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After kissing for a while in ways that couldnt be described in detail…

Zi Yans arms were around Zhang Hans neck, and her red cheeks and Zhang Hans face were really close.

She felt that her red lips were a little numb.

She opened her mouth and said softly, “Baby, its so good to have you.”

“You are also my baby.” Zhang Han smiled and kissed Zi Yans face.

His arms extended downwards as he said, “Alright, get down.

I will bring you some soup.”

“Mm…” Zi Yan responded obediently.

When, she quickly got down, she walked upstairs.

“I will change into my pajamas first.”

Zhang Han nodded.

He went to the kitchen, took out a soup bowl, and ladled some crucian carp soup out.

Crucian carp soup was a soup made from ingredients such as crucian carp, tofu, and mushrooms.

It contained comprehensive and high-quality protein and was rich in nutrients.

The soup was milky white, and there were three crucian carps smaller than a palm in it.

Zhang Han had asked Zhang Feng to catch crucian carp on Mount New Moon earlier.

Although they were a little small, they were still delicious.

After ladling the soup out, Zhang Han took a bowl, a spoon and some chopsticks.

Then, he went upstairs and placed them on the tea table.

Zi Yan came out.

After gently closing the door, she walked over with footsteps filled with joy.

“My goddess, please have a taste.”

Zhang Han put a crucian carp and a little side dish in a bowl and then poured some soup.

The aroma permeated the air.

Zi Yan sat down next to Zhang Han with a smile.

She took the bowl from Zhang Han, spooned the soup, blew it, and took a sip.

Soon, the aroma of the fish occupied her entire mouth.

“Great! Its so tasty.” Zi Yans eyes brightened.

There was no fishy smell.

It was very light, yet the aroma was very strong.

He was really amazing.

He could do anything.

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han happily and then spooned up the soup.

Her sexy lips drew closer and she gently blew on it.

Then, she brought the spoon near Zhang Hans mouth and said, “You should also have a taste.”

“Mm…” Zhang Han nodded and drank up the soup in the spoon.

“Is it tasty” Zi Yan asked with a smile.

“Its tasty.”

Zi Yan chuckled happily, feeling very pleased.

“Go bring your cutlery.

Lets have this together.”

“Im not hungry.”

“I cant finish three fish.

Just go, quickly.”


Zhang Han smiled and went downstairs to bring a set of cutlery.

Then, he went back upstairs and sat down.

Zi Yan personally ladled the soup for Zhang Han and put two crucian carps in it.

The two of them began to drink the soup like this.

Although the soup was very good, when Zi Yan ate a bite of fish…

The tender, delicious flesh and the unique aroma of the crucian carp made her fall in love with it immediately.

In a short while, Zi Yan finished the small fish in her soup and Zhang Han gave her another one from his bowl.

Zi Yan looked at him sweetly and ate the other fish soon.

Zhang Han tried to give her another fish, but Zi Yan muttered, “No, no, you eat it.

I am full.

Ill have a little soup.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and asked while eating the fish, “Have all the songs been recorded”

“Mm… Everything went very smoothly today.

We were all in good condition, so the task has been completed.

The final version will be available at 8 oclock in the morning.” As she spoke about the songs, happiness flashed over Zi Yans eyes.

It was conceivable that, after the songs were released, they would definitely receive a favorable response.

“You wont be busy after that, right How about you take a few days off”

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan passionately.

Even Zi Yan could feel his eagerness.

Zi Yan would soon stop bleeding!

Zhang Han couldnt wait any longer.

He couldnt control himself!

“So annoying.” Zi Yan flushed as she rolled her eyes at him and said, “Ill still be very busy.

Tomorrow, Zhou Fei will find someone to promote and release some songs first.

There will be MV shooting, albums, conferences, concerts, and so on.

Ill have to do a lot of things.”


Zhang Hans face darkened.

Was it so complicated

Oh my God!

If he had known that, he wouldnt have written those songs!

Zhang Han didnt know what to do.

He felt like he had walked into a trap set by himself.

Upon seeing Zhang Hans expression, Zi Yan burst into laughter.

Her face was ruddy as she bit her lower lip and said, “I know what youre thinking about all the time.

I will be busy later on, but I am not coming back!”


Zhang Han, who was stunned, smiled in embarrassment and said, “Thats good.”

He was thinking too much.

Zi Yan would be very busy, but she would still have some time to rest.

Moreover, she had said,Im not coming back! What did that mean It seemed like little Red Riding Hood was ready to be eaten by the wolf.

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and laughed.

“Silly!” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at him and added, “Its just that… I need to go to other places for the MV shooting later on.”


Zhang Hans smile gradually froze.


This was really a cruel fact.

At night, Zhang Han and Zi Yan hugged each other and fell asleep.

Zi Yan didnt get up until 8:30.

She looked at the time but didnt care.

She cleaned up and got dressed leisurely.

It was almost 9:20 by the time she had breakfast.

She and Zhou Fei went to Tianao Music Studio before going to the company.

While they were on the way, Zi Yans cell phone rang.

She looked at the strange number, unwilling to answer.

However, although she hesitated, she still picked up the phone.


“Hello, Sister Yan, I… I am Xiao Ze.”

A nervous voice was heard from the phone.

“Xiao Ze”

Zi Yan found this very strange.

She did not know anyone named Xiao Ze.

“I am Lu Ze.

I have only been at the company for slightly over two months.”

“Oh.” Upon hearing Lu Zes name, Zi Yan remembered.

He was an idol trainee.

He seemed to be only 18 years old.

He had just come to the company and he was always very quiet.

He had to be an introvert.

After remembering that, Zi Yan asked, “Lu Ze, whats the matter”

“I… I… Sister Yan, heres the thing.

When I came to the company today, the atmosphere in our department was very weird.

Later, I heard something.

Some people said that the ten songs you got from Hanyang will be allocated by the company.

I just got the news.

Boss Wu is going to have a department meeting at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Its confirmed that the subject will be related to the ten songs written by Hanyang.

Sister Yan, you should think about it.

I heard that they are going to leave only one song for you.”

When she heard these words, Zi Yan was stunned.

Some disappointment flashed in her eyes before she said, “I know that.

Thank you, Lu Ze.”

“Youre welcome, Sister Yan.

Im one of your fans.

I loved your songs and movies when I was younger.

When I heard this news, I immediately thought about telling you.”

“Mm…” Zi Yan smiled and said, “Thank you.

Ill talk to you later.

I have something to do now.”

“Okay, Sister Yan.

See you,” Lu Ze said quickly.

Then, Zi Yan hung up the phone and saved the number.

Name: Lu Ze.

This was a great favor!

“What happened, Sister Yan” Zhou Fei asked.

“Now that we have ten songs from Hanyang, some people cant wait to take action,” Zi Yan replied.

“What Dont they feel any shame” Zhou Feis eyes widened as her anger surged.

Zi Yans expression was also getting colder and colder.

After the red light changed into green, she opened her mouth.

“Go to the No.

3 mansion on New Moon curve.”

“Why are we going there Wait, the No.

3 mansion… Is it… Is Aunty Tang back” Zhou Feis pupils shrank slightly.

“Yes, Aunty Tang came back last week.”

“Wow! Great! Our greatest supporter is back in Hong Kong! Lets go to the No.

3 mansion! Hahaha!” Zhou Fei suddenly became excited and quickly turned the car toward New Moon curve.

Aunty Tangs name was Tang Jiayi, and she was only fifty years old.

She was also a superstar who used to be very popular.

Although she was not that powerful anymore, what was important was that she had a husband who loved her very much.

Her husbands name was Hong Qitao, and he was a big shot in the Entertainment Circle of Hong Kong.

He had great influence in the north.

Hong Qitao had had the final say in the Entertainment Circle of Hong Kong for seven years.

He could make anyone popular or unpopular at will.

He was not only a big shot in the Entertainment Circle.

He also had his own forces, which were even more influential than the forces of the four people on the south island, including Ye Han!

The Entertainment Circle in Hong Kong was complicated, as it was much darker than it was in the mainland.

Most of the rules of the Entertainment Circle here were controlled by various forces.

Obviously, Hong Qitao was one of the people who controlled the rules.

However, he was 60 years old and had gradually delegated his power a few years ago.

Despite this, his influence was still great.

Hong Qitao and Tang Jiayi had three sons.

Their eldest and second son were managing the company under his name.

The youngest son, Hong Li, was now twenty years old.

He loved to play and was also working in the Entertainment Circle.

When Zi Yan had been popular in the past, she had shot two movies with Hong Li.

She and Tang Jiayi were very familiar.

Hong Qitao was also very optimistic about Zi Yans future and he wanted to let her work in his own company.

However, there had been an accident with Zhang Han, so they had kept a low profile in North America and occasionally contacted each other.

Hong Qitao and Tang Jiayi had been living in the Maldives for two years but had recently returned to Hong Kong.

Before coming back, Tang Jiayi had heard the news of Zi Yans comeback.

Thus, she had called in advance and said that they had to get together.

Originally, Zi Yan had planned on visiting Tang Jiayi before going to shoot the MV.

However, she hadnt expected to hear these news today.

As a result, she decided to go visit her in advance.

Before they arrived, Zi Yan dialed Tang Jiayis number and said that they were on the way.

Tang Jiayi was overjoyed.

The mansion on the hillside along the New Moon curve was notoriously expensive.

The size and price of the No.

3 mansion were both top-notch.

There were all kinds of facilities available.

An hour later…

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei arrived at the mansion.

Tang Jiayi and several people welcomed them in the yard.

“Wow! Sister Yan, are you driving a Bugatti I couldnt have bought one in the past!” Hong Li said in surprise.

“Sounds like you dont have many cars.” Hong Qitao shook his head with a smile.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei got out of the car under their watchful gazes and hurried over to them.

“Uncle Hong, Aunty Tang, Xiao Li.”

Zi Yan smiled and said hello.

“Xiao Yan, youre here,” Tang Jiayi said with a smile, “Lets talk in the room.

I havent seen you in several years.

Ive missed you.”

Hong Li laughed and said, “Sister Yan, I havent seen you in a long time.

I will introduce her to you.” Hong Li hugged the beauty next to him and introduced them.

“This is my girlfriend Nini.”

“Hello, Sister Zi Yan.” Nini, who was a little shy, greeted her.

“Hello, Nini.”

After saying hello, everyone went to the living room of the main residence.

They sat down and began to chat.

The atmosphere was very nice.

At noon, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei stayed for a hearty lunch.

After lunch, while everyone was drinking tea, Zi Yan began to talk business.

“Aunty Tang, there is something I need your help with.”

“What is it Just say it.

There is no need to be so polite with me,” Tang Jiayi said with a smile.

“Heres the thing…”

Zi Yan told them everything.

After hearing her, Tang Jiayi frowned.

“The Royal Entertainment Company went too far this time.

You can rest assured.

I will go there with Uncle Hong later.”



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