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After Zhang Han, Zhao Feng and Dahei walked to the center of the platform, Zhang Han walked two steps forward.

He looked around and smelled lightly; then, he almost had an understanding of everyones strengths.

He thought that there would be some powerful martial artists at the gathering, but it seemed that the quality was lacking.

After a glimpse of the crowd, Zhang Hans eyes fixed on Jiang Zonghao.

Then, he said calmly,

“Hurry up and get started.

Dont waste my time.”

“I still have to go home to take care of my baby after this.

How can I waste my time with such a group of idiots here”

Once Zhang Han finished his words, all people present began to discuss,

“This guy is too arrogant!”

“He really doesnt know who he is!”

“Such a brat! Teach him a good lesson!”

“Master Jiang, dont bother yourself with this.

I can deal with this punk for you!”


Even Gu Chuanlong was a bit unhappy.

“Im the highest-ranking person on the scene, yet youre only a little punk who has just reached the Profound-stage.

Shouldnt you say hello to me before you start fighting”

However, he did not intend to say anything, since he had lost interest after looking him up and down.

He could just leave such a brat to Jiang Zonghao.

“Dad, he is Mr.

Zhang and the man behind him is Zhao Feng, but Ive never seen the gorilla before.

I dont know why they brought it here,” Ye Han whispered.

“Oh,” Ye Qi shook his head slightly and said, “Look at his attitude.

Hes still young and ignorant.

This Mr.

Zhang is nothing special.”

Realizing the contempt in his fathers words, Ye Han sighed deep inside.


Zhang was still as calm as ever.

However, he shouldnt be like this at such a place, where there are so many martial arts masters.” Thinking about his ending, Ye Han felt that his business would plummet.

“Since he provoked Jiang Zonghao, he will definitely be seriously injured.”

Some rich people and low-ranking martial artists were also watching Zhang Han at the back with curiosity.

They didnt understand why that Master Zhang showed up to keep the appointment, but still took such a tough stance.

They also didnt understand why he brought such a pet with him.

“Although this gorilla is quite big, what would be its use in the face of martial artists”

Jiang Zonghao became very angry after hearing those words, and when he saw the indifference in Gu Chuanlongs eyes, he became even angrier.

“I havent said anything, yet you started speaking.

You even dared to say that Im wasting your time!”

“Since you are so anxious to die, Ill help you!”

Jiang Zonghao moved his body and strode to five meters away from Zhang Han.

Then he said coldly,

“Boy, I guess you still dont know what a duel between martial artists means.

Let me tell you first.

In a duel, life and death lie in your opponents hands, and everyone present will act as witnesses!”

After he said that…

Many people felt cold both in body and mind.

It seemed that even the air had frozen, which made people very nervous.

“Life and death lie in your opponents hands!”

“It means that Master Jiang… he… wants to kill him!”

Mu Wu, Huang Qi and other peoples facial expressions also changed slightly.

Martial artists also had a lot of battles at ordinary times, but their goal was to learn from each other.

Only a few battles would involve taking someones life!

Even Gu Chuanlong narrowed his eyes.

He was surprised.

He hadnt expected to witness such a scene on that day.

Jiang Zonghao was still talking and laughing earlier, but then, he became murderous.

“It seems that this Mr.

Zhang is about to die,” Ye Qi shook his head and expressed his emotions at the back.

“He… Hell die” Ye Hans facial expression changed slightly.

He was distressed.

He had just invested in him, but his partner was about to die.

What could he do

Judging by everyones reactions, it seemed that Zhang Han would definitely lose his life!

However, after hearing Jiang Zonghaos words, Zhang Han still remained calm.

He just waved his hand and said lightly,

“Lets get started.

Youll fight with it.”

Zhang Han pointed to Dahei behind him while speaking.


Once hearing that, all people began to discuss again,

“What Did I mishear Hell fight with a gorilla”

“Are you kidding me”

“Is he out of his mind”


Jiang Zonghao was getting angrier and the looks in his eyes showed that he wanted to kill the guy.

He stared at Zhang Han and said gruesomely,

“Are you insulting me”

Asking him to fight with a gorilla was obviously an insult to him, wasnt it

Zhang Han stared at Jiang Zonghao, feeling that the guy was speaking too much nonsense, so he nodded and said,


Jiang Zonghaos face became red in an instant!

He was mad!

The next moment, he rushed over and shouted, “Go to hell!”

However, while he took five steps to approach, Dahei also moved.

It took a step forward before lifting its leg to kick the man.

Seeing that, Jiang Zonghao became fiercer.

“Alright! Ill kill you first before killing your master!”

Jiang Zonghao clenched his right fist and punched hard.


Under everybodys attention…

Jiang Zonghaos fist collided with Daheis foot, causing a muffled sound.

Swish, swish, swish!

The forward momentum of Jiang Zonghaos body was suddenly stopped and then he stepped back seven steps!

However, Dahei didnt move at all!

Their difference was seen in an instant.

Jiang Zonghao looked up at Dahei incredulously.

He was totally shocked.

“Whats the situation”

“Did I lose”

“What the hell is this”

The other people at the back were all shocked.

Mu Wu, Huang Qi and the others even stood up involuntarily.

“Is this an ordinary gorilla”

“It fought with the Earth-Stage Master, Jiang Zonghao, yet the Master”

“Hows that possible”

Not only the martial artists, but Ye Qi, Hong Qitao, Tang Jiayi and the others were also shocked with eyes wide open.

For the first time, they saw a gorilla that could beat a martial arts master!

“Is that a spirit beast”

Suddenly, Gu Chuanlong, who was sitting in the main position, stood up and said in surprise.

After hearing his words, all the people present felt surprised again.

“Spirit beast!”

Generally speaking, only some powerful sects had such beasts.

Human beings could cultivate, so could the beasts.

From ancient times to the present, there were legends about various beasts.

People also had an inkling of the four great beasts in history: Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise.

In some ancient books, even more powerful beasts were recorded, which were extremely lethal.

Up to the present, when it was already a mature society, spirit beasts were also not rare.

At the place where there were heavenly treasures, the beasts, which had lived there for many years, would gradually become spirit beasts with greater aggressiveness.

It was said that six years ago, Emperor Qing went out for cultivation and he obtained a treasure in a deep water pool after he slaughtered a python.

The python was seven feet long, with two horn-shaped bumps on its head.

Some Wu Dao Grand Master had said that given another two years, it would turn into a dragon!

By then, it would also have the strength of a Wu Dao Grand Master.

Yet at the present, after seeing Daheis fighting capacity and hearing Gu Chuanlongs exclamation, all people looked at Zhang Han in surprise.

They had the same question.

“Where did he get this gorilla”

“Does he come from some influential forces” Gu Chuanlong frowned slightly.

“Where did you get this gorilla” Jiang Zonghao stared at Zhang Han while asking him.

“By accident,” Zhang Han gave a bland response.

“What” Jiang Zonghao doubted it.

“I have to say…”

Just then, Gu Chuanlong opened his mouth.

He gazed at Dahei, saying, “You were really lucky to have found a gorilla that is close to the Profound-stage by accident.

However, itll be no match for Master Jiang.”

In the martial arts world, it wasnt rare for someone to have a spirit beast by accident or find one at a place with treasures, to later tame it.

Such people just had good luck.

With so little information, Gu Chuanlong couldnt figure out the specific situation, so he just advised Jiang Zonghao in passing, that the gorilla hadnt reached the Profound-stage.

Then, Jiang Zonghao made note of the message.

He looked at Zhang Han and sneered, saying, “I dont care where you got such a creature or who you are, but my only target today is you!”

“Oh, then beat it first.” Zhang Han pointed to Dahei while speaking.

“Beat it Do you think its necessary” Jiang Zonghao said disdainfully.

He wasnt on guard and retreated seven steps earlier, yet if he were prepared, he would have probably only retreated three steps.

Although his power wasnt as great as Daheis, the gorilla was rather clumsy in his eyes.


Daheis eyes widened.

It stared at Jiang Zonghao fiercely before raising its right hand and stretching out its fist.


It showed him the middle finger.

At the same time, it growled,

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

From its expression, gesture and sound,

people inferred that it probably meant,

“Go to hell!”

“You punk!”

“Youre rubbish!”

“Is… Is it showing disdain for Master Jiang”

All peoples eyes widened involuntarily!

Ye Han stared at Dahei for a while in the back and felt that he had seen such movements and looks somewhere before.

Others were also amazed, since they hadnt expected that gorilla to be so smart.

Seeing that the gorilla was giving the finger, Jiang Zonghaos face turned pale out of anger!

He finally couldnt stand it and shouted,

“Then Ill kill you first!”

After that, Jiang Zonghao rushed to Dahei.

Dahei ran two steps forward and punched Jiang Zonghao with its right fist.

The air flow caused by the fist was very strong.

Jiang Zonghao clearly felt that the power contained in that fist was terrifying!

“If I face this punch directly, Ill be slightly injured!”

So he moved sideways, while he stretched out his leg and kicked the gorilla on its waist.


A very slight muffled sound came out and Daheis body didnt move at all.

“Is it that strong”

Jiang Zonghao frowned, and then he withdrew his leg and kicked the gorilla three times in just one second.

Bang, bang, bang!

The gorilla still didnt move at all.

“It still didnt move”

“What a monster is that”

Jiang Zonghao was shocked deep inside.

Just then, Daheis left fist had come down from his side.

He tried to ward it off with his arm and took six steps backward when he resisted.

The looks in his eyes showed that he began to worry.

“Although its clumsy, its so powerful!”

“It didnt move, but its invincible!”

“Ill kill you today, you evil creature!” Jiang Zonghao shouted and attacked again.

Dahei slightly opened its mouth and gave a fierce look.

The several kicks on its body did cause some pain!

When Jiang Zonghao rushed up, he didnt face Dahei directly.

Instead, he tried to dodge while attacking.

Just like that, Jiang Zonghao and Dahei were fighting in the center of the field.

The people sitting in the back also stood up involuntarily, holding their breaths and looking at the scene.

Then they began to whisper,

“Master Jiangs move, Stealing Black Tigers Heart, is really strong.

The angle and strength are perfect.”

“Master Jiangs leg-sweep is wonderful.

It seems that he doubled the force, which should be effective… Oh With such great force, the gorilla still didnt move”

“Its physical defense is superb! That man is really lucky to have such a gorilla!”

“Lets wait and see when the gorilla can be moved.

Even if its body is strong, there is still a limit.

Its impossible for it to resist forever.”


The martial artists were watching them very seriously, since they could learn some experience from every battle.

Those who were not martial artists, with eyes wide open in surprise, had never thought that a gorilla could fight so fiercely with Master Jiang.

“Its fierce!” Ye Han got a little excited and whispered to Ye Qi next to him, “Now I feel that my investment is worthwhile.

Lets not talk about Mr.

Zhangs strength for now.

The gorilla alone is powerful enough.”

“Even so, it wont escape today.” Ye Qi shook his head slightly.

“Why did you say that” Ye Han asked doubtfully.

“The battle between martial artists not only involves punches and kicks.

Look at Master Jiang.

Hes fighting leisurely and always has the initiative, though the gorilla didnt move.

Whats more important is that he hasnt used weapons.

Once he does, how will the gorilla be able to defend” Ye Qi replied in a low voice.

“This…” Ye Han was stunned, since he had forgotten about that.

Thinking of it, he began to worry again.

On the field…

Five minutes had passed while Jiang Zonghao made hundreds of moves to hit Dahei, but he still didnt get any results.

And Dahei, seeing that it couldnt be able to beat Jiang Zonghao, became much angrier and hit the guy harder and harder.

But Jiang Zonghao was just like a flexible loach that Dahei was unable to grasp.

That made Dahei very anxious.

However, even it itself didnt find that as it was making more moves, it was also gradually accelerating.

In addition, it had gotten some rhythm to control those moves, instead of making a mess of them.

After it punched, it would adjust the power and angle before throwing the next punch quickly.

Although it was slow, its fighting skill was still improving.

After fighting for another two minutes, Jiang Zonghao began to pant.

Such a high-intensity fight had made his physical strength decrease quickly!

“Damn it! What a hard battle!”

Jiang Zonghao cursed in a low voice before he took seven steps backward when he tried to ward off Daheis punch.

He believed that the gorilla must have some weakness and tried several times to find it during the fight.

He even attacked it in the crotch and ass, but all in vain, because hed have nothing to do when the gorilla moved its legs sideways.

During that period, Zhang Han, who was standing there with Zhao Feng at the back, looked at the scene and smiled with satisfaction.

“Its great.

This Master Jiang can help Dahei improve.”

“His weakness…”

Jiang Zonghao stared at Dahei, and suddenly, his eyes fixed on Daheis eyes!

“Ooh ooh!”

Just then, Dahe took a step and rushed up.

Jiang Zonghao stared at the gorilla and a cold smile appeared on the corners of his mouth.

Then he moved his arm and took two concealed weapons like arrows from the hidden pockets in his sleeves.

While Dahei was coming to him, he yelled loudly,

“Go to hell!”

He stretched out his hands and in an instant, two flashes of light rushed to Daheis eyes like lightning!

At that moment…

All people were breathless with fear!

Many people faintly felt that the next moment, the two weapons would pierce that gorillas eyes!

“Oh no!”

Zhao Feng was shocked and exclaimed.

Even Zhang Hans eyes were slightly narrowed.

At the moment when Jiang Zonghao used the hidden weapons, he used the Treasure-sniffing nose to find that those were just ordinary weapons, so he didnt make any moves.

If those were spirit treasures, Dahei wouldnt resist them.

However, he knew that even if those were just ordinary weapons, Dahei would still suffer some pain to resist them.

“This is not bad.

The physical pain will remind him that he still needs more skills to fight!”

Under everybodys attention, the two hidden weapons flew to Daheis eyes, which reflected cold light and made people tremble.

After seeing that, Dahei quickly closed its eyes.

Sizzle, sizzle!

Two soft sounds came out.

The two pocket-size arrows were stabbed on Daheis eyelids, causing them to sink.

Eyes were fragile.

Just then, Dahei felt the unbearable pain!


Dahei screamed and rubbed its eyes twice.

After it opened them, its eyes were totally red and it even couldnt see Jiang Zonghao clearly.

“Ow, ow! Ow, ow!”

Dahei was completely irritated!

It looked at Jiang Zonghao, opened its mouth and snarled a few times.

“Its the best time to kill him!”

Jiang Zonghao stretched out his right hand and took out a 0.3-meter-long dagger from his back.

With a sly smile on his face, he rushed to Dahei.

When coming near, he suddenly stabbed the dagger into Daheis throat!

If an ordinary person was stabbed in the neck like that, hed probably have lost his life on the spot, even if a great doctor was there.

Then, Zhao Fengs face turned pale and he yelled, “Master! Save him!”

Although Dahei always pushed him in the past, Zhao Fengs heartbeat accelerated at that moment.

After a few days of contact, he had liked Dahei very much.

Zhang Han made some move that time.

He quietly took five steps forward and then stopped, looking carefully at the scene.

Under peoples gazes, the dagger was getting closer and closer to Daheis throat.

Many people even felt the coldness on the dagger.

A few people who were afraid to see the bloody scene later even closed their eyes!


When the dagger was about to pierce Daheis skin, its eyes widened and it suddenly thought of the movements people practiced on the beach.


Dahei quickly moved sideways and lowered its body.

It stood on one bent leg and leaned back, showing the shape of a big flying swallow.

What mattered was not its action, but its flexibility.

A gorilla making such fast movements was really shocking.

After seeing that he had failed to stab the gorilla, Jiang Zonghaos was a little stunned.

He changed his plan and tried to stab it in the lower part of its body.

However, when he lowered his head and saw Daheis legs, his pupils shrank!

Then Dahei stretched out its right leg, planning to kick Jiang Zonghao in his crotch.


Jiang Zonghao was shocked!

Seeing that the gorillas foot was approaching, he hurriedly threw away the dagger in his hand and covered the critical part with both hands.

“What the hell I cant be kicked by him!”

“If he did that, Id die without descendants!”

That scene also made everyone present very surprised.

“Since when did a gorilla learn to hit people in such a critical part”

Under everyones eyes, Jiang Zonghaos hands collided with Daheis foot.

His strength was not as strong as Daheis.

Moreover, his hands were very weak compared with Daheis legs.

Jiang Zonghaos hands were kicked heavily and pushed forward.


A loud muffled sound came out.

He hit himself in the crotch with his own hands.


Jiang Zonghao planned to use that force to jump backwards and then he did do that, but the great pain in there made his whole body tremble.

“It hurts!”

“It really hurts!”

“I cant stand it!”

While Jiang Zonghao screamed, he suddenly fell on the ground seven meters away, and then he covered his crotch and couldnt stop screaming.

At that moment, all men present felt an overwhelming cold.

They even felt that their lower bodies had been numbed, as if they had experienced it themselves.


Jiang Zonghao stood up with a pale face and looked resentfully at Dahei who had just stood up, almost like roaring,

“Kill him for me!”

As soon as he said that…

The four Profound-stage Masters, including Mu Wu and Huang Qi, took a look at each other and then rushed to Dahei.

Jiang Zonghao endured great pain and also rushed over with a ferocious face.

He planned to kill that abominable gorilla in the next round of attacks!


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