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Zi Yan directly nodded and promised.

Although she made a comeback as a singer, she still wanted to develop toward film and television industry in the future.

What Wu Chengdong said was indeed an opportunity.

Even Wu Chengdong thought like that.

Although he had some influence, he didnt belong to the top-level society.

He also didnt know that the gathering wouldnt be that simple.

After receiving Zi Yans reply, Wu Chengdong nodded with a smile and said,

“Ive been following the songs youve released recently.

Theyve responded favorably.

I predict that your new album may go platinum on the first day.


“Im flattered, Boss Wu,” Zi Yan nodded slightly and answered.

“Hahaha,” Wu Chengdong shook his head while laughing and then said, “Go back to have some rest.

Dont be late.”

“Yes.” After responding, Zi Yan got up and left with Zhou Fei.

After they left, Wu Chengdong shook his head slightly.

He felt regretful because he had misjudged earlier.

Given Zi Yans ability, shed soon become the backbone of Royal Entertainment Company.

However, he had helped Lin Jie last time, resulting in a bad relationship with her.

He noticed that Zi Yan wasnt very dependent on the company at the moment.

He also felt that if there was a chance, Zi Yan would probably choose to leave.

However, no one could predict the future.

What he could do was to wait and see.

Wu Chengdong sighed.

After Zi Yan walked out of the door, Leng Yue and the others followed her and went downstairs.

The six of them were Zi Yans personal guards, who would follow her wherever she went.

At first, people in the company were very surprised when they saw Leng Yue and the others, but they got used to that after seeing them a few times.

They walked all the way downstairs, and then got in the cars to head back to New Moon Bay.

At the same time, at Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.

A man in a black suit with a serious face had just walked to Zhang Han.

He made a military salute and then said, “General Zhang!”

“What is it” Just after hearing that, Zhang Han remembered that he still had the title of a general.

That was a very high status in ordinary peoples eyes, but Zhang Han had almost forgot about it.

He never cared about titles, and he knew that he had gotten that title because someone wanted to make use of his ability to make martial artists in batches.

They mustve also noticed Mount New Moon, but didnt know where the Yang Qing Water that could enhance the physical fitness came from.

Since they had received the first batch, theyd definitely want the second batch.

It was addictive, too.

However, the reserve of Yang Qing Water had been reduced by half and it couldnt support a consumption in bulk.

Even if it was used to improve the livestocks physique on the mountain, it would possibly only last for about a year.

Therefore, when he saw that somebody had arrived and even called him General Zhang, he decided to talk with him officially.

“Leading Cadre Liu sent me to tell you that no one will ask about Tang Zhan again.

The injured people on Mount Yun Ding have also been warned and they wont disturb you in the future, General Zhang,” that man said loudly.

“Oh, nothing else” Zhang Han asked with a chuckle.

“Yes,” the man answered very bluntly.

Zhang Han felt that it was a little funny.

He also liked talking in such a simple way, so he nodded and said, “Go ahead.”

“We want to incorporate Zhao Feng and his security members into Wolf Head as the second detachment.

Itll be a cooperative relationship.

General Zhang, do you agree” the man said bluntly.

“Well…” Zhang Han thought for a while and then shook his head, saying, “Go and contact Xiao Feng.

Hell make the decision.”

Incorporating them into Wolf Head would just be in name.

A cooperative relationship meant that those people should be able to help them when there were tasks.

Zhang Han wasnt interested in such things and didnt want to get involved, so, he decided to leave it to Zhao Feng.

He believed that Zhao Feng could make the right decision.

“Yes!” The man responded and made a salute before turning to leave neatly.

Ten minutes after he left, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei returned.

“MaMa! Whats that” Mengmeng suddenly noticed the food box in Zi Yans hand.

“It looks like an ice cream!”

The little girl was surprised.

She stood up on the sofa and stretched out her arms to ask for Zi Yans hug.

Then, Zi Yan held her in her arms and said with a smile, “Look at what it is!”

“Ice cream!” Mengmeng said very happily.

“You want it”

“Yes, yes!”

“Then kiss me first,” Zi Yan put her red lips forward.

“Mua, mua, mua.”

After the kisses, Zi Yan put Mengmeng on the sofa and muttered,

“Youre getting heavier and heavier.

I wont be able to carry you later on.

Here you are.”

While speaking, she handed the ice cream over and then Mengmeng began to eat it happily.

“Come, sit.” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan with a chuckle and patted the place next to him.

After Zi Yan sat down, he held her hands and smiled, saying, “Youll be free till tomorrow afternoon, right”

The implication was, “Shouldnt you spend some private time with me”

After hearing the words, Zi Yan licked her mouth and rolled her eyes to him, thinking,

“Youre always thinking about those things!”

However, his words also made her feel very hot, since she had longed for that for a long time.

Once thinking of what they would do, Zi Yan felt her whole body become a little numb.

She didnt know what to do, like a flustered small rabbit.

“I have to go to a party in the evening.

We might talk about the scripts in the future,” Zi Yan replied.

“Brother-in-law, Zi Yan is going to be a super star.

After the album gets popular, I guess money will flow into her wallet nonstop,” Zhou Fei said happily.

“Oh, when is that” Zhang Han asked casually.

“It will start at 8 oclock, so well set off at about 7:20,” Zi Yan answered.

Then, she thought for a moment and said, “Im free in the afternoon.

I want to have fun in the yacht and go surfing.”

Ever since they went surfing on the huge waves last time, Zi Yan would recall that day from time to time.

The overwhelming huge waves were so exciting.

Also, the water curtain formed after the waves was so beautiful.

She could hear the sound of the running water and touch it once by stretching out her hand.

That was indeed a wonderful experience.

Zhang Han naturally wouldnt refuse Zi Yans request, so he nodded directly.

After Mengmeng heard it, her big eyes lit up and she also voiced her excitement about going surfing.

Therefore, the group of people went out.

Leng Yue and the others were still in the cars outside and followed up once they set off.

After arriving at Deepwater Bay Yacht Club, they rented a yacht and everyone got on.

Leng Yue and the other bodyguards didnt wear swimsuits, so they sat on the lower deck.

Zhang Han, Zi Yan, Mengmeng and Zhou Fei were on the upper floor in swimsuits.

Mengmeng played happily with those small toys.

When they decided to go surfing, Zi Yan was a little worried, so she didnt allow Mengmeng to do that.

Instead, Zhang Han held her in his arms and surfed several times.

Zhou Fei got envious after seeing their intimate acts.

She also wanted to surf in another mans arms, but the man had not appeared yet!

They didnt spend a long time there.

At five oclock, everyone went back home.

Zhang Han made dinner.

At dinner time, the six women, including Leng Yue, were also invited to the restaurant by Zi Yan and they ate at the dining table near the piano on the first floor.

After the meal, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went to the bedroom and stayed there for a long time.

After they came out, they already had a bright, new look.

“Youre gorgeous,” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan, with amazement in his eyes, while praising her.

Zi Yan was wearing a beige Chanel dress.

There was a little tulle around the neck, which could reveal her eye-catching clavicles.

The dress was to the knee and people could see her delicate and slender legs.

She didnt wear high heels, since she was already very tall.

Instead, she was wearing a pair of crystal sandals.

With her hair worn in a bun, her neck appeared more slender.

She was also wearing earrings and the jade bracelet Zhang Han bought for her, holding a Hermès black handbag.

She looked elegant and beautiful.

Zhou Fei was also dressed up, wearing a red gown.

However, Zi Yan was too attractive and shed be overlooked.

“How is it” With the bag in her left hand and lifting the dress a little with her right hand, Zi Yan turned around in front of Zhang Han.

Then, she gracefully fell in Zhang Hans arms with her own arms around his neck, asking, “Am I beautiful”

“Wow, MaMa is super beautiful,” Mengmeng praised her on the sofa.

“Yes, youre gorgeous,” Zhang Han praised her softly.

“Mua…” Zi Yan raised her head and kissed him gently on his lips, saying, “Im leaving.”

“Oh my goodness, Im still here!” Zhou Fei patted her forehead heavily.

“I really cant stand it!”

“Humph.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes to her.

There were customers downstairs, so they put on the sunglasses and then went to their destination under everyones attention.

Zhou Fei didnt drive, since she was wearing high heels.

They got in the Mercedes-Benz driven by Leng Yue and then the three cars drove to the Dragon Triumph Club in the Jiansha District.

The Dragon Triumph Club was a private club, which would only receive the upper class in Hong Kong.

Many parties or activities were held there.

Located in the south of the Jiansha District, it was very large, like a mountain villa.

The scenery and decoration were great and there were artificial hills, lakes and pavilions everywhere.

There was also an entertainment building, hot springs, several special gathering halls, etc.

It was a private club with integrated amenities.

At 7:45 a lot of people had already arrived, including Wu Chengdong, Meiqi, Director Fu and another senior executive.

They didnt come together, but they had all arrived a quarter of an hour earlier.

Those who didnt have high status usually arrived at the place in advance.

Only the real big shots would appear at the last moment and nobody would dare to criticize them even if they were late.

After Meiqi arrived, she happened to meet Xu Ruoyu, her agent and a female employee from another company at the entrance of the club.

“Why are you here” Meiqi asked curiously.

“Sister Mei, Mr.

Li invited us to come,” Xu Ruoyu said with a smile.

When she passed the parking lot, a lot of luxury cars made her feel a little nervous.

She knew that it was a gathering of high-ranking people held by Gu Pengfengs father.

She had an in-depth understanding of Gu Pengfeng and naturally knew how powerful he was.

It was no exaggeration to say that if Xu Ruoyu could get Gu Pengfengs support, shed immediately dump Li Cheng.

She didnt want to work with Li Cheng deep inside, but she had to pretend to be compliant for the time being.

“Oh, lets go together.”

Meiqi smiled and then took the lead as they walked into the building.


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