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When the old man finished packing, all the things together exceeded 15 kilograms, but Zhang Han picked them up easily.

After leaving the shop, Zhang Han strolled around the other stalls with Mengmeng in his arms, but found no more spirit treasures.

Therefore, they decided to go back home.

When they approached the panda car, Zhang Hans mobile phone rang with the sound of a video invitation.

Holding Mengmeng in his right arm, Zhang Han grabbed the bags in his left hand with his right hand, and then took out his mobile phone with his left.

He clicked on the message and found that it was a video invitation from Zi Yan, so he answered it.

“Where are you Are you shopping” Zi Yan was curious when she saw Zhang Han.

“MaMa, MaMa.

I, Im on a spending spree with PaPa,” Mengmeng said happily.

“We are on an antiques street,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

While talking with Zi Yan, he went to the side of the car, opened the trunk, put his purchases inside it, and then went to the back seat with Mengmeng in his arms.

“You like streets with antiques” Zi Yan asked casually.

“We are here to… to seek treasures,” Mengmeng answered while pouting.

“So you must have gotten a lot more toys”

“Er” Mengmeng thought of the four porcelain dolls and went blank for a while, with her big eyes blinking.

“No,” she answered.

“Well, havent you got a lot”

“I didnt buy four similar small dolls, MaMa.”

“So you have gotten four similar dolls” Zi Yan smiled.

Being reminded by MaMas expression, Mengmeng complained in shame, “No, I havent.”

Mengmeng cowered in Zhang Hans arms, making him laugh.

“We just paid for two of them, while the other two were…” Zhang Han enlightened the girl.

“Yeah, MaMa, MaMa,” Mengmeng straightened up and said seriously, “We, we just bought two, while the other two were gifts to, to Mengmeng from that grandpa.”

“Well, did you saythank you to him”

“Yes, I did.

I said,Thank you, grandpa.”


Being amused by the mother and daughters chat, Zhang Han shook his head, moved to the drivers seat, and began driving back to New Moon Bay.

After a 20-minute chat, Zi Yan hung up and went to work.

Zhang Han and Mengmeng arrived at the restaurant at 4:30 p.m.

He took all the purchases upstairs and placed the little porcelain dolls on the cabinets with Mengmeng.

The little princess seemed to be satisfied with her aesthetics.

When everything was arranged properly, Zhang Han took the black metal box to his bedroom and put it at a corner of the wardrobe.

Though such a set of spirit treasures made from Xuan Void Gold should be helpful, it was of no use to Zhang Han now, for it required soul sense to refine the cards and turn them into his weapon.

Soul sense was substantive spiritual strength, or psychokinesis in other words.

And high-level soul sense could even be used as a weapon with various attack effects, which could even help the owner get supernatural power or cast spells.

Under continual refining and training, the soul sense would gradually change from weak to strong, just like spiritual force.

Eventually, all the acupoints and channels in the brain would be dredged and the deep soul sense sea would be wakened, which enabled the cultivators to communicate with all kinds of elements in nature and even turn them into means of physical attack.

Generally, cultivators began training their soul sense in the Innateness stage.

When the spiritual force within their body was refined to a certain extent, they would condense into an Elixir and then a Yuan Ying, which meant the cultivators had advanced to the Yuan Ying stage.

Following the Yuan Ying stage was the God Transformation stage, and the soul sense, which had actually been accumulated and cultivated along with the body and spiritual force since the Innateness stage, would evolve into divine sense during this period.

Though most cultivators preferred to rely on their spiritual force and few of them were good at using soul sense, there were some talents who had cultivated and advanced their soul sense to a high level and could even kill someone in their dreams.

As for Zhang Han, both spiritual force and soul sense could be the main means of attack, and he had his own plan for the future based on them.

Generally speaking, he should begin cultivating his soul sense in the Innateness stage.

However, he didnt want to wait for such a long time, and thus he decided to explore his soul sense sea in the Foundation stage.

As a reborn cultivator who had once advanced to the Pass Tribulation stage, Zhang Han had already learned and understood a lot in this aspect and was very confident.

“Im thinking too much.”

Zhang Han collected his thoughts, shook his head slightly, and said to himself, “Though I got the cards as spirit treasures today, I havent found what I really need.

“There seem to be few spirit treasures on the earth.”

While in some regions of the Cultivation World, plants at the level of spirit treasure were growing casually on both sides of the road, even first-stage spirit treasures were rare on the earth.

As he thought about, another idea suddenly crossed Zhang Hans mind.

Lei Tiannan had told him that if he served for the National Safety Administration, he could get some points and exchange something special with them.

Zhang Han took out his cell phone and clicked on a message from Lei Tiannan.

There was only one link in it without any introduction, and Zhang Han clicked on it.

As the web page popped up, the screen turned black as if Zhang Han had turned off the cell phone.

All of a sudden, something happened.

Two Chinese dragons emerged from both the lower corners of the screen respectively and began flying on the screen.

Eventually, they stopped at the center of the screen and intertwined with each other to form a classical auspicious pattern known as “two dragons playing with a pearl”, which seemed dignified and mysterious.

Then a progress bar emerged below the two dragons.

[Installing the National Safety Administration system… 1%… 5%… 10%…]

[The installation is complete]

[The coverage is complete]

[Installing the Security-Force Center… 1%… 10%… 25%…]

[The installation is complete.

Binding identity information]

[Binding complete.

Restarting the system]

When the cell phone restarted as usual, Zhang Han found a pattern showing two dragons playing with a pearl on the screen.

It seemed that the newly added system was also serving as a guardian for the original one, which had improved the security level of the mobile location and communication.

Zhang Han didnt care about this.

Swiping the screen to the left, he found a new app icon named Safety-Force Center in the shape of a dragon head.

“Loud as always.”

Zhang Han laughed.

Loud though it was to his eyes, the mystique was effective in attracting low-level green hands and earning the National Security Agency more respect and expectations.

Clicking on the app, Zhang Han found the page more like software for chatting with a profile photo and his name on top.

Zhang Hanyang

Guarding Cultivator of the National Security Agency, Hong Kong Branch

Score: 1,000

At the bottom, there were options icons including Notice, My Friends, Moments, Safety-Force Center Forum, Task Hall, Ongoing Task, Completed Task, Reward Task, Treasure House, etc.

Zhang Han skimmed the page quickly and clicked on the Treasure House.

It seemed like another Taobao with listed photos, item names, and prices inside.

All the items were priced 100, 200, or 300 points.

Among them, there were weapons, daily necessities, collections, spiritual herbs, metals, and so on.

But they were all low-level items and some of them could even be purchased with cash.

Zhang Han clicked to sort them by price from highest to lowest.


The page was refreshed and Zhang Han saw a string of zeros before he could recognize what the item was.

The top item on the list cost 1,000,000 points.

A million.

Zhang Hans mouth trembled slightly.

It was so stingy that he was merely paid 1,000 points as a guarding cultivator.

What could he get with 1,000 points

The top of the treasure list was a sword.

Dragon-piercing Sword: Heaven-grade treasure made from a meteorite.

A powerful weapon, it can increase the Qi-force conversion rate by 4% and has a corrosion capability.

The information of the details immediately attracted Zhang Han.

He had learned from Instructor Liu and Zhao Feng some information about the treasures and knew that they were classified into Huang-grade, Xuan-grade, Earth-grade, and Heaven-grade from low to high.

In the Huang-grade, there were some well-forged weapons and herbs that had grown for many years, and most of them were below first-stage spirit treasures; in the Xuan-grade, there were all first-stage spirit treasures; in the Earth-grade were second-stage treasures; and in the Heaven-grade there were third-stage treasures.

Now that the Dragon-piercing Sword could increase the Qi-force conversion rate by 4% and had a corrosion capability, it was obviously a third-stage spirit treasure.

Though different classification systems had different category names, the classification criteria were similar.

Though the most expensive item was merely a third-stage spirit treasure, there had to be better ones, such as four-stage and five-stage treasures, on sale in the future.

But the pricing was somewhat high for Zhang Han.

To earn a million points, he would have to spend most of his life serving the National Security Agency.

Moving his eyes downward, Zhang Han found the second treasure more interesting.

Five Elements Furnace: As a Heaven-grade treasure, it can utilize the five elements to make pills or forge weapons.

Price: 1,000,000 points.

The furnace at the third-stage was more attractive to Zhang Han than that sword.

Following that was a thumb-sized metal block, whose introduction was also interesting.

Void Stone: As a Heaven-grade treasure, it can be made into spatial ornaments with storage function.

Spatial ornaments usually referred to spatial rings, spatial necklaces, or something like that.

Though they would benefit Zhang Han a lot when he was out, the price of 1,000,000 points again stopped him.

Sweeping the three one-million-score items out of his mind, Zhang Han began scrolling down the page at a faster speed.

There were various items priced from 900,000 to 100,000 points, such as Soul-suppressing Flag, Eight Diagrams Flag, and some pills that could enhance ones strength.

Eventually, Zhang Han stopped at a basketball-sized stone.


Energy Stone: As a Xuan-grade treasure, it contains abundant Spiritual Qi and can increase the Spiritual Qi content in the surrounding 20 meters, which is enough for a three-hour cultivation.

Price: 2,300 points.

Inventory: 2.

Zhang Han looked at the picture carefully and found it more like a hidden spirit stone.

Hidden spirit stones were a rare variety of crystal stones, but the energy they contained was mixed with a lot of impurities, making them less useful than spirit stones.

Cultivators didnt like them because they couldnt accelerate their cultivation.

But they could be absorbed by the Yuan Qing Tree and thus accelerate the fruit-bearing process.

“Hidden spirit stones cant be used like this.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Breaking a hidden spirit stone to increase the Spiritual Qi content was nothing more than a waste, while the proper method required a Soul-guiding Formation.

If the stone had been priced in accordance with the proper method of its use, it would be priced at more than 20,000 points.

Therefore, now it was really a bargain for Zhang Han.

“Ill get it.”

Zhang Han put on a wry smile after he made the decision.

It cost 2,300 points, but he only had 1,000.

“Maybe I should go to the treasure house to check its quality.

A low-grade hidden spirit stone is of no use to me.”

Zhang Han exited the app, deciding to go to check the stone at headquarters tomorrow.

Checking the time and finding it was 5:20 p.m., Zhang Han began to make supper.

At the same time, something was happening in a warehouse at the edge of the Zhu Keng District.

There were 13 trucks and around 20 people, who stood casually, smoking and chatting with each other.

After a while, Luo Sheng and Lu Chao walked out of the warehouse.

“Let have supper and take a rest.

Well start at 11 oclock tonight and have a celebration after accomplishing the task,” Luo Sheng said loudly.

“I dont care about the celebration party, all I want is money.

I havent gotten my traveling expenses paid yet,” a swarthy man standing in the back row shouted.

“Rest assured.

Ill pay you as promised, including all your expenses,” Luo Sheng replied with profound resignation.

These guys employed by Lu Chao all came from other parts of the country, and he spent a lot of time to prepare for the action tonight.

Now everything was ready and they would start once it got dark.

He would definitely empty Mount New Moon!

He had to win the title King of Cookery with all the top-quality ingredients on the mountain.


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