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As Hong Qitao and his companions heard what Gu Chuanlong said, their faces changed over and over again.

In the end, Hong Qitao looked extremely ghastly.

“Send Hong Li and Nini over and ask them to apologize to his nephew… for three days”

He certainly knew what Gu Chuanlong meant.

It was nothing more than torturing both Hong Li and Nini for three days after he sent them over.

Of course, Gu Chuanlong would afflict them in different ways, that was, he would torture the former physically, but torture the latter both physically and mentally.

“He does go too far!” Tang Jiayis face turned somewhat pale, and her palms could not stop shaking.

“Aunty Tang, dont be angry.” Nini said in an aggrieved tone, “In the worst case, we may as well run away.”

“Run away” Tang Jiayi sighed, feeling a little annoyed.

Yes, they could escape.

However, Hong Qitaos property remained here, and two of Hong Lis brothers were also here.

Once they left, Gu Chuanlong was likely to take action to force them back.

“Fu*k, at the worst, I can ask someone to kill Gu Pengfeng!” Hong Lis face turned red, and he said this as he gritted his teeth.

“Dont be anxious.” Looking at the three peoples expressions, he took on a calm face and said in a low voice, “The world is not under Gu Chuanlongs sole authority, and Im still here.

What are you afraid of Just go back now, and Ill find a way to handle it!”

Then, he took the lead in walking to the intersection ahead.

His words did make them feel better, but Hong Qitao became angrier and more worried.

“Find a way Will I have a good idea”

He thought that he was likely to pay much for asking a master for help this time.

Hong Qitao sighed secretly, hoping to turn the corner smoothly.

He did not mind spending some money, but was worried about finding someone who could not defeat Gu Chuanlong.

In addition to his family, others were still intoxicated in the battle.

If they went down at this moment, they could hear that plenty of people sighed from time to time,

“The chimpanzee, which was locked in a duel with Master Jiang, is really fierce.

Is its strength as strong as a masters”

“It is almost as powerful as King Kong in the movie, and it looks really cool! Damn it, if I have one, Ill definitely wake up, laughing from my dream.”

“Stop dreaming.

I heard news from another master that it will take Master Jiang and his companions a few months to recover, and their cultivation possibly will decrease by then.

They were badly injured and were lucky to be alive.”

“I think that Master Zhang of New Moon Bay is truly formidable as he actually damned Master Gu face to face.

My God, hes so cruel.

It is he who treats others lives like dirt.

How awesome he is!”

“This is the martial arts world.

I wont regret coming here today, because I do broaden my horizon.”


For them, what had happened today on Mount Yun Ding was like a dream.

Even every martial artist felt a little confused, because Master Zhang, who was at the Profound-stage, subverted their world outlooks.

Although he was just a Profound-stage master, he actually could defeat one Earth-Stage and four Profound-stage masters within one stroke.

“What does this mean”

He fought against the one who was much more powerful than him!

What a horrible man! Why hadnt they seen him before since he could compete against the opponent who was much more formidable than him

On the way down the mountain, many people took their mobile phones to call their friends or relatives.

What they said the first time was roughly the same,

“Hello, something big happened on Mount Yun Ding! Have you heard of Master Zhang of New Moon Bay before Its really incredible, and I need to tell you…”

It was obvious that the news about the battle of Mount Yun Ding today was bound to spread in the martial arts world of Hong Kong at a really high speed.

At the parking lot on the hillside.

Ye Han, Ye Qi, and their guardians all got into the car and left slowly.

“Dad, what do you think Do I have good taste I have told you that Mr.

Zhang is particularly powerful!” Ye Han said with great excitement.

“Xiaohan, you do the right thing this time.” Ye Qi laughed heartily and became really delighted, and then he patted Ye Han on the shoulder and said, “His strength is so shocking and strong.

As long as he gains the upper hand of Master Gu in a few days, he will absolutely gain a firm foothold in Hong Kong.”

“Ah Will they fight against each other again” Ye Han was stunned and said, “But Master Zhang was defeated by Mr.

Zhang today.”

“He may not have truly lost to the master.

Perhaps Master Gu held back on purpose since he failed to figure out Mr.

Zhangs origin.” Ye Qi said in a deep voice.

If Gu Chuanlong saw what was happening at this moment, he must have been moved to tears.

“What I need is the genius who can understand me like you!”

“Will Mr.

Zhang be in danger if he cant prevail” Ye Han asked in a hurry.

“I dont know what will happen.

No matter what Master Gu will do, Mr.

Zhang is really powerful.

Defeating five masters within one stroke is far beyond the strength of ordinary people.”

“Oh, of course, Mr.

Zhang is indeed a formidable man.”

At this point, on the way back to New Moon Bay, in the Land-Rover.

Zhao Feng, who was driving, looked at Dahei from the rearview mirror.

Seeing its eyes were still red, Zhao Feng asked,

“Dahei, are your eyes still painful”

“Whoa, whoa!”

Dahei twisted its mouth and responded to him.

It rubbed its eyelids with hands, showing that they still hurt.

It was not satisfied with the result of todays fight, for it had not beat the enemy up! It seemed to be a bit shameful that it actually had not touched the enemy even if they had competed for so long.

Looking at its expression, Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and said,

“There remains a bucket of Yang Qing Water under the thunder yang tree.

You can drink some after going back and put several drops in your eyes.

You did a good job today and was really awesome today, therefore, you can eat whatever animals on the mountain you want later.”


Daheis eyes widened, and it curled its lips, crying in jubilation a few times, “Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

Then it laughed, “Ha, ha, ha…”

As Dahei laughed, it started to dance for joy.

“Im so happy to be praised by my master.”

“Besides, the master said that I could eat whatever I wanted.

Ha, ha, I really want to eat the pigs with long hair for a long time! I can finally eat them today!”

Since Dahei was too heavy, the car shook slightly as it moved.

Seeing Daheis appearance, Zhao Feng burst into laughter.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”

After shaking for a few minutes, Dahei yelled and waved at Zhang Han and Zhao Feng.

Looking at its expression, the two of them knew that it was trying to tell them, “If it wasnt because the guy was too crafty, I have already hammered him to death.”

“Fine, you are powerful, OK” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

Then he looked at Zhang Han, who was sitting in the passenger seat, and said, “Master, you moved so fast just now.

Are all the cultivators so formidable Its so exaggerated.

They said that you, as a Profound-stage Master, could defeat them with negligible effort.”

“Generally speaking, masters at the early stage of Qi Refining is likely to beat Master Jiang, but they are possibly defeated in the face of five masters like him.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said.

“How could you defeat them so easily, master” Zhao Feng asked with curiosity.

“Im not a common master at the early stage of Qi Refining.” Zhang Han found it ridiculous.

He used to be a cultivator at the Pass Tribulation Stage and had a good command of knowledge about cultivation that was not comparable to that of the average people.

Although he was just at the early stage of Qi Refining with inadequate spiritual force, he could use it extremely efficiently.

Therefore, his movements were quick, accurate and ruthless.

Those so-called masters were definitely not a patch on him.

At this moment, Zhao Feng patted himself on the forehead and said with a smile, “Thats right.

Master is the most powerful!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

“Im also stronger than you!”

“…” Zhao Fengs mouth trembled slightly.

As they chatted with each other, they arrived at Mount New Moon.

Dahei got out of the car and went up the mountain after waving its hand.

Zhao Feng drove Zhang Han back to the restaurant.

After Zhang Han got out of the car, he got into the car, heading for the beach in front of Mount New Moon.

He prepared to check how Instructor Liu and others training was going.

After a few days of training, Instructor Liu successfully reached the Inward Strength Stage.

Since he was so excited for breaking through, he fought with Zhao Feng without any hesitation.

Eventually… he was apparently defeated.

Instructor Liu could not stop complaining secretly that Zhao Feng did not show respect for him in the face of so many people from the Wolf Head Team.

However, after a few days of training, more than half of the people of the Wolf Head Team had been promoted to the Obvious Strength Stage.

The rest of them were also about to break through.

Moreover, after they were promoted, Instructor Liu decided to go to the security company to work with Ah Hu and his companions for a period of time, and play against them.

In the meantime, Instructor Liu promised that he would offer various teachers of different professions and establish a shooting range behind the company.

Everything was developing in an orderly manner.

Ah Hu and his teammates learned a variety of knowledge in the company, making great progress.

Elsewhere, in Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.

Zhang Han had left at half past twelve, and came back at nearly two oclock.

During one and a half hours, he spent one hour and twenty minutes on the road, and only spent ten minutes on going up Mount Yun Ding, fighting with those masters and going down the mountain.

“PaPa, why do you come back so late Mengmeng misses you.” Mengmeng, who was playing with toys on the sofa on the first floor, quickly stretched out her small arms to Zhang Han and asked for a hug after catching sight of him.

After Zhang Han picked up the little girl, Mengmeng pouted and said with a look of dissatisfaction, “PaPa, Aunty Lili bullied Mengmeng.”

Mengmengs tone made Zhang Li and Luo Qing, who were watching TV on the sofa, burst out laughing.

“What How did she bully Mengmeng Tell me, and Ill beat her later.” Zhang Han touched the end of Mengmengs tiny nose with his hand and said with a smile.

“Well, I havent finished watching Xiong Da yet, but Aunty Lili changed the channel, and then Xiong Da disappeared.

She did not let me watch it.” Mengmeng said while pouting.

“Ouch, my little princess.” Zhang Li found it ridiculous and said, “The ending song of the cartoon was heard.

It certainly disappeared since the cartoon was finished showing!”

“I see.

We should punish her.

What if we dont allow her to have dinner tonight” Zhang Han asked with a chuckle.

“Well…” Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and was about to answer him.

Zhang Li said, “Ahem, what did I bought just now I remember that the little guy really enjoyed it.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned all of a sudden.

She stopped blinking her big clear eyes, then hastily said, “No, no, Mengmeng did not eat ice cream.

PaPa, PaPa, aunty Lili can have dinner at night.”

While speaking, Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han tried his best not to burst out laughing.

He pretended not to realize the true meaning behind the words and promised with a nod.

“Fine, Mengmeng, just kiss me.”

“Mua, mua, mua.” Mengmeng kissed Zhang Hans face several times obediently.

“PaPa, did you find Big Heihei Whats Dahei Why didnt it come with you Shall we go to play with Big Heihei”

“The cartoon came to an end.

Mengmeng wants to go to the Xanadu to play with Dahei and Little Hei.”

“Your mother will come back soon.

Why dont we come with her” Zhang Han glanced at his watch and answered.

When she had left in the morning, Zi Yan had said that she would come back at about three oclock today.

But she had to go out to take some scenes at late night.


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