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While they were rushing over…

Mu Wu put a hand into his pocket and took out a diamond-shaped awl that reflected a cold light.

Generally, if such a weapon was plunged into and then pulled out of ones body, that person wouldnt stop bleeding.

Huang Qi quietly took out a dagger from his waist with his right hand, which was painted black and stained with poison on the front edge.

If it was stabbed in the enemys boby, he would be poisoned, to die within a minute.

Except Jiang Zonghao, all others took out their own weapons.

They all knew that it would be very difficult to kill that gorilla without weapons.

Jiang Zonghao was so mad.

Without weapons, he planned to pierce the gorillas eyes with his fingers!

The pain in the lower body was constantly reminding him to be fierce, much fiercer than ever before!

At that moment, a few people who were still sitting there just then, including Gu Chuanlong, had also stood up.

They hadnt expected that it would develop into such a fierce fight.

There was no doubt that they thought the gorilla would die in the next moment!

It seemed that many peoples hearts were about to jump out of their mouths.

A total of five masters, four at the peak of the Profound-stage and one newbie at the Earth-stage, were fighting against the gorilla at the same time.

That scene was so shocking!

Although some people might say that they were bullying the gorilla, they knew that only strength prevailed in the martial arts world!

The eyes of Nini, Tang Jiayi, Hong Li and many others in the back all gradually widened and some found it too cruel.

In fact, that gorilla was quite cute in their view.


Under everyones attention…

Those five people were getting closer and closer to Dahei!

Daheis eyes were still red, which contained some hostility.


While roaring in anger, it unclenched both fists and prepared to fight against those people!

“Master asked me to fight them!”

“Then I have to win!”

Facing that round of attacks, he faintly felt a crisis of life and death.

However, he didnt back down!

“Master saved my life.”

“So masters word means everything!”

They were near.

They were nearer.

Those five people were only half a meter away from Dahei! It had even felt the coldness of those weapons in their hands!


Dahei roared once again.

It clenched its fists and wanted to rush over.

“Go to hell!”

Jiang Zonghao shouted in anger.

The fierce attacks from those people would reach it soon.

Under everybodys attention…


A figure appeared in front of the gorilla.

It was Zhang Han!

It was Master Zhang!

It was his master!

It was his owner!

Everybodys eyes were fixed on him.

Zhang Han raised his leg.

For the next moment, no one could see clearly what was happening.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

Five muffled sounds came out, followed by five crisp sounds of fractures.

The five people who rushed over to Dahei looked ferocious with a sense of bloodthirstiness in their eyes.

However, they were behaving as if being hit by the waves; their bodies were bent and moving backwards.


While moving backwards, all the five people spit a lot of blood without exception.


Those people fell on the ground 15 meters away.

They either covered their chests or their ribs, knowing that more than five bones had been broken, that they were suffering serious internal injuries, and that the person had beat them down in an extremely scary way!

“When did he appear in front of the gorilla”

“When did he make his move”

“How did he make his move”

Those injured didnt see it clearly.

They raised their heads helplessly and glanced at the man standing in front of the gorilla.

He was still as composed as usual.

He just stood there quietly, watching those people falling on the ground.

His gaze remained calm, as if the person who had just hit them was not him!

“Hows that possible”

Jiang Zonghao and the others opened their mouths and were about to say something, but suddenly, some hot air rushed into their throats, followed by some bloody smell.


Those people spit out some blood again and became completely weak.

The whole place was deadly silent at that moment and people could only feel the gentle wind that was blowing, but they still had a question in mind!

“Why is he so strong”

Everyone was thinking about the same question.

Originally they thought that the gorilla wouldnt withstand those peoples attacks and would die on the spot.

However, they hadnt expected that Master Zhang, who had been standing in the back, would suddenly make his move and severely injure those people with great speed.

“Even if there was no defense, it still needed great strength!”

“Great! Its amazing!”

Ye Hans eyes brightened and his heartbeat accelerated.

It was like buying a lottery ticket and not winning the prize, because two numbers were wrong.

Thus, you felt disappointed.

But later, there came the news that the staff had made an error and you had actually won the first prize!

It made Ye Han feel excited and brought a flush to his face.

He felt like having won the top prize!

“Everybody knew that the five people who had fallen to the ground were all great masters! Yet Mr.

Zhang beat all of them down in an instant.

Hes so strong! Hahaha! Awesome!”

While Ye Han was so excited, Ye Qi was a bit stunned by his side.

He looked at Zhang Han incredibly and couldnt figure out what had happened.

“Did he counterattack at the last moment”

“Did he beat them down”

“Even if he did, it shouldnt be that simple!”

He found it incredible.

On the other side, Hong Qitaos family members had also stood up; they were totally shocked with eyes wide open.

Especially Hong Li and Nini, both of whom had seen battles between martial artists, such as Sanda Competitions, Taekwondo Competitions and Boxing Competitions.

The fights would be more intense if there were no rules.

However, they had never seen such a fight, where a man could make such fast and mysterious movements.

It was the first time that they almost couldnt follow their fighting.


Zhang beat down those five people in an instant, making them vomit blood both in the air and on the ground.

That scene was fascinating.

Ordinary people were very shocked, while the martial artists present were even more shocked.

They knew very well how strong a man would be if he could seriously injure five great masters at the same time.

Maybe some people suspected him of sneak attacking; that was a battle after all and they didnt even see his movements clearly, which caused great fear in their hearts.

Gu Chuanlong was also standing there, staring at Zhang Han with a frown.

“This mans skill doesnt match his cultivation stage!”

“His actions just now were so neat.

If it were me, I wouldnt be much better than him.”

“But he just reached the Profound-stage.

Is it that he has some secret to gaining instant combat power”

“The spirit beast, the secret method… It seems that this guy found some special opportunity!”


Thinking of this, Gu Chuanlongs eyes lit up.

“No matter what kind of opportunity he has, Ill just take it away from him.”

Just as he was thinking, a sudden exclamation made him come to himself.

After seeing what was happening, his facial expression changed slightly.

Seeing that those people had fallen down, Dahei, who was behind Zhang Han, opened its mouth and showed its teeth.


Dahei roared before it moved and rushed to Jiang Zonghao, who was lying on the ground.

Through its actions, people knew that it was planning to kill those injured men.

After running a few steps, Dahei raised its right fist and prepared to slam it down on Jiang Zonghao.


With eyes wide open, Jiang Zonghao screamed and felt powerless, but in the face of a life threat, he still tried to move backwards.

However, his speed was not as fast as Daheis and Dahei was almost about to catch up.


While shouting, Gu Chuanlong moved his body and ran to Dahei.

After five steps, he jumped forward with his right leg in front and the left leg bent.

He planned to kick the gorilla with his left leg before kicking him again with the right leg.

Zhang Han also moved his body after seeing that.

He knew that Dahei was no match for that person for the moment.

After two steps forward, Zhang Han tiptoped lightly and his body rose by two meters.

Then he turned around handsomely in the air, before stretching out his right leg.

At that moment, all eyes around them gradually widened and they couldnt help but hold their breaths.

The most powerful man present Gu Chuanlong, a Heaven-stage Master, had made his move.

Master Zhang, who had just reached the Profound-stage, bravely faced the enemy.

That time, Gu Chuanlong might defeat his enemy overwhelmingly.

Under everybodys attention…

The gorilla stopped, while Master Gu and Master Zhang were getting closer and closer.

Seeing what was happening…

A cold look appeared in Gu Chuanlongs eyes.

“Kid, youll die!”

He sneered in his heart, while the Qi inside his body was constantly gathered to the right leg and he planned to kill Zhang Han with only one move.

The two figures approached quickly and eventually collided.

Their two feet met.


A clear muffled sound came out.

It seemed that they had kicked everybody in their hearts, making all of them tremble.

They knew that the force of that confrontation was horrific!

Many people began to feel that Master Gu was immensely powerful.

The next moment made their eyes fill with shock.


After the two feet collided, Master Gus eyes gradually widened.

As if he had kicked on an iron plate, his body quickly moved backwards.

“Whats this”

“Hows that possible”

Gu Chuanlong was a bit stunned.

“Did I lose this battle”

Feeling that he was kicked away by a strong power gave him a shock.

His body quickly moved backwards.

Master Gu was a Heavenly-stage Master after all!

While constantly counteracting the power, he looked back and planned for a chic landing.

Seeing that hed fall in the main seat soon, Master Gu adjusted his bodys direction and sat right in the chair.

His feet slammed down on the ground and his body was fixed there.

But the chair under his ass…

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

The backrest, the armrests, and three legs were all broken and fell on the ground.

Even the seat was torn apart and the last leg had cracks in it, but Gu Chuanlong still kept that position by controlling his body.

He remained composed and stayed in a normal position, sitting on the shabby so-called “chair”.

When he saw that Zhang Han landed handsomely after turning around, the corners of his mouth trembled.

He endured the numbness of his right foot and forced himself to maintain that position, saying as a senior,

“You have great strength.

Very good.


Master Zhang of New Moon Bay, I made my move in order to remind you that you should be lenient whenever you can.

Master Jiang is the great deacon of the National Security Agency, so killing him would also put you in trouble.

As for the other people, they werent some nobodies, either.

Since you have won now, then just let them go.”

While talking, he was actually cursing in his heart.

He appeared to be calm, but he was actually irritated deep inside.

“Damn it! A man who has reached the Profound-stage shouldnt be this powerful!”

“He definitely has a secret to increasing power instantly!”


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