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Tang Jiayis behavior was really scary.

She had slapped twice Director Fus face and put fear in everybodys hearts.

Just think about it.

If she slapped me in the face…


It would hurt badly!

A little pain was nothing.

After all, they would recover in a few days.

However, offending Tang Jiayi was akin to offending Hong Qitao, and offending Hong Qitao was…

Just thinking about this made everyone feel cold both in body and mind.

They felt as if they had fallen into an ice hole.

Fortunately, Zi Yan did not pay attention to them.

When they went out, they all felt relieved.


When the door of the conference room was closed, those people looked at each other.

They all saw some kind of relief in everyone elses eyes.

“That was so depressing.

I was so scared that I didnt even dare to breathe.”

“Yeah, thats the great Hong Qitao.

My God, this legendary figure came personally here today.”

“Hey, Sister Zi Yan is really powerful.

She doesnt speak much, but at a critical time, she invited this powerful person over.

She is really something else.”

“Yes.” Even Lu Ze, the young man that had always been shy, couldnt help but speak.

“The point is, things have really gone too far this time.”


If it were me, I would also use my connections to settle this…”

The onlookers were talking, but the people who coveted the songs didnt feel very well.

These songs certainly had nothing to do with them.

Whats more, those who had been active these days had already offended Zi Yan.

They were all a bit depressed, especially Meiqi, who had been very involved in this whole thing.

At the moment, her face was a little pale and her eyes were dull.

She was at a loss.

‘Tang Jiayi came back.

I had already thought about Zi Yans connections.

Nobody else could settle this thing, or she wouldnt have invited them.

But Tang Jiayi… I ignored her completely.

Wasnt she abroad When did she come back

While thinking about this, Meiqi felt extremely depressed.

Even Wu Chengdong had been involved.

She thought they would nail this thing, but Zi Yan had made a move at the last moment!

It was a move no one could resist!

If this thing developed any further, it was possible that her position would be at risk.

She had no support.

Li Cheng

He was still a small potato compared to Hong Li, let alone a big shot like Hong Qitao!

“What should I do…”

Meiqi laughed bitterly in her heart and began to regret this.

“Sister Mei, what should we do now Zi Yan even invited Mr.

Hong over…” Xu Ruoyu, who was worried, approached Meiqi.

“Shut up!” Meiqi said, looking disheartened.

“How should I know what to do What can I do If it was not for your repeated requests… Stop speaking.

Dont bother me.”

Meiqi interrupted her angrily.

She knew that it was useless.

When Xu Ruoyu heard these words, she bit her lip hard in desperation.

She had been targeting Zi Yan, but now it seemed that she had always been a joke in Zi Yans eyes.

‘Why can she know such influential men, when I cant

Xu Ruoyu felt extremely depressed.

“Okay.” Upon seeing that everyone was standing in the hallway in front of the conference room, Meiqi waved her hand and said, “Everybody leave now.

What are you still doing here Go back to work!”

After hearing her words, people decided to leave.

Suddenly, two people appeared at the end of the corridor in a hurry.

When Meiqi saw them, she quickly walked over, smiled and said hello.

“Hello, Chairman Ming.”

“Cut the crap!” Chairman Ming didnt look very happy.

He frowned and pointed at Meiqi while saying, “You made Mr.

Hong come here.

You are really something else! All of you, stand still!”

Meiqis face paled in fear, and the look in her eyes showed that she was confused.

The others rushed to the sides of the corridor while they watched Chairman Ming and his assistant go to the conference room.

Before entering the room, a smile appeared on his face.

He opened the door and entered.

Before he closed the door, people faintly heard Chairman Ming laughing and speaking politely.


Hong, long time no see.”

Less than two minutes after he came…

Chairman Ma, Chairman Shi and Chairman Yun also arrived.

Half of the nine board members of the Royal Entertainment Company were here!

This really made them feel dominated.

Meiqi felt very insecure.

This was a game between big shots.

If it didnt go well, maybe she would get fired.

Time passed by.

The stone pressing on everybodys hearts seemed to be getting heavier and heavier.

Gradually, Meiqi and the people who coveted Zi Yans songs became increasingly nervous.

They were very thirsty, but they did not dare leave to drink water.

Some of them even wanted to pee, but they didnt dare go to the bathroom.

They just stood straight on both sides of the corridor, waiting for the final result.

They waited for an hour.

When the door of the conference room was opened, everyone looked that way.

The first people to come out were Hong Qitao and Tang Jiayi.

They were very calm now.

They ignored the people around them and walked to the hallway through the corridor.

As other people came out, they noticed that the board members were smiling at them.

In the end, Wu Chengdong came out.

He didnt look very good.

He had obviously been severely criticized.

The others did not know how they had solved the problem.

Behind Hong Qitao, Hong Li and Nini chatted softly with Zi Yan.

Meiqi and the others were ignored by Zi Yan, who did not say anything.

Zhou Fei stared at Xu Ruoyu and Meiqi, but they did not dare lift their heads this time so they naturally did not notice.

“Xiao Yan, I will go back first with Uncle Hong.

We will stay in Hong Kong for a while.

If anything happens, just tell me.” Before entering the elevator, Tang Jiayi held Zi Yans hands and spoke to her gently.

“I know.

Thank you, Aunty Tang.” Zi Yan grinned and said, “I will visit you later, Aunty.”

“I will be waiting for you.” Tang Jiayi smiled gently, as if she was really her aunty.

When she was finished, she, Hong Qitao and the others went into the elevator.

“Bye, Sister Yan.” Hong Li waved his hand.

“Bye, Sister Zi Yan.” Nini also waved her hand.

Zi Yan nodded with a smile.


Hong, take care.”

Several board members were saying goodbye.

Hong Qitao nodded his head lightly before the elevator door slowly closed.

“Zi Yan, the company was wrong this time.

Please dont take it to heart.

The company will do its best to make your album for you.

Rest assured.

Now go back to work,” Chairman Ming told Zi Yan with a smile.

“Thank you, Chairman Ming.” Zi Yan nodded.

After speaking for a while, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei returned to their office.

Meanwhile, Chairman Ming and the others calmed down.

Chairman Ming glanced at Wu Chengdong and said, “Call the leaders of all the departments here.

We will have a meeting!”

After he spoke, he took the lead and walked to the conference room.

It seemed that some people would definitely be severely criticized that day.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei returned to the office.

Zhou Fei was very excited.

She had been depressed for so many days, but she had finally vented her anger now.

Although Zi Yan laughed occasionally, she wasnt surprised at all.

Everything had gone as expected.

When the board members had come, Tang Jiayi had not spared their feelings.

She had criticized them face to face.

Hong Qitao had also said that he wanted Zi Yan to work for his company.

He could pay the cost, but he would not give them 300 million for breaking the contract.

At last, the board of directors had politely declined by saying that this matter would be discussed at a board meeting.

They had come in person to solve this problem, but they hadnt directly agreed to let Zi Yan go.

The board of the Royal Entertainment Company wasnt composed of useless men.

When they gathered, they were also quite strong.

Hong Qitao was very powerful, but not so powerful that he could force them to give up their employees.

To maximize their benefits, they had indirectly expressed the following thought: If Zi Yan insisted on leaving, she would have to pay liquidated damages of 300 million.

They also wanted to see how determined Hong Qitao was.

When Hong Qitao had not said this again, they had realized that the purpose of his visit was just to solve this problem.

They had talked about business at the beginning and then spoken to each other for a while.

Hong Qitao had come to their company and slapped their man.

He should have considered the feelings of the leaders of the company.

In the end, he had chatted with them for a while and left.

The board members returned to the conference room.

Wu Chengdong called the executives of all the departments, as well as Director Fu, who had been slapped earlier and gone back to his office to get an ice compress.

The meeting lasted more than half an hour, but no one knew what its content was.

The others only saw the board members leave expressionlessly after the meeting.

Wu Chengdong looked defeated as he followed the other executives.

The last one to come out was Director Fu, who was down in the dumps.

Meiqis eyes were completely red and she looked desperate.

The other executives were also lowering their heads.

Obviously, all of them had been criticized severely.

The reason they were in such a bad mood was probably because their bonuses had been deducted a lot.

Meiqi returned to the office, took out the ladys cigarettes she kept in the drawer, and smoked three of them successively.

Then, she took out her cell phone and dialed Li Chengs number.



“Hows everything Was the problem solved” asked Li Chengs lazy voice.



“Zi Yan… She… She brought Tang Jiayi and Hong Qitao here and made a fuss.

Five board members came and the whole thing became worse,” Meiqi said bitterly, “The board members were so angry that they wanted to fire me.

Later, Boss Wu told them that this was your idea, so they spared me.

Before they left, they said that they would talk to your father later.

I have no other choice.

Now, I can only try my best to help Zi Yan with the album.”

“You… What did you say Hong Qitao How is this possible Theyre going to talk to my father” Li Cheng was shocked.

He immediately became furious.

He had never expected this.

Earlier, he had thought that hed definitely take down Zi Yan.

Whod have thought that she would make such a move

Gradually, Li Cheng couldnt control the anger in his heart anymore and started to smash things in his bedroom!

He smashed his belongings hard.

Meiqi heard a few loud noises that were followed by a beeping noise.

Obviously, the cell phone had also been smashed!


Meiqi sighed.


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