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Mengmeng naturally didnt know that she had been fooled by someone else.

However, if she stayed with Auntie Feifei only for one day, she could eat the candy that Mama didnt allow her to eat usually, as well as a lot of snacks.

The little guy was very willing to be with her.

However, if it had been for a long time, a bigger temptation would still have been rejected.

After Zhang Han saw this, he couldnt help laughing.

Upon seeing the expressions of Zhou Fei, Zhang Li and the others, he thought about it and soon realized what was going on.

This was good.

He could just go play with Zi Yan for a day.

Ever since they had met, the two of them almost hadnt spent any time alone.

A normal relationship started from acquaintance and developed to mutual understanding and love.

This was a process and a great experience to have in life.

The relationship between Zhang Han and Zi Yan was relatively simple.

They hadnt known each other too well before they had directly gotten to this stage after having Mengmeng by accident.

They had not been passionately in love before, like other couples were, but even so, they still felt extremely happy and they really cherished each other.

Soon, Mengmeng finished eating breakfast.

She sat on the sofa, staring at Zhang Han and Zi Yan with her big bright eyes.

After they finished eating, Mengmeng said quickly, “Hey, Papa, Mama, have you finished eating”

“We have.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Then… why dont you go out to play” Mengmeng said seriously.

“Okay, well go out and play.” A funny idea flashed through Zhang Hans eyes as he was about to go over to hug her.

Upon seeing this, Mengmeng moved her little body and quickly climbed back.

“Oh no, no, no, Im not going.

You and Mama go out to play.”


Mengmeng was so cute that Zi Yan couldnt help but laugh.

She also wanted to play a little trick.

Thus, she coughed and said, “Hey Mengmeng, if you let me and Papa go out to play, what do you want to do”

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned.

She was so nervous!

She pouted her lips and constantly wagged her little hands.

Then, she said as if she was totally innocent, “I… nothing.

Auntie Feifei insists on playing with me.

Theres nothing.

Theres nothing.

Papa, Mama, just go quickly!”

“Okay, but you have to behave well.

If you dont, your dad and I will come back at any time.” Zi Yan smiled as she spoke.

“Okay, Ill be good.

Mengmeng will be a good girl,” Mengmeng reassured them seriously.

“Okay, Papa and Mama will go out to play.” Zi Yan smiled.

She went back to the bedroom and took two pairs of sunglasses and her cap.

Then, she came out and handed Zhang Han a pair of sunglasses.

Zhang Han took them and put them on.

Then, he took Zi Yans hand and went downstairs.

“Wow! Hahaha!”

Mengmeng, who had been watching them all the time, looked at Zhou Fei and laughed.

The little girls expression seemed to imply that she was waiting for someone to praise her.


How was it Was I great”

When they saw her like that, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li and the others couldnt help but laugh.

“Its almost the time.

Anna, Ill drive you to the company first, okay” Zhang Li said while glancing at the watch.

Li Anna didnt have a car.

There also wasnt too much time left, so when Zhang Li came, she said she would give her a ride.

“Okay.” Li Anna nodded.

Then, she got up and walked to the stairs with Zhang Li.

“Then I will go back and take the subway,” Luo Qing said while looking at Zhang Li.

“Hey Dont leave.

Luo Qing, you and Lili will go to work at night, right Stay here in the daytime.

Lets have fun together.

You havent been to Mount New Moon, right” Zhou Fei asked Luo Qing quickly before she looked at Zhang Li and said, “Lili, come back after you take Anna there, alright”

“Oh yes, Auntie Lili, come back.” Mengmeng waved her small hand at Zhang Li.

“Okay, I will come back after I take Anna there.

Luo Qing, you can just stay here.

We can go back at seven oclock in the evening.

Itll be okay,” Zhang Li said.

“Alright.” Luo Qing nodded and sat back again.

Zhou Fei smiled and looked at Luo Qing.

When she was about to say something, a cute voice came from behind her.

“Auntie Feifei, where… where is my cake”

Zhang Han and Zi Yan walked hand in hand down the stairs.

There were still many diners downstairs.

Liang Mengqi and her two friends, Zhao Feng, as well as Wang Qiang and his partner, were all here.

They nodded and said hello after seeing the couple.

It was a bit strange.

It was the first time they saw the boss and his wife hand in hand.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan walked straight out of the restaurant.

Zhao Feng thought for a while and then got up to follow them.

“The lady looks a bit familiar.

I think I have seen her before.

It is strange.

Who on earth is that” Liang Mengqi muttered in confusion.

She didnt know that there were two photos of Zi Yan on the wall.

If she raised her head and saw them, maybe she would remember, yet she did not notice the photos at all.

“The lady is really beautiful.” Zhao Dahu shook his head as he expressed his opinion.

“Of course she is!” Yu Qingqing stared at her and then looked at Liang Mengqi and said, “Mengqi, tell me the truth.

Do you still have feelings for the boss”

Last night, she had slept in the same room with Liang Mengqi.

In the evening, while she had still been playing a mobile game, Liang Mengqi had fallen asleep.

While she had been sleeping, she had muttered Zhang Hans name twice.

This had made Yu Qingqing a little vigilant.

She felt that, as a friend, she should try to persuade her to stop loving him so deeply.

He already had a happy family.

Her love would remain unrequited, which would cause her more pain if she continued to love him.

When Liang Mengqi heard these words, she looked at Yu Qingqing and thought for three seconds.

Finally, she nodded and said honestly, “Yes, I do.”

“No!” Yu Qingqing tapped her forehead and said, “Mengqi, you cant be like this!”

Liang Mengqi laughed and said, “Okay, okay.

I have a sense of propriety.

I like him, but I wont do anything.

I like special, excellent men like the boss, but I wont do anything inappropriate.”

It was something people always regretted.

Zhang Han would be an indelible figure in her mind from now on.

Although she liked him, she would not do anything.

Besides, her feelings for him werent love at all.

Maybe when she met her true love in the future, she would find her current thoughts silly and funny.

Meanwhile, outside the restaurant…

Zhao Feng walked quickly and followed them.

“Boss, madam, where are you going” he said.

“To enjoy the world, just the two of us!” Zi Yan answered with a faint smile.

“Were going out to play,” Zhang Han said.

“Would you like me to follow you” Zhao Feng asked.

While having fun outside, sometimes people needed to queue up or buy something.

Zhao Feng wondered whether he would be responsible for these things, so he asked to find out.

Zhang Han thought for a while and said, “You stay in the restaurant.

If Zhou Fei and the others go out to play, you can accompany them.”

He was not with Mengmeng.

Now that only Zhou Fei was by her side, he didnt feel assured.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded.

Then, Zhang Han and Zi Yan got in the humble panda car.

Zhao Feng walked to the restaurant and called Ah Hu over.

“Ah Hu, bring a few people to the restaurant.

Not too many.

Three or four will be enough.

The others should learn as usual.”

These days, in addition to daily training, security members had started to gain some professional knowledge regularly.

The lecturers were all professors hired by Liu Qingfeng and the daily schedule was quite tight.

However, if something came up, people could be mobilized and the lessons could be given later.

After all, this was not a school, so the curriculum was not fixed.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were in the panda car, heading for Zhu Keng District.

“Where are we going to play”

While waiting for the red light, Zi Yan licked her lips, looked at Zhang Han and asked him about their plans.

“Well go to the Deepwater Bay Yacht Club first,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Well go to the sea”


“Dont look at me like this.

The red light is about to change.” When Zi Yan saw Zhang Han looking at her with steady eyes, she felt a little shy.

“I like watching you.

You are so beautiful.

I just cant take my eyes off you,” Zhang Han said softly.

“Come on!”

“Give me a kiss.”

“I wont.”

The cars behind them honked.

“Hurry up.

The people behind us are getting anxious.”

“No, give me a kiss and I will move.” Zhang Han smiled and looked at Zi Yan before bringing his lips near hers.

He liked to look at Zi Yan when she was shy.

Although it was daytime, it seemed that when she was with him, Zi Yan acted more and more like a timid little girl, which Zhang Han found quite enjoyable.


Zi Yan couldnt persuade him, so she finally gave him a kiss.

The soft kiss made Zhang Han laugh happily.

Then, he started the car with satisfaction.

Their day alone finally began.


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