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“But Brother Dong will sleep in his parents bedroom,” Lu Yin explained, “Chubby and Xiao Mei will sleep in the guest room, and Stone will sleep on the sofa.

Look over there.

Thats the master bedroom, and thats the guest room.

Inside is the kitchen and the dining room.

This is the living room.

Brother Dong and the others are in the living room.”

Lu Yin walked to the living room while talking.

“How is it Is the room big Let me show you the scenery of the bay.”

Lu Yin walked to the bed again and took a photo of the New Moon Bay below.

The fans knew that it had been a joke earlier.

When they saw the scenery, they all commented on it.

“Its gorgeous!”

“There are so many people on the beach.

Live broadcast the beauties in the bikinis later!”

“Damn, Dong Huangs house is so big! How much is it worth”


The live broadcast lasted ten minutes, and the number of followers approached 300,000.

Lu Yin felt that it was almost time, so she said, “I wont let Brother Dong say hello to you now.

Hell start the live broadcast himself.

Everybody, go follow him.

The room number is XXXXXX.”

Sun Dongheng opened the live broadcast on his mobile phone, while Lu Yin closed the live broadcast there.

The fans had not seen enough, so they all rushed to watch the live broadcast of Sun Dongheng.

The number of followers rose to 270,000 in one minute.

Although he was not a super famous anchor with millions of fans, it was still a very good start for him.

“Hello, everyone.”

Sun Dongheng didnt know what to say at the moment.

He was just looking at the screen as he greeted everyone.

“Dont you think that Brother Dong is very handsome today” Lu Yin sat next to Sun Dongheng and began to interact with the fans.

Sun Dongheng gradually felt at ease around this veteran after a few minutes.

He and Lu Yin talked for a while before he said, “Its almost time.

Well go out for lunch first.”

Then, the group of people went downstairs.

There was no signal in the elevator and the picture on the screen went back to normal when they reached the parking lot.

“Xiao Yin, you get in my car.

Stone, you drive her and Chubby.”

Sun Dongheng took out two car keys and handed one to Stone.

When the fans saw the McLaren and the Audi A8L, they couldnt help but type one word: rich!

“Hehehe…” Sun Dongheng laughed and got in the car.

He put the phone in the front and deliberately stepped on the gas pedal hard.


Amid the cool sound of the engine, the car rushed out.

“Brother Dong will take us to a really fancy restaurant in Hong Kong,” Lu Yin told the fans from the passenger seat.

Sun Dongheng also spoke while driving.

“Friends, have any of you ever been to Hong Kong What do you think the best restaurant here is”

As soon as he finished speaking, the names of several restaurants appeared on the screen.

“Amber Restaurant No.”

While waiting for the traffic lights, Sun Dongheng glanced at the bullet screen.

“Astser Dsae Restaurant Not really.”

“Red Lake Restaurant No, thats not it.”

“I guess youve never been to the restaurant were heading to, because it has only been opened for a month.” When the red light changed to green, Sun Dongheng looked up and continued driving as he spoke.

“Dont underestimate it, though.

This restaurant has the best food in Hong Kong.

Im not exaggerating.

You will see soon.

There are a lot of people waiting in line every day.”

“Of course, there are a lot of restaurants where many people need to wait in line, but the food at this particular restaurant is extremely good.

Dear friends, you must come and try it when you come to Hong Kong next time.

Dont miss it.

Its called Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

Inquire at New Moon Bay and youll know.”

Sun Dongheng informed everyone while smiling.

“Ive never had a meal at this restaurant before, but I think it is very high-end because the membership card there is really expensive.

Guess how much it costs!” Lu Yin looked at the phone while speaking.

At the moment, various numbers were displayed on the screen.

“5 yuan”




“Much more okay” Lu Yin said with a smile.

“You can just guess.

Be bold.”


“Be bold Then I guess its 100 million!”


“Alright, alright.

I wont keep you guessing.

A membership card of that restaurant costs 10 million.

Brother Dong has three cards.” Lu Yin stretched her fingers and waved.

This made Sun Dongheng very happy deep inside.

When he had such an assistant, what else could he ask for

She really was an excellent talker.

He believed that he wouldnt have done a better job himself.

Showing that he was rich by having other people talk about him was the most perfect way to show off!

However, Sun Dongheng appeared to be very calm, as if he didnt care at all as he spoke.

“Hey, I asked my dad to buy these three membership cards.

My parents and I used to come and eat here every day.

Recently, they went to North America to take care of business.

Otherwise, you wouldnt get a chance to taste the fancy food reserved for VIP members today.”

“Then I am really lucky,” Lu Yin said with a chuckle.

This made the bullet screen get a bit violent.

“10 million for a membership card Thats robbery!”

“Seriously This is too expensive! A restaurant with a value of 10 million must be very upscale, but one membership card costs 10 million”

“Damn it! Three membership cards cost 30 million.

What a rich family! Dong Huang, youre awesome!”


While they were driving to the restaurant…

On the other side, in the parking lot in front of Aslin Restaurant, another conversation was taking place inside a black 7-series BMW.

“Master, Lv Chao is the most obedient among all my disciples.

Is there any room for us to make up for this” Luo Sheng was sitting in the passenger seat and looking at Wang Long bitterly.

Wang Longs facial expression was much nicer here in private.

However, he frowned a little after hearing these words.

“Make up for this, huh Dont even think about it! Do you think Chairman Liu can be offended”

“Then what should we do” Luo Sheng sighed and said, “If Chairman Liu didnt come and things were not shady, Lv Chao would definitely win.”

“Hed win Youre daydreaming! Oh yes, you didnt taste the fried rice, did you” Wang Long shook his head while speaking.

Luo Sheng said in surprise, “Is there anything special about that fried rice The ingredients that Lv Chao selected are also very good! Why would he lose if they competed fairly”

“Im also a little confused about this.

The ingredients they chose arent at the same level at all.

It was the first time I ever tasted rice and eggs with such an extremely pure flavor.

It may be because of the addition of secret spices, but the possibility is below 30%.

If it is only because of the ingredients, it will be a little scary.”

Wang Long thought about it before speaking.

“The taste of the egg is very pure.

I cant figure out anything.

Judging by the appearance of the rice, it looks like the Rice Flower No.


However, it is much bigger and it tastes better.

Is it a new variety It shouldnt be.

If it is a new variety, this kind of rice will surely become a hit in the market.

Its strange.”

“This…” Luo Sheng paused and then said, “He won completely because of the ingredients.

If we got this kind of ingredients, we could use them in many ways.

Ill pay more attention to see where they get the ingredients.”

“You can do it yourself.

Luo Cheng, I dont care if you accept disciples or not, but dont let them do anything in my name again.

Also, do check their personality before you accept the disciples.

I took you on as my disciple because youre honest and upright.

Dont be motivated by greed.” Wang Long warned him.

“Yes, Master.

This is really troubling for you.

I didnt know that Lv Chao would cause such big trouble here.” Luo Sheng sighed.

“The boss of Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant has some kind of relation to Chairman Liu.

This means that he has a background.

If you want to discover their purchase channels, dont play dirty.

I told you that people must sit straight and behave well.

If I find out that youre doing something shady, I wont be your master anymore.” Wang Long lit a cigarette.

His eyes became somewhat dim, as if he was reminiscing.

After hearing this, Luo Sheng felt a little nervous.

There was unhappiness in his eyes.

He bowed his head and said quickly, “Yes, Ill definitely do things legally.

I wont cause trouble.”

“Thats good.

You can leave.

I have to go back.” Wang Long waved his hand.

“Goodbye, Master.”

After sending Wang Long away, Luo Sheng stood in the same spot and sighed.

Privately investigating the source of other peoples purchases was not very nice.

However, if he asked them face to face, it was possible that they wouldnt tell him.

Besides, given Liu Qingfengs background, he didnt dare act rashly.

Wang Long had also warned him that if he played dirty, he wouldnt be his disciple anymore.

“This is really a hot potato.

I cant make a move without Wang Longs influence now!”

Luo Sheng was wondering what to do when a deep voice suddenly came from behind him.


“Hmm” Luo Sheng turned his head.

When he saw that Lv Chao was depressed, he said a little angrily, “I dont accept this.

They won just because of Liu Qingfeng.”

“It wasnt because of him.

You lost because of the ingredients!” Luo Sheng looked at him angrily and said, “Dont call me master any longer.

Ive already taught you everything.

Given your cooking skill, you can finish your apprenticeship.

However, there wont be a high salary for you here.

Oh right, there is something you can think about.”

As he spoke, Luo Sheng suddenly thought of something and said, “My master and I are very interested in the source of goods of their restaurant.

Since youve been expelled, youll have some free time to inquire about it.

If you discover something, Ill go beg my master.

Maybe there is a way out.

If the ingredients are good, I think I could also open a restaurant.

Then, Ill do whatever I want, dont you think so”

In the end, a trace of greed flashed over Luo Shengs eyes.

If he could really get such top-grade ingredients, he would definitely make a lot of money by running a restaurant.

Even though he would be expelled by his master, he… He suddenly thought of becoming the master Chef one day!

How could he get this opportunity by being Wang Longs apprentice forever

This idea had been in Luo Shengs mind for two years.

Fame, status and power attracted him.

“Ah Really Great! Rest assured, Master.

Ill surely find out for you!”

Lu Chaos eyes sparkled.

He was really surprised.

He believed that there would still be a bright future ahead of them, even after such a setback.

It was 11:40.

On one side of the beach…

Zhang Han, Zi Yan and Mengmeng were lying on the lounge chairs, while Zhang Li, Zhou Fei and the others had been playing on the beach for a while.

After looking at the time, Zhang Han said, “Its almost time.

Lets go back to have lunch, shall we Well go to Ocean Park in the afternoon.”


Mengmeng was so surprised that her eyes lit up.

Then, she cheered.

“Oh great! Lets go to Ocean Park! Lets go to Ocean Park!”


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