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The yacht arrived at Xiaolu Island.

There were more than twenty and twice as many smaller row boats.

Zhang Hans yacht stopped.

There were several yachts on both sides that were not far away.

On one of the larger luxury yachts, there were more than a dozen people.

At the center was a man with short blonde hair, who was leaning on a reclining chair.

A few people orbited around him like planets orbiting a sun.

“Hey Bother Yu, Brother Yu, look, oh my! What a hot chick! What a damn good figure!”

“Oh yeah, shes gorgeous! Shes definitely a great beauty.”


The blonde-haired man, called Brother Yu, turned his head and looked over.

When he saw Zi Yan, his eyes widened.

He quickly sat up, took off his sunglasses, and stared that way for a moment.

Then he said with surprise, “My gosh, shes indeed a beauty!”

His yacht and Zhang Hans yacht were over 10 meters apart.

This distance was nothing for those who had good eyesight.

The perfect figure and pretty face of Zi Yan made everyone look at her.

The surprise of the blonde-haired man also made the seven or eight tall girls around him look over.

They were disdainful at first.

Most of the girls here were veterans in the modeling world and they were very confident in their faces and figures.

But when they fixed their eyes on her, their distain slowly turned into surprise and jealousy.

The beauty on the recliner nearby had a superb figure.

The shape of her face, her thin lips, and her small nose, plus the snow-white skin… She was really eye-catching.

One man with a flattop haircut said with a smile, “Brother Yu, Brother Yu, how is it That chick is pretty hot, huh”

“Shes gorgeous.” Brother Yu nodded.

“Do you need me to go over and ask for her contact information” said the man with the flattop.


Brother Yu looked up and smacked the mans head.

He shouted, “Are you blind Dont you see that she has a boyfriend”

“But that doesnt mean you cant pursue her!” The man scratched his head.

“Get lost! I never hook up with married women, no matter how beautiful they are!” Brother Yu frowned.

“Yes, yes,” the man hurriedly said and stopped talking.

“Xiao Ma, look at you, you just want to play around.

But youll have to pay for it later.

Dont go for women who have boyfriends.

You can get her now but someone can also take her away from you later on,” the bald man lying there said lazily.

Among all the people present, he held the most power except for Brother Yu and he knew more.

Brother Yu was named Zheng Chenyu.

His family owned a trading company and was worth a lot.

The bald man knew that when Zheng Chenyu was twelve years old, his family was not wealthy and his mother was taken away by a rich man from the mainland, which caused a great psychological shadow for him.

He had always hated those who broke up other peoples families.

He liked beautiful girls, but the bottom line was that she had to be single.

In the bald mans eyes, it was a good rule.

Xiao Ma nodded after hearing those words.

He looked at the bald man, saying, “I know that, Brother Wen.

She was just so beautiful that I didnt explain myself clearly.

I mean I was about to go over and ask the couple to come and have fun with us.”

The bald-headed man was called Huang Wen and his temper was kind of like a ruffians.

He knew a lot of people from underground gangs.

His family was quite rich and his father was worth more than two billion.

His family was similar to Zheng Chenyus family.

Both of them were famous in the circle of rich second-generation sons.

The other men present were just some followers.

Many of them had a family that ran a small company, but their worth was not more than 100 million.

Most of the women present were models from private clubs.

There were also two playgirls with them.

“Just call them directly if you want to have fun!” Zheng Chenyu grinned.

He stood up and walked to the end of the deck, shouting at Zhang Han on the other side, “Hey! Gorgeous, handsome! Come over and have some fun with us”

On the other side, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were still lying on the reclining chairs.

After hearing the voice, the two of them turned their heads and looked over there.

Naturally, Zhang Han had no interest in playing with them, so he reached out his arm and shook a little, meaning he refused.

He said while shaking it, “Look, they can still see how beautiful you are from more than 10 meters away.

If it was closer, it would be terrible.


Im the only one who can hug you.”

“Silly.” Zi Yan gently glanced at Zhang Han.

She also found that after the confession, it seemed that Zhang Hans actions and words were becoming more and more aggressive.

If it wasnt for her period, he would…

When she thought about this, Zi Yans pretty face became flushed and she said in her heart, “I wont be conquered by you so quickly.


On the other side, Zheng Chenyu shook his head after seeing that, but he did not force them.

He waved his hand and called the coach by his side, saying, “Bring the Remy Martin for me, as a reward for the champion later.”

“Okay.” The coach nodded and went back to arrange this matter.

There were a lot of yachts on the scene and there were more rowing boats.

Many people were practicing rowing skills under the coachs teaching and they were ready for a fierce competition later.

As for Zhang Han here, the coach also walked up two minutes later.

“Sir, maam, the rowing boat is ready.

Shall we go now Ill teach you some skills,” the coach said.


Zhang Han nodded.

He stood up, took Zi Yans hand, and went down.

The rowing boat was a smaller design which could accommodate four people.

It was also very narrow.

It felt like it could overturn at any moment.

Zhang Han put a life jacket on Zi Yan and he also put one on himself.

Then they went to the rowing boat.

“This is the seat.

Your feet should pedal this part in the groove.

When you row the boat, not only your arms should use force, but also your feet should step on the pedals with force.

This will make your body keep balance.

Your hands also need to move when you paddle.

I will give you a demonstration, like this…”

The coach demonstrated and taught them.

Zi Yan was confused and moved a bit as he spoke.

But she found that she couldnt do it, so she looked back at Zhang Han and stuck her tongue out a little.

She said in a mischievous tone, “Oh, its so hard.”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han shook his head and laughed.

For those things that the coach said, Zhang Han understood all the skills after only hearing them once.

It was so easy for him, but Zhang Han couldnt use too much power, or else the paddle would be broken.

They just practiced there for two minutes.

Suddenly, a speedboat came and stopped in front of all the rowing boats.

One person on it held a big horn and said, “All you friends who want to participate in the competition, attention please.

All you friends who want to participate in the competition, attention please.

The rowing competition will begin in 10 minutes.

This competition has a reward.

If two contestants, one male and one female, win first place, they will get the reward of a bottle of Remy Martin, worth 50,000 yuan, which was given by Mr.

Zheng Chenyu on the No.1 yacht on the left!”

As he said that, many people on the speedboats and the tourists on the yachts all looked at Zheng Chenyus yacht and cheered.

Zheng Chenyu enjoyed the feeling of being the center of the world.

He stood on the yacht and waved to the people around him.

“Well, the double rowing competition will begin in 10 minutes.

My position is the starting point.

You will go to the opposite coast and then come back.

The total distance is about 1,300 meters.

The first one to come back here will be the winner! Everyone, go prepare! Gather here in 10 minutes!”

The coach on the speedboat finished his words and then just watched the time, waiting quietly.

On the other side, on Zheng Chenyus yacht—

He clapped his hands and said, “Lets go down and prepare.”

He waved his hand to a girl and the two of them cooperated.

Everyone here had done this before and were familiar with this game, they did not need a coach.

Zheng Chenyu got on the rowing boat and directly paddled over to Zhang Hans boat.

The bald man, Huang Wen, and a model were on another rowing boat.

He saw Zheng Chenyus movements and followed him to join them.

When they were close, Zheng Chenyu saw Zi Yan more closely and felt that she was even more attractive.

He looked Zhang Han up and down and then said with a smile, “Hey, handsome, gorgeous, the competition is about to begin.

Good luck.”

Zi Yan turned to look at him and did not say anything.

Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

“Are you tourists or locals” Zheng Chenyu asked.

“Were locals, I think,” Zhang Han replied calmly.

Seeing Zhang Hans response, Zheng Chenyu rolled his eyes.

He had seen all kinds of people traveling here, various kinds of characters.

Some were lively, some were shy, and some were open-minded.

But this man in front of him was being so calm and reserved that Zheng Chenyu felt a little surprised.

The temperament of a person indirectly indicated his status, which revealed itself in their words and deeds.

Although some people liked to pretend, Zheng Chenyu felt that this reserved temperament could not be faked.

“Im afraid these people have some influence.”

Zheng Chenyu kept guessing and he felt that the man here was not an ordinary person, but he did not know what exactly his status was.

So he would just regard him as a tourist who was about to participate in the rowing competition.

That was enough.

“I often go rowing here.

The sea is still calm.

It is not bad for newbies like you.

Later on, I will show you how fast I am,” Zheng Chenyu said with confidence.

“He often plays here and always wins first place.

So its highly possible that the Remy Martin he just contributed will end up in his anyways,” Huang Wen, on his other side, smiled and said.

“Oh, lets wait and see.

Your Remy Martin will be mine.” Zhang Han smiled lightly.

“Haha…” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

She turned her head and looked at Zhang Han, whispering, “Dont embarrass yourself later.”

“I wont,” Zhang Han replied with a chuckle.

At ordinary times, Zhang Han wouldnt give a damn about even 10 bottles of Remy Martin.

But since he came out to have fun with Zi Yan, Zhang Han became more relaxed.

Even though Zheng Chenyu came over to talk with him, hed still responded with a smile.

The thing that mattered was making Zi Yan happy.

As for everyone else, Zhang Han didnt care about them at all.

But it was good that Zheng Chenyu didnt have any improper thoughts and he wasnt a brainless rich man at all.

If they really met a stupid man today, even if they beat him, his and Zi Yans happy mood would be ruined.

However, after hearing Zhang Hans words, both Zheng Chenyu and Huang Wen were shocked.

“Oh Youre so confident, then I will be more serious later.” After saying that, Zheng Chenyu began to move his arms and warm up.

On the other side, Huang Wen was also warming up, while Zhang Han was still sitting here and chatting with Zi Yan.

“All rowing boats, attention please.

The competition will begin in a minute,” the coach on the speedboat ahead said.

After he finished speaking, a total of eight speedboats came over on both sides, prepared for emergencies.

“Then lets prepare,” Zhang Han said as he stretched out his hands and gently pressed on Zi Yans slender arms.

“You just follow the rhythm and paddle slowly.

Dont use too much force.

Youre so delicate, and you dont usually exercise this much.

The sudden strenuous exercise will make your muscles very sore in the following days.”

“Come on! I often do sports, running, yoga, dancing… I just… Ive just become lazy with you recently,” Zi Yan said a little stubbornly, “and I am not a little girl.”

She was already a mother of a four-year-old.

She was not a little girl anymore!

Zhang Han moved forward and whispered in the ear of Zi Yan, “But in my eyes, youre always a little girl.

Youre my honey.

Youre the apple of my eye.”

After that, he also continued to kiss Zi Yans cheeks.

Yans blush was immediately obvious.

“Youre so annoying! So many people are here.” Zi Yan turned her head and rolled her eyes.

At this time…

The coach on the yacht ahead started the countdown.

“The last 15 seconds, everyone prepares.

Ten, nine, eight…”

After he said that, nearly 50 rowing boats were ready to go, and everyones hands were on the paddles.

In the final stage of the countdown, Zheng Chenyu glanced at Zhang Han and said loudly, “Ill show you! Ill be as fast as flying!”

Zhang Han smiled lightly and did not answer.

“Three, two, one! Start!”

The moment he finished those words, the fierce competition began.

There was chanting all around: “One two, one two…”

Zheng Chenyu, Huang Wen, and the other five or six people took the lead.

They were all very fast.

It could be seen that these people were veterans.

While Zi Yan was here…

“One two, one two… Oh” Zi Yan paddled a few times, only to find that she only moved a little.

She felt it strange and turned her head to see Zhang Han.

Then she said unhappily, “Hey.

Hey, its started.

Why dont you move”

“Let them go 200 meters first,” Zhang Han smiled and said.

There were a lot of inexperienced people among the nearly 50 contestants and they went awry after a while.

Some ran into others and some went on different paths.

Seeing this, Zhang Han planned to wait for a few seconds and start after them.

Zi Yan didnt know this.

After hearing his words, she urged him.

“Hurry, or we wont be able to catch up.”

“All right, start!”

Zhang Hans arms began to move.

Zi Yan was shouting the slogan in front and the sound was very pleasant.

Zhang Han followed Zi Yans rhythm in the back, paddling neatly.

It seemed that it was not fast, but every time he paddled, the rowing boat moved forward a few meters, and they were shortening the distance from the first row of yachts of Zheng Chenyu and the others in front.

Seeing this, Zi Yan became more excited and her voice got even louder.

“One two, come on! One two, come on…”

This was the excitement from competing.

After Zhang Han saw this, his hands accelerated.

Zi Yan paddled once, and he paddled twice.

In this way, their speed was getting faster and faster.

In less than a minute, their rowing boat had surpassed the first row, which had been working so hard, and they had become No.1.

However, in the eyes of others…

Zi Yan was paddling so lightly that her paddles were seldom in the water.

She didnt even notice it herself.

But Zhang Hans paddles in the back…

They were moving extremely fast.

“Dammit! Whats wrong with him Did he take a stimulant” Zheng Chenyu shouted as he paddled.

“Theyre so fast! Ah Yu, your Remy Martin will be lost!” Huang Wen laughed and worked harder.

The figure of Zhang Han in the front was getting farther and farther away.

The people behind him could only look at his back, unable to catch up with him.

Even when turning, this guy still did not slow down.

He pressed a paddle into the water and moved the other paddle more rapidly.


The rowing boat directly made a gorgeous turn.

This made Zi Yan scream again and again.

Looking back, the rowing boats that were in the first row just now had only finished two-thirds of the total distance.

“Wow, we are so fast! Well be No.1! Quickly! Hurry up! One, two, come on…” Zi Yan screamed excitedly and paddled back.

During this period, Zhang Han deliberately lowered the speed and paddled slowly.

The eyes of Zheng Chenyu, Huang Wen, and the others behind him lit up.

“Hahaha, hes exhausted.

Hurry up! Chase him!” Zheng Chenyu shouted and then worked hard to chase after him.

Zhang Han paddled slowly for a while and let them catch up.

“Oh no, weve been caught up,” Zi Yan shouted again.

So Zhang Han increased his speed and surpassed them.

And then he slowed down again.

“No, we are caught up again! Hurry up, hurry up! We must be No.1! Theyre catching up! Oh no…”

Zi Yan was like a happy child and was enjoying this game.

She looked back at others and screamed from time to time.

This kind of back-and-forth competition was the most stressful and it just made people excited.

And Zhang Han, who was sitting behind Zi Yan, softly looked at her.

He controlled the rhythm of the scene and made her happy and excited.

Time was passing by.

The most exciting time was coming up.

In the last 50 meters, only five rowing boats were on the forefront.

Among them were Zheng Chenyu and Huang Wen, who had been trying their best to play this game today.

There were 50 meters to the destination and the five rowing boats were in a horizontal line.

Now at 40 meters, Zheng Chenyu and Huang Wen took the lead and were the fastest.

“Hahaha! Ill be No.1!” Zheng Chenyu shouted while laughing.

“Dont be so confident.

Ill beat you this time!” Huang Wen widened his eyes and exerted more force.

His bald head was bright and shiny, reflecting a fierce light.

He used his utmost strength and held his breath.

His face became totally red and then he shouted his slogan, “One two… Pah…”


Suddenly, a loud muffled sound came from his ass.

It seemed that the long deep breath that he held just now came out from his ass.

The tall woman in front of him widened her eyes and turned to look at him.

This fart was so loud!

Its power was definitely greater than his voice!

After he farted, Huang Wens expression became a bit stiff and he was deflated.

And then he stopped moving.

“Dammit! How could I just fart like that”

He gave up the competition and now there were three other rowing boats.

Zhang Han was here.

Zi Yan saw that Zheng Chenyu was taking the lead, so she shouted anxiously, “Oh no, he is coming, lets hurry up…”

She was also moving the paddles with great force while speaking.

But it seemed that she did not need to move and Zhang Han would get everything done.

With the last 10 meters left to the destination, Zheng Chenyu thought that he had already won.

“Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!”

Suddenly, a very dense clatter of water came from his side.

The next moment, Zhang Hans rowing boat passed him like it was flying.

“What How can he be so fast”

Zheng Chenyu was shocked.

It was the first time that he had seen such a situation.

During those few seconds when he was shocked…

They had crossed the finishing line of the yacht in the front.

After it stopped, Zhang Han and Zi Yan stood up.

Zi Yan was thrilled.

She was jumping on the rowing boat, shouting, “Yeah, we won! We are No.1! We won!”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han hugged Zi Yan and spun in a circle.

He laughed and said, “We won!”

Zi Yan was delighted to win and she even happier to win through her cooperation with Zhang Han as a “couple”.

And Zhang Han, he was happy because Zi Yan was happy.

If he was alone, he would definitely not play this kind of small game, but with Zi Yan, he suddenly felt that this small game was quite interesting.

This was the joy that Zi Yan brought to Zhang Han, which was also the charm of love.

When they were celebrating the joy of victory, Zheng Chenyu came up close to them in the rowing boat.

“Its true that a man cant be judged by his appearance.

Great! Hey buddy, you dont look so strong, but you do have great power.” Zheng Chenyu shook his head and sighed, and then shouted to the coach not far away, “Bring the wine here.”

Soon after, the coach came over to them in the speedboat and handed the bottle of Remy Martin, which was worth 50,000 yuan, to Zhang Han.

“Thank you for your wine,” Zi Yan said, smiling to Zheng Chenyu.

This woman here was so beautiful.

Now hearing her voice, Zheng Chenyu found was charmed by her voice as well.

After Zi Yan said those words, Zheng Chenyu felt honored.

So he waved his hand and said, “You win, so you deserve this.”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han took the wine and waved it in front of Zheng Chenyu, then he paddled the rowing boat to his yacht.

“There are only two of you.

Would you like to have fun with us” After Zhang Han got more than 10 meters away, Zheng Chenyu asked again.

Zhang Han stretched out his left arm and waved.

Then he steered back to his yacht.

When he approached the yacht, the coach gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up.

“Youre wonderful.

Sir, your rowing skill is perfect.

I admire you.”

“Haha, of course hes wonderful,” Zi Yan looked very proud as she replied.

“The inflatable trampoline is also ready.

Sir, madam, are you going to play now” the coach asked.

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

Zi Yan was still very excited, so they should just continue to have fun.

When they were tired, they would go back to the yacht to lie in the sun.

The two of them went to the trampoline, which was floating on the water.

Zi Yan began to jump on it happily.

Zhang Han was also enjoying the fun.

He sometimes held Zi Yans hand and sometimes hugged her.

They were jumping on it together.

It was such a childish game, but the two of them were playing so happily.

This attracted the attention of Zheng Chenyu and the others who had returned to the yacht.

“They are so happy.

It looks like it is very fun.” Huang Wen touched his bald head.

When he was having fun, it was nothing special.

But looking at others now, he remembered a song: We are not the same!

“Do I also need to find a girlfriend now”

He was very confused about this.

If he had a girlfriend, would they be as happy as them

“How about we have fun for a while” Zheng Chenyu asked with hesitation.


Come on.”

“Okay, coach, come over, bring a trampoline here.”


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