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“They, are they going to mansion 3”

Wang Jiawen looked at Su Yu in the passenger seat.

He swallowed and said, “Mr.

Zhang, they went to mansion 3!”

“I see that.” Su Yu sighed.

She thought, “Im not blind!”

“Do they know Mr.

Hong” Wang Jiawen shook his head and said, “They have a really… wide network of friends.”

“Who is Mr.

Zhang” Wang Jiaxuan asked curiously.

Wang Jiawen smiled and said, “Mr.

Zhang runs a restaurant in New Moon Bay, its where Guangguang always wants to have a meal.”

“Oh,” Wang Jiaxuan responded, looking much calmer.

A restaurant owner had nothing to do with her.

Maybe she would have a meal there in the future.

With her trouble unsolved yet, she didnt have the mood to care about others.

“Oh!” An idea suddenly hit Wang Jiawen and he said, “Darling, Mr.

Zhang is going to visit Mr.


What do you say we call them and ask him to introduce us”

“Is… is it okay” Su Yu said hesitantly.

“Can they If they are just paying a simple visit to Mr.

Hong, we shouldnt ask.

It will be embarrassing.” Wang Jiaxuan was persuaded at first, but on second thought, she gave up the idea, which was mostly because she felt that this Mr.

Zhang mentioned by her brother didnt have that kind of influence.

“Even if it is just a visit, Mr.

Zhang could put in a good word for us.

Jiaxuan, Im telling you.

Chairman Liu Qingfeng is friendly to Mr.

Zhang, he gave his treasured liquor in Hong Kong to Mr.



Zhang has the influence,” Wang Jiawen said.

“Who Liu Qingfeng” Wang Jiaxuans eyes widened in an instant.

The name was widely known in Hong Kong! In the big business circle of Hua nation, he was also famous as a top entrepreneur.

She could never catch up with such a figure.

“Of course.” Wang Jiawen saw his sisters astonished look and smiled casually.

He said, “The treasured liquor is very expensive.

However, Mr.

Zhang is easy-going and friendly, he is a typical family man.

The person who could receive Liu Qingfengs liquor gift is certainly a somebody.

We have a good relationship with Mr.

Zhangs family.

Asking should be nothing.”

When Wang Jiawen said those words, he was not 100% sure.

The truth was that their daughter, Wang Yihan, and Mengmeng had a close relationship, and they were good friends.

So their family relationship with Zhang Han and Zi Yan was becoming closer.

But even with the help of his daughter, Wang Jiawen was quite proud.

“Thats true.”

After hearing the words, Su Yu thought she could make the call, but she pondered for a while.

Then she said, “They have just gone in, they must be greeting each other.

We should wait a few minutes before we call them.”

“Yeah, lets wait here for a while,” Wang Jiawen turned around and told the two people in the back seat.

The car stopped at the side of the road.

Wang Jiaxuan and Wu Yang looked better because suddenly there was hope for them.

In the meantime—

In mansion 3—

When the panda car arrived at the door, the atmosphere in the hall was still gloomy.

“Xiao Yan and others are coming.

All right, dont think about it now.”

Hong Qitao waved his hand and said, “The situation may not be as bad as I thought.

This morning, I heard that last nights Gu party at the Dragon Triumph Club was a mess.

Its trouble for them.

It seems that the Gu family has been greatly affected.

Lin Shan has gone out to inquire about the details.

When he comes back, we will find out whats going on.

If Gu Chuanlong is in trouble, then our problem would be much easier.”

“Really” Hong Li suddenly stared and said, “Last night, I also heard that something very big happened.

But later on, when I asked some of my friends, they all kept their mouths shut.

So I couldnt find out what was really going on.”

“Nevertheless, after Gu Chuanlong solves his problem, we still have to deal with him.” Tang Jiayi sighed softly.

“Wait till Lin Shan comes back.

When Xiao Yans group comes, Lili, you go pick them up.” Hong Qitao waved to Hong Li.

Last night, he didnt have a good rest, which made his back ache a little.

He couldnt help sighing in his heart that his aging body was much worse than before.

He wasnt very comfortable, so he wasnt ready to get up.

Then he picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip.


Hong Li nodded, then got up and walked quickly to the gate.

After opening the door, Hong Li looked at the people and his expression froze for a moment.

“Yan… Elder Sister Yan, er… this… youre here.”

Hong Li was a little confused.

“What is that

“Parent-child clothes

“A handsome man and a cute daughter

“God! When did Elder Sister Yan have a child

“How could this be true”

Hong Li had a lot of questions in his mind.

He forgot to say hello to Zhang Han, and he didnt know what to say.

So he just looked at them in a daze.

When they came near, Hong Li responded with a little smile on his face and said, “Nice to meet you, come in please.”

He moved aside and let Zhang Han and the others come in.

Hong Qitao was still drinking tea.

His habit was to leave the tea in his mouth and taste it slowly.

He saw Zi Yan coming in.

The man beside her…


A large mouthful of tea, like a waterfall, flew out and sprayed everywhere on the table.

Its water mist even made a seven-color light.

It formed a rainbow.

Nini was stunned by the scene.

It was the first time that she had seen Uncle Hong make such a scene.

However, her eyes gradually widened after seeing Zhang Han.

“Master Zhang”


Hong Qitao immediately stood up and strode forward, staring at Zhang Han.

He put out his hand and laughed.

“Ah, my humble house is honored by Master Zhangs visit.

Welcome, come to the seat of honor!”

This sudden scene shocked Zi Yan and Zhou Fei.

“What is going on”


Mengmeng in Zhang Hans arms was also stunned.

Her small arm around Zhang Hans neck was tightened and her head turned around.

She said in a sweet and tender voice, “This is my Papa, not some master.

You, you are wrong.”

“Uncle Hong, what is…” Zi Yan asked full of doubt.

It took Hong Qitao a few seconds to understand the situation, and he blushed.

Then he was confused again, looking at Zi Yan and Zhang Han.

He was completely at a loss.

Fortunately, Tang Jiayi responded fast.

She hurried over to Zi Yan and said with a smile, “Come and sit here first.

Lets sit down and talk.”

She took Zi Yans arm and looked at the messy tea table on the side of the hall, thinking for a few seconds and leading everyone into the living room.

When they all sat down, Hong Qitao, Hong Li, and Nini looked Zhang Hans family up and down curiously.

As long as one was not blind, they could see that they were wearing parent-child clothes; namely, they were… a family!

“A family

“God! Zi Yans husband is Master Zhang”

It was shocking.

Everyone, including Hong Qitao, felt as if their brains didnt function, and they were all confused.

Hong Qitao thought it was because he didnt sleep very much all night.

After all, he could always remain calm in the face of crisis.

“Xiao Yan, you and Master Zhang are…” Tang Jiayi sat beside Zi Yan and asked with a tender smile.

“Whos Master Zhang” Zi Yan closed her lips slightly and looked at Zhang Han strangely.

Then she looked at Tang Jiayi and said, “Aunty Tang, let me introduce him.

This is my husband, Zhang Han.”

Zi Yans words made Tang Jiayi and the others take a deep breath.

Zhang Hans calm expression changed from the beginning.

Hearing Zi Yans words, he couldnt help smiling.

His wife was still a little shy.

“This is our daughter, Mengmeng.

Mengmeng, introduce yourself,” Zi Yan looked at Mengmeng and said with a smile.

“Well, my name is Zhang Yumeng, Mengmeng.

My name was given to me by Papa.” Mengmeng looked at Hong Qitao with some curiosity and introduced herself politely.

“Oh, what a cute little girl.” Hong Qitao, with a kind smile on his face, could not help reaching out to pinch Mengmengs face.

Before his hand touched Mengmeng, Zhang Han held Mengmeng back in his arms and gave a disapproving look at his hand.

He thought, “Wash your hands before you try to touch my baby girl.”

Hong Qitao smiled in embarrassment, then withdrew his hand and touched his beard casually.

“The girl is so cute and beautiful.

Zi Yan, you should really have told Aunty Tang before you came that you have a husband and a child, thats…” Tang Jiayi touched her leg as if she were trying to find her bag.

She said, “Its too sudden.

Aunty Tang didnt prepare a welcome gift.”

“No need, Aunty Tang.” Zi Yan smiled and looked at Mengmeng.

She said, “Mengmeng, this is your Grandpa Hong and this is your Granny Tang.”

“Hi, Grandpa Hong, Granny Tang.” Mengmeng muttered, her big eyes flickering and shining with innocence.

Now she was curious about the relationship between grandpa and granny.

When they saw the look of the little girl, Hong Qitao and Tang Jiayi couldnt stop laughing.

“Zhang Han, these are Aunty Tang and Uncle Hong that I told you about before.

They used to take good care of me,” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and said.

“Um.” Zhang Han nodded, he smiled and said, “Nice to meet you, Aunty Tang and Uncle Hong.”

“We really dont deserve this, call us… Um….” Hong Qitao was flattered and shocked, uttering a murmur.

He came up with nothing and just said, “Anything else is fine.”

“You are Zhang Han.

This is the first time youve come here and Aunty Tang hasnt prepared anything.

Next time, I will make it up to you.”

Tang Jiayi was calm.

Since Zhang Han already called them that, she responded casually.

From the way Zi Yan and Zhang Han looked at each other, Tang Jiayi felt that they were in love.

Through Zi Yan, their relationship with Zhang Han would soon become closer.

She never doubted a wifes influence over a husband, and she was genuinely kind to Zi Yan.

Today was a nice surprise.

At the critical moment of their crisis, Zi Yan brought Master Zhang.

Was it Gods will

Zhang Han just smiled, then shook his head and said, “Never mind.

You are Zi Yans elders, that makes you my elders, too.”

Tang Jiayi and Hong Qitao were overjoyed to hear his words.

They looked at each other and found each others eyes full of excitement.

They were both relieved.

With Master Zhang here, they became more assured.

Hong Li was still a little confused.

He and Nini had been looking Zhang Han up and down.

Master Zhang was so tough on Mount Yun Ding.

But now in front of them, he was so easygoing, as if he was a next-door brother.

It made them feel it was a little surreal.

“Brother Zhang, oh no, its that… Nice to meet you, elder brother.”

Hong Li interrupted and greeted him just in time.

“Nice to meet you, elder brother,” Nini said with a smile.

Zi Yan added, “He is Hong Li, uncle Hongs youngest son, and she is Hong Lis girlfriend, Nini.”

“Nice to meet you.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Lili, Nini, go get some fruit and snacks,” Tang Jiayi waved to them and said.


Mengmeng was surprised, then her big eyes brightened up.

She was happy and began to giggle.

Seeing Mengmengs look, they all burst into laughter.

Soon after, Hong Li and Nini brought fruits and lots of snacks.

Mengmeng stared with her big eyes at the snacks without moving or making a noise until Zhang Han asked.

Then, the little girl just pointed at several snacks.

Zhang Han took them and opened the bags for her.

Mengmeng began to eat contentedly.

After a few minutes of communication, Tang Jiayi and the others felt a lot more relaxed.

Tang Jiayi showed an elegant smile and said, “Xiao Yan, it seems that Mengmeng is three or four years old.

Why didnt we hear anything When did you get married”

“We were together five years ago, and then something happened to him.

Not long ago, we were reunited.

I had been in San Diego before,” Zi Yan said simply.

“Oh, I see.

Xiao Yan, it must be hard for you to look after the child alone…” Tang Jiayi and Zi Yan chatted.

Hong Qitao joined their conversation from time to time.

Then he felt that it was about the time, so he looked at Zhang Han and said hesitantly, “Mr.

Zhang, to tell the truth, its still the thing we discussed last time.

Since you are Xiao Yans husband, I want to talk it over with you.

I dont know…”

“You mean the thing involving Gu Chuanlong” Zhang Han fed Mengmeng a small piece of orange as he looked up at him and said blandly, “He will never appear again.”

“Will never appear again” Hong Qitao was confused.

Tang Jiayi, Hong Li, and Nini all looked at Zhang Han.

They didnt know what he meant.

Just then, the door of the villa was pushed open, and Lin Shan rushed in.

He saw no one, so he shouted, “Brother Hong, something has happened, something big has happened!”

“Uncle Lin, over here,” Hong Li shouted.

Lin Shan ran over quickly when he heard the voice, his face shining with excitement.

He rushed into the living room and shouted, “Something big has happened, great news! Haha…”

Before he could finish his words, he saw a room of people staring at him.

He was astonished at first, and then he stumbled while seeing Zhang Han.

“What is this God doing here”

“Um, this… Im sorry.” Lin Shan showed an expression of having entered the wrong room as he rushed out, waving to Hong Qitao from outside the door.

“You continue your chat, Ill check whats going on.” Hong Qitao got up and went out.

On the other side of the living room, Lin Shan whispered a few words in Hong Qitaos ear.


The information hit Hong Qitao like a bolt from the blue, leaving a few words repeating in his mind.

“Gu Chuanlong is dead!”

“Protector He Yunfei, Jiang Zonghao, Gu Fang, and Gu Chuanfeng… they were all killed by Master Zhang in seconds.”

“Gu Chuanfeng was trying to do harm to Zi Yan secretly.

Master Zhang was furious and he killed 13 people, and more than 100 peoples legs were broken.”

“… ”

“Is this true” Hong Qitao held his breath.

“It is absolutely true that the authority has imposed a ban.

You can imagine what a terrible character Master Zhang is.

Some martial artists know about the incident.

I asked a lot of people to confirm it,” Lin Shan answered, and suddenly his face got a little serious.

He said, “Brother Hong, why is Master Zhang here He is a very dangerous person.”

“Him” Hong Qitao took several long breaths, then finally laughed and said, “Hes Xiao Yans husband!”

Then he went back to the living room, and he became more enthusiastic.

He folded his hands to Zhang Han and said, “Thank you, Mr.

Zhang, Gu Chuanlong has indeed disappeared forever.”

The person was dead.

How could he appear again

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said nothing more.

Zi Yan, Tang Jiayi, and the others didnt quite get what they were talking about, but Tang Jiayi and Hong Li just felt relieved.

They kept chatting for a few minutes, then Zi Yans cell phone rang and she answered it.

After a few words, Zi Yan hesitated and said, “Aunty Tang, a friend of mine just came here, and she is outside.

She said that she wanted to talk to Uncle Hong about something.

I wonder if its convenient for you…”

“Its convenient for us.

Since they are your friends, have them directly come in,” Hong Qitao said.

“Oh, well, theyre not far from the door.” Zi Yan nodded and hung up after saying a few words in the phone.

“Lin Shan, pick up the guests,” Hong Qitao said to Lin Shan, who stood at the door primly.

“All right.” Lin Shan hurried out.

When he got to the door, he saw Wang Jiawen and others standing there.

The housekeeper stood before them in a stiff and impassive manner, as if they were strangers and shouldnt come in.

Lin Shan ran up to them and laughed.

“Welcome! Welcome, come in!”

His attitude slightly surprised Wang Jiawen and the others.

He sounded very enthusiastic.


Zhang was indeed an influential figure!

When they entered the living room and made a few greetings, they found that Hong Qitaos attitude toward Zhang Hans family was so friendly.

Zhang Hans social connection was absolutely astonishing.

Liu Qingfeng gave him liquor, and Hong Qitao was so friendly to him.

Everyone was speechless.

After chatting a few words, Hong Qitao asked about their trouble.

Wang Jiaxuan told him the truth as she felt that Hong Qitao could help her.

But she didnt expect that Hong Qitao would directly call the boss and say in an absolute tone, “You need to fix everything for Wang Jiaxuans cooperation and start the preparation on time in three days.

I dont want any delay or any other incidents.”

Hong Qitao sounded like that show-business giant again.

When he solved the problem, Su Yu and the others sat for another 10 minutes.

Then they stood up and said goodbye.

While walking to the door and getting in the car, Wang Jiaxuan still felt like she was in a dream.

She murmured.


Zhang is Zi Yans husband.

Theyre great.”

“Sometimes the difficulties in our mind can be taken care of by just one request they make!” Wu Yang said emotionally.

“Oh The problem has been solved.

You become lively again, dont you” Wang Jiaxuan smiled and stared at him.

“Lets go back first.

I think we owe much to Mr.

Zhang and Zi Yan this time,” Wang Jiawen said when he started the car.

“We need to thank them.

When Zi Yan comes back, I will visit her.” Wang Jiaxuan nodded.

“… ”

While they were chatting before, they heard from Zhou Fei that Zi Yan would go to the mainland at 3:00 in the afternoon.

It might take her about 10 days to come back.

Zhang Han wanted to go back to the restaurant to cook for Zi Yan, but Tang Jiayi persuaded them to stay with enthusiasm.

They couldnt refuse her, so they stayed for lunch.

During the meal, an interesting thing happened.

Hong Qitao stared at Mengmeng for a while, then finally turned to Zi Yan and said, “Xiao Yan, Mengmeng is so cute.

Should I be her godfather”

“What” Zi Yan was stunned.

“Puff…” Hong Lis meal sprayed from his mouth, he was astonished as well.

If his father became Mengmengs godfather, what position would that put him in

Tang Jiayi was annoyed, so she kicked Hong Qitao under the table.

“All right.

He was joking.”

Hong Qitao said hurriedly, “I didnt sleep very much last night.

My head hurts a little bit, and I feel slightly dizzy.

Its just that Mengmeng is so adorable…”

After dinner, about one oclock, Zhang Han and the others left.

Hong Qitao and Tang Jiayi brought them to the entrance.

They saw their ordinary panda car.

They shook their heads and sighed.

They didnt expect the crisis that had haunted them for days would be solved by Zhang Han in such a violent way.

Although it was not an intentional favor, it solved their big problem.

Hong Qitao was grateful to them.

After that, Zhang Han and the others went back to the restaurant.

More than 10 people were sitting on the first floor.

Among them were Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, Elder Meng, and two other men, plus six women, including Leng Yue.

These 11 people in total were the guards who would follow Zi Yan to the mainland this time.


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