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“You guys, come with me.”

Coming downstairs, Li Cheng spoke to the four bodyguards of Gu Pengfeng who were standing at the door.

Sometimes, bodyguards could also be a deterrent.

He planned to invite her nicely first.

If he failed, hed have the bodyguards go and ask.

After he said that, the four people just looked at him indifferently and didnt move.

Then, Li Chengs mouth trembled slightly and he said helplessly, “Its Mr.

Gus order.

Come with me to invite a girl.”

“Stop standing here.

Hurry up, come with us,” the fat man urged.

One of the bodyguards nodded his head and took out his mobile phone to call for instructions.

After getting the approval, they started to follow them to the shooting site not far away.

At that time, in the front…

Zi Yan stood alone on the curbside and there were several cameras next to her that had just been adjusted to a good angle.

“Zi Yan, look straight ahead later on.

Be elegant, just like a princess.

Stand straight.

Keep the posture.

Itd be better if you smiled, but dont smile too much.

A faint smile would be enough.

Right, thats what I want.

Keep it.


Three, two, one, action!”

With his order, Zi Yan moved forward slowly and gracefully with a faint smile on her face.

She walked about a dozen meters.

“Good! One take.” Teacher Ma applauded and said, “Youve proved yourself to be an actor.

Your expressions and postures are just perfect.

Okay, next scene.

Zi Yan, lift your dress a little with your right hand.

Smile happily this time, like a cheerful girl.

Run, jump, and make circles.”

“OK.” Zi Yan nodded.

Then, she tried to make herself happy.

“Three, two, one…”

Just as Teacher Ma was about to say “action”, a call came from not far behind.

“Teacher Ma, are you recording an MV here”

Everyone turned their heads and saw Li Cheng, who took the lead.

Teacher Ma was a bit unhappy about the sudden interruption because he usually looked down on that Mr.

Li, who always came to the company to flirt with girls.

He responded with a dull expression and turned his head, saying, “Okay, everyone, get ready.”

“Wait, stop shooting,” Li Cheng said quickly.

“What are you doing” Teacher Ma turned his head again and looked at Li Cheng, who was in front of him.

He was dissatisfied, but still said calmly, “Mr.

Li, we have a lot of tasks tonight.

Well still have to go to another five places after this.”

The implication was: “Youre not one of us.

Can you just leave”

Li Cheng smiled lightly and didnt care at all.

He waved his hand and said, “Its not a big deal to delay the filming for a while.”

As Teacher Ma frowned and wanted to ask how long it would take, the fat man next to Li Cheng opened his mouth.

“Is this beauty Zi Yan Shes really beautiful.

Brother Feng is drinking at the villa behind us and he wanted to invite you over.

Beauty, please.”

As soon as he heard that, Teacher Ma was stunned and stopped saying anything.

“They called that manBrother Feng and were asked to invite the girl, that must be some powerful person, too.” He was only a leader of the photography team, who couldnt offend those rich young masters.

At the same time, he also sighed in his heart.

“Beautiful women are dangerous.”

Beautiful women are always the root cause of disputes.

Teacher Ma sighed in the heart, but since Zi Yan also brought bodyguards with her, it seemed that he didnt need to say anything.

Under everyones attention, Zi Yan shook her head slightly and refused coldly.

“I dont know Brother Feng.”

“Zi Yan,” Li Cheng sighed and tried to persuade her, “why are you so stubborn I invited you three times just to make friends with you.


“Such a hypocrite! Dont you feel ashamed to say that” Zhou Fei satirized him from behind.

Li Cheng was stunned after hearing that.

“Oh It seems that youre not popular at your place, are you” the fat man joked.

His status was higher than that of Li Cheng, and he found it interesting to view such a scene.

“Li Chengs dad is one of the board members, yet it seems that he isnt that influential.

The employees in his company dare to mock him face to face”

The fat mans words made Li Cheng feel a little humiliated and the smile on his face gradually disappeared.

He glanced at Zhou Fei and then looked at Zi Yan.

“Zi Yan, ask your little follower to watch her mouth.”

“She spoke the truth,” Zi Yan blinked her beautiful eyes and answered very seriously.

Zi Yan really hated a hypocrite such as Li Cheng.

Her words made many of the staff members on the scene almost burst into laughter.

She rarely spoke, but when she did, it was hurtful.

This made Li Cheng a bit angry.

“Youre making me lose face!”

He gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, “Whether youll go or not, let me tell you first who this Brother Feng is! His full name is Gu Pengfeng and his uncle is a real big shot.

Even Hong Qitao must respect him.

I heard that Hong Qitao had to apologize to his uncle in person recently.

I wont talk about the details.

What I want to tell you is that Brother Feng is in a good mood today and he wanted to invite you over.

Hes in the villa over there, and more than a dozen people are having a party.

You can go to sit for a while and come back to shoot later.

It wont affect anything.”

“Sorry, I refuse.” Zi Yan didnt want to talk with him and directly refused.

Li Cheng was stunned by that.

The fat man next to him was also stunned, but then he laughed and clapped his hands while saying, “Oh Good! Beauty, you have such a hot temper.

But a beautys words are always right.


What a perfect figure.

Look at the curves.

Tsk, tsk.”

The fat man looked Zi Yan up and down while praising her.

However, he didnt know that his words had made Leng Yue frown.

She stared at him coldly with a tight body, and the position of her right hand showed that she was ready to attack him.

Their task was to protect Zi Yan.

Though Zhang Han didnt say anything to them, Zhao Feng did.

He said, “If anyone dares to harass Madam, attack him directly, no matter who he is!”

The fat man surely didnt know about that and was still wagging his head while saying, “Beauty, just come with us.

Brother Feng has a good temper and he just wants to make friends with you.

Whats the big deal He asked us to come and invite you.

If you refuse, hell blame us.

And look at these bodyguards behind me.

They are Brother Fengs…”

But before he finished speaking…


As soon as Leng Yue made a gesture, the two women beside her and the other three on the side rushed over at the same time.

They were very fast and approached the fat man within only three breathes.

The fat man was totally shocked and felt a bit confused.

“What does this mean”

“These women want to beat me”

Fortunately, the bodyguards behind them were also well-trained.

At that moment, they stared at those women coldly and moved forward, keeping the fat man and Li Cheng behind them.

“Swish, swish, swish! Bang, bang, bang!”

In the face of those womens attacks, the four bodyguards took defense and tried to block their fists and easily take them down.

However, even though what they imagined was beautiful, the reality was cruel.

Those bodyguards raised their left arms to defend from their fists and were ready to launch attacks with their right hands.

But when the fists fell…


In an instant, they felt that their left arms had suffered tons of damage.

The places that were hit by the fists were extremely painful.

Then, they became numb.

It was like when you squatted for too long, your legs would become numb.

Their pain was 10 times greater than that, and they even felt that their arms were not their own.

“What What is this power”

The bodyguards were shocked and looked at those women in awe.

Knowing that they were no match for them at all, they wanted to pull back.

However, when they just moved backward half a step, their second punches came quickly.

Facing this round of attacks, the four men could only extend their right hands to resist.

They became smart this time, planning to use their palms to defend and take advantage of that force to step backward.


“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Like slaps in their faces, the fists met their palms and their entire right arms had gone numb before they took their palms back.

“How is that possible”

They couldnt figure out how those women did that.

In the next moment, those women kicked them a few times.

In other peoples eyes, their movements were chic and aesthetic.

Meanwhile, those who were being beaten were suffering unbearable pain.

After a few kicks, they stepped back seven or eight steps and sat down on the ground in shock.

That scene also made the surrounding staff members shocked.

“It seemed that both those men and women were bodyguards, but how did the males lose to females

“They are so powerful!”

Everyone sighed with emotion and many women were very proud.

“Who said that women are not as good as men”

Even Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were a little surprised.

They hadnt expected them to be so powerful.

There was some curiosity in Zi Yans eyes.

“Its so strange.

Zhao Feng and Ah Hu are powerful.”

“The six women, including Leng Yue, are also powerful.”

“They work for the security company and are in the charge of Xiao Feng.

All of them are awesome.

“Xiao Feng is Zhang Hans disciple.

“Doesnt that mean… Zhang Han is more powerful than them”

Thinking of that, Zi Yan was slightly stunned.

“Is Zhang Han very powerful Since hes Xiao Fengs master, he should be.”

Just when Zi Yan was thinking, Leng Yue went over to Li Cheng and the fat man quickly.

The two men suddenly came to their senses.

“What are you doing” the fat man asked angrily.

“Go away!” Li Cheng yelled.

The two of them spoke as they stepped back, but they found that the womans fist was getting bigger and bigger in their eyes.

“Bang! Bang!”

After hitting them in their eyes, Leng Yue kicked them down on the ground.

“Get lost!” Leng Yue looked at the people on the ground and said coldly.

Hearing her harsh words, Li Cheng, the fat man, and all the bodyguards quickly stood up and ran back.

“Oh my! My right eye hurts so much.

I cant open it,” Li Cheng said in great pain.

“I cant open my left eye as well.

Everything in front of me is so vague.

Am I going blind” The fat man was worried.

“Let me see.

It seems to be fine.

No bleeding.

Its just a black eye.”

“You also have a black eye.”


The two of them looked at each other and wanted to cry.

In fact, they could endure the pain and merely couldnt see things so clearly.

It would be fine in a few days.

However, how could they go out to meet people with black eyes

They hurried back to the open-air balcony on the second floor of the villa.

Everyone who saw them along the way felt it so strange.

“Where did they go Why are they back with black eyes”

“What happened to you two” Gu Pengfeng asked with a frown.

“We were beaten up! That beauty has a few bodyguards and they beat us,” the fat man said in a miserable tone.

“What did you say” Gu Pengfeng stood up suddenly and then said with a darkened face, “Lets go!”

As he spoke, he was about to go out.

However, after just taking two steps, he stopped to look at the four bodyguards, who covered their arms with their hands, and said hesitantly, “Did you also go with them just now”

“Yes, we were also beaten up,” one of them said with a bitter smile.

“There were six female bodyguards with excellent skills.

Were no match for them!”

“Huh” Gu Pengfeng was stunned.

The truth was that he had paid a high price to hire these four bodyguards.

“You even cant beat up a few women Useless!” The yellow-haired man sneered, and then looked at Gu Pengfeng, saying, “Brother Feng, lets go fight them!”


Gu Pengfeng swallowed his saliva.

He remembered last time when his leg was broken.

“Since were no match for them, why go there To court death”

“You go there alone!” Gu Pengfeng said angrily and then waved to the four bodyguards.

“You guys can leave!”

“Yes.” The bodyguards nodded and then left.

Then, Li Cheng and the fat man sat down.

“Brother Feng, so were we beaten for no reason” the fat man rubbed his eyes gently and asked.


“So, thats it” Li Cheng was not resigned to that.

Under the eyes of so many people in the company, he was beaten up.

It would be embarrassing for him to go to the company in the future!

“How could it be” Gu Pengfeng narrowed his eyes slightly and then said, “A few days later, my dad will hold a birthday party for my mom.

The people who will attend that celebrity party will all be from the Entertainment Circle.

Li Cheng, Ill ask my dad to call your dad later and invite some people in your company to come over.

At that time, well deal with them seriously…”

“Good!” Li Cheng thought for a while before he nodded heavily.


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