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After Hong Li said that, everyone present understood.

It was caused by some young mens jealousy.

Everyone was talking about it in a low voice.

Whether that matter was serious or not would depend on Gu Chuanlongs attitude.

However, Hong Qitao felt relieved after hearing the words.

That was not a big deal in his view, but it was true that his son did break his nephews leg.

Although it would take that young man only a while to recover, his uncle was Master Gu after all, so it was better to apologize.

After thinking about it, Hong Qitao nodded to Gu Chuanlong and said,

“Master Gu, Im so sorry.

My son is young and ignorant, but Ill definitely give you a satisfactory answer.”

He thought that it would just cost him some money to apologize to him, for which he didnt care at all.

However, Gu Chuanlongs following words put him on tenterhooks.

“A satisfactory answer” Gu Chuanlong sneered, then he stared at Hong Qitao while speaking, “What do you mean by that Money I dont need it.

I will severely punish him for this matter.

No one in this world can hurt the Hongs!”

Hong Qitaos pupils shrank slightly, feeling that Gu Chuanlong was about to make some unreasonable requests.

However, he was inferior to him to a great degree on such an occasion.

Although he wasnt happy deep inside, he still kept smiling and said, “What do you want, Master Gu We can negotiate.”

“How dare you think about negotiating with me” Gu Chuanlong didnt care about his feelings at all and answered coldly.


That made Hong Qitao completely lose face and his smile gradually dissipated.

Looking at Gu Chuanlong, he didnt know what to do at the moment.

He felt very worried because if Gu Chuanlong beat them, they definitely wouldnt end up well.

“What should I do”

Looking at Gu Chuanlong, whose gaze was getting colder and colder, Hong Qitao got a little nervous and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Just when he couldnt bear the pressure anymore, Jiang Zonghao, who was standing nearby, opened his mouth.

He looked at Gu Chuanlong and smiled, saying,

“Master Gu, I think Mr.

Hong will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.

Its better for you to talk about it afterwards.”

“Humph,” Gu Chuanlong snorted.

Then he significantly looked at Nini, who was behind them, and said, “Its not impossible to talk about this afterwards.”

Seeing him like that, Hong Qitao and the others all felt that things wouldnt be simple.

It seemed that his goal was Nini.

“Is it that he wants to take Nini away for Gu Pengfeng”


Hong, please go ahead and sit for a while,” Jiang Zonghao looked at Hong Qitao and said calmly.


Hong Qitao nodded and led the others to the chairs nearby.

The people who knew him along the way all avoided him like the plague.

After all, being close to Hong Qitao at that moment would possibly offend Master Gu.

After they walked to the area and sat down, Gu Chuanlong began to chat casually, which attracted peoples attention.

He looked at Jiang Zonghao and said, “Master Jiang, I heard that youve been promoted to be great deacon of the National Security Agency”

“Yes.” Speaking of that, Jiang Zonghao couldnt help but smile.

He said, “I was so lucky some time ago that I made a breakthrough when performing a task.”

“Making a breakthrough isnt a matter of luck; its related to your strength,” Gu Chuanlong shook his head and said, “Master Jiang, since youre already a great deacon now, youll be better off in the future.

It wont be difficult for you to reach the Heaven-stage.”

“The Heaven-stage is still too far away for me.

Im not like you, Master Gu.

Youll break through to the Heaven-stage some time soon, right” Jiang Zonghao said with a smile.

“Some time soon” Gu Chuanlong laughed.

Then he put a cup of tea in his hand, opened his palm and moved up a little.

All people present looked at him carefully for several seconds and then they were surprised!

The cup was just floating over Gu Chuanlongs palm and it was one centimeter apart.


All the martial artists eyes widened and they really couldnt believe it.

“He can release his Qi, which means that he has already reached the Heaven-stage!”

Heaven-stage Masters could release a little Qi, and after they developed further into Wu Dao Grand Masters, they could completely release their Qi.

The release of Qi meant that ones fighting capacity had been improved by more than one level.

Such movements in novels as the Eighteen Palm Attacks to Defeat Dragons and the Six Veins Sword, which were legendary in ordinary peoples eyes, were not rare at all for Wu Dao Grand Masters.

They also had many similar moves that could hurt people with the release of Qi.


Jiang Zonghao suddenly stood up and looked at Gu Chuanlong while asking, “Master Gu, are you… are you already a Heaven-stage Master”

“Mm.” Gu Chuanlong nodded lightly.

After drinking some tea, he put the cup back and said lightly, “The day before yesterday, I made a breakthrough and reached the Heaven-stage, but I havent been able to master this power thoroughly.

Thus, I still need to practice for a while.”

“Congratulations to Master Gu to have reached the Heaven-stage!” Jiang Zonghao hurriedly bent down and said with great enthusiasm.

“Congratulations, Master Gu.”

“Master Gu is a real hero in the martial arts world!”

“Given Master Gus martial arts talent, hell surely be a Wu Dao Grand Master in the future and an upper-level figure in the martial arts world!”


Those compliments made Gu Chuanlong very pleased.

He went there just to show off, didnt he

With all the people present, the martial arts world of Hong Kong would know that Gu Chuanlong had already become a Heaven-stage Master in just a few days!

However, Hong Qitao, who was sitting at the back, felt at a loss.

Earlier, he thought about using his connections to deal with that matter, but such news really made him desperate.

“Irritating a Heaven-stage Master isnt something good.”

“What should I do”

Hong Qitao had a headache and regretted deep inside, “I shouldnt have come here today!”

If he hadnt gone there, he wouldnt have encountered such a thing.

However, if he really hadnt attended, would Gu Chuanlong just let it go

Although Hong Qitao had never seen him before, he had heard that Master Gu was narrow-minded and vindictive.

Regardless of not attending that day, Master Gu would have also taken his men to their family someday.

“This is really a headache.”

Hong Qitao felt that things were getting a bit tricky.

Ye Qi and Ye Han were sitting in a corner on the other side.

Ye Qi said in Ye Hans ear, “Did you see that That is what a master should be.

Hes a real hero in the martial arts world.”

“I see.” Ye Han sighed lightly.

He had no connection with the martial arts world; neither did he know about such things.

Maybe Mr.

Zhang was not as powerful as he imagined.

But he didnt regret it, because no matter what, he had already gotten acquainted with a person in that circle.

After people complimented him for a long time…

A dark-skinned man, who was in his forties, asked, “Master Gu, I have been stuck on the peak of the Profound-stage for five years, but I still dont have any clue how to improve.

Can you enlighten me Thanks in advance.”

Gu Chuanlong glanced at him.

That man was named Huang Qi and they had known each other for nearly ten years.

After thinking about it, Gu Chuanlong said,

“Then I will simply explain it to you.”

Once he said that, the eyes of Huang Qi, Mu Wu and the others all lit up and they were all ears.

“The point is you need to have the power of understanding!” Gu Chuanlong said slowly, “Only when you understand its essence, can you make a breakthrough and reach the next stage.

As for how long it will take, its all up to your talent.”

“Right.” Jiang Zonghao nodded and echoed, “Talent is required to be a martial arts master.

Just as Emperor Qing, he had great talent for comprehension, which allowed him to constantly make breakthroughs.”

“People like Emperor Qing are legendary after all and we cant be compared with them.

If you dont have such a talent, you should experience more and fight more,” Gu Chuanlong said with emotion.

“Right!” Mu Wu suddenly looked at Jiang Zonghao and asked, “Master Jiang, I heard that youre going to fight with someone here today, right Is your opponent Master Gu”

“Oh” Gu Chuanlong looked at Jiang Zonghao.

“How could I be Master Gus opponent” Jiang Zonghao hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Its just a nobody who has just reached the Profound-stage yet he is quite arrogant.

So this time, Ill show him that there are lots of people more powerful than him in this world!”

“Hahaha, how come a man that has just reached the Profound-stage dares to be arrogant in front of Master Jiang He really needs to be taught a lesson.

I wonder who this person is,” Huang Qi laughed while speaking.

Just then, all peoples attention was focused on Jiang Zonghao.

“Who will be the Profound-stage Master that will be bullied later”

“I didnt ask about his name, but I know hes just a young man whos running a restaurant.

Lets just call him Master Zhang of New Moon Bay,” Jiang Zonghao replied casually.


It was like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky for Ye Han.

“A young man whos running a restaurant… Master Zhang of New Moon Bay… Isnt that Mr.


Watching everyone laughing around him along with Jiang Zonghaos contempt, Ye Han felt extremely defeated deep inside.

“It turns out that Mr.

Zhangs position in the martial arts world is quite low!”

“When will that guy arrive” Mu Wu asked.

“He should be here soon.

I just sent someone to call him.” Jiang Zonghao took a look at the phone just when it began to ring.

He answered it and said a few words before hanging up.

Then a sneer appeared on the corners of his mouth.

He said, “Hes coming!”

“It seems that well enjoy a good show today!”

“I dont think so.

This will only be a unilateral abuse.

How can a young man who has just reached the Profound-stage fight against Master Jiang”

“Right, Master Jiang, dont end the battle so soon later on.

First, let him have a taste of fear.”


Peoples discussions made Ye Han feel more uncomfortable deep inside.

“In their eyes, Mr.

Zhang is just like a lamb that is waiting to be killed!”


He felt that he was somewhat related with Mr.

Zhang, so he was wondering if he should call secretly and tell him not to come.

After thinking about it, he denied the idea.

“Even if he didnt come today, Master Jiang would possibly go to find him tomorrow.”

“It seems that this battle will be inevitable and Mr.

Zhang will be bullied badly.”

Ye Han sighed deep inside.

This also made the rich people present rather excited.

They hadnt expected that they would soon watch a duel which was usually only accessible to martial artists.

“Even if it is a unilateral abuse, itll be an eye-opener and worthwhile!”

In the meantime.

At the parking lot on the hillside.

A Land-Rover slowly stopped.

Bang, bang, bang!

After the car doors were opened and then closed, Zhao Feng walked down from the drivers seat, Zhang Han from the front passenger seat and Dahei from the back passenger seat.

Two men and a gorilla walked leisurely to the mountain top.

Zhang Han had almost forgotten the trip to Mount Yun Ding on that day.

He had just finished cooking lunch in the restaurant and hadnt had time to eat before a young man went to the place to invite him, and then he suddenly thought of it.

Fortunately, Zhang Li and Luo Qing were at the restaurant.

So he asked Mengmeng to play with them for a while and then went to the mountain with Zhao Feng and Dahei.

“I just knew that there would be martial artists gatherings here.

Master, will Dahei fight in a while Do you need my help” Zhao Feng glanced at the mountain top and asked.

“You wont be of any help,” Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and said, “Youve just started cultivating and youre developing fast with Inward Strength.

However, your natural disposition is ordinary and developing too fast may backfire.

So you should lay a good foundation first, which will be good for future cultivation.”

“That man is also a Qi Strength Master.

Can Dahei beat him” Zhao Feng asked.

“Oh Woah!” Daheis eyes widened and it pushed Zhao Feng heavily.

“What did you say I cant beat him Just wait and see.

Ill crush his chest with my fist!”

“OK, OK, I was wrong.

Dahei, you can beat him,” Zhao Feng said hurriedly.

Dahei finally stopped.

“Well… Master, why wont you do this in person” Zhao Feng asked with curiosity.

He didnt understand why his master was so powerful but rarely fought and he seemed to have no interest in that kind of battles.

“To deal with such small potatoes, Dahei is more than enough,” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Dahei needs practice to inspire his fighting instinct.

Only through continuous fighting, can he become more powerful.”

Dahei could only use brute force and knew nothing about fighting skills.

Only in that way, could he gradually improve.

He was bound to step into the Cultivation World in the future, where the law of the jungle prevailed, thus fighting skills would definitely be needed.

Prior to that, Zhang Han would bring Dahei or Little Hei to practice whenever there was a chance.

Only fighting could stimulate their potential and only when their potential was constantly stimulated, would they possibly be awakened and get some talent in the future.

That was a truth not only for beasts, but also for human beings.

The Cultivation World was unfair, where some talents were born with a supernatural power, while those who were not talented could only get a chance by fighting continuously.


After hearing the words, Zhao Feng nodded.

He finally understood that in his masters eyes, Master Jiang was just a tool for Dahei to practice with.

“Hey” Zhao Feng suddenly felt it very strange and asked, “Master, since Dahei alone can beat him, why did you come Only Dahei and I would be enough.”

Zhang Han found that it was so hard to explain to him, so he simply said, “This is a gathering for all martial artists.”

“Ah Oh, I got it!” Zhao Feng thought for a while and his eyes lit up.

“This is a gathering for all martial artists, so Master Jiangs friends will be there, too.

If theres someone that Dahei cant beat down, master will fight him instead!”

“So the master came with us.”

“To make us feel secure!”

Thinking that he might see his master fight against others, Zhao Feng felt goose bumps rise.

“That would be soul-stirring!”

He clearly remembered that master went from the ground to a ten-meter-high tree in the blink of an eye, and then, he returned to the original position from the tree in an instant.

Seeing that he was moving as fast as lightning, Zhao Feng felt he was awesome.

They reached the platform on the mountain top while talking.

As soon as they got there, all people who were sitting on the chairs at the back looked over!

Some were curious, some were surprised, and others were indifferent.

Some ridiculed him, some looked down upon him, and others sighed.

Among those people, Ye Han pitied him deep inside.

“Its really Mr.



Zhang is really here!”

“God, I hope Mr.

Zhang can safely pull through.”


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