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The first floor of the hotel was a place for people to rest and there were many tea tables on both sides.

With soft music, many people were sitting in chairs and chatting softly.

Zhang Han walked in and saw the door leading to the club not far away.

Then, he ran quickly.

There was a small counter at the door of the club, which was in charge of the members entering the club.

“Please show your membership card.”

There were two strong men in black suits standing inside the counter, one of them with a beard spoke lazily.

Zhang Han ignored the two men and rushed ahead.

“Damn it!”

The bearded mans eyes widened.

“Did he come here to cause trouble”

“Hes courting death!”

He quickly took an electric baton from the drawer and ran from the back door.

His companion was surprised and also took out an electric baton, ready to beat down the guy who barged in without showing his membership card.

The boss of Dragon Triumph Club was a well-known person.

If someone got there to cause trouble and thus got beaten seriously, some high-level people would arrive and settle things.

So, they didnt worry about anything.

“You brat, stop right there! Do you know where you are” The bearded man with the electric baton snorted when he saw that young man stop.

Then, he pressed the button on the electric baton and rushed over.

Zhang Han stopped in order to look at the buildings inside.

When he saw that the seven-story building on the left was the Full Moon Pavilion, the bearded man had already approached him from behind.

Sizzle, sizzle!

With the sound of electricity, he raised the electric baton to hit Zhang Hans back.

However, when the electric baton was about to fall…

In the bearded mans eyes.

The young mans right hand swept over like lightning!

The target was his neck.

He could vaguely see the movements of his palm.

“I want to hide!”

“I want to squat down!”

“Even moving sideways would be good.”

Though he was thinking like that, his body couldnt keep up with his mind and he didnt have the time to move at all.


In his gaze, the palm hit the right part of his neck.

He clearly heard the sound of a fracture.

Then, his head started buzzing.

He didnt know whether a second or two had passed.

The bearded man felt unable to breathe and before he fell unconscious.

He saw that the young man in front of him raised his right foot and slightly leaned his body to kick him without turning around.


His body flew backwards, like garbage being thrown out.

His body smashed the main doors two layers of glass and then fell to the ground.

He opened his eyes and faintly saw that the young man ran to the Full Moon Pavilion quickly.

“Full Moon Pavilion, he…”

Then, the man fell unconscious.


The electric baton in the hand of the bearded mans companion suddenly fell on the ground.

He was totally shocked at the moment.

“Whats going on”

He wasnt the only shocked one.

Hearing that the back door glass shattered, a dozen people who were sitting leisurely in the hall looked over at the same time and the place became silent.

The two girls at the reception were also stunned.

They looked at the back door and didnt know what to do.


The bearded mans companion swallowed his saliva and slowly walked up.

He reached out his hand to put it on his nose for five seconds and then felt his heartbeat.

He was breathless.

“Ah! He was killed!”

As his eyes gradually widened, a scream echoed in the hall.

As for the bearded man behind,

Zhang Han didnt have any special feelings.

He didnt even see his appearance clearly.

There was only one thought in his mind.

To find Zi Yan.

Anyone who tried to stop him would be killed.

“She cant get hurt!”

Zhang Han was very anxious, so he ran to the Full Moon Pavilion quickly.

His mind was filled with Zi Yans faces and their memories flashed through.

Zhang Han knew that Zi Yan was the most important woman for him and he couldnt lose her.

If something happened to her, hed surely go crazy!

There were more than 400 meters from the back door to the Full Moon Pavilion, but it only took him ten seconds.

Without no one stopping him after he got in, he found the stairs and rushed to the fifth floor.

Then, he found that there were two rooms on the left side of the corridor, with two women guarding a room and four strong men guarding the other.

“Who are you”

“Stop there!”

“Take a step forward, and youll die!”

When the six people saw Zhang Han approaching quickly, they frowned and then went over to question him.

However, those words became the last words that they left in the world.


Under those peoples attention, Zhang Han moved his body rapidly and what they saw was only his shadow.

At the next moment…

They felt that the man had passed them and was standing behind.

They really wanted to look back, but at that very moment, they just couldnt turn around.

He moved his body slightly, turned his head, and then all the six people fell over.

Bang, bang…

All of them fell on the carpet.

That scene had been recorded by the camera in the corridor.

If someone watched the video at a normal speed, he would find a black shadow flashing over and then six people becoming frozen out of shock.

After the shadow disappeared, a man stood behind them and they all fell to the ground.

If he slowed it down by four times, he would see that the young man flew past them at an incredible speed.

Every time he passed two people, he used his palm to strike their necks as fast as lightning.

It was just like a special effects movie.

Anyone who saw that would be totally shocked.

However, the staff members in the monitoring room were still chatting and didnt notice what was happening.

After dealing with the six people, Zhang Han looked up at the door number, 502.

Then, he held the door handle and turned it, but it didnt move.

So, Zhang Han stepped back and raised his right foot to kick the door heavily.


The entire door was torn apart by his kick.

At that moment, Zhang Hans heart skipped a beat and he rushed in.

When he saw that only Zi Yan was lying quietly on the bed…

He exhaled.

The panic in his heart quietly disappeared and what was left was only fury.

There was only one layer of black silk on Zi Yans body, while her clothes were neatly placed on the bedside chair.

“Br… brother-in-law…” Suddenly, Zhou Feis trembling words came from the door.

When the door was smashed, some people were alarmed, so the people in the monitoring room received a call from the main building counter.

After watching the surveillance, they knew that someone had showed up to make trouble.

Out of shock, they quickly contacted the security group of the club.

However, there were reminders in the phone that some people had been killed and that the troublesome person was extremely dangerous, so they had to be careful.

After opening the door, Zhou Fei saw that several people were lying on the ground.

When she went over and saw Zhang Han, she began to cry sadly.

Fortunately, he arrived in time.

Otherwise, she would not dare to image what would happen.

“Mm.” Without looking back, Zhang Han responded and then walked to the bed.

Looking at Zi Yan that seemed to be asleep, he gently stroked across her cheeks with his fingers, and then he pressed on her neck artery to feel the movements with his spiritual force.

He found that Zi Yan had taken some kind of drug that could make people drowsy.

After helping Zi Yan put on the beige dress silently, he hugged her in his arms and walked out the door.

“Brother-in-law, they bullied us.” With her cheeks full of tears, Zhou Fei still felt a little panicked.

“Alright, its fine,” Zhang Han said very softly, as if he were afraid of disturbing the sleeping Zi Yan.

Zhang Han walked in front with Zi Yan in his arms and Zhou Fei following behind.

After going out the door, she picked up their bags on the ground and walked downstairs.

That time, Zhang Han took the elevator.


They arrived at the first floor.

Nearly 20 people from the security group were standing there.

When they saw Zhang Han, they became nervous and their faces became pale out of panic.

They clearly knew that the man in front of them had taken several lives in just a few seconds.

Nobody would dare to offend such a powerful man.

However, after seeing the woman in his arms, they faintly figured out something.

When Zhang Han took a step forward, those security personnel would have to take two steps back.

When they reached the door and there was no space for them to step back, the crowd quickly scattered to both sides.

They watched Zhang Han leave the Full Moon Pavilion without stopping him.

“This… Captain, what should we do” someone asked.

“We have so many people here.

Why dont we capture him” another man asked.

“Cut the crap! Youre courting death.

We cant deal with such a powerful man.

Lets just follow him far behind,” the captain stared at them while speaking.

“What if he runs away” a hothead asked in confusion.

“Shut your mouth! Whether hell run away or not has nothing to do with you!” the captain replied in anger.

Therefore, after Zhang Han had left for a hundred meters, all those people went to follow him and watched him from afar.

At the back door of the main building, Zhou Fei was stunned after seeing the pieces of glass and the person lying on the ground.

He was lying there in a weird angle with his eyes open.

She didnt know whether he was dead or alive.

“It seems that he was beaten up by brother-in-law.

Hes really mad this time.”

There were a lot of people watching the scene in the hall.

After seeing Zhang Han, who was holding Zi Yan in his arms, walking out with no expression, they began to discuss in a low voice.

They didnt know what was going on.

“The anti-terrorist forces are coming!”

“Im afraid that he cant even get out of this door.”

“Did he come to save the beauty Oh, hes killed so many people.

What a sad story.”

“Only three minutes have passed.

Did so many people come here just to capture him I guess theres nearly a hundred people!”

Through the glass in the hall, it could be seen that many cars were parked in front of the door.

From the Hummer military vehicles with military license plates, as well as the Mercedes-Benzes that seemed to be from a secret force, a large number of people got down, which made people feel shocked.

After watching for just a few seconds, some people felt that things were a little weird.

“Hey Why dont they move”

“Theyre all standing there.

It doesnt look like they came to capture someone, but to wait for someone!”

“Many of them are armed with guns.

So they surely came here to capture people.

Otherwise, why did all those people bother to come here”

“Look, look, he went out.

Those people moved.

They surrounded him.

Theyll arrest him.

They… Hey! What is this”

“Did I see that right”


After seeing clearly what had happened, everybody was shocked.

They saw that the man walked straight out with the woman in his arms, and all the people in the front gathered around.

They didnt raise their guns or shout “Raise your hand.

Dont move”.

Instead, they seemed to care about them very much.

That scene was so unexpected, surprising many of them.

“Boss, how about madam” After seeing that Zi Yan had fainted, Zhao Feng and the others asked nervously.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly without saying anything.

Then, he went straight to the first Hummer, opened the back door, and put Zi Yan in the seat very gently.

After that, he came out to close the door and looked at Zhou Fei.

“Who was it”

The simple question meant that the matter wasnt over yet.

Although nothing serious happened to Zi Yan, Zhang Han couldnt suppress the fury in his heart.

The wrath of an ordinary man could lead him to kill his enemies, making their families mourn.

The wrath of a king could lead him to kill all people in the land, making their blood flow for thousands of miles!

As for Zhang Han, a super powerful man that had passed the 9-level tribulation, how would his wrath easily subside

“It… It was Gu Pengfeng,” Zhou Fei replied.

“Anyone else” Zhang Han asked simply.


Master Gu and Protector He joked about Zi Yan,” Zhou Fei replied after thinking about it.

“Where are they”

“In the Dragon Hall.”

“Mm, take good care of her.” Zhang Han nodded and then turned to walk to the club again.

Zhao Feng waved his hand to Elder Meng and several men, telling them to stay there and protect her, while the rest of them all went to follow Zhang Han.

It seemed that the whole place would be destroyed by them in an instant.

As if a huge army had come!

Everyone in the hall was shocked with eyes open.

“These people didnt come here to capture criminals!”

“Who is the man who has killed so many people”

After the group of people walked in, the soldiers in Instructor Lius Wolf Head Detachment set up their guns, showing that they were doing the task seriously.

Zhang Han was just like before, walking in without any expressions.

However, people had a different feeling toward him.

If they thought that he was a lonely hero earlier, he was more like a general who led the whole army at the moment!

He looked majestic!

When they passed the back door and saw the breathless man lying on the ground,

Instructor Lius mouth trembled slightly.

His experience told him that the man was dead.

He just realized that the boss seemed to have been involved in a serious matter.

As the captain of Wolf Head, he felt it was a little difficult to deal with that!

However, no matter how difficult it would be, he would try his best to do it with the excuse that the other party first detained their people.

After Zhao Feng saw that, he thought for a second and then waved his hand, saying, “Ah Hu, bring some people to bring Leng Yue and the others here.”

“Yes!” Ah Hu took seven people away and went to the right.

Four of them were from the Wolf Head Detachment and they had guns.

Even if their enemies were more powerful, they wouldnt be scared of them.

“Boss, I know Gu Pengfeng.

Hes a typical playboy, who has no morals.

His father Gu Fang is also a cunning person,” Zhao Feng looked at his masters expression and said slowly.

When they were at the company earlier, he felt the coldness around his master and saw from his eyes that he would surely get revenge.

At that moment, master was even more indifferent, but Zhao Feng felt that anger was simmering inside him.

“Family members were masters bottom line.

Whoever dared to hurt them would be killed.

Im afraid itll develop into a serious matter!”

Zhao Feng could imagine what was going to happen and he even began to think about how to cope with the aftermath.

However, after he thought about it, he found there was nothing he could do, but to wait and see.

Soon, everyone arrived at the Dragon Hall not far away.

Looking at the magnificent hall, Zhang Han said indifferently,

“Surround this hall.

Dont let anyone leave.”

After hearing that, Zhao Fengs facial expression changed.

Feeling that his blood was almost frozen, he made the gesture to surround the place to the people behind him.

In an instant, everyone moved and quietly approached the Dragon Hall.

In the Dragon Hall, people were all in a good mood after drinking some red wine and they were chatting along.

A few minutes ago, Li Cheng, Dachao, Xu Ruoyu and the others were chatting happily.

After Brother Hui left, they completely became relaxed.

However, after seeing Gu Pengfeng who had returned, Li Cheng asked with curiosity,

“Brother Feng, why did you come back”

“I left my wallet here,” Gu Pengfeng said unhappily, “When I saw Zi Yan just now, I was so excited that I forgot to take it.

Whats wrong with me Lets drink.”

“Brother Feng, did you make it” the yellow-haired man asked cunningly.

“Of course I did.

Zi Yan was really gorgeous.

I get excited once I think about her,” Gu Pengfeng said after a deep breath.

“Brother Feng, why did you come back for the wallet You should cherish the moment with her!” Xu Ruoyu said with a smile.

“Hahaha.” Gu Pengfeng picked up his wallet and laughed.

He took out a small pack, where there were three white pills, and then threw them into the red wine glass.

After drinking it up, he said proudly, “Shes such a rare beauty.

Of course I should fully enjoy her.

So, Ive especially prepared some drugs.

Otherwise, why did I come back and get this damn thing”

“Uh… Mr.

Gu, you mean…” Xu Ruoyu quickly replied with a smile.

In fact, she looked down on him deep inside.

“Youre just impotent.

Without drugs, you cant do anything.

Pfft, do you think I dont know this”

She remembered when she slept with Gu Pengfeng last time, he also took pills twice.

He was less than 30, but had already become impotent.

Xu Ruoyu thought that he couldnt be even called a man after several years.

“Here, lets drink more.”

After Gu Pengfeng drank three glasses of red wine, his face was a little flushed.

“Wow, cool, its wonderful.

You guys can drink here.

Ill go and enjoy my lady!” Gu Pengfeng wagged his head and felt excited.

Feeling energetic, he thought it was the time for him to prove his ability!

He got up and walked away.

Li Cheng and the others looked at each other and then smiled, showing that they all knew what would happen.

“Look how excited he is, just like a bridegroom,” Xu Ruoyu chuckled while speaking.

“Haha, that will be a precious moment.

How about we also go to enjoy ourselves” The yellow-haired man looked at Xu Ruoyu significantly.

“We havent finished drinking.

So stop thinking about that.

Be a good boy.” Xu Ruoyu stretched out her fingers and shook them lightly.

“Alright, lets drink.” The yellow-haired man laughed and then everyone began to drink again.

Only Li Cheng had been watching Gu Pengfeng with his sorrowful eyes, feeling upset deep inside.

“It seems that Im destined to miss that beauty!”

After seeing Gu Pengfeng get out of the main entrance, he sighed lightly.

When he was just about to turn his head, he suddenly saw his body fly back.

He was stunned and the next scene completely shocked everyone!

A few seconds ago, Wolf Heads soldiers and Zhao Fengs men had guarded all the exits of Dragon Hall.

When Zhang Han was about to reach the front door, a red-faced figure appeared in front of him.

“That is Gu Pengfeng!” Zhao Feng fixed his eyes on him and then said that.

“Oh.” Once Zhang Han said that, Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu and the others felt that he moved his body and went to Gu Pengfeng in the blink of an eye.


Instructor Liu swallowed.

He hadnt seen Zhang Han fight before, but it seemed that… his power was indeed unimaginable.


Gu Pengfeng was walking outside happily.

When he saw the crowd in front of him, he felt it very weird.

He blinked his eyes and was scared when he suddenly found a man standing in front of him.

“Who are you” Gu Pengfeng asked loudly.

He was not afraid, because in the hall behind him, there was his uncle and Protector He! Nobody dared to make trouble.

However, the man in front of him was indifferent.

He didnt answer his question, just looking at him quietly.

“Whats he going to do”

Gu Pengfeng frowned, feeling that the efficacy of the pills had been dissipated by a lot.

When he was about to ask more questions, he felt that his abdomen had been hit severely and his body had been thrown by an irresistible force.

He fell to the ground and sweated a lot out of pain.

Then, he looked up at the man in front of him and shouted in resentment, “Uncle, someone is making trouble here!”

His shouts attracted peoples attention in the hall.

After seeing that, many peoples eyes gradually widened, filled with shock.

They saw that people who were armed with guns rushed in and went to the left and right sides respectively to surround them.

At the same time, they shouted,

“Squat down!!”

“Hands on your head!”

Falling into panic, all the people quickly put their hands on their heads and squatted down.

They also continued to retreat.

In twenty seconds, 90% of the people in the hall squatted down and huddled in the corner, which made the space look rather empty.

Therefore, Gu Pengfeng, who was crawling backwards on the ground, looked very conspicuous.

“What” All the people around Gu Fang stood up in shock.

“Its him!” Gu Pengfengs face darkened.

Jiang Zonghao gritted his teeth and said, “Hes Master Zhang of New Moon Bay!”

“Oh” He Yunfei narrowed his eyes and calmly looked at Zhang Han in the distance.

Under everyones attention, Zhang Han walked towards Gu Pengfeng step by step.

When he got closer, he lifted his right foot and seemingly stepped lightly on Gu Pengfengs two ankles.

Crack! Crack!

Two fracture sounds were heard, accompanied by Gu Pengfengs growl, “Ah!”

As his eyes rounded, he looked at Zhang Han with horror.

“How dare he… How dare he beat me!”

However, the next scene made Gu Pengfengs face become even paler!

He saw that the man lifted his foot high and the falling point would be his crotch!

“No!” Gu Pengfengs pupils shrank.

The pain of the next moment made him scream at the top of his voice.

“Ah!” Then, he couldnt stand the pain and fainted.

Zhang Han sneered.

Looking at Gu Pengfeng indifferently, he squatted down and then lifted up the whole person by grabbing his neck.

Gu Pengfeng was just like a dead dog at the moment.

Zhang Han used his spiritual force to ease Gu Pengfengs injury and made him wake up.

“Do you know who I am”

Zhang Han stared at Gu Pengfeng and stretched out two fingers.

When he touched his chin, it was suddenly dislocated and he could not even speak.

“Take a close look.

Youll be the last one to be killed!”

After saying those words coldly, he lifted his right foot and kicked Gu Pengfeng away.

He didnt want Gu Pengfeng to die so easily, because hed let him taste… a great horror!

The hall was so silent that a needle drop could be heard.

People gasps could be vaguely heard and they all looked at Zhang Han in astonishment.

Gu Chuanlong and the others quickly came to themselves and got extremely angry.

“Youll die!” Gu Chuanlong shouted and then rushed to Zhang Han.

He just took a few steps before Gu Pengfengs body flew over.

That time, Zhang Han used a soft power, which seemed to be very powerful, but didnt cause great damage to him.

Gu Chuanlong caught Gu Pengfeng and got furious after checking his injury.

The bones of his feet had become powder and that thing was also gone!

“Ill kill you!” Gu Chuanlong rushed up with eyes wide open.

After taking five steps, he stepped on the ground and his whole person suddenly rose by two meters.

Then, he stretched out his right leg and planned to kick Zhang Han from above.

Zhang Han thought for a second.

He would use some mysterious martial arts for the first time after his rebirth!

Three-killing Fist!

Zhang Han stood on tiptop and his spiritual force constantly gathered on his right arm, and then it gathered on each acupoint.

If one could see through it, he could see that there were many bright spots in Zhang Hans right arm, like stars in the night sky.

Then, those spots were quickly connected and many lines were formed, like a spider web.

The spiritual force began to flow and a great power was ready to come out!

Soon, Gu Chuanlong kicked him heavily.

Everybody knew that legs were usually more powerful than arms.

Even He Yunfei and the others at the back felt that Master Gus attack would work out well!

However, things didnt develop as they had imagined.

Bang, bang, bang!

As their fist and foot collided, three muffled sounds were heard.

After the first punch, Gu Chuanlong felt that his right leg was slightly numb and some other spiritual force was invading his body.

So, he used his own spiritual force to remove the strange force in one breath.

After the second punch, he felt an amazing power.

After the third punch, he felt nothing at all.

He withdrew his right leg before kicking with the left leg.

Then, Zhang Han stepped back, lifted his right leg and kicked Gu Chuanlong.

Gu Chuanlong followed that force and saw him retreat by five meters.

After seeing that Zhang Han stepped back by five meters, a disdainful smile appeared on his face.

He had followed Zhang Hans force earlier.

If he stood still and resisted it, he would probably only retreat by one meter; while Zhang Han, who was in front of him, retreated by five meters.

The difference between them could be seen right away.

Even He Yunfei, who was in the back, shook his head and said lightly, “This Master Zhang is just so-so.

Its easy for Master Gu to get rid of him.”

He Yunfeis words made Jiang Zonghao feel a little excited.

He watched them fighting, looking forward to Master Zhangs failure.

“Youre just so-so!” Gu Chuanlong smiled disdainfully, and then put his hands on his back, saying calmly, “I planned to get rid of you after three days.

I didnt expect you to come here voluntarily and hurt my family today.

Humph, Ill give you a chance to explain yourself before you die.

Tell me your intentions.”

“I,” Zhang Han looked at Gu Chuanlong indifferently, saying word by word, “Came to kill!”

“Hahaha…” Gu Chuanlong looked up and laughed, as if he had heard a joke.

“Just you Youre too arrogant! Today, I, Gu Chuanlong…”

Before he finished his words, Gu Chuanlongs face suddenly became red, and then from his right leg…

A crisp sound came out.


That sound resounded in everyones ears!

People looked over with horror.

Under all peoples attention, Gu Chuanlongs right leg suddenly bent!

“What!” He Yunfeis facial expression changed, with astonishment in his eyes!


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