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A few minutes later, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei walked down from the second floor and Zi Yan had changed into comfortable pajamas.

It was only five oclock and there were no outsiders in the restaurant, so they walked around casually.

About ten minutes later, Zhang Han put the three trays of steamed stuffed buns in the plates and directly set them on the tea table in front of them.

Then, he also brought chili oil, soy sauce and vinegar.

After the two of them made dipping condiments in the saucers, Zhang Han brought over the tableware, two glasses of milk, two boiled eggs and rice porridge.

Then, he sat next to Zi Yan.

“What a hearty breakfast.

Thank you, brother-in-law,” Zhou Fei said happily and directly picked up a meat stuffed bun with her chopsticks.

She bit off a small piece of its outer layer and then the meat stuffing inside was exposed.

Some heat rose from it, accompanied by the meats fragrance.

“It smells great!”

Zhou Fei was intoxicated and murmured.

After working overnight, it was really a pleasure to have such delicious food in the morning.

She dipped the bun which had lost a small piece of its layer twice in the dipping condiments, then directly put the whole small bun into her mouth.

That made her mouth bulge.

She had first sensed the aroma of the white flour, but after the bite, the meats pure fragrance and tenderness made Zhou Fei almost bite her tongue.

“Wow, its delicious.

I like it…”

Zhou Fei chewed while muttering.

After eating one, she quickly picked up the next one, bit off a little piece of the layer, dipped in the condiment, and then ate the whole bun in one bite.

She did that repeatedly, enjoying her breakfast immensely.

Zi Yan was much more elegant than her.

Although she was hungry, it wasnt to the degree of being able to eat like a horse.

After biting off a little bit of the layering and dipping the bun in the condiment, she bit off a third of it, dipped it in the condiment, and then put it to Zhang Hans mouth, muttering,

“Have some, too.”

“You go ahead.

Ill eat with Mengmeng later.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Zhang Han thought earlier that the buns would be enough for them, but seeing that Zhou Fei was eating like that, he felt a little uncertain.

He had a feeling that they might eat up all the three trays of buns.

“Mm, eat,” Zi Yan pouted her mouth while speaking.

Zhang Han smiled and ate the small bun directly.

Just like that, Zhou Fei focused on eating, while Zi Yan and Zhang Han were eating together.

Zi Yan sometimes fed him half a bun and a bit of rice porridge, then at times some milk and half an egg.

They were so sweet that Zhou Fei felt there was strong love around her.

She didnt even want to raise her head to look at them.

Soon, all the food was finished.

After that, Zhou Fei lazily leaned on the sofa.

She burped and said,

“Oh my, its great! I dont want to move.

I get sleepy when Im full.”

“How about you sleep in the secondary bedroom upstairs” Zi Yan proposed.

“Okay, then Ill do just that.” Zhou Fei didnt refuse.

She nodded directly and then went to the second floor.

She probably wouldnt get up until the afternoon.

They still needed to go out at three oclock, so she wouldnt go back home to rest.

In addition, she was really so sleepy at the moment that she could fall asleep even with a single pillow.

Zhou Fei went upstairs.

Zhang Han cleaned up the tableware and then held Zi Yans hands, saying,

“Lets go upstairs, too.

Ill give you a massage.”


They went back to the bedroom and Zi Yan lay on the bed.

Zhang Han thought for a moment and then lifted Zi Yans pajamas.

In fact, he could also massage through the clothes.

However, he wanted her to get used to it from the beginning.

Zhang Han smiled and then started the massage with his palms gently.

In just a few minutes, Zi Yan fell asleep.

She had muttered just before that,

“Mm, its comfortable…”

After another minute, seeing that Zi Yan had fallen asleep, Zhang Han put her pajamas down and covered her with the quilt.

Then, he went to sit in the chair next to him and played with the phone casually.

It was 6:40.

“PaPa, MaMa, I want to pee,” Mengmeng woke up and called.

“Im coming.” Zhang Han quickly put down his mobile phone, walked over and held Mengmeng in his arms while heading to the bathroom.

He also helped Mengmeng wash up.

After washing her face, the little girl became energetic.

“PaPa, why didnt MaMa get up yet Lets wake her up.

The sun is high up there,” Mengmeng waved her small hands and urged.

“Your mommy didnt sleep well last night and needs to have a good rest,” Zhang Han smiled and pinched Mengmengs cute face with his hand, saying, “Lets go downstairs.

You can watch cartoons for a while and Ill cook for you.

Well eat small stuffed buns today.”

“Oh Wont we wake up MaMa” Mengmeng blinked her big bright eyes while asking.

She loved waking up her MaMa.

After thinking for a moment, she nodded her head and said, “Alright, lets go downstairs to watch cartoons.”

“Lets go.” Zhang Han held Mengmeng in his arms.

Although Mengmeng was able to run and jump at the moment, Zhang Han still liked to hold the little girl in his arms and she also liked to be held by PaPa.

She enjoyed being close to him.

“I finally found PaPa.

I cant let him go.”

“Lets go,” Mengmeng muttered.

They went downstairs and sat on the sofa.

When Zhang Han turned on the TV and found there was no Boonie Bears, Mengmeng muttered, “How come”

It was another cartoon.

The little girl watched for two minutes and began to like it.

Zhang Han went to the kitchen and swiftly made the stuffed buns.

He needed to get them steamed after making a few trays and a total of more than 20 trays were steamed in the end.

Zhang Han laid half a tray of buns, a glass of milk, an egg and half a bowl of rice porridge on the tea table and started to feed Mengmeng breakfast.

Four VIP members had arrived at the moment.

They were Wang Qiang and Wu Liying, as well as Pearson who would go there for all the three meals in a day as long as he was in Hong Kong.

Pearson had a good shape and was 1.8 meters tall.

With a regular schedule, he also liked fitness, so his body was rather healthy.

The last one was Lin Xue, who was seldom seen in the morning.

The VIP members were quite surprised by having steamed stuffed buns for dinner, while the ordinary clients were even more excited, including the manager and several employees of the Sichuan Restaurant next door.

“The early bird catches the worm.” Those words did make some sense.

At about 8:40 after breakfast time, the restaurant quietened.

Zhang Han was accompanying Mengmeng to play with the remote control car on the sofa.

Suddenly, a long version of the Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped at the parking space in front of the restaurant.

Zhang Han noticed that event and then fixed his eyes on it.

A thin man of more than 50 years old and a graceful looking woman got off the car.

It was a middle-aged man who opened the door for them.

After looking carefully, Zhang Han remembered that when he went to Mount Yun Ding last time, the three of them were also there.

Although they were sitting in the corner, there were very few people in there.

And it had only been a few days, so Zhang Han recognized them soon.

After exiting the car, they walked toward the door of the restaurant.

Before they walked in, Hong Qitao also straightened his tie.

He in formal attire that day, in a light blue suit with a tie.

Tang Jiayi was wearing a black dress, with a food bag in her hand, which contained two bottles of the most expensive treasured liquor in their house.

With a smile on his face, Hong Qitao pushed the door and walked in.

Then, he looked at the environment inside and went straight to the sofa.

Mengmeng also stopped controlling her small sports car and put down the remote control in her hand.

She turned her little head and looked at those people with curiosity.

“Hello, Mr.


Hong Qitao stretched out his hand and said with a smile, “Im Hong Qitao.

I came here uninvited.

Please dont mind.”

Zhang Han ignored Hong Qitaos hand and looked at him coldly, asking,

“Whats the matter”

“Uh…” Hong Qitao was stunned and then withdrew his hand silently, thinking about what to say.


Zhang, these are two bottles of our treasured liquor.

We brought them especially for you.” Tang Jiayi interrupted them and gently placed the food bag in her hand on the tea table.

When she saw Mengmeng, her eyes lit up and she said with a smile, “What a beautiful little girl.”

“Oh… Mm… Mm…” Mengmeng was a little shy, so she muttered and hid behind Zhang Han, peeping at Tang Jiayi with her big bright eyes.

Zhang Han took a look at Tang Jiayi and then looked at the respectful martial artist behind her.

Finally, he fixed his eyes on Hong Qitao and asked calmly, “Tell me your intentions directly.”

Since they brought the liquor, Zhang Han gave them a chance to speak.

Under normal circumstances, if someone was that indifferent to him without saying hello, Hong Qitao would have left immediately.

But at the moment, the thought didnt come to his mind.

The calmer Zhang Han appeared, the more he felt that he was a great master!

After hearing Zhang Hans words, he thought for second and then said slowly,

“This is the case.


Zhang, after you left Mount Yun Ding that day, Gu Chuanlong simply treated Jiang Zonghao and the others.

Later, before he left, he said that hed make you pay a hundred times more.

He has a good relationship with Jiang Zonghao and the other people.”

After that, he looked at Zhang Han, trying to figure about what he was thinking from the expression in his eyes.

For example, if he was afraid of Gu Chuanlong, he would roll his eyes and think of how to deal with him.

If he wasnt afraid, it was possible that there would be fierceness in his eyes or his face darkened.


Hong Qitao found that Mr.

Zhang remained so composed that there was nothing strange in his eyes after he said that.

That made Hong Qitao somewhat confused.

However, Zhang Han still answered him.

He stared at Hong Qitao and said,

“Oh, you can leave now.”

If they had just gone there to tell him that, Zhang Han had no interest at all.

From some details before they entered the door, he had found that they had gone there to ask for something.

Zhang Han felt that he would probably not help them, but whether he would or not, he didnt like wasting time on guessing what they were thinking about.

They could just tell him directly what they wanted.

When Zhang Han said that, Hong Qitao was stunned.

Tang Jiayi, who was next to him, thought for a moment and said bluntly,


Zhang, what he just said is totally true.

Heres the thing.

Gu Chuanlong has a grudge against us.

He said that in a few days, my son and his girlfriend have to go to his house to beg for forgiveness for three days.

That has to be a trap.

We wont yield.”

“Weve used our connections, but to no avail.

We were very helpless.

Later, we thought of you, Mr.


So, we came here to ask you today.

Gu Chuanlong said that hell deal with you, so I suggest you take the initiative to attack.

It may also help us a lot.

At that time, well surely show our gratitude and give you a satisfactory payment.”

In just a few words, she had felt that Mr.

Zhang didnt like talking nonsense, so she simply told him their intentions directly.

Whether he would agree or not was all in Gods hands.

After hearing those words, Zhang Han slightly narrowed his eyes and said, “Are you finished”

“Yes, Im finished,” Tang Jiayi nodded and replied, “Mr.

Zhang, if youre interested, Ill make it more specific.”

“Oh, Im not interested.

Please leave.” Zhang Han waved his hand casually.

If Gu Chuanlong didnt go there to provoke him, then hed forget it; but if he did, Zhang Han would surely fight him.

He wouldnt bother taking the initiative to go there.

If he had the time, he might do it.

However, he liked to accompany Mengmeng and Zi Yan at present and doing other things would be a waste of time.

After hearing his words, Tang Jiayi rolled her eyes helplessly.

“Given Mr.

Zhangs attitude, Im afraid that well fail today.”

Then, Hong Qitao sighed and shook his head while saying, “Thats alright.”

“Master Zhang.”

At the moment, the Peak Strength Warrior behind them opened his mouth and said,

“You may not know Master Gu very well.

Hes narrow-minded and vengeful.

Since he said hed make you pay in front of everyone, hell definitely do that.

He didnt fix the date, because he has just reached the Heave-stage and hasnt fully mastered the power, I guess.”

“A few days ago, I heard that he went back to practice after he left.

Im afraid that hell come to you after he finishes that.

You may not be afraid, but you have such a lovely daughter.

You must know that man doesnt show any mercy to women or kids.”

As soon as he said that, Hong Qitao and Tang Jiayi looked at Zhang Han again.

They hoped that he could agree.

“Hes just Gu Chuanlong.

If he dares to come, Ill deal with him.”

Zhang Han thought about it and finally shook his head.

His going to kill Gu Chuanlong and the latters trying to kill him were two different things.

If Gu Chuanlong arrived to cause trouble and was killed, nobody would say anything.

However, if he went to kill Gu Chuanlong, he might have a lot of trouble.

Gu Chuanlong must have his own forces of martial artists.

If there was someone who was stronger than him, Zhang Han felt that it would be very troublesome.

Even if there wasnt, if Gu Chuanlongs friends caused trouble and fought with him from time to time, it would be annoying, too.

Zhang Han just wanted to live a peaceful life far away from those things.

It was also because he was not so powerful at present.

If he had a level of strength at the Foundation Stage when he went to Mount Yun Ding last time, Jiang Zonghao and the others, including Gu Chuanlong, wouldve already been killed.

Although Zhang Han was strong, having gone through a tribulation and had great ambitions, it didnt mean that he should be arrogant.

It was a solid fact that he was just in the early Qi Refining stage, so he had to worry about some things anyways.

Otherwise, his opponents wouldnt just be injured if he fought them.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han finally shook his head and refused.

“Well… Then forget about what we said today.

Theres still a long way to go.

I hope we can be friends, Mr.

Zhang,” Hong Qitao nodded and said that before turning to leave.

Just after he took two steps, suddenly, a pleasing voice was heard from upstairs, “Zhang Han, Zhang Han”

“Im coming!”

Zhang Han directly held Mengmeng in his arms and turned to the second floor.


Hong Qitao and Tang Jiayi suddenly stopped.

They looked at each other.

“This voice… Why is it so familiar”

“Sounds like Xiao Yans voice,” Tang Jiayi looked at Hong Qitao and said in doubt.

“Its really like her voice.

Can that be her” Hong Qitao thought about it and said, “How about… How about we go upstairs and have a look”

Zi Yans voice was very sweet and special.

The voice coming from the second floor had a close similarity to hers, but Hong Qitao wasnt sure, so he said that hesitantly.

“Dont be like this,” the martial artist hurriedly reminded him, “We dont know Mr.

Zhangs temper.

If we suddenly go there and invade their private space, he might be angry…”

“Youre right,” Hong Qitao sighed and then said, “Lets go.”

He still needed to figure out what to do.

He had also thought about trying to find a master from the mainland who was stronger than Gu Chuanlong.

Then, they left the restaurant.

They wouldnt have known that by going upstairs to take a look out of impulse and confirmed that it was Zi Yan, they would have instantly been treated differently.

It was just that they didnt dare to gamble, because there were many similar voices in this world.

In addition, they thought that Zi Yan was still single.

Therefore, they dropped the idea after thinking about it.

Sometimes, they just missed some people or something that way.

They were so close to have met each other, but they just missed the chance.

At that time, at the door of the master bedroom on the second floor.

Seeing that Zhang Han and Mengmeng were approaching her, the sleepy Zi Yan squinted her eyes and muttered,

“I want to sleep with you.”

“MaMa, give me a hug.” Mengmeng stretched out her little arms.

After Zi Yan held her in her arms, Mengmeng blinked her big eyes while saying, “MaMa, the sun is high up there.”

“MaMa will play with you after sleeping for a while.” Zi Yan kissed her cute face.

“Mm, alright,” Mengmeng replied obediently.

“Come here,” Zi Yan opened the door of the bedroom and urged Zhang Han.

“Im coming.” Zhang Han took a few toys from the sofa and then went to the bedroom with Zi Yan.

All the curtains in the bedroom were drawn, so it was dark inside.

Zi Yan held Mengmeng on the bed.

“Its time to tell the story,” Mengmeng snuck into the quilt and muttered.

“No, I only tell stories at night.” Zhang Han couldnt help but laugh.

He took off his coat and pants quickly before going to bed.

Then, he put Mengmeng on his left side, to have her in the middle and put a few toys in front of her, whispering, “Lets play with toys.”

“Mm, lets play with toys.”

“Keep it down.

MaMa is still sleeping,” Zhang Han whispered.

“Mm, quite,” Mengmeng lowered her voice and said quietly, “Dont let MaMa hear us.”

Hearing the little girls words, a smile appeared on the corners of Zi Yans mouth.

Although she closed her eyes, she was still very happy.

After Zhang Han lay down, she leaned over, putting her long legs on one of his legs and one arm on his chest.

Then, she gradually fell asleep.

Zhang Han hugged Zi Yan while quietly playing with Mengmeng.

After about half an hour, the little girl felt bored and wanted to go out.

So, Zhang Han gently went out of bed and tucked Zi Yan in.

Then, he put on his clothes and walked out quietly.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei got up after one oclock.

Just after they woke up, Zhang Han prepared steaks for them, all medium done.

They went to work after the meal.

Just when they drove to the main road, those three Mercedes-Benzes followed up.

They were still Leng Yue and the other bodyguards.

They returned to the company in the morning, took a break, made up for missed lessons, and then went to wait there after lunch.

After arriving at the place Teacher Ma said earlier, all people got off the cars.

Zi Yan said to Leng Yue that they could just wait for them in the restaurant later on.

Hearing such caring words, Leng Yue and the others felt very warm.

They felt that Zi Yan didnt just take them as bodyguards.

Hong Kong was not very big.

They needed to shoot at many places in three days and the shooting of MVs was very complicated, so there were a lot of tasks.

Sometimes, one MV could involve nearly a month of work and some could be finished in one or two weeks.

Of course, a simple one could only be finished in a day or two.

As for Zi Yans ten songs, it would take them nearly 20 days with the professional planning of Teacher Ma, if they could work faster.

Moreover, a lot of manpower and material resources needed to be used.

If there were fewer staff, it would be delayed a lot.

Fortunately, the company had provided sufficient human resources.

After working for three consecutive days, they finished the shooting in Hong Kong.

In the past few days, the six songs released by Zi Yan had been a real hit.

Just by opening a music app randomly, people would find that there were more than 200,000 comments under her songs.

That was how new songs should be, which should immediately attract peoples attention.

Any other artists who had seen that envied Zi Yan.

When Hanyang was in his prime, she was lucky enough to get his ten songs, which was just like winning a lottery.

Conformity psychology made all people think Hanyangs songs were great when some people said so.

On the fourth day, at ten oclock in the morning.

In the conference room of the Royal Entertainment Company.

Meiqi, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were sitting in the main position while a press conference was in progress.

Looking at nearly 100 media reporters down there, as well as the familiar yet strange flashes, Zi Yan had mixed feelings.

It seemed that the album would be 100% successful, which meant that her comeback was already in sight.

“Zi Yan, how did you get the ten songs from Hanyang Its well known that before Hanyang gives his songs, hed always reply on Weibo.

But you didnt seem to have experienced that.

Did you know him from before”


Facing all the media, Zi Yan answered their questions smoothly and was quite experienced.

About an hour later, the press conference ended and the scheduled release time was October 15th, in about twenty days.

After she finished that part, she could rest until the afternoon of the next day.

However, after the press conference, Meiqi answered a phone call.

When Zi Yan was about to leave, she hurriedly stopped her and said, “Zi Yan, wait.

Boss Wu wants to see you.

He has something to tell you.”

“Oh, okay.” Zi Yan nodded and then went to Wu Chengdongs office with Zhou Fei.

They knocked on the door and then entered the office.

Wu Chengdong was very friendly that time.

He waved his hand and said with a smile, “Sit.”

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei nodded and sat on the sofa.

“Youll go to the mainland tomorrow afternoon.

There will be a party that evening and youd better go there,” Wu Chengdong said directly.

“But I have something to do at night,” Zi Yan replied.

“Dont refuse me so soon,” Wu Chengdong smiled and said, “Itll be a gathering of the upper-class Entertainment Circle.

Several people in our company have the chance.

Ill also go there with some senior executives.”

“The party will be held by Gu Fang, the chairman of Nanxin Entertainment.

He especially called to invite me, saying that he has several scripts in hand each with an investment of more than 50 million and some with one or two hundred million.

He wants to cooperate with our Royal Entertainment.

Therefore, I intend to bring a few artists over there.

I think this is an opportunity and you should go to have a look.”

“It wont be very long.

Itll only take an hour or two.

Oh, yes, Mr.

Gu also mentioned you.

He said that hes heard about your album recently.

He also thought that youre suitable to play the heroine in several scripts.

I guess you can pick the script you like later.”


Gu will throw this party mainly for his wifes birthday.

In addition, youll come with us.

So, theres no need to worry about your safety.”

Wu Chengdong explained the whole thing to her in a concise manner.

After hearing his words, Zi Yan was lost in thought.

“If its really like what he said, it will be a good opportunity.

Itd be fine to spend an hour or two there.”

After thinking about it, Zi Yan nodded and said, “At what time”

“At eight oclock, at the Dragon Triumph Club in the Jiansha District,” Wu Chengdong replied.

“Okay, well get there on time.”


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