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The imposing building was similar to that in the CBD of New Moon Bay in appearance, with two men in police uniforms standing guard without expression.

“PaPa, is this the workplace you mentioned” Mengmeng asked curiously, blinking and looking around.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

Holding Mengmeng in his arms, Zhang Han stopped one meter in front of the automatic door, which opened to both sides automatically.

When Zhang Han entered through the gate and swept his eyes over the hall, he found few people there, except for some staff coming and going.

Zhang Han looked around a few times, finding nothing like a road sign.

So he went straight to the service desk on the left, where sat a horsetail girl.

“Hello.” Zhang Han greeted the girl.

“Hello.” The horsetail girl turned around and saw Mengmeng.

“Wow.” Her eyes light up as she gave the angel a sweet smile.

“Hello, little sister.” Mengmeng greeted the girl with a lovely expression.

“Hello, little angel.” The horsetail girl kept smiling.

“How can I get to the Treasure House, please” Zhang Han asked directly.

“Huh” The horsetail girl immediately froze and asked, “What treasure house”

“Treasure House, its name.

Isnt it here” Zhang Han was confused.

“Treasure House” The horsetail girl seemed to be more confused than him.

“Sir, are you in the wrong place”

“Isnt this the National Security Agency” Zhang Han tried to explain.

“Are you from the National Security Agency” The horsetail girl went blank.

“Arent you a new employee Is this your first time here”

“Well, its my first time here indeed.

This is my token.” Zhang Han showed his token to the girl.

“So you are from the National Security Agency… Protector?Are you Protector Zhang” The horsetail girl immediately widened her eyes and looked Zhang Han up and down.

“Protector Zhang is so young and handsome!”

“Is the treasure here I would like to have a look at it.” Zhang Han nodded and repeated his question.

“There is a square hall on the right side of the corridor, leading to the National Security Agency,” the horsetail girl stared at Zhang Han in excitement and said cautiously.

“Okay, thank you.” Zhang Han walked toward the right side of the corridor with Mengmeng in his arms.

“Goodbye, little sister.” Mengmeng waved her small hand.

“Bye.” The horsetail girl grinned at the father and daughter as she waved goodbye.

After Zhang Han walked into the corridor, the horsetail girl picked up the fixed-line telephone and dialed the internal number.

“Hello Protector Zhang of your department is here! Ive just received him, and he is so handsome…”

There was a sign on the corridor on the right, which read: Office of the National Safety Administration.

Zhang Han continued to walk down the corridor and saw that there were many people in the surrounding rooms.

He even saw a place like a payment hall, where some people were queuing up.

The corridor led to a small square hall with two people standing on both sides

“Hello, Protector Zhang!”

When Zhang Han approached the hall, they greet him respectfully.

“Hello.” Zhang Han nodded and looked at the hall.

There were four elevators on both sides of the square hall.

“Im going to take a look at the Treasure House,” Zhang Han said directly.

“Okay, Ill take you there,” one of them bowed and replied.


The door of the elevator opened and a man with short hair and small eyes came out of it.


Zhang” On seeing Zhang Han, the man hastened over in surprise.

“Hello, Im Protector Leng.”

“Hello.” Zhang Han looked at Protector Leng.

A few days ago, he heard from Instructor Liu that it was Protector Leng who helped contact Lei Tiannan at the Dragon Triumph Club.

“Are you here for the first time Ill show you around,” Protector Leng said with a smile.

A glimmer of admiration flashed through his eyes as he turned his gaze to Mengmeng and said softly, “What a beautiful girl! How are you Whats your name”

“I, Im Mengmeng.”

“Mengmeng,” Protector Leng smiled, “how old are you”

“I, Im four years old,” Mengmeng pouted and replied.

“You are so pretty, haha.” Protector Leng shook his head and said, “Protector Zhang, let me take you down.”

He led the way into the elevator.

Zhang Han went in with Mengmeng in his arms, and the man who had intended to show him the way went back.

“The aboveground part of the building is the Security Agency, a subordinate department of National Security Agency.

The real National Security Agency is underground with five floors in total.

The biggest one is the third floor serving as the center, where there are restaurants and leisure places.” Protector Leng introduced it briefly.

“Im going to take a look at the Treasure House,” Zhang Han said.

“Huh” Protector Leng was a little surprised, and then he said with a smile, “Which treasure is Protector Zhang interested in Its on the fourth floor.”

He pressed the button for the fourth floor, and the elevator went down slowly.


When they reached the fourth floor, Zhang Han walked out of the elevator and saw that it was like an underground shopping mall, with a large area and a lot of small rooms

“Theres the testing center and theres the training place with multiple gravity chambers and martial arts hall.

You can have a try if youre interested.

The martial arts hall on the fourth floor is for a single person who is a chief supervisor or above.

If you like to be lively, there is a large competition hall on the third floor for energetic young people, where you can participate, watch, or bet.

Further on, the farthest inside is the Treasure House displayed on the software.

There is a bigger one on the fifth floor, but we cant go there without the permission of Director Lei,” said Protector Leng as he walked.

While Zhang Han was listening quietly, Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and looked left and right.

They quickly went to the innermost house, which was empty, and the entrance of the Treasure House was on the inner wall.

In the center of the wall was a round piece of metal with a palm-sized screen inlaid.

“Open the door with your token, or let the staff in the next room help you if you forget to bring it.

Is your token here” Protector Leng asked.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded, took out his token, and let the screen scan it.

“Zoom! Zoom!”

The screen glowed blue then turned green as the scan completed.

After the circular metal piece rotated several turns, the door moved slowly to both sides, and a mechanical sound came out at the same time.

“Welcome, Protector Zhang Hanyang.”

“Hmm” In surprise, Mengmeng looked around with big eyes and said curiously, “PaPa, who is welcome”

“Your father,” replied Protector Leng.

“Hmph, you lied to me.

PaPa is Zhang, Zhang Han, not that one.” Mengmeng gave him an expression of “dont lie to a child”.

“Thats his stage name, just like we call you Mengmeng,” Protector Leng explained.

“Hmm” Mengmeng thought for a while and asked Zhang Han, “PaPa, is it true”

“Well, yes,” Zhang Han replied with a chuckle.

“So it is welcoming my PaPa…” Mengmeng mumbled and threw her arms around Zhang Hans neck while continuing to look around.

They stepped into the Treasure House.

The room was filled with waist-high cabinets with a glass panel on top, which was divided into compartments.

Each compartment contained a piece of treasure, and the corresponding number was on the lower side of the shelf.

Profound N13479.

This obviously represented a Profound-stage treasure.

N was the serial number, and the following numbers were the “ID card” of the treasure.

Zhang Han casually opened a compartment containing medicinal materials.

All of a sudden, the light in the compartment turned light-red.

After sniffing the ginseng gently, Zhang Han identified that it was over a hundred years old.

When he closed the glass door, a thin blue light appeared and began to scan the ginseng.

After three flashes, the light returned to the previous white light.

The Treasury House didnt need guards because of this guarding system.

“The things in the outer room are common, and the better ones are all in the inner room.

Would you like to have a look” There was a little expectation in the eyes of Protector Leng.

“OK.” Zhang Han nodded and walked in with him.

As he walked inward, Zhang Han took out his mobile phone and checked the number of the hidden spirit stone.

It was Profound D16773.

Zhang Han memorized the number, put down his mobile phone, and went to the innermost side of the Treasure House, where there were a series of small rooms with glass doors, and he could clearly observe the things inside.

“The Dragon-piercing Sword costs millions of points, a Heaven-grade treasure… It took me five years to earn 400,000, still far away from being able to get it.”

Protector Leng looked eagerly at the sword on the display platform, and his saliva almost came out.

However, Zhang Han was not interested in this.

He took a few steps to the side and approached the five elements furnace to check the number beside the glass door.


Heaven S0009.

“The five elements furnace has been here for a longer time than me, nearly 40 years.

It is most suitable for making elixirs and refining weapons, but there are too few elixir masters in the martial arts world, and most of them are living in some well-known sects like the Heavenly Elixir Sect, the largest supplier of elixirs and medicines in the martial arts world.

All the elixirs in the Treasure House came from the Heavenly Elixir Sect, and every three years they will hold an auction.

They want to buy the five elements furnace but havent reached an agreement with us.

But Protector Du is from the Heavenly Elixir Sect and he has already earned 800,000 points.

One more year and he will get this furnace.” Protector Leng shook his head.


Zhang Han opened the glass door and entered the room, which was about 15 square meters.

The five elements furnace had five legs, with a height of about 1.3 meters and a diameter of about 70 or 80 centimeters.

The furnace body was round, and there were two spheres above it.

Zhang Han looked at the furnace carefully and his eyes sparkled.

It was actually a functional furnace that could be operated in accordance with both the rule of five elements and the rule of yin and yang.

Besides, Zhang Han sensed Void Stone and Xuan Void Gold in its material.

No wonder it could be kept in such good condition.

“The five elements furnace is interesting.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Yes, but it is of scarcely any use to most of us, including me.

And I even dont know how to operate it,” Protector Leng replied.

“Lets go somewhere else.” Zhang Han led the way out of the glass door.

Behind him, the scanning light in the room flashed and then calmed down.

This time, Zhang Han searched directly according to the labels, and soon arrived at the hidden spirit stone.

The label read: Energy Stone, Profound N13479.

He opened the glass door to check the stone.


Zhang Han took a long breath.

The fragrance of a spirit treasure was fascinating.

He could sense that there was a lot of energy in this stone.

So much energy was far beyond Zhang Hans expectation, which made his eyes slightly bright.

Although there were many impurities in the energy, the Yuan Qing Tree could purify them by itself.

With it, Zhang Han would be able to get Yuan Qing Fruit within a month.


Zhang Han closed the glass door.

He had decided to study the task list carefully when he went back, so as to obtain the hidden spirit stone in the shortest time.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han took the lead and walked out.

“Dont you see anything else You have a thousand points and can exchange them for some small treasures,” Protector Leng said.

“Not for the time being.” Zhang Han shook his head.

“Well, the quality of things that can be exchanged for a thousand points is not very good.

I heard you have a team You can take a task and have them finish it to earn more points for you.

Protector Du has seven subordinates, so he has a high efficiency in doing tasks, and his points are also rising fast,” Protector Leng explained.

The two men walked out of the Treasure House, and the gate slowly closed behind them.

Zhang Han walked out of the empty room and went to the corridor.

Suddenly, he heard a sneer with provocation coming from not far ahead.

“Isnt it Mr.

Zhang, the new Protector”


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