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“He came here at 11 oclock.

As boss went out and he had to go back to Lin Hai, he left after two minutes, but he bought four membership cards before he left.” Zhao Feng answered with a chuckle.

“What He applied for four membership cards! Hes so wealthy, and he sent these wines in person.

My gosh, our boss is really awesome!” Zhao Dahu, who always was feminine, actually said in a masculine tone at this moment because he was in surprise.

“Thats right.” Zhao Feng nodded and glanced at Sun Dongheng, then said, “These are all Chairman Lius treasured liquors.

Its OK if you want to buy one to have a taste.”

“Ahem, ahem.” Sun Dongheng swallowed and said, “Id better admire them since they are Chairman Lius treasured liquors.”

He had to spend hundreds of thousand yuan once he decided to buy one, therefore, he grudged at present.

He knew exactly that he could not afford it by right of the money he had.

“Brothers, lets take a look at Chairman Lius treasured liquors.”

Sun Dongheng picked up his mobile phone and went to the wine cabinet.

On seeing the screen, he was totally shocked.

“Oh, my God, is that Chairman Liu who is worth 70 billion yuan”

“Fu*k, who the hell is the owner of this restaurant Why is he freaking awesome”

“Its so amazing.

I just checked his information.

Liu Qingfeng, as the founder of the Liu Group, owns many companies in various major cities.

Besides, he is a famous investor and an entrepreneur, who gained 32 personal honors.

He does have a large quantity of money!”


“Chairman Liu must be somebody.

Now, can you believe in the status of this restaurant”

Sun Dongheng smiled awkwardly and aimed the screen at the wine cabinet, then said.

“Lets look at the liquors sent by Chairman Liu.

This is a bottle of Chateau Lafite produced in 1982.

It is an entry-level model, which costs 200,000 yuan.

This is a bottle of dry white wine of Romanee-conti, hitting a value of 140,000 yuan.

Hey This is the rare McAllen whiskey produced in 1878, which costs over 800,000 yuan.

In addition, the market for this wine is stagnant with few sellers.

Theyre really amazing.

What These are also treasured liquors…”

Sun Dongheng said in amazement while staring at the wine cabinet.

His introduction widened many tourists horizons, and the various treasured liquors dazzled everyone.

In the meantime, as people were very interested in this kind of live broadcast, they could not help clicking into the broadcast room.

The number of tourists, therefore, increased.

Now, it exceeded 400,000 and was still slowly rising.

What Sun Dongheng did attract Zhao Dahus and some others attention.

“Is he doing the live broadcast” Zhao Dahu said with a smile.

“Yes, our Brother Dong just started doing live broadcast.” Lu Yin glanced at Zhao Dahu and said.

“Hes your Brother Dong, not ours.

He has to call me Brother Zhao.” Zhao Dahu twisted his body and said.

Lu Yin felt a little embarrassed in the face of such feminine men.

However, because she knew that these people in front of her were also members of this restaurant and they were indeed rich men, she could not neglect them but said after curled her lips, “Really”

“Yes.” Zhao Dahus voice became even more embarrassing.

He said to Lu Yin, “Are you the girl Dongheng chases after”

“No, Im also a streamer and just here for fun.

Its Brother Dong who entertains me.” Lu Yin smiled and said, “Do you usually watch the live broadcast”

“I seldom watch the live broadcast, but I know it well.” Zhao Dahu twisted his mouth.


Suddenly, someone gave Zhao Dahu a slap on the head.

He turned around and saw Yu Qingqing, who was in abhorrence.

She glared at him and said, “Can you speak in a normal tone How are you so feminine How shameful it is of you!”

“Ouch, dont be so rude.

Ill control myself.” Zhao Dahu said in a wronged tone.

Seeing what was happening, Lu Yin froze and found it very strange.

Zhao Dahu was a bit feminine, while the lady next to him was a little fierce.

“Haha, are you surprised” At this time, Sun Dongheng finished introducing the liquors.

He sat beside Lu Yin and said.

“Let me introduce them to you.

The one who talked with you is the music director of a large media company.

He has trained a lot of popular artists.

The one next to him is Sister Qingqing, who has a black belt in Taekwondo.

This handsome man is my Brother Feng, while the beauty opposite him is Sister Qi, with lots of money.”

“Hello, everyone.” Lu Yin waved her hand to them with great anxiety.

“Are these the big shots in the upper class”

However, she did not know that these people got the membership card on sale and they spent only one million yuan.

Now, it seemed that some people regretted that they had not bought one at that time.

“Are you doing the live broadcast Let me see.” Zhao Dahu turned and stretched his hand out to Sun Dongheng.

Sun Dongheng handed over his mobile phone.

“Ouch, your live video already has more than 400,000 viewers.” Zhao Dahu turned his head, and said as he looked at the screen, “Hello, do you think I am a very masculine handsome man”

While speaking, Zhao Dahu ogled at the screen several times.

Bullet screen.


“Its so disgusting!”

“Please, I am eating!”


“You guys really have such a poor taste.” Zhao Dahu snorted and turned the camera, then said, “Then I will show you beauties.

Come on, Qingqing, Mengqi, make a posture!”

He concentrated the camera on Yu Qingqing and Liang Mengqi while speaking.


Liang Mengqi smiled sweetly, then she tilted her head and made a “V” gesture, while Yu Qingqing gave Zhao Dahu an angry stare and made a fist to the camera.

At this moment, the number of bullet screens rose.

“My gosh, the person on the left is indeed a beauty!”

“Shes so beautiful!”

“The girl on the right looks so cool.”

“Sister, sister, do you have a boyfriend I can! 18cm, one hour.”

After reading all of the bullet screens, Zhao Dahu turned the lens to himself.

At this point, the bullet screens became much denser.

“Turn around the camera!”

“Get out!”

“I dont want to watch you but beauties!”

At this moment, Zhao Dahus eyes widened and he said in a feminine tone, “Hum! I wont show you these beautiful ladies, you bit*hes.”



Zhao Dahu realized the power of the bullet screens, for he saw the large quantities comments flying through.

“Ahem, Dongheng, your fans want to tell you something.

Look at it.” Zhao Dahu handed the phone back calmly.

When he saw the screen, his mouth trembled.

“Haha…” Lu Yin burst into laughter.

Regardless of the intention of these bullet screens, Zhao Dahus capacity for guiding the comments was really formidable as the bullet screens were the almost the same.

“The boss is back!”

Suddenly, Zhao Feng looked out of the window and said.

“The boss is back!” Sun Dongheng quickly got up and aimed the camera at the window.

Lu Yins eyes also narrowed.

For the mysterious boss of this restaurant, the one who enabled Liu Qingfeng to send the treasured liquor in person, she was very curious.

Therefore, she also stood up and looked through the window.

Under their gazes, on hundreds of thousands of netizens shots.

Several Mercedes-Benz slowly came over.

Seeing the orderly motorcade, everyone thought that probably a big shot came over to inspect.


“Huh Why is there a panda car in the middle”

“Brothers, do you see the panda car It is the bosss.

Now, do you know who is a real low profile” Sun Dongheng whispered in front of the phone.

During this period, the cars stopped, and several men in black suits hurriedly got out of the Mercedes behind.

Two of them walked to the back seat of the panda car quickly and opened the car door.

Then a beautiful woman, with a child in her arms, walked out of the car.

After the man in the cab got out of the car, another four women got out of the Mercedes in the back of the motorcade and went to the restaurant with them.

When people in front of the screens saw what happened, the bullet screens in became dense again.

“Such a powerful boss actually drives a car worth tens of thousands yuan”

“666, it really widens my vision.

His pomp is really strong.”

“I also want to buy a panda car.”

“Just buy.”

Under many peoples gazes, Zhang Han and his companions came over.

Two men in black suits carved a way out in front of them.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan, who held a baby in her arms, did not came into the restaurant until the men opened the door.

At this point, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were still wearing sunglasses.

Under the cover of the sunglasses, the outline of Zhang Hans face became more outstanding, and he looked absolutely handsome, while Zi Yan, lower half of her cheeks stunned everyone.

Moreover, several beautiful ladies behind them, were also prettier than the ordinary people on the street though they were not as attractive as Zi Yan.

“This is the boss, the bosss wife and their child.

Look, is the boss handsome The bosss wife is very good-looking, and their kids name is Mengmeng.

She is especially cute and beautiful.”

At this moment, Sun Dongheng was like a spy, whispering in front of the phone.

As soon as he finished speaking, the bullet screens fled through.

“The boss is actually so young.

How handsome he is!”

“Wow! I cant believe what I see.

The bosss wife is really beautiful! How long and beautiful her legs are!”

“Dont you find that the baby is really beautiful and cute.

That means the boss and the bosss wife definitely did not have the plastic surgery!”

Under many peoples gaze, they went to the second floor, but after a few minutes, Zhang Han went downstairs and began to make preparations in the kitchen.

The rice had been cooked by Zhao Feng, for he was aware that the master might come back later.

Besides, as the boss needed to Ocean Park in the afternoon, he had to save the time.

Above all, the highlight was in the evening.

“Boss, what do you eat at noon” Liang Mengqi asked.

“Cold noodle and steamed chicken with chili sauce.” Zhang Han answered while preparing the ingredients.

“Oh.” Liang Mengqi pouted.

She put her hands under her chin and staring at Zhang Han, who was busy in the kitchen.

She always had fantasies about Zhang Han: If only hes my boyfriend.

Seeing Liang Mengqis gaze, Zhao Feng was a little helpless.

The boss was always so distant to outsiders, and this attitude was really attractive.

Moreover, he not only possessed a sublime temperament, but also cared for his family.

All these qualities made others feel secure, greatly attracting opposite sex.

He knew that Liang Mengqi and Li Anna liked the master.

He did not care whether Li Anna liked his master, but it drove him crazy that Liang Mengqi, who he fell in love with, liked his own master.

Zhao Feng was somewhat speechless at the thought of it.

However, he was not worried because the master was bound to be with the masters wife, and nobody could break them up.

“I do have a great chance to get Liang Mengqi, haha!”

This matter could not be achieved rashly.

Once Liang Mengqi knew the fact, she would give up.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng stood up and went to the kitchen.

“Master, do you see the wine cabinet over there”

“Yes, is it sent by Liu Qingfeng” Zhang Han said casually.


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