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After Dahei and Little Hei sat in the back seat of the Land-Rover, Zhao Feng drove the car away.

The Land-Rover took the lead, closely followed by six Mercedes, heading for Ocean Park.

20 minutes later.

A brown Porsche Cayenne stopped at the gate of Ocean Park.

“Hey Why there are few people in Ocean Park today Its weird.” Wang Jiawen, who was driving, said with confusion.

“Thats great.

Well spend less time on lining up.” Su Yu said with a smile.

“Mommy, can I play with Mengmeng tonight” Wang Yihan said while staring at Su Yu, then she looked at the little boy beside her, who was almost as old as her, and said, “Guangguang, Ill take you to play with Mengmeng at night.

Mengmeng and I are good friends.”

“Great, is she that pretty elder sister” The little boy said shyly.

“No, you should call her younger sister, for she is one year younger than you.” Su Yu said with a smile.

“I see, aunt.” The little boy nodded submissively and said, “I, I went to the restaurant with my grandpa last time.

I wanted to kiss Mengmeng, but her father stopped me.

Hes somewhat fierce.”

“Hahaha.” Hearing what he said, Su Yu burst out laughing.

She reached out her fingers to pinch the little boys face and said, “Guangguang, youre a boy and almost five years old.

You cant kiss little girls casually.”

The little boy was Wang Qiangs grandson, whose name was Wu Guang.

He lived in Longcheng District in the north of Hong Kong, and there was some distance from where she lived.

Moreover, because his parents were always busy, he rarely came to the south island.

At this moment, Wu Guang said, “I just like her very much after seeing her.”

“Thats not okay.

Your daddy will kick your ass if he knows.” Su Yu said.

“I got it.” Wu Guang answered in a low voice.

“Yihan, we also cant go to the restaurant at night since we have to send Guangguang back to Longcheng District.

Then we will live there tonight and come back tomorrow morning.” Su Yu said.

“But I dont like to eat the dishes cooked by others.” Wang Yihan felt upset and she said, “I want to eat pigs feet! I want to eat braised pork; I want to eat roast duck.

I dont want to eat any food cooked by others except by Mengmengs daddy!”

“Ill take you to meet Mengmeng tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, OK Do you remember the toy you asked me to buy last time Ill go to Longcheng District to buy you the boy this time.” Su Yu also knew how to placate Wang Yihan.

Lured by the boy, Wang Yihan blinked her eyes and finally snorted, then she said with a nod, “Well, lets go to Guangguangs home.

I want to eat delicious food.”

“Well, well.” Su Yu smiled.

“Here we are, lets go out of the car.” Wang Jiawen parked the car.

They got out of the car.

“Hey It seems that there are few people here.

Whats going on” Finding that nobody was in Ocean Park, Su Yu said strangely.

“Lets go to take a look.”

After finishing speaking, Wang Jiawen walked over with them.

At this time, at the entrance of Ocean Park stood a few people, but they were all in bad mood and were leaving in succession.

There were about ten staff in front of Ocean Park and more than a dozen people at the entrance.

However, most of them were in suits, as if they were superiors of Ocean Park, who were waiting for someone.

“Whats going on today Is it closed” Wang Jiawen came forward and asked as he looked at a staff.

“Yes, sir, Ocean Park is closed today.

Im so sorry.”

“I bought the tickets online yesterday, so what should I do now” Wang Jiawen frowned.

“We are awfully sorry for any inconvenience.

We temporarily decided to overhaul the equipment in the park.

For the tickets you bought, you can use them within 15 days, or apply for a full refund on our website.”

“Overhaul What a pity.” Wang Jiawen shook his head and sighed.

Then he looked at Wu Guang and said, “We cant visit Ocean Park today, and we can come here next time.

Today uncle will take you to other places to enjoy ourselves.”

After finished his words, Wang Jiawen took the lead to his car.

At this point, the staff also let out a sigh of relief, for this guest was good-tempered.

Today, he had received a lot of bad-tempered guests, who scolded him, but it could not be helped.

“Where are we going” As Su Yu approached the car, she asked.

“Go to the childrens playground.” The instant Wang Jiawen finished speaking, he shot a glance to one side, then he froze, “Hey Wait.”

“Whats wrong” Su Yu turned her head and looked at the motorcade, which was approaching them, then said slowly, “The person who is driving looks like the staff of Mr.

Zhangs restaurant.

Is Mr.

Zhang also coming”


Lets wait a moment.”

Under their gazes, the cars drove over and stopped.

After seeing Zhao Feng getting out of the car, they confirmed their guess and walked to them with the two children.

“Is Mengmeng here Mengmeng, Mengmeng!” Wang Yihan could not wait to call Mengmeng.

Soon, Zhang Han, Zi Yan as well as Mengmeng got out of the car behind her.

Zhou Fei and her companions also followed them.

After catching sight of Mengmeng, Wang Yihan shouted directly, “Mengmeng, Mengmeng, Mengmeng, Mengmeng!”

“Er” Mengmeng turned around and said in surprise after seeing Wang Yihan, “Oh, Yihan You come here too! PaPa, put me down quickly!”

Hearing that, Zhang Han put Mengmeng down.

The two little girls ran to each other and cheered together.

Then Dahei and Little Hei also got out of the car.

After seeing two Heihei powers, everyone around them was really shocked!

“Ouch! What are they”

“This big dog looks so fierce.

Why doesnt the owner tie a rope Lets go.”

“An over two-meter-tall chimpanzee Did it escape from the zoo Whats going on”

“The bulky animal is really scary.”


Besides the visitors around them, Wang Jiawen was also dumbfounded.

His mouth trembled and he stepped forward, then said, “Mr.

Zhang, you are here too.

How do you come with Dahei and Little Hei”

“Well, well play together.” Zhang Han nodded and answered.

“Play together” Wang Jiawen and Su Yu were somewhat stunned.

“Since he promised Mengmeng to bring Dahei and Little Hei to Ocean Park, he intends to fulfill his promise today.

Ill see if you can bring them into Ocean Park.

Hum.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes, behind the sunglasses, at Zhang Han.

“Ocean Park seems to be inaccessible and is closed today.

The staff told me that superiors temporarily decided to overhaul the equipment…”

Wang Jiawen explained.

Before he finished speaking.

“Hello, Mr.


Welcome, Mr.


Everything is ready and we just waiting for you!”

Suddenly, a voice was heard.

They turned around and saw a dozen people who was standing at the entrance walking to them, and the man, who took the lead, reaching out his hand with enthusiasm.

However, in the meantime, he glanced at Dahei and Little Hei behind him in fear, for they were too large!

“Mmm.” Zhang Han shook hands with him.

“My name is Jiang Gang.

I am in charge of this Ocean Park.


Zhang, you can call me Xiaojiang.


Zhang, Mrs.

Zhang, and everyone else, please come in.” Jiang Gang said enthusiastically.

Wang Jiawens and Su Yus mind went blank when they heard what he said.

“Whats going on”

As they walked into Ocean Park, Zhang Han glanced at Wang Jiawen and asked.

“Do you also come here to play Do you want to play with us”

“Ah, oh, great, great.” Wang Jiawen came to his sense and nodded repeatedly.

When he walked inside, he found that his leg was grabbed by something.

After looking down, he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He saw that Wu Guang was hanging on his lap.

“Guangguang, why do you hold my leg” Wang Jiawen asked in puzzlement.

“I, I am afraid.” Wu Guang choked, and his voice trembled.

Wang Jiawen quickly held Wu Guang in his arms.

Seeing Wu Guangs eyes, he knew what was going on.

He was afraid of Dahei and Little Hei.

He glanced around, finding that not only him, but also most of the staff here were also afraid of them.

“Haha, Guangguang, dont be afraid.

They are Dahei and Little Hei, and they are very gentle.” Wang Jiawen said.

“But Im still afraid.” Guangguang squeezed into Wang Jiawens arms.

He did attract Mengmengs and Wang Yihans attention.

“Oh! Guangguang, what a shame.

Come down quickly.

Dahei and Little Hei dont bite others.

They are our good friends.” Wang Yihan was somewhat upset, so he said loudly.

She thought that she lost face in front of her friend Mengmeng since it was she who took Guangguang here!

“No.” Wu Guang said in a soft tone, refusing to come down from Wang Jiawens arms.

At this moment, Mengmeng pouted and said, “Dont be afraid.

Theyre obedient, and I can show you if you dont believe.

Big Heihei, sit down.”

While speaking, Mengmeng stretched out her small arm to Dahei, then Dahei walked to her from behind.

“Whoa, whoa.”

It looked around, then picked Mengmeng up and placed her on its own left shoulder, with its left hand supporting Mengmeng.

On seeing its behavior, everyones eyes widened!

They felt relieved more than surprised.

It seemed that this chimpanzee would not hurt people, or Mr.

Zhang would not have allowed it to play with Mengmeng.

“Look, Dahei is very gentle, and you can also touch it.” Mengmeng sat on Daheis shoulder and said while staring at Wu Guang.

“Ah, I, can I” Wu Guang was a little shy, but now he no longer feared.

He reached his hand out in Wang Jiawens arms.

Then Wang Jiawen took two steps forward to the side, with Wu Guang in his arms.

“Wow, its soft.” Wu Guang touched the hair of Daheis waist.

“Of course, it is very well-behaved.” Wang Jiawen touched Daheis hair with a smile.

But they did not see that Dahei put on a disgusted look and curled its lips, as if to say, “My hair becomes dirty.”

At this point, Zi Yan, who was standing in front of them, understood.

“This idiot obviously has made preparations.”

Although she did not know how Zhang Han solved it, she found that Ocean Park deliberately opened for them today.

“Idiot, you never discuss anything with me in advance!”

Zi Yan snorted in her mind, then stretched out her hand angrily and pinched Zhang Hans waist!


Zhang Han twisted his mouth obediently and asked in a low voice, “Whats wrong”

Zi Yan got close to Zhang Hans ear and whispered in a serious tone, “You should discuss with me before making a decision in the future!”

“Well, well, well.” Zhang Han nodded repeatedly.

“Hum.” Zi Yan snorted.

At this time, seeing Daheis disgusted appearance, she could not help but laugh though she was chill.

“Lets go inside.” Zhang Han said with a soft cough.

“Lets go! Lets go!”

Mengmeng drew her arm out on Daheis shoulder and said.

Then they walked inside.

“I also want to sit on your shoulder, Dahei.

I want to go up!” Wang Yihan shouted anxiously, for she also wanted to sit with Mengmeng.


Dahei kept its head still and shot a glance at the lower left side at the same time.

Seeing Wang Yihan, Dahei quickly pretended not to see her, quickening its steps and walking forward with its big butt twisting.

“There is no spare space on Daheis shoulders.

Why dont daddy hold you, Yihan” Su Yu said.

“No, I want to sit on Daheis shoulder.

Dahei, stop walking.

I want to sit on your shoulder.

Ouch.” Seeing Dahei still walked forward quickly and hearing Su Yus words, Wang Yihan became unhappy.

Regardless of her new clothes, she sat down on the ground and began to cry.

Hearing what Wang Yihan said, Dahei walked faster.

It kept looking straight ahead and whispered in its mind.

“Im not a carriage.”

“Wang Yihan!” Wang Jiawen felt a little angry and looked at Wang Yihan seriously.

“Other children, such as Mengmeng, are really well-behaved, but my daughter lies on the ground every time when she is unhappy.”

“How does she always make trouble on any occasion”

Wang Jiawen thought that he really should teach Wang Yihan a lesson in this respect.

Su Yu spoiled her at home, and so did her grandparents.

Now, Wang Yihan became rule-less.

Although she was willing to follow his advice, he was somewhat helpless since he was always busy with work.

Seeing Wang Jiawens gaze, Wang Yihan felt a little wronged, almost bursting into tears.

At this point, Mengmeng, like a cute little angel, began to speak, and her words stopped Wang Yihans tears.

“Oh, Big Heihei, stop.

Yihan also want to go up.”

“Whoa Whoa…”

Dahei realized that it could not keep pretending, so it stopped and curled its lips.

“Yihan, come on.” Mengmeng turned her hand and waved to Wang Yihan.

“Im coming!”

Wang Yihan immediately stood up and ran over.

She suddenly sprang at Daheis leg, tightly holding its sturdy leg.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

Dahei called twice and goggled, the it suddenly lifted its leg.


Wang Yihan was thrown up.


After letting out a cry, she felt herself caught by a thick arm, and then she sat on Daheis right shoulder.

“Mengmeng, here I am.

Hahaha…” Wang Yihan suddenly laughed with satisfaction.

Seeing what was happening, Wang Jiawen shook his head helplessly.

He glanced at Su Yu and said earnestly, “Look at her, you shouldnt spoil her all the time.”

“You said as if you didnt spoil her.” Su Yu rolled her eyes.

Every time Wang Yihan begged them for one or two minutes, Wang Jiawen was the first one who gave in.

How did he request others

At this moment, a weak voice was heard from Wang Jiawens arms.

“Uncle, I also want to sit on its shoulder.” Wu Guang looked at Daheis shoulders longingly.

“This time there is really no spare space.” Wang Jiawen shook his head slightly and said, “Would you like to sit on my shoulder”

“No, Id better go down and walked by myself.” Wu Guang twisted his body in Wang Jiawens arms.

As soon as Wang Jiawen put him on the ground, he ran to Dahei in a hurry and followed it.

As for Wang Jiawen, he stood still with his mouth trembling.

“What the fu*k.

This boy actually dislikes my shoulder.

I havent complained that hes so heavy!” Wang Jiawen mumbled in anger and kept up with them.

Seeing the two little girls sitting on Daheis shoulders and Dahei supporting them with its arms, a dozen of superiors of Ocean Park around them were completely amazed.

Now, they were not afraid of Dahei and Little Hei, and they knew that a chimpanzee and a dog would come here in advance.

However, they had not expected the chimpanzee to be much bigger.

The head of Ocean Park accompanied Zhang Han and Zi Yan with great care.

He was aware that what happened to Zhang Hongbo, one of the superiors of Ocean Park.

He heard that Zhang Hongbo had to compensate liquidated damages by three million yuan, in addition to the original 12 million yuan because he did do what he promised to Mr.


In fact, when they sighed the contracts with the company, the terms clearly did not allow them to trade with others privately.

How bold Zhang Hongbo was.

Moreover, he heard that Zhang Hongbo was now preparing to sell whatever was valuable in his possession to fill the hole.

Once he failed, he would be sent to prison.

These were all Chairman Lius orders.

Although Chairman Liu seldom cared about such trifles, he would cause a stir once he took action.

Chairman Liu called him late last night, warning him what he should do today.

He knew that he must entertain Mr.

Zhang well.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Mr.

Zhang, which entertainment project do you want to play first There are some seats for bulky guys in some projects on the top pf the mountain.

However, this chimpanzee is so large that it cannot get to many areas.”

“Well.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “Well walked around for a moment, and then go to the mountain.”

“Okay, please.” The person in charge of Ocean Park gave the way in person.

Because they did not need to line up, the viewing time was greatly reduced.

In addition, since Mengmeng had already come here before, they quickly visited some attractions.

When they started sightseeing, Mengmeng and Wang Yihan also came down from Daheis shoulders.

They walked slowly hand in hand, while Wu Guang closely followed the two little girls.

“This is the underwater world.” The person in charge of Ocean Park was like a guide at this time.

As he was clever, he always could find the right time to introduce relevant details, and he would not speak too much.

At this point, Dahei strolled casually, following them.

As for Little Hei, it closely followed Mengmeng to protect her though it sometimes looked around.

He was very clear about his mission, not to guard the master, but to protect Mengmeng.

After all, the master was so formidable that he needed no protection.

“There are lots of fish.

Wow, it is blue.

Oh, look, it has only one eye.”

Wu Guang followed behind.

Realizing the two younger sisters ignored him, he deliberately spoke loudly to attract their attention.

But it did not work.

“Ah! Mengmeng, look, a big shark!” Wang Yihans eyes widened, and she pointed to the left.

“Ouch, the big shark is coming, run!”

The shark swam fast.

As it approached, its shape did startle Mengmeng.

Then she rushed to Zhang Han.


Little Heis eyes became chill, and it bared its fangs to the shark.

Then it growled and kept up with Mengmeng.


As for Dahei, when it saw the big shark swimming next to it, its eyes widened and it stretched its finger out.

“Whoa! Whoa, whoa! Whoa!”

Dahei stood in front of the glass, pointing at the shark and growling several times.

It punched its chest with its right fist, as if to say.

“Come over, fu*k! Fight with me!”

However, the big shark left as quick as it came.

It swam away after a turn.


Dahei turned down its thumb at the big shark, showing his contempt.

What he did attracted staffs attention, for they all thought that this chimpanzee acted like a human being.

Even the person, who took responsible for Ocean Park, could not help but ask, “Mr.

Zhang, can I ask you where did you get this chimpanzee It is so big and so smart.”

He thought that if Ocean Park owned such a clever chimpanzee, it would attract lots of visitors.

However, Zhang Han just glanced at him and did not answer after hearing his words.

The man in charge of Ocean Park smiled.

He did not ask Zhang Han anymore but led the crowd to walk forward.

After a few minutes, they arrived at the Panda House.

What was funny was that Dahei and a giant panda inside looked at each other through a glass.

The pandas eye widened and it looked at Dahei with curiosity.

Dahei also strained its eyes to size the giant panda up.

After a while, Dahei rolled its eyes.

Suddenly, its face changed and its mouth widened, then it growled.


This roar was indeed a blockbuster, and it spat drops of saliva on the glass in front of it.

At this moment, many people and animals were shocked, including the giant panda inside.

“Ow!” The pandas eyes and mouth widened.

It put on an embarrassed expression and took four or five steps back awkwardly.


Dahei burst out laughing and patted its laps with its hands as it pointed at the giant panda inside, as if to say.

“You coward!”

After a few seconds, the giant panda inside patted its chest with a lingering fear.

After confirming that it was safe, it moved forward and gestured to Dahei, as if to say.

“My gosh! Buddy, how did you run outside”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Im out all the time!”

“Its too dangerous.

Buddy, you should be careful, and I have to eat a bamboo to calm down.”

After waving its fingers, the giant panda turned and went back.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei twisted its mouth and shouted a few times, then it continued to follow the crowd.

Ocean Park was not very big, besides, they did not need to line up, so their speed became much faster.

Because Wang Yihan accompanied Mengmeng, Zhang Han and Zi Yan did not keep an eye on her.

The two little girls frolicked together.

Compared with them, Wu Guang was shyer.

He just kept pace with them and smiled, without saying anything.

Their behaviors relieved the parents, so they were all looking around.

Zhao Feng, Xu Yong and a dozen of others followed them, while the person in charge of Ocean Park and four or five superiors led the way, introducing the details of entertainment projects.

As for Zhang Han and Zi Yan, they were like two kids, went sightseeing hand in hand.

This made Zi Yan feel very sweet.


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