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Xu Ruoyus face turned red.

Although Zi Yan neither swore nor talked dirty, Xu Ruoyu was extremely annoyed when she heard “An insane clown”.

In fact, she felt even more angry than usual when she quarreled with Zhou Fei.

“Why did you, a goner, find fault with me”

“Now that your album sells really poorly, why are you so calm Because of your beautiful appearance”

Xu Ruoyu had been jealous of Zi Yan at the beginning, but now she hated her.

She felt really angry in the face of Zi Yans counterattack.

“Well, Ruoyu, wed better not bother to argue with her.” The agent snorted and said, “She is going to be left out in the cold by the company, and wont threaten you in a short time! She will know that she cant get any resources from our company at the meeting in the afternoon.”

“Ha, ha, Ill see if she can maintain her calm expression by then!” Xu Ruoyu gritted her teeth and left with her agent.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei walked to the office inside.

“Hey, Elder Sister Yan, here you are.”

“Zhou Fei, I envy you so much that you can rest for a few days.”


On the way to the office, a few people greeted them.

Some of them greeted normally, some greeted hypocritically, while others whispered with each other after saying hello to them.

Much more people greeted them than usual, but most of them had something in common.

That was, the gloat in their eyes.

Catching sight of their gazes, Zhou Fei muttered in confusion.

However, when they arrived at the office, they made out what was going on.

Their offices door was open, and three or four artists and agents were busy moving the documents, tables as well as chairs.

“What are you doing” Zhou Feis eyes widened, and then she asked while looking at the people in front of her.

“Hey, Elder Sister Zi Yan, Elder Sister Zhou Fei, here you are.”

Among them, a ponytailed woman with a thick makeup deliberately said in surprise.

“Bai Wei, what do you mean” Zhou Fei questioned once again.

“Oh, erm.” Bai Wei pretended to be embarrassed, but the complacency in her eyes betrayed her.

She said with a hypocritical expression, “Im so sorry, this office belongs to me from now on.

Elder sister Zhou Fei, your office is on the leftmost.”

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone around whispered with each other.

Even a small number of people who got along well with Xu Ruoyu burst into laughter.

“What are you talking about” Zhou Fei spoke louder and her face sank.

“Ouch, Elder Sister Zhou Fei, dont worry.

Since this is elder sister Meis order, you can ask her if you have any questions,” Bai Wei said as she shook her head.

“I really need to ask!” Zhou Fei said in anger.

“What does she mean”

“Change their office”

The innermost office was so small, and there was no window inside, which depressed people.

“What is she going to do Shes too ruthless if she just want to suppress us.”

At this time, Zhou Fei was so annoyed that she could not help wait but rush to Meiqis office to question her.

It would be better if they reached a consensus!

If not.

“D*mn it.

At the worst, I can ask my brother-in-law for a 300-million-yuan bank card and throw it ruthlessly on your face, and then tell her that I wont work here!”

However, when Zhou Fei was about to move, Zi Yan opened her mouth.

She took on a cold expression as usual and nobody could saw any signs of her emotions,

“Lets go.”

Then Zi Yan walked to the innermost small office.

“Elder Sister Yan…” Zhou Fei clenched her teeth and gave an angry stare at Bai Wei, who was tittering, and then she left in anger.

The innermost office was messy, in which there placed only two sets of desks and chairs, two old computers.

Several documents were scattered on the desk.

Obviously, the previous workers threw them randomly.

“Elder Sister Yan!” Zhou Fei could not help saying, “Lets go! We dont need to be bullied here!”

Zi Yan glanced around and took a deep breath, and then she said, “If she doesnt have an explanation that satisfies me, Ill leave Royal Entertainment Company.”

But she actually was unreconciled to leave in this way.

She would be like a loser, who exited menially.

This was absolutely not the result Zi Yan expected.

The company did not leave any good impression on Zi Yan now.

At the beginning, although there were some interest disputes in the company, the overall working atmosphere was sound and some artists made friends with all their hearts.

But now, everyone attached great importance to profits.

Zi Yan found that not only the people in this company changed, but also some unknown men were planning to suppress her secretly.

No matter who faced this situation, he would not stand it.

As for Zhou Fei, hearing what Zi Yan said, she calmed down and was a little excited.

She said while holding her mobile phone, “Ill call my brother-in-law!”

“Lets go to see Meiqi first,” Zi Yan shook her head slightly and said, and then she walked out.

Zhou Fei then put her phone in her pocket and walked to Meiqis office, following Zi Yan.

The two of them attracted a lot of peoples attention on the way.

The news that their office was changed had already spread.

At this moment, Xu Ruoyu, Bai Wei and some other artists, who looked on, got together.

The instant they saw Zi Yan, they gloated and made fun of her loudly.

As Zi Yan heard their words, her eyes became colder.

Zhou Fei gave them the middle finger direct and said with the mouth moving only, “Stupid.”

“Hey Shes really ill-mannered.”

“Thats right.

Such people should be thrown out of the company.”

“Shes indeed insane!”


Faintly heard what they said, Zhou Fei cursed in her mind, “Im bound to scold you to my hearts content when I leave here!”

Zi Yan knocked at the door when she arrived at Meiqis office.

“Come in.”

They walked in and sat on the sofa opposite the desk.

Zi Yan looked at Meiqi without any emotion and only said, “Director Mei.”

She did not ask her any question, but her words surprised Meiqi.

She used to call her Elder Sister Mei! But now she called her Director Mei.

Even a fool could make out the true meaning of her words.

“Is she going to fight back”

Meiqi was puzzled.

She did know Zi Yans temper because she had worked with her for several years.

Once she became stronger, it demonstrated that she made up her mind to do something.

However, Meiqi was not aware of her thought now.

In the meantime, Meiqi, who had planned to praise her after taking her down, gave up criticizing her.

She smiled directly and said,

“Zi Yan, do you come here for your office”

“Since youve already known our purpose, why did you ask the question” Zhou Fei raised her eyebrows.

Meiqi glanced at her.

She did not care about her attitude, but said with a smile,

“I did not tell you in advance as I want to surprise you.

Zi Yan, I plan to change your office to the big office next to mine, but it is under renovation now.

Ill decorate it well, and you can move in about a week later.”

“I have told you one of the reasons why I change your office, and another reason is that I want to set an example to the superiors, after all, the trouble hasnt been solved.

However, you dont need to worry, for Ive discussed with Childe Li.

Over a period of time, well offer a great resource to you, and Childe Li will also contact some of his friends to create a good album for you.

The last show has a gratifying effect, so you are bound to succeed if you release a nice album.”

From a one-sided point of view, what she said would indeed seduce Zi Yan.

But the world was changing, and the verbal promises sometimes just made no sense.

In fact, neither the office nor those songs would belong to Zi Yan, for according to Li Chengs temperament, he would not give her any resources until he got something from her.

Generally speaking, Meiqis smile and her friendly attitude, coupled with her words, would definitely appease the person who was in a bad mood.

But Zi Yan was not an ordinary person.

She stared at Meiqi and said slowly,

“Director Mei, do you want to help me sincerely”


Meiqi was a little surprised, deep in thought, trying to figure out her real intention.

While thinking about it, she replied,

“Why do you ask me this question Of course, I really want to help you.”

“I remember that we talked once when we signed the contract at the beginning and that you also promised me something, but you broke them later.

You even did not provide me with a fine song for my album.

After that, you asked me to be on two shows.

However, the mentors of the first program have a grudge against me, while some people in the second program also intended to make difficulties for me.

I heard that they immediately changed their attitude after picking up a phone.

Actually, Ive never met them before, so…”

At this moment, Zi Yan stared at Meiqi and said slowly, “Who the hell has a spite against me”

Zi Yan knew it very well though she never complained about her unfair treatment at ordinary times.

If she had been just a naive beautiful girl, she would have lost everything since she had been in the Entertainment Circle for several years before.

Zi Yan thought about and doubted what happened.

“Does Meiqi hold a grudge against me because I left with telling her” Zi Yan thought it was almost impossible.

“But I havent been in contact with many people recently”

“Lin Jie, Jia Dong, Wu Chengdong, and Li Cheng”

As Lin Jie failed to pursue her and wanted to keep her in Shang Jing, he probably got involved in this matter.

Or Wu Chengdong, as his friend, placed obstacles in the way.

“It is Meiqi who takes responsibility for me, besides, she got along well with Li Cheng.

Since I refused Li Cheng a few times, is he hostile to me”

“Moreover, I heard that Xu Ruoyu and Li Cheng are on good terms.

Is it because of Xu Ruoyu”

Zi Yan took all the factors into consideration, but she was not sure.

In fact, she was suspicious of other people.

But Zi Yan did not care about anything now and asked Meiqi directly.

Meiqi Looked at Zi Yans expression and listened to her words.

At this point…

She was somewhat at a loss.

She blinked her eyes quickly several times and sat up straight, then she smiled with a bad grace and said,

“How do you think so Perhaps you are too sensitive, Zi Yan.

No one intends to crack down on you.

Our company truly doesnt have abundant resources.

Please wait for somedays, and Ill definitely provide you with great resources.”

“But this is what happened.” Zi Yan chuckled.

She stood up and said flatly as she walked to the door, “Wed better talk about it later.”


Meiqi stopped her hastily.

After Zi Yan stopped walking, she said, “Stay a bit longer.

Ill ask others to clean Reception Room No.1, which will be used as your office temporarily.

You can move into the office next to mine after it is decorated.”

“Thank you, Director Mei.” Zi Yan nodded slightly.

“Come here.” Meiqi stood up and walked over, and then she said, “Lets sit down and have a talk.”


Meiqi, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei started chatting.

This time, she acted really friendly, as if she was chatting with her best friends.

Meanwhile, out of Meiqis office, the crowd became noisy again.

Some people saw Zi Yan and Zhou Fei entering the directors office, and wanted to make out what would happen.

But they only saw some staff going to the innermost small office, moving the office supplies to Reception Room No.1, then decorating the reception room into an office.

“What are you doing” Xu Ruoyu walked forward and asked with curiosity.

“This is temporarily Miss Zis office,” the staff responded.

At this time, many people were a little startled and began to discuss with each other.

“Its so extravagant to transform the reception room into an office.

Its well decorated and shaped, in addition, it is really big.

Director actually allows Zi Yan to possess this room.”

“What do you mean” Bai Wei curled her lips and felt unhappy though her office was just changed.

As for Xu Ruoyu, she was even more uncomfortable.

She planned to laugh at her, but she had not expected that her new office was much better than before.

How angry she was.

In Meiqis office, Meiqi told Zi Yan and Zhou Fei that she had difficulties and promised that she would give Zi Yan resources later.

After learning that the new office was cleaned up, she asked Zi Yan and Zhou Fei to go to work.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei headed for their office.

Although there were still plenty of people talking with each other, some of them exclaimed with admiration this time.

They doubted whether Zi Yan would be popular again.

But Xu Ruoyu just sneered.

The resources of the company were almost allocated.

How could Zi Yan become popular without resources

After Zi Yan and Zhou Fei left, Meiqi took out her mobile phone and dialed Li Chengs number.

“Childe Li, theres something wrong.”

“Whats wrong”

“I replaced Bai Weis office with Zi Yans and drove Zi Yan to a smaller office today.

However, she came to me and took a tough stance.

She also suspected that someone deliberately tried to take her down.

I think that she might doubt you, Childe Li.

After that, I offered a better office to her and talked to her for a while to reassure her,” Meiqi said truthfully.

“Oh She took a tough stance You can take her down in other ways.

I think that she doesnt dare to breach the contract, for 300 million yuan is too much for her.

I have something to do and you can handle this matter by yourself.

Leave her in the cold for several days.

By then, she will realize that it is too difficult to become popular without resources.”


The new office, was much larger, and the decorations in it were similar to the ones in Meiqis office.

There was a desk in the main position, a small desk nearby, a set of table and chairs for drinking tea in front of the window, a few sofas and tea tables in front of the desk and seven potted plants.

Moreover, the office was well decorated.

They, therefore, were satisfied with the office.


Zhou Fei sat on the sofa, then she sighed and said, “It is useless to get a better office.

Meiqi also said that the resources had been allocated recently.

We are still far from success since we have to wait.”

“We can try to collect some songs ourselves,” after thinking for a moment, Zi Yan said in a stubborn tone.

“According to the companys resources, it will get a few classic songs every one or two months.

Now that we dont have access to them, we should find another way.

The last time I was so anxious that pushed you to release the album though there were no fine songs in it.

This time, we should make sufficient preparations.

We can adapt the famous songs or find other ways.

After polishing the songs over and over again, I believe that we can release an album of high quality.”


Zhou Fei stood up and clenched her fists, and then she said, “Lets bring about an upswing! Let the people who laughed at and look down on us respect us sincerely!”


After finishing speaking, Zhou Fei felt discouraged again.

She gave a wry smile and said, “What if the album sells poorly again Besides, it will be so difficult for us to choose the boutique songs from the mailbox.”

“You were confident just now.

Why do you lose heart” Zi Yan compressed her mouth and said firmly, “Where theres a will, theres a way.

I believe we can make it.”

“Thats right.

Fighting!” Zhou Fei gritted her teeth and said, “I will see if there are any fine songs sent before.”

“Ill listen to music for a while.” Zi Yan nodded.

The two of them come to their desks respectively and turned on their computers.

Zhou Fei began to check the mails about music from the mailbox, but she had no confidence in this kind of songs.

As for Zi Yan, she wore a high-quality headset and began to listen to songs.

But as the first song just began, Zi Yan clearly heard Zhou Feis penetrating voice all of a sudden.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Whos this Elder Sister Yan! Elder Sister Yan! My gosh.

Hurry up, hurry up!”

“Elder Sister Yan, come over quickly.

Theres something wrong!”

“Oh my God, am I blind Is, is this true”

“Elder Sister Yan, come on!”

Although the sound of the songs was quite loud, she still heard Zhang Feis shouts.

She took off her headset and looked at Zhou Fei in confusion.

Seeing that Zhou Fei pointed at the screen as her eyes widened and was so excited that she could not help shaking, she realized that something had happened.

“Whats this”

Zi Yan walked over curiously.

When she leaned over and glanced at the name of the email on the screen,

“Im Hanyang.

This is the ten songs I give to Beauty Zi.

Heres a little token of my affection.”

When she caught sight of “Hanyang”, Zi Yans eyes gradually widened, and she gradually opened her mouth.

Her heart almost skipped a beat, then it gave a great leap, like a storm.

“Han, Hanyang” Zi Yan could not believe in what she saw.

She was short of songs.

At this point, a legendary songwriter, who was really popular nowadays, actually sent her ten songs.

Moreover, it was acknowledged that only Xue Qiang got three songs from him, while others almost just gained one song.

Only those who were lucky enough got two.

However, he sent her ten songs.

“Wow! Hanyang! It turned out to be Hanyang, ha, ha, ha.

Were so fortunate! Elder Sister Yan, were bound to succeed! Youre to be famous!” Zhou Fei was so excited that her voice trembled.

But the next moment, Zi Yan blinked her big eyes and came to her sense, throwing cold water on Zhou Feis thought.

“I havent heard that Hanyang sent ten songs to others, and he will reply to the message on Weibo before sending songs.

Is this true Is this really a mail from Hanyang”

Zi Yan said in doubt.


Zhou Fei froze.

She looked at her screen and stared at “Hanyang”, and then she said with difficulty, “Will it be a fans prank Wow! It can be! I feel a little sad now!”

“Well identify the authenticity once we listen to them!”

Zi Yan pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and said slowly.


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