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“Not bad”

Wang Longs mouth trembled slightly.

From Zhang Hans expression and indifferent tone, he knew that in the eyes of this Mr.

Zhang, the dishes he made were just so-so.

“Just so-so” It seemed that he received this kind of evaluation 10 years ago!

He felt a little disappointed, but fortunately, the evaluation given by Zi Yan was better.

“Its good.” Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han.

“Although it is no better than yours, it is quite close.”

“Uh, okay, I admit defeat.”

Wang Long laughed bitterly.

He knew that Zhang Hans restaurant was famous for egg fried rice and those kind of ingredients would indeed win the foodies over.

“Your cooking is good, but the ingredients are a little bad.” Zhang Han tasted a few other dishes.

Then he took a look at Wang Long and gave his evaluation.

The implication was: “I have finished the evaluation.

You should not be a third wheel here.”

Wang Long naturally knew what he meant, but he thought for a while and still spoke out his inner thoughts.


Zhang, Uh… I know its impolite to say this, but I just cant help asking.


Zhang, your ingredients are great.

I wonder if I can get some of the ingredients from you.

I dont care about the amount.”

He was quite polite.

He especially said that he wanted some ingredients from Zhang Han.

It meant that he would not ask him from which source he purchased the goods.

He just wanted some good ingredients.


When Zhang Han was just about to refuse him, Wang Long said quickly, “Mr.

Zhang, please consider it for a few days.

Whether it is about the price or anything else, I will give you a satisfactory answer.

I will visit you in person in a few days.

Thank you.


Zhang, Mrs.

Zhang, please enjoy your meal.”

After he finished, he nodded directly and turned away.

“So cunning.” Zi Yan looked at the back of Wang Long and smiled.

“Hes a smart person.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Poof…” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and couldnt help laughing.

“What are you laughing at” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

“Im laughing at you.

I always feel that you are like a nerd, but now you said seriously that he was a smart person.

I found you were a little cute,” Zi Yan licked her lips and said.


Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

Except for when he was a child, this was the first time that someone said he was cute.

“Hahaha, lets eat.

Well go shopping after this.” Zhang Han laughed.

“Mm.” Zi Yan nodded obediently.

They finished their lunch in a cozy atmosphere.

After a short rest, they decided to leave.

Something interesting happened when they paid the bill.

The female cashier at the counter was a little cute, saying that they would get a 30% discount.

Zhang Han did not refuse this discount.

He directly paid the bill and left with Zi Yan hand in hand.

Looking at the back of them, the cashier stuck out her tongue and murmured, “They are great.

Boss Wang personally cooked for them and also gave them some treasured liquor.

He even gave them a 30% discount.

Hey, it seems that they are not merely rich!”

In her opinion, wealth alone would not make Wang Long have such an attitude because many rich people had come to eat here before, but they never got a discount.

They got in the panda car and headed for the commercial street of Zhu Keng District.

The house that Zhang Han sold before was in the Zhu Keng District.

He lived here for a while, so he knew it well and didnt use the navigation.

He drove all the way and stopped at the underground parking lot of Dasheng Mall on the commercial street.

“Put on the sunglasses.

You look pretty cool with them.” Zi Yan handed sunglasses to Zhang Han.

“Yeah.” Zhang Han nodded and put them on before getting out of the car.

“Come.” Zhang Hans hands were put into his pocket and his right arm was slightly bent.

Then he called Zi Yan.

Zi Yan went over to him obediently.

She stretched out her left arm and held Zhang Hans arm intimately.

With this kind of posture, Zhang Han could feel the softest part of her body even when he moved a little bit.

They were quite intimate.

“Lets go up from the third elevator over there.”

Zhang Han motioned with his lips at the entrance 100 meters in front of them.

He remembered that going up from there, there would be a luxury area.

There were not many people in the underground parking lot.

Only six or seven people were in the elevator.

But seeing Zhang Han and Zi Yan, several men had some inexplicable feelings.

They held their breath, or squinted at Zi Yan, or peeked at her in the reflection of the elevator.

The charm of Zi Yan was unquestionable.

No matter where she went, she was always the most eye-catching person.

Soon after, they arrived at the first floor.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan got out of the elevator.

Other people went upstairs, where there were mens stores and some relatively popular stores for the public.

When they saw the two of them going to the first floor via the No.

3 elevator, two people could not help shaking their heads.

Consuming there once would cost millions!

They got out of the elevator and there were not many guests in this area.

“Lets see this first.” Zhang Han walked to the nearest Hermès store with Zi Yan.

“Sir, Madam, welcome.” The shopping guides face was full with smiles.

She came over and said, “What would you like”

“Womens handbags,” Zhang Han replied.

“Okay, sir, please come here.” The shopping guide took them to the counter of womens handbags and picked up a silver-white feather bag, saying, “This is the Hermès Himalayan 25 cm Kelly bag, with crocodile skin and texture.

Everything, including the lock catch, matches the temperament of this lady.”

This bag was worth 820,000 yuan.

It was one of the most expensive bags in this store.

When she introduced it, she constantly looked at the expressions of Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

If they hesitated, she would directly introduce to them some bags worth just 10 to 20 thousand.

She just didnt expect that after the lady in front of her looked at it, the handsome guy would open his mouth and say, “Ill take it.”

“Okay, okay, sir, please pay here.” The shopping guide was surprised and overjoyed.

It was great.

She hadnt sealed one deal today, and when it arrived, it was a big one.

But she did not expect that this bill would be worth much more than she was thinking now.

“We havent finished.

Why pay now” Zhang Han smiled lightly.

“Ah Oh! Sorry.” The shopping guide smiled a little embarrassedly.

“That bag looks good.

Well take it, too.” Zhang Han pointed to a small black shoulder bag over there.

“Okay, this is a Hermès ladies shoulder bag, with black crocodile leather and gold buckle.

The price is 413,000.” The heart of the shopping guide beat fast.

Another bag sold!

“And that big black bag.” Zhang Han took hold of Zi Yans hand and walked forward while pointing casually, “This, this, and this…”

He selected 12 womens bags of different styles.

At this time, Zi Yan was a little shocked, but the shopping guide was much more shocked.

She had been stunned by this sudden surprise.

“I dont need so many,” Zi Yan whispered to Zhang Han.

“Its just for fun.” Zhang Han smiled leisurely.

He looked at the shopping guide, saying, “Thats all.

The bill.”

“Okay, sir, please come here.” The stunned shopping guide took Zhang Han over to pay the bill.

It was 4.85 million in total.

Zi Yan stood by Zhang Han without any expression, but she involuntarily licked her lips.

After telling them the delivery location, Zhang Han took Zi Yans hand and left the store, leaving a few shopping guides there who constantly shook their heads.

“You bought too many.

I dont need them,” Zi Yan said softly.

“Not at all.

Well go to the LV store in the front and buy some,” Zhang Han smiled and said.

“Come on, it is a waste to buy too many bags.” Zi Yan pouted.

Although she indeed liked those bags, Zi Yan was still more rational.

It was true that Zhang Han could make a lot of money, but they couldnt be so extravagant.

“Da, da…”

Suddenly, Zhang Han received a message.

Zhang Han smiled.

He took out his mobile phone, opened the message and handed it to Zi Yan.

“Money is just a bunch of numbers.

Just spend it.

You know money is not what we are pursuing.”

“Huh” Zi Yan saw the string of numbers in Zhang Hans message and was shocked.

“How do you have so much money” Zi Yan asked Zhang Han curiously.

How could he have a deposit of nearly 260 million It was so much! When Zhang Han wanted to rent a mountain, he still needed to sell the house.

Now it had only been over a month.

How could he get so much money

“When Zhao Feng annihilated a big gang boss, he got 1.3 billion in total.

I told him to open a company, but he secretly transferred me 200 million.

And that 60 million is the profit of running the restaurant,” Zhang Han simply replied.

Zi Yan stared at Zhang Han with her big eyes and asked, “Oh, oh How could he get so much money by annihilating the gangs”

“This is just a part of that gang boss assets.

And Zhao Feng is from the special forces.

Hell work for me later,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Then… are you really his master”


“Hey I find that you are getting more and more mysterious.

Are you hiding a lot of things from me” Zi Yan snorted lightly.

“There are some things you dont know, but Im waiting for an opportunity for you to see with your own eyes,” Zhang Han smiled and replied.

He grabbed Zi Yans waist and said, “Because that scene will be very pretty.”

As for the cultivation, Zhang Han naturally did not intend to hide it from Zi Yan.

First, he felt that life now was warm and nice.

Second, he prepared to let Zi Yan see it when the Thunder Yang Tree inspired the ability to transform the territory a second time.

That moment would definitely shock all people.

That moment would have a dreamlike beauty.

And that moment… seemed to be good timing for a marriage proposal.

This was Zhang Hans long-standing idea, but it would still take a while.

When he married Zi Yan, the ceremony would be grand and romantic.

But first of all, he had to find his parents.

During this period of time, Zhang Han planned to accompany Mengmeng and Zi Yan.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Zi Yan bit her lower lip lightly.

She faintly felt that it would be a very warm and romantic moment.

She was looking forward to it.

“Hmph, then I will wait for that day.” Zi Yan pouted and snorted.

She twisted her waist and said, “Okay, lets go hand in hand.”

“Hold my arm.” Zhang Han raised his right arm and smiled.

“Dummy!” Zi Yan rolled her eyes and stretched out her left hand to hold Zhang Hans arm.

“Well buy some more bags, some jewelry, and also some clothes.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Up to you,” Zi Yan said happily and did not refuse.

“There is another thing I really want to buy.”

“What is it”

“Haha…” Zhang Hans eyes were fixed on the long legs of Zi Yan.

He moved his head to her ear and whispered, “Black silk stockings.”


Zi Yans pretty face flushed.

She reached out her hand and pinched Zhang Hans waist, saying coyly, “Come on, youre annoying!”



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