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The man stared at him indifferently, and others could read neither his emotion nor his intention.

However, Zhang Han felt a little stressful upon facing him.

The man in front of him was definitely a Wu Dao Grand Master, who was at or above the Foundation Stage in accordance with the levels of cultivation.

After thinking for a moment, Zhang Han walked over.

He leaned against the roof of the car and said calmly, “Are you subordinate to the National Security Agency”

“Oh Yes.” The man looked at Zhang Han with curiosity and said, “Im the director of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong, and my name is Lei Tiannan.”

After finishing his introduction, Lei Tiannan stared at Zhang Han and found that he was calm as always, without any emotional fluctuation.

“How interesting.”

Lei Tiannan began to be interested in him.

In the martial arts world of Hong Kong, Lei Tiannan was a household name.

In general, when others heard this name, they would put on a variety of expressions.

But now, Master Zhang beside him was as calm as water.

This temperament could not be contrived, which aroused Lei Tiannans curiosity about Zhang Han.

Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly, and he said in a lazy tone, “Please get to the point.

I want to go to sleep with my wife.”

“Haha…” Lei Tiannan suddenly looked at the second floor of the restaurant and found a beautiful woman behind the window watching them.

Lei Tiannan laughed and shook his head slightly, then said, “Slumbering with a beauty leads a hero to his tomb.”

“Unfortunately, I am not a hero.” Zhang Han also glanced over, with softness deep in his pupils.

If possible, he wanted to lead a quiet life, but now he realized that he had to fight his way out if he desired real peace.

Like a young man in the countryside, he struggled for decades to become a boss and returned to enjoy the pastoral life when he was old.

Although the life he longed for was the same as the life in the rural areas in a sense, his mentality was different from that of those young men, bearing an artistic conception “ashes to ashes and dust to dust”.

After hearing what Zhang Han said, Lei Tiannan was a little shocked.

He took out a pack of cigarettes from his jacket pocket and pulled one out, then lit it, took a deep drag, and said slowly, “Thats why I give you a chance.”

“What price will I pay” Zhang Han turned his head and asked Lei Tiannan while looking at him.

Undoubtedly, the reason why he, the director, came over in person, was that he intended to inform Zhang Han that he had to pay some price if he wanted to appease this matter.

As long as he did not ask too much, Zhang Han would promise him without any hesitation, for he did not like to do anything troublesome.

If he required too much… it seemed that Zhang Han would also have to agree to his suggestion.

He was not a patch on Lei Tiannan now, but in a few months, when the Yuan Qing Fruit came out…

“You, Zhang Han, were born in the Zhang family of Shang Jing.

Five years ago, your parents went missing, and you were expelled from the Zhang family.

You had been down and out in the world until more than one month ago when Zi Yan came back.

It was at that time that you found out you had a daughter.

Thus, you came to Hong Kong, sold your house, rented a mountain house, and opened a restaurant.

Although you have not taken the initiative to stir up trouble, you hit somebody several times.”

Lei Tiannan did not tell him the price he had to pay, but started narrating, as if he were chatting with one of his friends.

“Youve been staying in Shang Jing for the past five years and never learned martial arts.

However, you became a master all of a sudden and named yourself Zhang Hanyang in the martial arts world.

To tell you the truth, Im curious about this change.”

“What do you want to say” Zhang Han slightly frowned.

“I think that you have an excellent aptitude for martial arts.

Such a comfortable life will slow down your progress.”

“It wont bother Director Lei.” Zhang Han gave a bland response.

“Hahaha.” Lei Tiannan chuckled and said as he shook his head, “I will get the point directly.

After negotiating with some others, we decided to select 50 elites from the Cloud Soul Detachment early next year to join the Wolf Head Detachment.

For the Wolf Head Detachment, I think…”

Before he finished speaking, Zhang Han nodded directly and said, “Fine!”

What Lei Tiannan meant was that he needed to cultivate another 50 martial artists.

It was still about half a year away from the beginning of next year, which was enough for him to get the spirit treasures in place of Yang Qing Water.

“I like to talk to smart people.”

Lei Tiannan nodded and said, “Second, you, Zhang Hanyang, have become a protector of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong from now, enjoying regular treatment.

But your annual tasks will be twice as many as those of an ordinary protector.

You can fulfill them on your own, or ask your security group to finish them.

Its up to you.

As for your period of being a protector, you can leave when you can defeat me.”

Since he mentioned the name “Zhang Hanyang”, he simply treated Zhang Han as a martial artist and did not care if Zhang Han was a man of the Zhang family.

He only knew that Zhang Han would work for the National Security Agency and could not leave until he defeated him.

In Lei Tiannans view, that day was still far off.

It was difficult for a martial artist to become a Wu Dao Grand Master.

If successful, it would take so many years.

He deemed that Zhang Han would be the protector of the National Security Agency in his later life.

But he did not expect that he would be defeated in just a few months!

At that time, Lei Tiannan was really startled.

If time could flow backward, he would not have set such a limit.

MMP, he was simply digging a hole for himself!

Under Lei Tiannans gaze, Zhang Han nodded directly and said, “Okay.”

“Mm.” Lei Tiannan nodded with satisfaction.

After he shook his hand, a silver token as big as a palm appeared in his hand, and then he handed it over.

“This is your identity token.

Your mobile phone has received a message about downloading software, from which you can understand your duties and treatment.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han took the token and shook his head with a smile.

It seemed that they already knew that he would not refuse as all these things were ready.

“Like father, like son.

I think highly of you,” Lei Tiannan said in a much kinder tone and flipped a cigarette butt again.

But he did not realize that his words made Zhang Hans pupils shrink.

He immediately turned his head and stared at Lei Tiannan, then said, “Do you know my father”

Lei Tiannan was somewhat shocked, then said with emotion, “I have heard of some of his deeds.

He was promoted to be a Wu Dao Grand Master at the age of 33, which was a sensation at that time.

But he was hurt badly by a healthy old man with white hair later on.

If your father was not familiar with Warlord of the Chan Clan, your father would have been killed at that moment without his help.

Unfortunately, he was seriously injured so that his meridians were cracked and his cultivation declined.

Although he recovered after that, I did not hear that he was promoted back to be a Grand Master.”

As he spoke, Zhang Han frowned much harder, and his eyes also gradually got colder.

“You were really young at that point, so you probably did not know the details.

Your father is a real magnanimous hero of his generation and once I was lucky enough to be taught by him.” Lei Tiannan sighed.

It was about 21 years ago when he was at the later period of the Heaven Stage and failed to find a way out.

Only after being guided by Zhang Hans father did he faintly touch the barrier of breaking through to be a Grand Master.

“Do you know where my parents are now” Zhang Han asked.

“I have no idea.

It is concerned with…” Lei Tiannan suddenly stopped talking, then glanced at Zhang Han and said, “Considering that your strength is still too low now, youd better keep away from some things.

Therefore, for all these reasons, I choose to help you this time.”

It turned out that he intended to return the favor.

However, Zhang Han did not care about his purpose, but said directly, “Can you find out where my parents are”

“Huh…” Lei Tiannan thought for a while and finally said with a nod, “I can ask others, but it is not easy.

After all, no news has spread since they disappeared.”

A hit of disappointment flashed through Zhang Hans eyes, but then he said in a much colder tone, “By the way, tell me who attacked my father!”

Lei Tiannan froze at that point.

He felt a little bit strange.

He was the director!

How did he act like a principal

“I dont know who he is, and I have never heard of anyone who knows him.

But he said that his name was Qing Zhen Zi at that moment.

With extremely horrible strength, he was a law system Grand Master.

I heard that he used Water Skills in succession when he fought against your father, which was really magical.

Judging from his attack power, he had approached the Grand Master Late-stage.

You should know it was more than 20 years ago.”

Lei Tiannan replied slowly.

After finishing speaking and seeing Zhang Hans expression, he could not help but remind him.

“Youd be better off thinking about this matter after you improve your strength.”


Zhang Han was silent for two seconds, then he calmed down.

He took a light breath, saluted Lei Tiannan, and said, “Thank you for telling me the truth.”

“You eventually do the right thing!”

Lei Tiannan finally felt that Zhang Han was somewhat polite and enthusiastic.

He waved his hand and said with generosity, “You are welcome.

Oh, by the way, I have gone to Mount New Moon.

Your two spiritual beasts are really good, huh…”

Lei Tiannan was a little hesitant, but he could not hold his desire back.

Therefore, he said awkwardly, “Actually, I like pets very much, such as… Chinese rural dogs.”


Lei Tiannan could not help reminding him.

“Especially the ones with black and gold hair, they look more beautiful.”


“Those dogs are relatively big, and I like big dogs.” Lei Tiannan sent his own signal once again.


Zhang Han glanced at Lei Tiannan, feeling it a little funny, and said, “Are you talking about Little Hei”

“Is it called Little Hei I think the name sounds really good.” Lei Tiannans eyes slightly lit up.

“Well.” Zhang Han nodded casually, and what he said delighted Lei Tiannan.

But then he said, “After Little Hei mates and has babies, I will give you one.”

After Lei Tiannan heard his words, his expression became slightly stiff, and he said bluntly, “Ahem, what if I change half of the heavenly treasures I collected for your Little Hei”

Lei Tiannan also desired to possess a spiritual beast, which could not only keep him from boredom, but also improve his fighting capability if he fostered it well.

Moreover, it would never betray him once it recognized its lord and had various advantages.

Lei Tiannan wanted to feed one long ago, but he disliked the tigers, rabbits, and cats he had seen when he had been out.

He really longed for a dog or a bear; therefore, he had his mind on Little Hei.

However, he also played a trick when he was speaking.

He deliberately said that he was willing to change half of the heavenly treasures he collected for it, which would leave an impression on Zhang Han that he would pay a heavy price.

In fact, he did not own a large number of heavenly treasures.

He was really cunning, but Zhang Han paid no heed to him.

“No.” Zhang Han directly refused.

Lei Tiannans lips moved.

“Hmph!” He snorted and recovered his strong breath, then said, “Well, go back to sleep with your wife.

Im going to leave now.”

Then he went straight to the car.

After Zhang Han gave way, Lei Tiannan directly drove away at a high speed.

Lei Tiannan glanced at Zhang Han from the rearview mirror of the car, then chuckled and shook his head slowly.

Zhang Han followed the car with his eyes, then turned and walked back to the restaurant after thinking for a while.

Only after he improved his strength could he find the clues about bygones.

He picked up the silver token and glanced at it.

The token was oval and small but delicate.

On the left and right edges were carved a spiraling dragon respectively, and the two dragons finally joined, showing a picture of two dragons frolicking with a ball.

Besides that, there were several simple words in the middle.

The three words on the top were “National Security Agency”, while the four in the middle were “Branch of Hong Kong”, under which were the words “Protector Zhang Hanyang”!

Zhang Han chuckled and put the token into his pocket casually.

This token was basically useless because it would not take a long time for all the people of the martial arts world to know his name.

The role this token played was that it could deter the people who wanted to offend him at times.

He could tell them that it was not sensible for them to offend him, for they would feel scared seeing that token.

He also had not expected that he would serve as a protector of the National Security Agency.

After going back to the second floor, Zhang Han looked at the window in front of the dining table first.

Only the curtains were slightly fluttering, but the beauty was no longer here.

Zhang Han smiled and walked slowly to the bedroom, then he opened the door and gently closed it.

At that time, only the lamp on the right-side table was emitting a faint light in the whole room.

The little princess, who had kicked off the small quilt and reached out one of her short legs, was sleeping soundly.

The big princess was lying there, like a sleeping beauty.

However, Zhang Han knew that she did not fall asleep.

She would remain awake for a while after the drug efficacy disappeared and would fall asleep as usual when she felt sleepy.

Zhang Han took off his clothes first, then walked over to the cot and covered Mengmeng with the quilt.

Finally, he lay on his side in bed as his head leaned on his right hand, looking at Zi Yan quietly for five seconds.

“Little beauty, are you asleep”

Zhang Han whispered next to Zi Yan.

Zi Yan did not answer him.

“Hey, you fell asleep.

Thats great.

I can do whatever I want.”

Zhang Han whispered, then brought his head closer to Zi Yan and kissed her on the lips.

At that moment, Zi Yan opened her eyes, seemingly intending to make out if Zhang Han would kiss her.

She blinked her big eyes, completely awake.

“What did you do Who was the man downstairs” Zi Yan pouted and asked.

“He is a person from an official department,” Zhang Han replied.

“What did he do for you”

“Offered me a job.”

“Offered a job to you” Zi Yans eyes were filled with confusion.

“How can he get a job”

“Yes, in terms of identity, I am now an official superior,” after thinking for a moment, Zhang Han said.

Zi Yan chuckled and said, “You actually can be a superior.

Do you have time to do other things since you always keep an eye on Mengmeng”

“Thats right, so its just a title,” Zhang Han smiled and answered.


Yeah, by the way,” Zi Yans face suddenly changed, and she said a little anxiously, “do others also call you Master Zhang”

“Huh… yes.”

“Someone wants to offend you, and they are particularly fierce…”

“It doesnt matter, I know, they will no longer… appear in front of us anymore,” Zhang Han responded.


“Yes, that person told me just now.” Zhang Han gave a positive answer.

“Puff… well.

I was so worried at that point and wanted to tell you, but I was dizzy.

I just heard from Feifei that you saved me.

I cant imagine what would happen without you.”

“Theres no if.” Zhang Han reached out his hand to touch Zi Yans cheeks.

Although he just whispered softly, his tone was brimming with firmness, as if he was making a vow.

“I will protect you, Mengmeng, and our family forever.”


Zi Yans heart trembled and her gaze became softer and softer.

“Would you love me all the time”


“Its nice to have you.”


“Kiss me.”

Then, Zhang Han pressed his body on Zi Yans directly and kissed with her with great passion.

After a long time—

At that point, the two of them lost the concept of time and only felt as if they were a blazing fire and dry wood.

Gradually, Zi Yans pajamas were thrown on the carpet next to the bed in succession, while the only underwear of Zhang Han was also missing.

Both of them were naked.

At that moment, Zi Yans face was so red, like a ripe red apple.

She was short of breath, constantly blinking her big beautiful eyes.

Her eyelashes trembled, and a layer of water mist seemed to cover her eyes.

She was already overwhelmed by sexual passion.

Zhang Hans breathing quickened, and the passion from his heart was provoked.

He was like a bull with reserve strength.

After they had been rolling around in bed for a long time, their mood had reached its peak.

When the last step was about to happen, Zi Yan said shyly, “Go to the secondary bedroom.”


Zhang Han got out of bed in an instant and went out with Zi Yan in his arms.

At that point, Zi Yan was the only one in his eyes as well as his mind, and he totally forgot that Zhao Fei was sleeping in the secondary bedroom.

Then… Zhang Han opened the door and walked in with Zi Yan in his arms.

Then he turned on the lamps.


“Mm… Why did you turn on the lights How annoying.” Zhou Fei muttered with great dissatisfaction.


Zhang Han and Zi Yan froze at that time.


Zi Yan screamed and patted Zhang Hans back hurriedly.

Zhang Han quickly walked out and shut the door heavily.

Zhou Feis confused voice was heard from the bedroom.

“Elder Sister Yan, whats up”


Zi Yan replied, then quickly said to Zhang Han, “Go back quickly.”

The two of them returned to the bedroom.

“What if we go downstairs to the sofa” Zhang Han said awkwardly.

“No, I will feel very embarrassed once found.” Zi Yan pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and quickly put on her pajamas.


Zhang Han patted himself on the forehead, putting on a very pained expression!

“I should have let Zhou Fei go back!”

Seeing Zhang Hans appearance, Zi Yan chuckled and nestled in his arms.

The embarrassing atmosphere completely dissipated, and the two slowly fell asleep after whispering for a while.

They had a sound sleep, but many people could not fall asleep this night.

The impact of the matter concerning Longsheng Restaurant just started.

Nothing happened during the night.

The next morning at 8:30, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei got up.

After getting up, Zhou Fei asked Zi Yan why had she come to her bedroom.

As a result, Zi Yan blushed without saying anything.

After they finished washing, everyone had breakfast on the second floor.

During breakfast, Zi Yan looked up at Zhou Fei and said, “Feifei, call Aunty Tang later and tell her that Im going to visit her with Zhang Han and Mengmeng.”

“Oh, fine.

I wont tell her who will go with you, and we can see their expressions when they see Mengmeng and brother-in-law.


Zhou Fei burst out laughing.

She thought the picture would be very funny if they found out that Elder Sister Yans kid grew so rapidly.


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