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At the shooting site—

When Li Cheng and the others ran away, the eyes of many staff members on the scene gradually widened.

They looked at each other and began to discuss it.

“Wow, they are amazing.

They beat them down in just a few moves.”

“Their movements were cool.”


Li has a black eye now.


I guess he wont be going to the company during this period.”


Even Teacher Ma didnt know what to say for the moment.

After taking at a look at Zi Yan, then Zhou Fei, and then Leng Yue and the other bodyguards, he swallowed his saliva and didnt say anything.

Zhou Fei ran over to Leng Yue and the others from the side, and then looked them up and down while saying, “Wow, youre so powerful! That was amazing!”

“How can you be so strong Who taught you Youre more powerful than male bodyguards.

“Look, your bodies are all very well-proportioned, but you have great strength!”

Zhou Fei was amazed and couldnt stop praising them.

Zi Yan grinned after seeing that.

She looked at Leng Yue and the others with admiration, and then nodded.

Then, she looked at Teacher Ma and said, “Teacher Ma, lets continue, shall we”

There were still a lot of tasks to complete this night.

She wanted to go back early after the filming, and there would be other tasks tomorrow afternoon.

She was extremely busy these days.

“Oh, okay, lets continue.

Photographers, find a good angle.

Okay, get ready…”

All the people continued to work.

Nobody went to harass them after that.

Ever since Gu Pengfeng got beaten up last time, he learned to be smart.

Although he wanted to force Zi Yan to come here, he couldnt beat her bodyguards, so he definitely would not go.

However, now that he already had a goal, he would play this game seriously.

He firmly believed that his uncle Gu Chuanlong was the most powerful man! Even if he made some trouble, his uncle would deal with it!

After shooting for more than an hour, everyone got in the cars and went to another place, which was still in the northern area.

They also shot at some other places later, and including the time on the way, they didnt stop until five oclock.

“Well, weve completed the tasks for today.

Go back to rest.

Remember to meet at three oclock tomorrow afternoon,” after the filming, Teacher Ma said to everyone.

“Wow, were finally finished.

Lets have some breakfast before going to sleep.”

“Okay, I want to have some porridge.”

“You guys, go ahead.

Im too sleepy.

Ill go straight to sleep.”


The staff members talked to each other for a short while.

At this time, Zi Yan got out of the limo in the clothes she wore when she came earlier.

With a light pink hat, she waved her hand to all the people and said, “Youve all worked hard.

Thank you.


“Dont mention it.

Its our pleasure.” Teacher Ma smiled.

Many others were also waving goodbye.

“Bye, Sister Zi Yan.

Bye, Sister Zhou Fei.”

“Sister Zi Yan, take care.”


Under everyones gaze, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei got in the Bugatti Veyron, while Leng Yue and the others got in the Mercedes-Benzs and took the lead to New Moon Bay.

“Should I tell him first”

Zi Yan took out the mobile phone from the bag and put it back after thinking for a while.

She thought that because it was only five oclock, Zhang Han probably hadnt gotten up, so she dropped the idea.

“Play some music.” Zi Yan adjusted her sitting position.

Zhou Fei turned on the radio casually and the song that was playing happened to be The Most Beautiful Expectation.

“I embraced love, when I woke up from my dreams.

You waited persistently, and never left…”

Listening to her own music, Zi Yan looked at the scenery outside the window and went into a trance.

She had worked for an entire night and it was almost dawn, but she didnt feel very sleepy, just a little tired.

So she lay against the seat languidly.

After more than half an hour, the team of cars returned to the restaurant.

After Zi Yan and Zhou Fei got out of the car, Leng Yue said goodbye and returned to the company.

“I wonder if the door is locked.

If it is, we wont be able to get in,” Zhou Fei stared at the restaurants door and said.

“I have the key.” Zi Yan took out the key chain from her pocket and shook it.

When they walked to the door, they found that the door was not locked at all.

So Zi Yan pushed the door and went in lightly.

She didnt make much noise.

The two of them walked in.

Zi Yan took one step and then looked up.

After seeing the figure who was working in the kitchen, Zi Yan was stunned.

“He… Has he gotten up

“Is he preparing breakfast for me in the kitchen”

Looking at Zhang Hans figure, Zi Yan suddenly wanted to cry.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

She was touched.

Her heart was gonna melt.

“Youre back.” Zhang Han looked up at the two of them and smiled, saying, “Take a rest first.

I made steamed stuffed buns, and theyll be ready in another 10 minutes.”

Zhang Han made the small steamed buns with three kinds of stuffing—pork, beef, as well as leek and egg.

There were two kinds of meat and one kind of vegetarian stuffing.

Because Zhao Feng and the others also ate the ingredients on the mountain and he would replenish the food whenever it was needed, Zhang Han could eat whatever he wanted.

Not like the last time when he wanted to eat pork and he had to kill a pig and make a big pig feast.

Zi Yan bit her lower lip lightly and blinked her big eyes.

After holding back her tears, she walked over and put the bag on the sofa.

“Ill go upstairs to wash my face.”

Looking at Zi Yans expression, Zhou Fei felt that the two of them would have some intimate acts, so she left quickly and ran to the second floor.

Zi Yan walked into the kitchen and stood beside Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was still making small buns.

When he saw Zi Yan was approaching, he stopped working and looked at Zi Yan with a smile.

“Hug me,” with her red lips slightly curled up, Zi Yan extended her arms and said.

“Uh… There is flour all over my body,” Zhang Han reminded her.

There was flour on his apron and hands, and it would stain Zi Yans clothes if he hugged her.

“Hug me,” Zi Yan said again.

“Mm.” Zhang Han smiled and spread his arms.

The beauty was so positive.

She hugged Zhang Han tightly and was gently smelling Zhang Hans neck with her eyes closed.

It seemed that there was a faint fragrance, which was masculine and made her feel hot.

“Its great to have you,” like a kitten, Zi Yan moved slightly in Zhang Hans arms and said softly.

“You are my baby,” Zhang Han said gently, with his eyes filled with softness.

“I love you.”

With her head moving backward and standing on tiptoes, Zi Yan pecked Zhang Han on his lips.

After pecking three times, she stopped and wrapped her hands around Zhang Hans neck.

She looked up, staring at Zhang Han with her big bright eyes.

If electricity could be discharged through the eyes, the power released by them at this moment might be able to support the restaurant for a whole day.

“Youve worked all night.

Are you tired” Zhang Han smiled softly with his eyes a little narrowed, and then he said, “Go sit for a while and have a good rest after breakfast.

Ill give you a massage before you go to sleep.”



Zi Yan nodded obediently and kissed him again.

Then, she walked out of the kitchen happily and took her bag upstairs to prepare for washing up.

She felt particularly happy at the moment.

Being held in the palm as a treasure, being loved, and being cared for meticulously by such a man made her much happier and gentler.

She felt so lucky to have Zhang Han as her… husband.

She became intoxicated with such a sweet life.

He made three trays of steamed stuffed buns for Zi Yan and Zhou Fei, which would be quite enough for the two of them.

There was still a lot of stuffing.

After Mengmeng got up and cleaned up, he would make breakfast for her.

And because he had prepared a lot of stuffing, not only the VIP members, but also the ordinary clients could eat the steamed stuffed buns if they came early.


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