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Gu Chuanlong said in an extremely positive tone, as if he were giving his own things as a gift.

His words were beyond any doubt and undeniable, leaving no room for rejection.

The instant he finished speaking, the expressions of the people present varied.

Gu Fang was very startled and had not expected that outcome.

At first, his lover felt shocked, then she gloated and looked at Zi Yan.

Sometimes, it was a sin for people to be so beautiful.

Some people just looked on passively, while some others were apparently helpless.

They were aware that Gu Chuanlong and He Yunfei, on that occasion, totally ignored them.

Gu Pengfeng was almost livid at that moment, failing to figure out what to make of things.

At that point, he seemed to have trouble with constipation and was uncomfortable.

Wu Chengdong and Meiqi were stunned, because neither of them had expected such a thing to happen.

Therefore, they were quite upset.

Wu Chengdong felt especially uneasy.

He had promised Zi Yan that he could keep her safe if she went there.

But at the moment…

He lowered his head slightly and did not even dare to look at Zi Yan.

Everything that happened was attributed to her bad luck!

Wu Chengdong chose to ignore, pretending not to see or hear anything, as if he were irrelevant.

Zi Yans expression also cooled down at that time.

She just stared at He Yunfei, unblinking, and her eyes were filled with determination and unyieldingness.

Zhou Feis response was more dramatic.

Although she knew that those people in front of her were very powerful, she could not hold her anger.

She stood up and stared at them, panting like a cow!

“Mm” Feeling Zhou Feis attitude, Gu Chuanlong frowned.

When he was about to scold her, He Yunfeis laughter was heard.

Everyone turned and looked over, seeing He Yunfei shaking his head slightly and drinking up a glass of red wine.

Then he said flatly,

“Im just kidding.

Dont take it seriously.”

“Just a joke” Everyone was completely surprised and did not know what He Yunfei meant.

“Even the most beautiful woman will turn into a fair skeleton in the end.

Just like this lady,” He Yunfei casually pointed at Zi Yan and said, “Though she is exceedingly pretty now, she will inevitably age after ten or twenty years.”

At that point, He Yunfei glanced at Gu Chuanlong, Jiang Zonghao and several other people, then he said while shaking his head, “People of our generation are pursuing and committing themselves to martial arts.

Once we are entangled in any mundane matters, we will find it hard to have breakthroughs.

This is also the reason why martial artists are rare and are generally untalented.”

He spoke with a masters demeanor, which startled Gu Chuanlong and the others.

Then they saluted to him and said with a smile, “Understood!”

If Zhang Han would have heard what he said, he would say that He Yunfei was talking nonsense.

All roads led to Rome.

The means in the Cultivation World varied from person to person.

For instance, cultivators of the lust sect needed to cultivate with those whose gender was different from theirs.

The reason why martial artists were rare was essentially ascribed to the depletion of the spiritual Qi in heaven and earth.

However, many people present felt relieved after hearing He Yunfeis words.

Zhou Fei twisted her mouth in anger and sat down, while Zi Yan was in a much worse mood, her cold look remaining.

In fact, anyone would feel bad if others played jokes on them.

Wu Chengdong and Meiqi dared to raise their heads at that point, while Gu Pengfeng heaved a great sigh of relief.

“Protector He, come on.

Im really honored since you came here.

Lets propose a toast to you,” Gu Fang properly interjected, and he said that as he picked up his wine glass.

As soon as he moved, everyone present picked up their glasses.

Even Zhou Fei and Zi Yan also took their wine glasses and took a small sip.

Sometimes, those rules had to be observed.

After finishing that glass of wine, everyone began to chat with each other casually, and most of them were flattering Protector He around him.

Gu Pengfeng proposed a toast to Wu Chengdong from time to time.

“Come on, Boss Wu, Zi Yan, its the first time that we have met each other.”

“Zi Yan is very beautiful.

I think she will become popular after shooting several films and television works.

Respect the movie queen of the future with a glass of wine.”

“Is this Director Mei Since youre Zi Yans director, you will definitely reach a higher position in the future.

I toast to you.”


Zi Yan was somewhat impatient with Gu Pengfengs toasts.

Although she had just taken small sips of wine every time, she still drank up three glasses after a while.

When Zi Yan decided to leave after a few minutes, Gu Fangs conversation with the others suddenly attracted her attention.

“I heard that a powerful man showed up on Mount Yun Ding a few days ago,” He Yunfei said casually after taking a sip of wine.

“Thats right.

The person is Master Zhang of New Moon Bay, with extraordinary skills,” An Earth-Stage martial artist behind him replied.

“Hes indeed highly skilled and knocked down five masters, including Jiang Zonghao, though he has probably just reached the Profound-stage.

Perhaps he has some secrets that can help his strength break out in an instant,” Gu Chuanlong said with a nod.

His words made Jiang Zonghao blush.

As a Earth-Stage Warrior, it was really shameful to be gravely injured by a person who had just entered the Profound-stage, and he had currently returned to the Profound-stage since the man hurt his root, therefore, he was wallowing in hatred.

After thinking for a while, Jiang Zonghao said in a low voice, “That person is particularly arrogant.

Hes just the owner of a restaurant, but he actually asked me to fight against a chimpanzee.

He insulted me! He sneaked up on us as he found that the chimpanzee was no match for us.

I told him twice that I wanted to recruit him to take part in the National Security Agency, but he totally looked down on us.

Protector He, please help me today.

My superiors now limit me, but how can I defuse my anger since my strength declined”

His words made everyones eyes sparkle with curiosity.

“Who is Master Zhang of New Moon Bay Now that they mentioned him, he is indeed something!”

As for Zi Yan, she suddenly froze after hearing what he said.

“New Moon Bay Master Zhang A chimpanzee”

“They… seem to be talking about Zhang Han”

“Is it really him”

“Is he also part of that group”

“Did he fight with others”

A series of doubts kept bothering Zi Yan.

Furthermore, she gave up leaving and intended to listen to what they were talking about.

At that moment, Gu Pengfeng went over from the side of the sofa, with two large glasses of red wine in his hand.

He handed one to Zi Yan and said with a smile, “I added some ice in this glass of wine, which will cool you down.”

“Oh, thank you.” Zi Yan stared at Gu Fang and the people talking with him, so she took the red wine without much thinking.

“Cheers.” Gu Pengfengs eyes sparkled with tension and excitement.

He touched his glass with Zi Yans.

Under his gaze, Zi Yan took a small sip.

At that point, the conversation in Gu Fangs group was still in full swing.

“I heard about this incident…” He Yunfei thought for a while.

In fact, that matter was involved with the military, and he was ordered to drop it.

As he was thinking about how to refuse him, Gu Chuanlong, who was sitting beside him, opened his mouth.

“Protector He does not need to deal with him in person,” Gu Chuanlong sneered and said, “I said that I did not find a right opportunity to take action since it was you who invited him and there was safety in numbers, but now I will show him the strength of a Heaven-stage Master.

Ive decided to tear him apart after three days on Mount Yun Ding.”

“Thats a great idea.

Thank you, Brother Gu.” Jiang Zonghaos eyes lit up, and he picked up a glass of wine, then drank it up.

The faces of all the others present changed slightly at that time.

They could feel that Gu Chuanlong wanted to kill Zhang Han.

For those who did not know much about the martial arts world, like Wu Chengdong and Meiqi, they would feel even more shocked.

“Do people in this circle usually tear others apart”

“That is too dark!”

After Zi Yan heard what he said, the hand holding a glass of red wine trembled slightly; her heart pounded fiercely and her eyes blinked quickly.

She was really confused.

“Is it Zhang Han”

“He is going to kill Zhang Han.”

“I need to tell him now!”

Zi Yan glanced at Wu Chengdong and said directly, “Im sorry, Boss Wu, Im a little uncomfortable.

I have to go back first.”

“Huh… Well, you…” After thinking for a while, Wu Chengdong responded with a nod.

Before he finished speaking, Gu Pengfeng interjected, “Hey Are you leaving now Its too early.”

“She is a little uncomfortable.

Forgive us, Childe Gu.”

Zi Yan did not say anything, so Wu Chengdong replied with a smile.

“Well, thats OK.

Zi Yan, lets drink to our acquaintance,” Gu Pengfeng said with a smile while staring at Zi Yan.

At that point, Zi Yan only wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Therefore, she picked up her glass and drank the remaining red wine.

After finishing drinking, Zi Yan wanted to stand up.

However, as soon as she got up, she felt powerless and dizzy, as if she had been deprived of oxygen, and then suddenly sat right back.

“Whats wrong with you, Elder Sister Yan” Zhou Fei asked in a hurry.

“I, I…” Zi Yan raised her right hand with difficulty and subconsciously pressed her hand, but she eventually did not even say anything.

“Did she drink too fast just now She is probably not good at drinking wine,” Gu Pengfeng said.

He stood up and waved to the two female staff members on the back side, then said, “Come over to help them and take them to have some rest.”

“Okay.” The two women walked to the gate, holding Zi Yan under their arms, while Zhou Fei was anxiously following them.

“Elder Sister Yan was good at drinking, how was she drunk since she did not drink too much”

She had not thought that Gu Pengfeng would actually dare to do that in such a grand occasion.

“Let me walk you to the gate.” Gu Pengfeng got up and said, following them.

Looking at those peoples backs, Gu Fang smiled and slowly shook his head.

“This guy will have an affair tonight!”

Li Cheng, who was sitting on the sofa nearby, kept an eye on what was happening.

He shook his head and sighed, then looked at Gu Pengfeng with envy and whispered,

“I havent gotten her for so long, but elder brother Feng succeed in such a short period.

Its so…”

“Alas, hes so fortunate in love affairs.” Everyone sighed with emotion in succession.

Brother Hui, superior to them, shook his head after hearing their words, then he stood up and said, “I want to leave.

Just enjoy yourselves.”

“Goodbye, Brother Hui.”

They all bid farewell to him.

After he left, Xu Ruoyu looked at the man with yellow hair next to her, leaning against him and asked in a low voice, “Whats with the love affair”

“Its…” The yellow-haired man leaned down and whispered in Xu Ruoyus ear.

After Xu Ruoyu learned the situation, her eyes brightened.

She looked at their backs and smiled with disdain.

“How will you save yourself even if you are cold at ordinary times Now you have to descend to be someones plaything.”

The atmosphere in the hall was really lively.

From time to time, some people would go to the head seats to propose a toast and flatter those masters.

As for He Yunfei, he sat in his seat, full of energy, enjoying the lively atmosphere.

The two women were holding Zi Yan under their arms.

At that moment, Zi Yan was completely out, soundly asleep.

Looking at her, Zhou Fei was anxious but unable to do anything.

Gu Pengfengs heart thumped and beat faster, and he sized Zi Yan up from time to time, feeling that he was so lucky that day!

They headed for the gate.

When they were about to arrive at the hotel building, the two women made a turn and walked to the Full Moon Pavilion.

“Were going the wrong way!” Zhou Fei said hastily, “Just send us out.

Ill send Elder Sister Yan back to have a rest.”

“Why do you still persist on going back since she is totally drunk Just rest here today,” Gu Pengfeng laughed and said.

“Childe, I have to go back, please send us out,” Zhou Fei raised her eyebrows and said.

“I told you that you should stay here.” Gu Pengfeng turned and stared at Zhou Fei.

Since they were no longer in the banquet hall, he did not intend to keep his purpose a secret.

“What do you mean” Zhou Feis tone cooled down.

“Didnt I say it clearly You have to stay here today and cant go anywhere else.” Gu Pengfeng sneered.

“Are you forcing us to stay Our bodyguards are still here!” Zhou Feis eyes widened and her heart gave a great leap, faintly realizing that she had been threatened.

“Your bodyguards cant come here.

Do you think I havent made thorough preparations Haha, youre so naive.” Gu Pengfeng sneered.

“You!” Zhou Fei became so angry that her face suddenly turned red.

She wanted to call for help or stop other people, but she obviously knew it would not work.

She was casting about for solutions, and thought the most urgent thing at that moment was to contact Leng Yue and the other bodyguards, so Zhou Fei calmed down.

At that point, Gu Pengfengs real intention was thoroughly revealed.

Seeing Zhou Feis appearance, he smiled with satisfaction and said, “You should simply take a good rest and Ill allow you to leave tomorrow morning.”

After finishing his words, he took the lead and continued walking.

They arrived at the fifth floor of the Full Moon Pavilion.

In front of a suite stood four strong men in suits.

Seeing that Zi Yan was sent to the luxury suite by the two women, Zhou Fei was completely panicked.

“What are you doing Let her go!” Zhou Fei shouted.

“Stop shouting.” Gu Pengfeng frowned and slapped her in the face without any hesitation!


“Nobody will hear your scream!” Gu Pengfeng sneered and grabbed the bag in Zhou Feis hand, then he pointed to the room next door and said earnestly, “This is your room.

Go in and have some rest.”

“I swear you will have a terrible death!” Zhou Fei looked at him with an extremely cold gaze.

After finished speaking, she went into the room.

“Haha.” Gu Pengfeng snorted.

He totally looked down on that kind of flimsy threat.

Looking at Zi Yans room, he swallowed and could not wait to go over.

During that period, he touched his trouser pocket, then patted himself on the forehead,

“Fu*k, I left my wallet in the hall.”

After glancing at the watch, he waved to the two women and said, “Change her clothes first.

Ill go for my wallet and come back soon.”

Then he looked at Zhou Fei, who had almost walked to the door, and instructed the four men, “Keep an eye on her and dont let her step out of the room.”


Gu Pengfeng licked his dry lips and turned to leave in a hurry.

He thought that he was too anxious, so he needed to drink a few glasses of wine to calm himself down before taking the bag and returning.

Zhou Fei stood at the door, glaring at Gu Pengfengs back with resentment.

“Please.” The four men approached and said coldly.

Zhou Fei glanced at them and pushed the door.

After entering the room, Zhou Fei, who had taken a tough stance, could not even stand up straight.

She staggered to the bathroom, closed the door and collapsed on the ground, then she took the cell phone from under her arm and hurriedly called Leng Yue.

Beep… Beep… Beep…

“Pick up the phone, pick up the phone, please pick up the phone…”

Zhou Fei was so worried that she burst into tears.

Finally, when the sixth warning tone was heard, the phone was connected.

“Leng Yue, come here now.

Something is wrong with Elder Sister Yan, hurry up.

Room 502 of Full Moon Pavilion, hurry up…”


“Lets go!” Leng Yues exhalation was heard from the phone.

Through the microphone of Zhou Feis mobile phone, she could clearly hear a sneer,

“Ha, ha, you cant go anywhere!”

Bang, bang, bang…

As a thud was heard, they were cut off.

Leng Yue and the other bodyguards were in a room of the building on the opposite side of the Full Moon Pavilion.

The door was always open, and a middle-aged man was standing at the door.

When they were about to leave, he stopped them, so they charged in a melee attack after Leng Yue gave an order.

However, they found the enemy could easily defeat them within a move.

Peak… strength…

Leng Yues lip was bleeding, and she looked at the man in front of her in surprise.

The next moment, she rushed up again…

In the meantime, she made a gesture to her companion.

On receiving the instruction, the woman quickly took several steps back and took out her mobile phone, calling Zhao Feng for help.

Zhou Fei had figured out the situation when she heard what Gu Pengfeng had said.

She felt more anxious and quickly dialed Zhang Hans phone number.

At that time, in Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.

At nearly nine oclock, Zhang Han and Mengmeng were watching Boonie Bears on the sofa on the first floor.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

He picked it up and found it was Zhou Fei.

When he picked up the phone and heard Zhou Feis cry, he froze!

At that moment, his heart seemed to stop beating!

He was suddenly short of breath.

His pupils sharply shrank.

How dare… someone… touch Zi Yan.

A puff of strong intention to kill that person climbed on his pupils.

Gradually, it covered his entire eye, as if to turn into fierce lightning.

The next moment, his heart pounded.

He almost could hear the voices of his heart!

That was anger, a crazy mood.

At that point, Zhang Han completely unlocked the hidden hostility in his heart.

“Wait for me!”

Zhang Han became extremely hoarse and low, as if he had said that with great difficulty.

Then Zhang Han immediately picked Mengmeng up and rushed out of the restaurant.

He directly got into the car with Mengmeng in his arms, then stepped on the gas pedal, driving away at an extremely high speed.

“PaPa…” Mengmeng was a little scared at the moment in Zhang Hans arms.

Zhang Han looked down at Mengmeng and slowly said, trying his best to leash his overwhelming fury.

“Good girl, Mengmeng.

Just close your eyes and count to one hundred.”

Zhang Hans voice trembled.

Mengmeng was very obedient.

She closed her eyes and courted in a low voice.

After a minute, Zhang Hans mobile phone rang again.

He directly pressed the answering key.

“Boss…” Zhao Fengs anxious and cold voice was heard on the phone.

Before he finished speaking, Zhang Han said directly, “Get ready.”

Then he directly hung up the phone.

Zhou Fei and the others in the company had also started moving.

“Everyone!” Zhao Feng yelled with red eyes, “Go downstairs and make preparations!”


Xu Yong, Ah Hu and the others quickly moved.

Instructor Liu, who was standing on the side, put on a fierce expression and said as he waved his hand,

“Brothers, take your weapons!”

People of the Wolf Head Detachment switched to the war readiness room and picked up assault rifles respectively, as if they were performing a full-on operation.

After a pause, Zhao Feng hurried to his apartment.

On the wall of the living room hung a three-foot sword.

Since its hilt and scabbard were engraved with dragons, he called it Dragon Sword.

He had picked that sword out of the resources Instructor Liu had gained; he had asked him for it as he had thought it was so beautiful and bore and untrammeled and lofty sentiment.

Moreover, Instructor Liu did not care much about those things, so he had sent it to Zhao Feng without any hesitation.

He took the sword and directly rushed down the stairs to the first floor.

At the moment, there were still a large number of people having no idea what had happened.

After inquiring others and learning of the terrible truth, they became extremely angry.

About two minutes later, the panda car drove over at a high speed.

Zhang Han got out of the car, with Mengmeng in his arms.

He was expressionless, like a zombie, and Mengmeng was still counting as her eyes were still closed.

Zhang Han glanced over and saw a mass of people, nearly one hundred, standing in front of him.


Zhang Han walked to Xu Yong and handed Mengmeng over.

Xu Yong hurriedly picked her up, and at that time, Zhang Han said while looking at Mengmeng,

“Play here for a while, and PaPa will come back soon.

Youre a good child.”

“Alright…” Mengmeng opened her eyes, pouted, intending to follow PaPa, but eventually she nodded obediently, “I see, come back soon.”

“OK, I will.”

Zhang Han smiled with difficulty and touched Mengmengs head, then glanced at Xu Yong.

Xu Yong understood his intention and walked to the lobby on the first floor, with Mengmeng in his arms.

Simultaneously, he said,

“Mengmeng, I have a big bear…”

“Give me the car keys,” Zhang Han said calmly.

After hearing what he said, Zhao Feng hurried to take a few sports cars keys and handed them to Zhang Han without even checking them.

Zhang Han glanced at the keys and then moved quickly.

Everyone saw that he approached the black Maybach after shaking his body, then directly opened the door and got in the car.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

The engine of the car seemed to growl in anger and quickly moved straight to the road ahead.

“Hurry up, get into the cars!”

Zhao Feng shouted, took out the car key and rushed to a Lamborghini, while Ah Hu quickly sat in the passenger seat.

Zhao Feng drove fast and rushed out.

Others moved a little slower.

They got into several Mercedes and military Hummers.

When they drove the cars and reached the road, the Maybach and the Lamborghini had disappeared; they could only hear the faint roar of the engines in front of them.

At that point, there were still many vehicles on the road.

Many people witnessed an incredible scene.


Suddenly, a black shadow passed by quickly.

“What the hell is that”

After taking a closer look forward, many people gasped.

That was a black sports car!

How fast it was!

It was like a ghost in the night.

The speed possibly exceeded three hundred miles per hour.

“Does that driver want to die”

Plenty of people were totally puzzled.

But then, a bright red sports car quickly passed by.

After a minute, two police cars appeared, which were too far behind to catch up with the two sports cars.

Just then, sitting in the car, Zhang Hans breath became colder and colder.

His murderous intention, like a knife, had already gushed from his body.

He felt really anxious.

He just wanted to drive fast, much faster, to guarantee Zi Yans safety.

Fortunately, the sound of the engine was very resonant.

As he drove by the intersection, the sound moved faster than the car.

Some drivers heard the noise, therefore, they slowed down at the intersection and looked over curiously.

At first, they only caught sight of a black dot in the distance, then the black dot magnified constantly.

As it approached, it looked like an elongated black shadow, roaring past.

All the people were startled!

So, it took Zhang Han only twelve minutes to arrive at the destination, which was forty minutes away from the company.

He reached the destination, the Dragon Triumph club, then slammed on the brakes and stopped in front of the main entrance.


Zhang Han opened the door and got out of the car, then rushed into the hotel.


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