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Zhang Han turned around and saw five guys coming this way.

The leader was a strong man nearly 1.9 meters tall.

Behind him were Protector Du and his three subordinates.

Seeing the strong man, Protector Leng paused and nodded to greet them.

There was helplessness in his eyes.

“Elder Hong.”

However, Elder Hong kept staring at Zhang Han and even didnt spare Procter Leng a glance.

In order to oppress the newcomers, Elder Hong even expanded and strengthened his invisible field of Qi around them.

Knitting his brows, Zhang Han took a step back and immediately shaded Mengmeng with his hand.

With the gathering and transferring of his spiritual force, Zhang Han built a protective cover to prevent Mengmeng from being injured in the invisible field of Qi.

Zhang Han was infuriated by the strangers behavior.

Resisting the strangers Qi field, Zhang Han realized that this stranger was much more powerful than Protector Leng, and was definitely in the rank of Wu Dao Grand Master.

“Boy, Im asking you.

Cant you hear me” Elder Hongs eyes glaring.

Protector Du and the others behind Elder Hong were looking Zhang Han up and down.

They were not only estimating his strength, but also smirking at his discomfort.

There was a bystander who noticed the situation of Mengmeng and wanted to persuade Elder Hong.

But he finally gave up because of Elder Hongs status and shook his head helplessly.

“PaPa, PaPa.

He looks so fierce.”

Mengmeng drew back her little head and leaned against Zhang Hans.

Though the girl was speaking in a faint voice, all the martial artists with good ears and eyes could hear her clearly.

“Maybe theres something wrong with his head.

Dont worry about him,” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs little head and said.

The moment those words were out of his mouth…

The others went blank immediately.

Protector Dus eyes narrowed.

He carefully looked at Zhang Han, who was still calm, and couldnt help admiring him.

No wonder he was Master Zhang!

Few people could maintain this kind of mentality in front of stronger opponents.

How could Zhang Han, a Profound-stage Master, be self-confident enough to face the challenge of a Wu Dao Grand Master If he was not a fool, it meant that he had enough strength.

He felt that Protector Zhang was the latter.

However, what if Elder Hong made an attack in anger regardless of Lei Tiannans order

Even if Zhang Han was not killed but beaten to be disabled, he could only swallow insult and humiliation silently.

In fact, Elder Hong wanted to teach Zhang Han a lesson indeed.

Giving Zhang Han an icy gaze, he said, “Are you signing your own death warrant”

Protector Leng hurried forward and tried to persuade him.

“Calm down, Elder Hong.

Its the first time for Protector Zhang to come here, and Director Lei has said that…”

“Get lost!”

Elder Hong stretched out his palms and pushed Protector Leng aside with great force.

While keeping his icy gaze on Zhang Han, Elder Hong said, “I dont know if youve heard this.

“You shall never look down on a Grand Master.

“You are provoking me just now.

Now that you are so confident, do you have the courage to challenge me”

Hearing this, Protector Du and Protector Lengs face darkened.

It seemed that Elder Hong was determined to teach Zhang Han a lesson.

“Why not” Zhang Han replied calmly.

“Oh my…” Protector Leng clinched his teeth in helplessness.

Protector Du and his mens attitude toward Zhang Han also changed.

At first, Zhang Hans confident appearance was quite convincing.

Now it seemed that he was a fool!

A fool who dared to challenge Elder Hong.

Just a Profound-stage cultivator.

Where did he get the courage to provoke a Grand Master

The one who didnt know how to endure was just a reckless man after all.

Originally, Protector Leng had regarded Zhang Han as a promising cultivator, but now it seemed to be an overestimation.

Protector Du shook his head inwardly.

“Hmm” Elder Hong was surprised by Zhang Hans attitude.

“Now you can choose a day.”

“In 10 days.”


In 10 days, Ill wait for you here!” As he spoke, Elder Hong walked to the Treasure House.

When he approached the door, his steps suddenly stopped.

“Zhang Hanyang,” the emotionless master said without turning around, “I wont kill you in 10 days, because your life will be taken by someone else!”

Then he stepped into the house.

Protector Du turned to look at Zhang Han a few times.

Not knowing how to comment on Zhang Hans stupidity, Protector Du shook his head and gave the poor man a smile.

“PaPa, he was so fierce,” Mengmeng mumbled.

“Ignore him, for he has a brain problem.

Lets go back.” Zhang Han smiled and walked toward the elevator.

“Protector Zhang, why did you do this” Protector Leng sighed.

Zhang Han took a look at him and asked, “Whats the relationship between him and Protector He”

“Hmm You know their relationship” asked Protector Leng in surprise.

“No, I dont.”

But he had guessed the truth.

From the battle on Mount Yun Ding to the event of the Dragon Triumph Club, it was obvious that Gu Chuanlong had no one to rely on.

Therefore, it was Protector He who was related to Elder Hong.

There was no unfounded hostility.

From Elder Hongs eyes, Zhang Han knew he was coming for revenge.

In that case, there was no difference between a promise and a refusal.

“Er…” Protector Leng thought for a while and then continued.

“Elder Hongs name is Hong Yuan, and he is He Yunfeis brother of the same sect.

His master is Hao Qingtian, a horrible Wu Dao Grand Master who had adopted He Yunfei.

He Qingtian advanced to Grand Master Middle-stage 10 years ago and started another closed-door cultivation one year ago, preparing to advance to the Grand Master Late-stage.

Im afraid that even Director Lei cant match him in strength if he succeeds this time.

Therefore, though He Yunfei is not close with Hao Qingtian, it is a matter of saving face and youd better… “Prepare for the worst.

“Besides, Director Lei gave an order to not allow Mr.

Hong to deal with you in private, or he would have come to give you some troubles,” Protector Leng added.

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Elder Hong advanced to Wu Dao Grand Master three years ago and his specialty is firing palm.

Besides, as a tough defensive cultivator, he focuses on body-cultivating and is almost invulnerable.

Now that even Profound-grade weapons cant harm him, there is less of an opportunity for you to win.” Protector Leng sighed.

“I have my ways,” Zhang Han answered as they stepped into the elevator.

“PaPa, are they bad people” Mengmeng whispered in the elevator.

“Yes, in some aspects.” Protector Leng liked the clever girl so much that he volunteered to answer her question.

“My PaPa is not afraid of bad people.

He is so good that he could knock bad guys away like this,” Mengmeng said, making invisible drawings in the air with her fists.

“Well… OK.” Protector Leng shook his head.

Mengmengs words and behavior amused Zhang Han.

The elevator soon reached the first floor, and Zhang Han went straight out.

Protector Leng looked at Zhang Hans back, thought for a moment, and then dialed Lei Tiannans number.

“Director Lei, as soon as Protector Zhang arrived, Elder Hong came here to find fault with him, and Protector Zhang agreed to compete with Elder Hong in 10 days… OK, Im coming.”

Holding Mengmeng in his arms, Zhang Han went to the hall and left the building.

The horsetail girl saw them off with a gentle smile.

After getting in the panda car, Zhang Han dialed a number.

“Xu Yong, buy some jadeite and jade with good quality.

As for the quantity… your budget is 200 million yuan.”


Zhang Han needed a lot of jade to array a Heavenly Soul Gathering Formation instead of a simple Soul-guiding Formation.

With 200 million yuan, he could buy a lot of jade, and what was left over could be stored and used when necessary.

As an improved version of the Vanishing Soul Gathering Formation invented by Zhang Han, the Heavenly Soul Gathering Formation could absorb the energy of everything around it without destroying them, unlike the old version.

Since the thunder yang tree was on Mount New Moon, even the pleasant smelling grass there was full of energy and didnt mind to have a little taken.

With the help of the hidden spirit stone and the Heavenly Soul Gathering Formation, Zhang Han would get Yuan Qing Fruits within five to seven days.

Therefore, Zhang Han had to earn enough points through tasks in the following three days.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han decided to go back to the restaurant first and then make plans.

So Zhang Han drove steadily to New Moon Bay.

At the same time, in another office of Lei Tiannans on the 29th floor of the security administration building—

Protector Leng was standing in front of the desk, telling Lei Tiannan what had happened.

Lei Tiannan was sitting at the desk without any facial expression, holding a thumb-sized reagent bottle with a light-blue liquid inside.

“Do you know what this is” Lei Tiannan slightly shook the reagent tube in his hand.

“No, I dont.” Protector Leng looked at the liquid and shook his head.

“Its Yang Qing Water,” Lei Tiannan said slowly.

“Protector Zhang told me its name.

It can help us recover our spirit and spiritual force, restore physical strength, and strengthen physique.

While test results show that it is a Profound-grade treasure, it is comprehensively valued as Earth-stage.

And Protector Zhang seemed to have much Yang Qing Water.”

“Well… director, what do you mean” Protector Leng was confused.

“I mean, Zhang is a… talent.” Lei Tiannan gestured to set Protector Lengs mind at ease.

“Ask Elder Hong to come here.”

“Yes.” Protector Leng left in confusion.

Lei Tiannan was silent for a few seconds then he put the Yang Qing Water back in the drawer.

He knew that with the help of this treasure, combined with the method of body cultivating, they could continuously cultivate martial artists, which was extremely beneficial to the National Security Agency and the troop Cloud Soul.

Soon after, Hong Yuan came in and said, “Director Lei, you want to see me”

“Well, I heard that you and Protector Zhang have a competition in 10 days,” Lei Tiannan said directly.

“Yes, that boy is asking for it,” Hong Yuan replied.

“Just a competition.

I dont want to see him hurt,” Lei Tiannan stared at Hong Yuan and said slowly, “do you understand”

“Director Lei, you are too partial to him.” Hong Yuans face darkened.

“You can think so.”

“Director Lei, to be honest, Hao Qingtian will definitely kill that boy when he finishes the closed-door cultivation, and you are unable to stop my master.

So why are you going to humiliate yourself” Hong Yuan warned him.

“Hmm” Lei Tiannan frowned.

Lei Tiannan released his Grand Master Middle-stage Qi to form invisible terrifying waves, turning Hong Yuans face pale with fear.

“Remember what I just said” Lei Tiannan said slowly.

“Y-yes,” Hong Yuan answered, daring not to look up at the director.

Five seconds later, Lei Tiannan withdrew his Qi and ordered him.

“You may leave.”

Hong Yuan looked up at Director Lei, turned around, and left the office, his pale face soon darkened.

“I cant it I must do it.

Hong Yuan was enraged at Lei Tiannans attitude.

Lei Tiannan also realized that he couldnt change Hong Yuans mind.

Sitting in silence for a long time, he finally sighed and murmured.

“Ill go there myself.”

It was the National Security Agency, not a sect.

After all, there were many people in the National Security Bureau related to other forces, and he couldnt get everything in control as a director.

“But if he dares to ignore my words, Ill show him the gap between the middle stage and the early stage.”

When the father and daughter went back to the restaurant—

After sitting on the sofa on the first floor, while Mengmeng began watching cartons, Zhang Han took out his mobile phone and clicked on the “Task Hall”.

Task: Catch Lyu Biao, 13,000 points.

Introduction: Lyu Biao, an Earth-stage Master, well known for his weird bodily movements and transfiguration.

He was seen in Lanzhou one month ago.

Requirement: Catch him alive.

Several photos were attached.

Many task seekers were stopped by the transfiguration regardless of the point bonuses.

Task: Assassinate Muramasa Kozan.

Score: 5,800 points.

Introduction: Muramasa Kozan is a Profound-stage Master and an elder of Muramasa family, and he is good at Ice-spirit Swordsmanship.

Zhang Han didnt check the attached information, for he didnt have time to go to Japan for assassination.

He continued to check the following tasks.

Task: Find a place suitable for burial in the Yanglanshan area in the north of Longcheng District.

Score: 900 points.

Introduction: Find the burial place for elder Feng of the Feng family.

Requirement: Give priority to famous metaphysical masters.

There were a lot of tasks of various kinds and with different point bonuses.

Zhang Han kept scrolling down the screen, seeking suitable tasks.

It took Zhang Han more than half an hour to get a suitable one.

Task: Save Mr.


Score: 1,500.

Introduction: Mr.

Bai Chuan went to Lidong Island for business one day and was caught and had his freedom restricted by Dark Wolf, a local gang.

Requirement: Bring Mr.

Bai back safely.

Zhang Han took a look at it and thought it was quite suitable.

His original 1,000 points plus the 1,500 points would be enough to exchange for the hidden spirit stone.

So Zhang Han clicked on the task to enter the specific page.

Detailed information: There was enmity between Bai Chuan and Fang Shihuan from Lidong Island.

Therefore, the Dark Wolf may be waiting for Fang Shihua, the Earth-stage incantation master, to come back and deal with Bai Chuan, which was confirmed by Bai Chuans daughter.

The task must be completed within three days, and there is no limit on the number of people.


Team one: Dong Fei.

Team members: Hao Tian, Liu Miao…

Team two…

Zhang Han took a cursory look at the list and found that there were many people who took the task in teams.

There were four teams in total, with a maximum of 15 members and a minimum of five.

Zhang Han noticed that the leader of the five-man team was a supervisor, which meant he was at the Profound stage.

The mission was released yesterday, and they should have taken action but hadnt succeeded yet.

After Zhang Han thought about it, he directly clicked the “accept task” button, and a prompt popped up on the screen, indicating whether to confirm the task, yes/no.

He clicked “yes”.


In an instant, Zhang Hans name appeared on the task list.

Team five: Zhang Hanyang.

There was only one person in the new team with an icon following his name, showing he was a Protector.

After getting the task, Zhang Han called Xu Yong.


Do some preparation.

Lets go out for a task at one oclock in the afternoon.”

“What task”

“Saving someone in Lidong Island.”

“Ok, Ill arrange for it.

Wait, Instructor Liu wants to go with us and take the opportunity to train his men…”


It was 11:30 a.m.

when Zhang Han hung up, and he began to prepare lunch.

After lunch at 12:40 p.m., he got the call from Xu Yong.

Then Zhang Han dressed Mengmeng in white short-sleeves, a thin coat, jeans, and sneakers, as well as a small blue hat.

“PaPa, where are we going” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“To take a plane.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Take the big bird Are we going to find MaMa”

“Were going to a small island and will soon be back.”

“Hmm, OK, Lets go.” Mengmeng was interested in it.

When Zhang Han went downstairs with Mengmeng in his arms, he saw two members waiting in front of the parking lot at the door.

When he went out, one of them nodded and said, “Boss, Ill stay here and guard the restaurant.

He will take you there.”


Zhang Han and Mengmeng got in the Mercedes and drove directly in the direction of Mount New Moon.

On the flat side of the mountain, there were four armed helicopters and a batch of Hummers and Mercedes.

About 80 men were standing in several rows.

One group was the Wolf Head Detachment led by Instructor Liu, and the other was all security members led by Xu Yong.

This time, even Xu Yong and other security personnel were dressed in military uniforms, with excellent weapons and decent appearance.

“Boss!” Instructor Liu came over when he saw Zhang Han get out of the car.

“Weve been waiting for you for half a day.

Lets go out this time to show off, and let you check the training results of Wolf Head Detachment.”

Instructor Liu was excited.

So excited.

Having been training his men for so long a time, he had long wanted actual combat.

“Ok, show it to me.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Lidong island is a small island at the junction of Malay and Nyala, belonging to Nyala.

It will take us about an hour and a half to get to the edge of the island from the open sea, and then we can directly enter Lidong island,” Instructor Liu said.

“Can we go straight there Doesnt Nyala care about it” Zhang Han asked in curiosity.

Instructor Lius arrangement seemed to be so easy.

“Regardless of whether Nyala cares about it, by then, well have already taken Mr.

Bai away.

Besides, there has been a dispute over the ownership of Lidong island, which has thus kept it in chaos.

So there is no problem.” Instructor Liu waved his hand to make Zhang Han rest assured.

“Lets go.”

“Please get in the helicopter, boss and the lovely little princess Mengmeng.” Instructor Liu showed them a big smile.

“Get in it and fly high!” Mengmeng cheered.

Instructor Liu led the way to the first helicopter and made gestures to the others, and then the group of more than 80 people got in the helicopter in an orderly manner.

“Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!”

The helicopters propeller began spinning as they took off quickly and flew directly toward the sea.

The rescue team with four helicopters looked quite professional.

In the meantime—

The headquarters of the Dark Wolf was located at the foot of a mountain on Lidong island.

It looked like a simple base with fences on the outside and many houses inside.

At this time, in the mountains next to the headquarters, supervisor Dong Fei and four of his men were staring at the small but tough nut to crack.

“I didnt expect so much trouble for a task I thought I could complete with no difficulty,” Dong Fei complained.

They were all in a bit of a mess.

Someone in the back even had a leg injury and was wearing a bandage.

“There are a Profound-stage master, five Peak-strength masters, and dozens of Inward-strength masters in the headquarters, and its impossible for us to conquer it.

After all, we are all at the Inward-strength stage except for Brother Dong,” the injured man said.

“But we cant go back empty-handed.

Have you contacted Ah Lus team Protector Zhang got the task this morning and we wont even have a chance if we drag on.

Ah Lu has dozens of men in his team and we can try it together.

In this way, everyone can get 100 points after completing the task,” Dong Fei added.

“Ive already contacted them.

They are making preparations and will be here in about an hour,” another team member said.

“OK, lets wait for them.” Dong Fei stopped to stare at some part of the island.

“What happened The other two teams also ganged up”

When they looked down, they saw a group of 30 people rushing to the base on the lower side.


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