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It was 12:40.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei left the No.

3 mansion.

Tang Jiayi and Hong Qitao said that they would prepare before going there by contacting the board members of the Royal Entertainment Company.

Was just Wu Chengdong there Hong Qitao didnt care about him at all.

After the two of them drove out of the No.

3 mansion, Zhou Fei burst into laughter.

“A few days ago, if we didnt go to the company, Meiqi would call us every day.

But now Humph! She doesnt care about us at all.

What a cunning woman!”

“The Royal Entertainment Company is no longer the company I used to be familiar with.” Zi Yan looked at the woods along the road as she spoke softly.

“Hey Sister Yan, how about we leave directly this time Uncle Hong said that he wanted us to go to Honglin Entertainment,” Zhou Fei said.

“We could, but…” Zi Yan shook her head slightly and said, “Uncle Hong may not be able to settle this.

The board of directors of the Royal Entertainment Company is very powerful.”

When Hong Qitao had said this, Zi Yan hadnt refused.

However, Hong Qitao hadnt officially decided this.

He thought that he could pay 300 million yuan for breaking the contract and offending the board of the Royal Entertainment Company.

Still, it would take a long time for him to get back the money he had invested.

It was not worth it.

Thus, he would talk to them and try to persuade them to let her go.

However, Hong Qitao was determined to help her with the songs.

Although Zi Yan knew this, this would still depend on the attitude of the board of directors.

“Lets set up a studio ourselves.

Brother-in-law can pay for it.

Then, we will be the boss and do whatever we want.” Zhou Fei wagged her head and added, “Honglin Entertainment is run by Uncle Hongs eldest son, Hong Shaofeng.

He is a famous playboy who also chased you for a long time.

If you worked there, he would harass you every day and my brother-in-law would be angry about it.”

“What” Upon hearing these words, Zi Yan couldnt help but laugh and say, “It looks like you and your brother-in-law are good friends now!”


After all, he is my brother-in-law.

Hahaha!” Zhou Fei laughed.

“What you said is quite reasonable, but… To set up a studio, we need some professionals.

Everything needs to be done in person.

We will be extremely busy at the beginning.

I prefer to work with an entertainment company.

After all, the company has a mature system.

Although there is no right to speak at first, when I become popular, I will have more influence.

Then, I will have more free time to accompany Mengmeng and my family.” Zi Yan expressed her own thoughts.

When that time came, she would accompany Mengmeng and her family!

Not just Mengmeng.

Zhou Fei completely understood.

She realized that Zi Yan had fallen in love!

Uh… Anyone with good eyesight could see this clearly.

Upon hearing Zi Yans words, Zhou Fei thought for a while and said, “Dont worry.

My brother-in-law has enough money.

We can just hire other people to do everything.”

“But we dont have any professional knowledge.

We will definitely lose money.” Zi Yan found it hard to explain this to her.

Even companies with a great market value could also collapse someday.

“There will always be a way out!” Zhou Fei replied.

“Lets wait and see.” Zi Yan shook her head.

Everything changed so quickly.

Even if they had various ideas now, they couldnt predict what would happen later.

They had to wait and see.

When they got back to the Royal Entertainment Company, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went to the department.

Soon, they sensed that the atmosphere in the department was really weird.

As Zi Yan went all the way back to the office, many people looked at her.

Some of them were gloating, some pitied her, some sighed, and some felt happy.

Of course, Xu Ruoyu was very happy.

She and her agent stood by the corridor, but they made way when Zi Yan walked over.

After all, what had happened yesterday still made her feel embarrassed.

When Zi Yan saw Lu Ze, who was a little shy, she nodded her head and smiled.

This surprised the people next to Lu Ze a lot.

“Hey Did Zi Yan just smile”

“I think so.

She can still smile at the moment”

“Hey, I guess she will cry after the meeting.”

“Its all because shes offended others.

Otherwise, how could she be suppressed like this Only one of the ten songs will be given to her.

Reality is so cruel.”


While people were talking in low voices, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei walked into the office.

“Right, how is the publicity going” Zi Yan asked.

“When you chatted with Aunty Tang in the morning, it was already done.

I found the Lanlandong team.

They said that they are responsible for the searches on Weibo and the webpages, as well as some posts and recommendations on music software.

Three songs have been released, The Most Beautiful Expectation, The Fairytale Town and The Chaser.”

When they got down to business, Zhou Fei became serious and said, “A total of two days of publicity will have a great effect soon.

After the three songs become popular, other songs will be released and the effect will be better.

The others that we talked about last night are also ready.”

“Thats good.

Thank you, Feifei.” Zi Yan nodded her head.

“Dont mention it.

Im so happy!” Zhou Fei waved her hand and said, “These ten songs will help you gain popularity again.

Later, thanks to the MV and your pretty face, youll have many more fans.

I can imagine you being very successful.

Well be famous!”

At last, Zhou Fei couldnt help but laugh.

Upon seeing her like this, Zi Yan smiled.

She turned on the computer, opened the music software, and saw a picture among the recommendations on the home page.

The picture was the artistic photo of Zi Yan.

Above it she saw the wordsZi Yan, the queen is back with the greatest songs!

There was a row of small characters below.

‘This is a boutique album with songs written by the top-level songwriter Hanyang.

Here are three songs for you to listen to!

This recommendation was really attractive.

Zi Yans photos… Who didnt like to see beautiful women

There was also the gimmick of the queens return and Hanyangs name.

Nowadays, many people had gotten used to his name.

The songwriter of every song on the leaderboards was just one person: Hanyang.

His name was so attractive that people couldnt help but click on it.

When Zi Yan also clicked on it, she saw the three songs that Zhou Fei had mentioned.

They began to play randomly.

The first one was The Most Beautiful Expectation.

Just in a few hours, nearly 1,000 comments had been made.

When she saw this praise, Zi Yan smiled.

She felt even more grateful for Hanyang.

The recommendation had just been made, yet it had already had such a big effect.

After two days, more and more people would hear her songs and she would definitely become much more influential.

This had a lot to do with the popularity of Hanyang.

Many companies and artists believed that anyone who could get Hanyangs songs would be rewarded.

She was just really lucky.

She could become popular with Hanyangs help.

She checked a few kinds of music software and the effect was not bad.

Compared to the hot songs on the leaderboard, the data was definitely worse.

However, compared to other newly-released songs, the data was overwhelming.

This was just the beginning!

Meanwhile, Meiqi, who was playing on her computer in her office, also saw what was going on.

“Songs… Three songs have been released”

Meiqis eyes gradually widened and her anger surged.


She slammed the table.

“How dare she!”

Meiqi was very angry.

If a song was sung by other artists after it was released, the effect would not be great.

Plus… There were very few singers who could sing better than Zi Yan at the company.

After all, Zi Yans voice was really attractive.

Meiqi clicked and listened to the three songs.

Her face gradually darkened.



Now, even if another singer sang these songs, people would not buy them!

This was really a headache.

After thinking about it, Meiqi took a deep breath, picked up the landline, and called Wu Chengdong.

“Boss Wu, Zi Yan has released three songs…”

Soon, it was 1:30.

Knock, knock, knock!

Someone knocked on the door of Zi Yans office.

Before Zi Yan could respond, the person in question opened the door.

It was a secretary of the company.

She looked at Zi Yan and said directly, “Sister Zi Yan, the meeting is about to begin.

Please hurry up.”

“Mm…” Zi Yan nodded lightly.

She and Zhou Fei went to the conference room.

The conference room of the department was not small.

There was a long table in it that was surrounded by several chairs.

The seats near the wall that faced the projector were in the most central position.

There were two rows of chairs three meters away on both sides of the long table.

The table was big enough for fifty or sixty people to have a meeting simultaneously.

When Zi Yan and Zhou Fei entered the conference room…

They realized that there were no seats by the long table.

Wu Chengdong was sitting in the central position, with Meiqi on his left and Director Fu on his right.

There were also several high-level leaders of other departments.

Xu Ruoyu and a few others were also sitting by the table.

When everyone saw Zi Yan and Zhou Fei coming in, they began to stare at them.

Wu Chengdong looked at them and said nothing.

There was dissatisfaction and criticism in Meiqis eyes.

Meanwhile, Director Fu looked at them with narrowed eyes and sneered.

He knew that this time Zi Yan would possibly be completely blocked.

Xu Ruoyu and a few other people were gloating, while most people looked on.

A few people, including Lu Ze, were concerned.

“Sit here.”

Zi Yan looked very indifferent as she sat on a chair behind the door.

About two minutes later…

The meeting started.

“First of all, Meiqis work is obvious to all of us.

Everyone has been working very hard…” Wu Chengdong spoke for a few minutes and praised some of the people present.

However, his next words were rather meaningful.

“Secondly, I want to praise a great hero.

Last time, I said that whoever got songs from Hanyang would be rewarded.

Yesterday, Zi Yan got ten songs from Hanyang, which will increase the prestige and achievements of our company.

This is worthy of praise.”

Wu Chengdong took the lead and clapped his hands.

After a second, everyone followed him, bursting into thunderous applause.

If someone wasnt aware of the situation, they would really think that Zi Yan was being praised.

However, if one looked at Xu Ruoyus and the others disdainful looks, one would know what was going on.

Zi Yans expression became colder, and Zhou Fei became angry.

Then, the projectors screen lit up and the names of the ten songs appeared on it.

Wu Chengdong clapped his hands and said, “These are Hanyangs ten songs.

Meiqi suggested that these ten songs should be distributed according to the recent performance of all the people present.

Thus, Ill announce the names of…”

Zi Yan sneered.

Then, a sneer came from the crowd.

Everyone looked over and saw the sneer on Zi Yans face.

“Sorry, Hanyang gave these songs to me.”


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