the lead to clap their hands.

Under everyones gaze, Lv Chao started cooking.

He did fine work and every step was done perfectly.

Lv Chao explained while moving, “250 grams of fresh shrimp, 60 grams of fat lard, four magpie eggs, eight green peas, 100 grams of broccoli, and 24 pieces of cucumber skin.”

In addition to these ingredients, he would explain every step in a professional manner.

Even Luo Sheng, Chef An, and other chef who were sitting on the jurys seats, nodded repeatedly, and their faces shined with an expression of appreciation.

Even Niu Xuebo nodded with satisfaction, thinking that Lu Chaos operation was really great.

In the beginning, people kept their attention on Lv Chao.

But gradually, they found that Zhang Han actually had not started cooking yet.

Why doesnt he begin to cook

People looked at Zhang Han in surprise.

What is he doing

Except for Zi Yan and her companions, others completely did not understand his behavior.

Has he given up as he knows that he is doomed to lose

Why are you still so arrogant since you know that you will be defeated

Many people thought that Zhang Han was a little arrogant and somewhat self-contemptuous at the same time.

It did not make sense for him to stand straight there with a chill expression since he clearly knew that he would not win.

Luo Sheng glanced at Zhang Han and sneered.

“Hes just putting on an act.”

“Hes also an interesting person, and I dont know when he will start.

Its halfway to the deadline.”

“Im afraid he will give up.”

“Why bother”

Several chefs shook their heads repeatedly.

The insider knew the ropes, while the outsider just came along for the ride.

They all knew that it was not enough for a chef to prepare a dish carefully in half an hour.

Moreover, he would feel very tired during this period.

Only when he was extremely serious could he cook efficiently.

But the one in front of us is just standing there.

Is he hiding his eyes because they are filled with confusion, with a pair of sunglasses

Almost all the judges sneered secretly.

It seemed that he could be described with one word: over-confident.

As the time passed by, Zhang Han did not start cooking though nearly half an hour had vanished.

At this moment, everyone below the stage began to talk with each other.

Some sneers were heard while they were speaking, almost all of which were from Lv Chaos friends and relatives.

As for Zi Yan, she stayed calm and sat still, knowing that Zhang Han was bound to win.

However, Zhou Fei and Zhang Li, who were short-tempered, felt anxious.

“Brother-in-law, what are you doing Go ahead! Defeat him!” Zhou Fei whispered.

“Why doesnt my brother start cooking” Zhang Li said in a hurry.

Zi Yan, who was standing next to them, said, “dont worry.”

“Uh-huh, Aunty Feifei, Aunty Lili, dont worry.

My PaPa is the most awesome person.” Mengmeng snorted.

Mengmengs expressions and manners would usually attract a lot of attention, but now, most of the people present focused on Lv Chao.

Soon, after 28 minutes, Lv Chaos dish came out of the pot!

More than 10 abalones were placed around the plate, with shrimp and other accessories in the middle, which looked like a sunflower and was a feast for the eyes.

After finishing cooking, Lv Chao wiped his hands with a towel and smiled.

Then he looked at Zhang Han and said as he shook his head,

“are you shocked by my cooking Or are you just standing there to see the scenery Haha.

To be honest, you have given up very quickly.

Even then, youre the most over-confident person I have ever seen.”

“Give up” Zhang Han chuckled and said in a chill tone, “a dozen of seconds is enough for me to defeat you.”

Although there was sarcasm in Lv Chaos words, although a majority of people were very disdainful, although the judges whispered about him, Zhang Han did not care.

How can an anteater care about the ants gaze I can crush him if he annoys me.

Nobody else mattered, and what counted was that today was Zi Yans birthday.

Since Zhang Han was in a good mood, he did not want to pay attention to insignificant people or things.

However, as soon as he finished his words, everyone present froze, then a blast of guffaw was heard.

How is he still stubborn to admit a defeat at this time

However, the next moment, everyone was absolutely shocked.

Zhang Han moved!

He moved so fast and cooked efficiently.

He made a fire on the stove and placed the pan on it, then he poured some oil into the pan.

Under everyones gaze, he took out two plastic bags from his pocket.

One contained leftover, while the other contained only one egg.


What is he going to do

Everyone was stunned at this point and stared at him blankly.

They saw Zhang Han pouring the leftover into the pot without stirring them.

He just allowed the rice to be fried, then he took out the egg with his right hand.

As the spiritual force pierced the egg through his palm, his hand moved gently.

When the eggshell was broken, several streams of smashed egg liquid flowed into the rice.

They formed a round egg layer on the lowermost layer.

Then, Zhang Han did nothing but waited.

10 seconds, 20 seconds later.

As the egg was cooked, the lower layer of rice was a little burnt, forming a slightly hard thin layer.

It was like the rice layer on the lowermost side when farmers cooked rice with a cauldron.

Only 20 seconds later, Zhang Han picked up the pan and turned it upside down on the plate nearby.

This nondescript fried egg rice was cooked.

Zhang Han did not even put chopped green onions or salt in it.

Seeing what he did, everyone was totally dumbfounded.

At this moment, the whole restaurant was in an uproar.

Many people thought that he might as well not cook this dish!

But Zi Yan and the people who supported Zhang Han smiled without saying anything, for these people would not know the taste of this dish until they tasted it.

Even Zhang Li and Zhou Fei reacted with joy in their eyes.

This was a better way to defeat an opponent rather than winning by virtue of cooking skills!

Overt contempt!

Even if youve been busy for hours, I can beat you in 20 seconds!

Even if you cook carefully, I can defeat you by right of my intentional burnt rice!

At this point, they were looking forward to the judges expressions when they tasted the rice.

“Times up!”

After coming to his sense, the manager said, “take the dishes cooked by the two chefs to judges.”

After he finished his remark, two staff of the restaurant carried the two dishes to the stage.

What was funny was that the staff, who carried the dish cooked by Zhang Han, put on a detestable look.

The two dishes were to be tasted by every judge.

However, when the staffs were about to divide them, Luo Shengs face changed.

He sneered and said, “I just want to taste Jin Chan Abalone.

To tell you the truth, the pigwash cooked by me is much better than the other dish! It willinsult me if I taste such a terrible dish! Its too ridiculous! Its too ridiculous! As a chef, he does not take a right attitude.

I dont like this kind of person!”

“Thats right! This rice should be taken to feed the pigs.”

“I feel disgusted as I look at it, let alone eat it.”



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