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Located on the costal park, the Avenue of Stars was a road built on the bay for sightseeing.

It was late at night and there were no tourists here, but many people were having fun inside the coastal park.

The coastal park was relatively large in size, with a mature commercial entertainment system.

At the entrance, about 20 people were waiting for Zi Yan.

They were the best photography team in the Royal Entertainment Company, including makeup staff, logistics staff, and so on.

When they saw the awesome Bugatti Veyron coming, many of them got envious.

“Theyre coming.”

“Sister Zi Yan is here.”

“There are also three Mercedes-Benzs this time!”


Under all peoples attention, the four cars were parked over there.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

With the sounds of doors being opened and closed, everyone got out.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei came over, followed by Leng Yue and the others.

Looking at the appearance of the six women, everyone was stunned.

The six women, all in black suits, leather shoes, and white shirts, looked very capable and experienced.

Moreover, every one of them was wearing headphones, with an indifferent face.

Looking at them, everyone would think of the following words: “Professional bodyguards”

“Teacher Ma, sorry, Im a bit late.”

Zi Yan walked up to a middle-aged man in his 40s, who had a lot of gray hair, and said hello with a smile.

Teacher Ma was the person in charge and the leader of the photography team.

After the last incident, the whole company was very polite to Zi Yan; Teacher Ma was no exception.

If it were someone else, he would probably have thrown a tantrum after waiting for 20 minutes.

However, he smiled enthusiastically and said, “Youre not too late.

Its perfect timing.

Go to put on makeup and change your clothes.

Well start shooting soon.”

“Okay.” Zi Yan nodded and then walked into the limo next to her with Zhou Fei and a female makeup artist.

After closing the door, they began to prepare inside.

Leng Yue waved her hand to the others around her, and then, four of them scattered, standing in the four directions of the team respectively.

Leng Yue and another person stood in front of the car door, with indifferent faces.

Their expressions seemed to be saying: “Do not come near.”

They looked very scary.

However, their training was not over yet and they didnt have much expertise.

If some veterans saw them, they would say that some of their details were not professional.

Even if they were already martial arts with Obvious Strength, a lot of knowledge still needed to be accumulated over time.

At the same time, a gathering of young people was taking place in a villa not far away.

There were about 20 people, and they were having a great time.

The villa was not small and there was an open-air balcony on the second floor with an open-air swimming pool.

A few bikini girls and young men were playing around.

At the edge of the balcony, four people were sitting at a small table.

A middle-aged man next to them was grilling and he occasionally put some skewers on the table.

If Zhou Fei was here, she would definitely know one of those men, Li Cheng.

After taking a mouthful of mutton and drinking some beer, he looked at the opposite young man very respectfully and smiled.

“Brother Feng, I heard that your uncle came back and warned Hong Qitao.”

The man sitting opposite him was Gu Chuanlongs nephew, Gu Pengfeng, whose leg was broken earlier.

Looking at Gu Pengfengs appearance, with an elliptical face and dark circles, people would feel that he was an easy-going person.

If he was not so arrogant and frivolous, he would be very approachable.

However, everyone who was familiar with him knew that he was a very difficult person.

He was narrow-minded, picky, and wouldnt show any mercy.

“Warning” Gu Pengfeng snorted and said, “Youre looking down on my uncle.”

“Oh no, I just heard about it.” Li Cheng hurriedly shook his head.

Gu Pengfeng grinned and said, “Since my uncle decided to interfere, would it be a simple warning”

“Then what is it, Brother Feng Please tell us.” Another yellow-haired young man was eager to know the truth.

“All right, Ill tell you.” Gu Pengfeng drank some beer, and disdain appeared in his eyes.

Then he said, “Last time, Hong Li took the advantage when I was not on guard.

So my uncle asked him to come with Nini to make up for his mistake for three days!”

“Three days What does this mean” the yellow-haired man asked in confusion.

“Are you stupid” Another fat man with a flattop haircut looked at him with contempt while saying, “What do you think it means Its so simple that Brother Feng can do whatever he wants to them for those three days.”

All other people could understand the meaning by reading between the lines.

“Hahaha,” Gu Pengfeng laughed and said, “Yes, for three days, Ill do whatever I like.

Hong Li hired people to beat me, right Since he broke one leg of mine, Ill break both of his legs! And that bitch Ran Nini! Ive given her so many chances! This time, Ill torture her badly!”

At the end, there was some eagerness and coldness in Gu Pengfengs words.

Thinking of the thrill of getting revenge, he got very excited.

With a smile in his eyes, he lit a cigarette and took a deep breath.

“Hahaha, Ran Nini is so beautiful, with white skin and a cute face.

Brother Feng will enjoy that.

Im really envious.” The yellow-haired man smirked.

“Oh” Gu Pengfeng narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at that man, saying, “Do you want to give it a try”

“Me” That mans eyes widened and he felt a little excited.

Then he hesitantly asked, “Can I”

“Of course you can.” Gu Pengfeng sneered twice and said, “Ill make that little bitch never forget those three days.

All of you can come then.”

“Haha, thank you, Brother Feng.” The yellow-haired man laughed.

“Thank you, Brother Feng.” Li Cheng also laughed.

He liked this kind of interaction very much, which could make him closer to Brother Feng.

In addition, he heard that Ran Nini was very pretty with a cute face like a little girl.

Since he couldnt win the heart of his goddess, Zi Yan, he could still get some comfort from that beautiful girl.

After talking for a while, Gu Pengfeng suddenly looked at Li Cheng and asked, “Are there any good-looking chicks in your company recently Why havent I heard anything from you”

“Uh…” Li Cheng paused and then said with disappointment, “Xu Ruoyu is not bad, you know.”

“Shes just so-so.

It wouldnt be fun after playing with her a few times.

Forget it.

Is there anyone else” Gu Pengfeng asked.

“No.” Li Cheng shook his head.

And suddenly, his eyes lit up when he thought of Zi Yan.

Her supporter was Hong Qitao, who was just like a mouse in front of a cat when facing Gu Pengfeng!

It seemed that if Gu Pengfeng tried to take down Zi Yan, she definitely couldnt resist!


Thinking of that, Li Chengs heartbeat accelerated.

He was very excited and said quickly, “Oh yes, there is one girl.

Shes a stunning beauty, like a goddess! You mustve heard of her!”

“Oh Whos that” Gu Pengfeng and the others got interested and their eyes lit up.

“Zi Yan!” Li Cheng replied excitedly; even his voice was a little trembling.

“Zi Yan Her Shes working at your company” Gu Pengfeng suddenly remembered that he had seen a lot of Zi Yans photos when he was listening to the songs recently.

He also paid attention to her before and regarded her as a goddess.

“Shes working at your company Why didnt you tell me earlier” Gu Pengfeng stared at Li Cheng while speaking.

“Oh, its just that… She came back less than a month ago and I just got the news,” Li Cheng replied quickly.

“Its like this.” Gu Pengfeng narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, “Shes good.

I like that.

Ask her to come here right now.”

“Well… I cant do that.” Li Cheng smiled bitterly and said, “Shes quite influential in the company.

I cant offend her.

Oh right, I heard that she is backed by Hong Qitao.”

“Just Hong Qitao Is that what you calledinfluential Hahaha…”

Gu Pengfeng laughed, full of disdain.

He felt that this beauty would be his for sure, so he said, “Make an appointment tomorrow.

Tell her that I invited her.”

“Well, then Ill try tomorrow, but I know her character… Im afraid she may not agree.

What if I fail to ask her out” Li Cheng asked.

“It doesnt matter if you fail.

Then Ill do that personally.

I like a beauty with a temper.

No need to rush.

Ill go for her after dealing with Ran Nini,” Gu Pengfeng said casually.

Then, everyone began to talk about other topics, such as what sports cars or yachts they had bought.

Gu Pengfeng didnt know that because of the reminder of Li Cheng, a “kind-hearted” buddy of his, he was about to take a dangerous path.

All the people were still talking.

That man glanced sideways and was surprised.

Then he said, “Huh Some people seem to be filming there.”


Everyone turned around and looked over.

It wasnt far away, so they could clearly see those peoples actions down there.

When they were looking, it just so happened that the limo door was opened.

Under those mens gazes, a beauty in a crystal dress, with long hair and a silver crown, was walking forward slowly.

“She seems so hot!” The eyes of the fat man with a flattop haircut lit up.


Li Cheng found that those people were so familiar, “Isnt that Teacher Mas team from the company Isnt that Bugatti Zi Yans car And that beauty…”

“Shes Zi Yan!” Li Cheng said that after coughing twice.

“Is that Zi Yan” Gu Pengfeng stared at her with his eyes narrowed for a while.

He couldnt see her face clearly, but with a crystal dress and a crown, she looked like a princess from a fairy tale world.

“What a coincidence! Its fate! Li Cheng, go to invite her to drink with us,” Gu Pengfeng ordered.

“Uh… Only me Im worried that she wont come.” Li Cheng was a little discouraged by Zi Yan, so he hesitated at that moment.

“Shes working for your company, yet you still cant invite her Your father is a fake chairman, isnt he” Gu Pengfeng gave him a stare.

“All right, Ill go invite her.”

Li Cheng gritted his teeth while he stood up and walked to the room, ready to go downstairs to invite her.

“Ill also go and see.” The fat man with a flattop haircut staggered to follow him.

Li Cheng looked at him and said nothing.

He was not confident.

Could he do it


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