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As the president of the Royal Entertainment Company, a major company, Wu Chengdong had rich business experiences and was quick-witted.

Now that Meiqi and Fu Shan could become directors, they were definitely subtle.

People like Li Cheng and Xu Ruoyu were not unsophisticated since they had been in the company for many years.

Therefore, when they saw that paragraph, they understood its meaning at once.

The burly man who had attacked that group of people…

The patron saint supporting Zi Yan quietly!

He had a… very horrible background!

How scary it was!

The superiors actually gave a sealing order after he had killed 13 people and broken more than 100 peoples legs!

They were aware that this order was made for them! This was not a very strict command, but it simply asked them to call black white.

“Zi Yan is really good at hiding her strength.”

Wu Chengdong even forgot the pain in his legs as his eyes narrowed and he said with great emotion, “I think, you know very well, what attitude you should take toward Zi Yan in the future, especially you, Director Fu.

Please visit Zi Yan and apologize to her when you can get out of bed.”

“Hiss…” Fu Shans body trembled, and he quickly wiped away his cold sweat, then said repeatedly, “Well, I know what to do.”

He always persisted in thinking that Zi Yan should have respectfully apologized to him for what had happened in Shang Jing before.

But now…

Fu Shan only kept five words in his mind at that moment: “Every dog has its day!”

At 10 oclock that night in Hong Kong—

The Chu family was holding a small caucus.

There were a total of seven people who were negotiating whether or not to nail down the development project of the next commercial building.

Chu Hui, as a junior in his family, sat aside and listened to their discussion honestly.

From beginning to end, he did not get a word in.

He was like a student, starting to contact with the core circle of the family.

Obviously, the family attached great importance to cultivating him.

Chu Hui was neither outstanding nor had a very sharp eye for business.

So, there was only one reason.

His father was the patriarch of his family.

As the eldest legitimate son of the patriarch, he was inevitably under various pressures.

His father being the patriarch of the family did not mean that he was bound to take his place, since he had a lot of competitors.

However, Chu Hui was qualified to contact the core circle because he was hard-working enough.

While everyone was negotiating with each other, a middle-aged man suddenly hurried in.

He was Uncle Lin, the guardian of the family, and was a Profound-stage Master.

“I just got the news that something terrible happened in the Dragon Triumph Club of Jiansha District.

I heard that two Heaven-stage Masters, an Earth-Stage Master, as well as many ordinary people died.

Besides this, the legs of more than 100 people gathered there were broken.” Uncle Lin said in a deep voice, “Since Gu Fang from the Gu family was killed, I reconsider continuing to cooperate with the Gu family.

Without Gu Chuanlong and Gu Fang, the Gu family is likely to decline.”

“What did you say” Patriarch Chu abruptly stood up and said, “Is the source of the news reliable”

“I asked two people who had witnessed it what happened.

They were both shocked, and I learned that the man attacking them was Master Zhang of New Moon Bay, whose movements were so decisive and ruthless that he seckilled two Heaven-stage Masters, one of whom was Protector He.

Huh… It is rumored that Master Zhang is just at the Profound Stage, therefore, I cant figure out how he killed them.

Now this thing is almost spread all over the city, the Gu family, without a leader, probably will suffer a series of strikes in commerce.

You need to be well prepared,” Uncle Lin said and shook his head.

As soon as he finished speaking, Chu Huis face changed over and over again.

His hands shook slightly, and he asked, “Uncle Lin, do you know why he attacked them I was there at eight oclock and left at half-past eight.

There was nothing unusual when I left.”

“Were you also there just now.” Patriarch Chu raised his eyebrows, then looked at Uncle Lin.

“I heard that… Gu Pengfeng, the junior of the Gu family, intended to violate Master Zhangs woman.

Hence, Master Zhang killed several people in a fury,” Uncle Lin said slowly.


After hearing what he said, Chu Hui could not help gasping.

“What the hell was going on” Patriarch Chu looked at Chu Hui and asked.

“Its her.

Its Zi Yan.” Chu Hui hurriedly stood up and said, “Master Zhang is definitely the man behind Zi Yan.

Well, I went there today and found Gu Pengfeng looking at Zi Yan and that he wanted to get her with underhand tactics.

I reminded him at that time that provoking such beauties, like Zi Yan, would lead to no good end.

It seems that he still took action…”

“Is that actually what happened”

After hearing his words, everyone spoke in succession.

“Was the Gu family, which has just risen, destroyed by an ignorant junior”

“If both Gu Chuanlong and Gu Fang are dead, the Gu family will suffer blows from a variety of companies.

Without Gu Chuanlong, people of the family will all lose their right to discourse.

The situation is not optimistic.

Id better reconsider the collaboration between us.

Moreover, I think our Chu family can also take a share of this pie!”

“Xiaohui, call the people who were at the hall at that point to ask if that is the case,” Patriarch Chu said hastily.

“Okay.” Chu Hui quickly took out his mobile phone and called in front of them.

“Dachao, did something happen there after I left”

“Yes, there is something that happened, but… I cant tell you.”

“Why cant you tell me”

Dachao glanced at the backs of the two police officers who went further and further and said while gritting his teeth, “Im prohibited from telling others what happened.”

“Are you injured”

“My leg… is broken.”

“Fine, I see.” Chu Hui took a deep breath, hung up the phone, then dialed two telephone numbers, getting the same news.

“Are they not allowed to spread this thing Now that theyre all injured, this matter is not unfounded.

Perhaps… someone gave a sealing order.

The meaning behind this command is so amazing!” Patriarch Chu frowned and sighed with emotion.

He took out the phone, preparing to inquire some of his partners to ask if they knew about this thing.

“Im afraid that my leg would have been broken if I had not left.

Alas, every beauty is really dangerous…”

Remembering Zi Yans exceedingly beautiful appearance, Chu Hui muttered secretly.

The last lady as pretty as her married into a royal family, while Zi Yan had a formidable man backing up her.

At that moment, the thought of staying at a respectful distance from such beauties welled up in Chu Huis heart.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, some other well-known families, like the Chu family, also heard the news.

At first, they were a little shocked, but after asking around, they were really dumbfounded.

But gradually, this astounding news subsided.

Although people talked about it secretly, they were somewhat confused as they did not know the details.

However, they would naturally understand what exactly had happened after a few days.

As for Zhang Han, the key man of this event, he was still sitting quietly in the Hummer at that time with his arm around Zi Yan.

After more than half an hour, the motorcade returned to the company.

At that point, Xu Yong was already holding Mengmeng and a big bear that was taken from a female staff members room in his arms.

“Papa, why are you back so late Ive been sitting for a while and feel anxious,” Mengmeng said, pouting.

“I went to pick up your Mama, come on.” Seeing Mengmengs cute expression, Zhang Han smiled and picked Mengmeng up.

“Mama, huh Why does Mama fall asleep” Mengmeng said, baffled.

“Your Mama is tired,” Zhang Han responded.

“Wed better lower our voices.” Mengmeng lowered her voice, then looked at Xu Yong, who was standing in front of the car door, and said, “Let the big bear sit there.”

While speaking, Mengmeng pointed to the space beside Zi Yan.

“Okay.” Xu Yong laughed and walked over to open the door, then put the bear in.

After the car door was closed, Zhao Feng drove back to the restaurant.

Zhang Han received a call from Instructor Liu when they just arrived at the restaurant.

After hearing what Instructor Liu said, he did not say anything.

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Han picked Zi Yan up.

In the meantime, Zhou Fei held Mengmeng in her arms, while Zhao Feng held the big bear.

The three of them walked into the restaurant together.

Because the door had not been locked when they had left, they directly pushed in.

Fortunately, most of the diners were familiar with the rules of the restaurant, which were also attached to the signboard in front of the door, thus there was no accidental visitor in the restaurant.

They went to the second floor.

Zhao Feng put the big bear on the sofa, and Zhou Fei sat on the sofa with Mengmeng in her arms, while Zhang Han entered the bedroom, holding Zi Yan, and closed the door.

After changing Zi Yans clothes into pajamas, Zhang Han went to the first floor to take some Yang Qing Water, then returned to the bedroom and gave it to Zi Yan.

“Papa, come out quickly!” Mengmeng urged from the sofa.

“Here I am.” Zhang Han walked out and sat on the sofa, then he held Mengmeng in his arms, kissed the little princesss tender face several times, and said, “Good girl, Mengmeng.

Papa will cook fried chicken wings, and buy ice cream and snacks for you tomorrow.”

“Huh Really” Mengmengs big eyes brightened in an instant.

“Of course.” Zhang Han touched her head.

“Great, I want to eat snacks, ice cream, and a lot of delicious food!” Mengmeng felt really delighted at that time.

Mengmeng dissipated most of the annoyance in Zhao Fengs and Zhou Feis hearts.

“Boss, I will go back first,” Zhao Feng got up and said.


Zhao Feng turned and left.

At that point, Zhou Fei thought for a while and said, “Brother-in-law, when will Elder Sister Yan wake up”

“In about a dozen minutes,” Zhang Han answered.

“Mm.” Zhou Fei nodded and did not intend to leave now because she would feel somewhat scared and upset if she went back alone.

Zhou Fei did not feel much better until she had played with Mengmeng on the sofa for a while.

Zi Yan soon woke up, but was still a little dizzy.

After talking with Zi Yan in the bedroom for a moment, Zhou Fei walked out, feeling exhausted both physically and mentally, so she intended to go back to rest.

“You can have a rest in the secondary bedroom.” Seeing Zhou Fei yawning, Zhang Han realized that she might have been frightened and would be reassured if stayed here, therefore, he told her.

“Okay, Im going to sleep.” Zhou Fei nodded, then went to wash and prepared to rest.

Zhang Han returned to the master bedroom with Mengmeng in his arms.

After he helped the little princess change her pajamas, Mengmeng slid into bed.

“Zhang Han…”

At that moment, Zi Yans soft voice was heard from the bed.

Zhang Han walked over and leaned down, stretching his hands out to smooth Zi Yans bangs, then whispered, “Are you still dizzy I will give you a glass of water.”

“No, just hug me,” Zi Yan said while blinking her big eyes.

Her pitiful expression and tone aroused Zhang Hans desire to protect her.

Zhang Han leaned down, letting Zi Yan put her slender arms around his neck.

Zi Yan raised her head slightly and kissed Zhang Hans lips gently.

“Love you.”

“I love you, my patron saint!”

Although Zi Yan did not know what exactly had happened, she was aware that Zhang Han would show up whenever she was in danger.

Zhang Han smiled softly, touched Zi Yans head, and whispered, “I love you, too.”

If others in the hall saw this scene, three words would probably flash through their minds:

“A hard romancer.”

However, there was a person on the scene.

After a pause, the little guy beside them said in a childish tone, “Im also here and I want a kiss too.”

After hearing Mengmengs words, the two of them burst into laughter.

Zhang Han took off his clothes and went to bed.

Mengmeng kissed both Zi Yan and Zhang Han, and then she got into the bed with satisfaction, waiting for Zhang Han to tell her a story.

After Zhang Han told the story for about 10 minutes, Mengmeng slowly fell asleep, as did Zi Yan.

Then, Zhang Han gently put Mengmeng on the cot and lay back on the bed.

About 20 minutes later, Zhang Hans ears moved slightly, and he opened his eyes.

He got out of bed, put on some clothes, and quietly left the bedroom, then he quickly moved downstairs, opened the door, and went out.

In front of the parking space of the restaurant where the lights were dim—

A black Audi Q7 was stopped quietly.

It was very inconspicuous.

But a bulky tanned-skinned man, more than 1.8 meters tall, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, was casually leaning against the car door.

His posture was very casual, and he was possibly watching the moon with his deep eyes.

His right hand was holding a cigarette.

After taking a deep drag, he flipped the cigarette with his fingers, and suddenly the butt turned in an arc like a firefly, floating to a trash bin more than 10 meters away and just falling into the ashtray on the upper side.


The man blew out a long column of smoke, then he looked at Zhang Han and said in a flat tone, “Lets have a talk.”


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