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Zhang Han looked at the card and found that the map was drawn in detail.

But Zhang Han was not interested in this kind of treasure, for he even didnt know what it was.

Maybe it was just a sunken ship with some ordinary treasures.

Even though it might be a spirit treasure, Zhang Han didnt have time to go and find it, for he had to accompany Mengmeng every day.

Besides, the most important thing at present was to get the hidden spirit stone and accelerate the ripening of Yuan Qing Fruit.

Moreover, the treasure map was incomplete with the most central place unmarked, which made Zhang Hans treasure hunt more difficult.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han asked Instructor Liu to collect the treasure map and deal with it by himself.

Instructor Liu put the map in his pocket directly and didnt pay much attention to it.

“Tell his family to prepare 49 pieces of superior jade, each of which should not be smaller than a thumb,” Zhang Han said to Instructor Liu.

“OK.” Instructor Liu nodded and then ordered his man to contact the Bai family.

After contacting Bais family, Zhang Han made an appointment with them to get Bai Chuan back.

Bai Chuans family lived in a single villa located in Shangshui Garden, North District.

He specialized in freight trade and had accumulated a lot of property.

And he had never expected to be kidnapped.

It was Bai Shiya, Bai Chuans daughter, who had contacted the National Security Agency and released the task.

At this time, there were about seven or eight people in the hall of Bais villa, including Bai Chuans wife and daughter, as well as the senior managers of his company.

“Brother Chuan said that he was in a bad mood recently and didnt want to stay at home.

So he came out and participated in the transportation of goods.

We didnt expect this to happen, and now we just hope brother Chuan can return safely,” said a well-dressed man dejectedly.

“Im sure Chuan will come back safely.” Bai Chuans wife was a little haggard.

In just two days, Bai Chuans wife and daughter were all worried.

“Didnt the rescue start yesterday Why hasnt there been any movement today” Another person in his 40s frowned and complained.

“They tried three times yesterday, and all failed, and there is no news today.” Bai Shiya lowered her head and responded with sadness.

“Uncle Chuan was so impulsive this time, and they even set sail before the security personnel were ready.

Originally, the selection and arrangement of security personnel were very fast, but they have been procrastinating.

I think there is something fishy about it,” said a short-haired woman sitting in the corner.

The well-dressed mans eyes flickered before he spoke, then he lowered his head in silence.

“What do you mean, Xiaolian Do you mean there are traitors among us” asked a middle-aged man.

“Yes, I just suspect that there are internal traitors.

Otherwise, how could uncle Chuan be snatched as soon as he landed” Xiaolian said stiffly.

“Well, who do you suspect is a traitor All of us have been working with brother Chuan for several years, and it seems that you are the only one who came here within one year,” said the middle-aged man in a discontented voice.

“Whats the matter withwithin one year Im uncle Chuans niece and cant I express my opinion As for the traitor, you and personnel from Dongsa Security will investigate it together, and then try to get information from the Dark Wolf gang,” Xiaolian said angrily.

“Well, whats the point of all this noise Can you be quiet for a while!” Bai Chuans wife said, a little upset.

As soon as she spoke, the room became quiet.

No one noticed the well-dressed man, now with his head down, looking a little flustered.

It is true that there is no airtight wall in the world, and the traitor might be caught if they really want to investigate it.

Therefore, only by killing Bai Chuan would the evidence disappear.

There was a glimmer of expectation in the mans eyes.

However, at this time, Bai Shiyas mobile phone rang.

“Hello, its me.

What Really Great! Hows my dad doing Good, thank you.

My address is…”

After answering the phone, Bai Shiya stood up with red eyes and said excitedly, “My father has been rescued!”

“Rescued… Alas…” Bai Chuans wife completely relaxed and exhaled a long breath.

The other people also repeatedly issued their own exclamations.

Only the well-dressed man was a little stiff with a look of incredulity.

“Master Fang failed”

“But they said that there were some problems with dads body.

They need 49 pieces of top-grade jade, which should all be larger than a thumb,” Bai Shiya said in a hurry.

“Then, lets hurry to contact someone to buy jade,” Bai Chuans wife said.

“Ill go,” the well-dressed man got up and said.

“I have a friend who is in the jade business.

Ill get in touch with him,” Xiaolian said.

In the end, they took separate actions to purchase jade.

The others continued to wait in the hall.

About an hour later, Xiaolian called back and said that she couldnt get in touch with the man, so Bai Shiya asked her to buy 49 pieces of jade directly.

At the same time, she wondered where he went.

After waiting for more than an hour, they saw a Mercedes and a Hummer coming in.

All the people rushed out to meet Bai Chuan, and under their eyes—

A man in black came out from the Mercedes, and a man in beige windbreaker came out from the back seat with a little girl in his arms.

Three people came down from the Hummer, and two of them were carrying a stretcher with Bai Chuan lying on it.

“What happened to my father”

When they came near and saw the appearance of Bai Chuan, they were so frightened that Bai Shiya almost cried.

Bai Chuans wife stumbled.

The faces of several other men also darkened.

On the stretcher, Bai Chuans body was covered with a piece of white cloth, and his hands were hanging outside the stretcher, motionless.

“Why does it look like he is dead”

“Well, hes OK, but he looks a little… scary, so we covered him with a piece of cloth,” Instructor Liu said, a little embarrassed.

Bai Shiya quickly unveiled Bai Chuan, and what she saw made her cry.

“Father, whats wrong with you Wake up…”

“Chuan, Chuan” Bai Chuans wife choked.

At this time, Bai Chuan had no rosy color on his face, and his eyelids and lips were black as if he had been poisoned.

“Go on in.

The longer you drag on, the greater the damage to his body,” Zhang Han said while standing at the back.

“Come in, please.” Bai Shiya grabbed her mothers arm and made way for the rescue team.

The crowd hurried in.

“Find a room and put him on the bed,” Zhang Han said when they stepped into the hall.

“This way.” Bai Shiya walked quickly to the nearest guest room on the first floor, opened the door, and let the two people carrying the stretcher go in and directly put the stretcher on the bed.

“What happened to my husband” Mrs.

Bai looked at Zhang Han and asked.

“Give me the jade,” Zhang Han said directly without answering her question.

“The jade is ready.

Ill bring it to you,” Xiaolian replied and put a cloth bag in front of Zhang Han.

In Zhang Hans arms, Mengmeng looked at Bai Chuan for a moment with her big eyes, and then asked in a low voice, “PaPa, whats wrong with him”

“He is ill.” Zhang Han inserted his palm into the pile of jade to confirm their quality.

Finally, he picked out five unqualified ones, and the remaining over 60 pieces of jade could be used.

Hearing Mengmengs question, Zhang Han chuckled and replied, “So Papa is going to treat him.

Would you like to play with Uncle Xu here for a while”

“Mengmeng, Uncle Xu will play with you,” Xu Yong said with a smile on his face.

“Uncle Liu will play with you, too,” Instructor Liu added.

“Well, OK.

PaPa, you should hurry up.” Mengmeng nodded cleverly.

“Well, Ill be out soon.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs small head with a smile, picked up his cloth pocket, and went to the guest room.

After Zhang Han entered the room—

Bai Shiya looked at Xu Yong and asked, “I dont know your…”

“My name is Xu Yong.”

“Just call me Instructor Liu.”

“I, Im Mengmeng.”

“And the one who just went in the room” asked Mrs.


“He… His identity is frightening.

Id better not mention it.” Instructor Liu curled his lip and said, “Thanks to our boss, if it wasnt for him, no one would be able to save Mr.


Boss is here so you can rest assured that Mr.

Bai is going to be OK.”

“Thank you, thank you…”

Half of the Bai familys worries were dispelled.


Bai looked at Mengmeng with care and asked, “What a lovely girl, whats your name”

“Hmm” Mengmeng was stunned and then replied, “My name is Mengmeng.

I just said that.”

“Ow,” Mrs.

Bai patted her forehead and said, “Im a bit confused.”

While they were chatting, the door of the guest room opened.

Zhang Han came out quietly, followed by Bai Chuan, who still looked a little bit dispirited.

But unlike before, Bai Chuans face was no longer pale, and the color of his eyelids and lips had returned to normal.

Bai Shiya and the other people were very excited as they surrounded Bai Chuan, while Instructor Liu and Xu Yong were a little surprised.

“They had spent less than two minutes in there

“Is that how the serious situation was solved

“Why was it so easy

“As if God was helping them.”

Two minutes ago—

Zhang Han walked into the guest room and closed the door.

Standing at the head of the bed, Zhang Han reached into the cloth bag with his right hand, and picked up four jade pieces with five fingers.

Then he generated spiritual force and swung his arm to scatter the jade on the left side of Bai Chuans head at different angles.

He constantly took out the jade, and in one minute, he had used 48 jade pieces.

The last one was between the index and middle fingers of the right hand.

“Activate the formation.”


Zhang Han broke all the 49 jade pieces with his fingers.

The weak energy of the jade linked together to form a strong energy.

“Out of body!”

With Zhang Hans palms moving, a third of the energy pierced into Bai Chuans brain.


Bai Chuans eyes widened suddenly.

His eyes were covered with a black fog and they looked ferocious.

But in less than three seconds, the black fog left Bai Chuans eyes and formed a football-sized black fog mass above his head, in which a fuzzy face appeared.

Then, the black fog tried to extend down and touch the skin of Bai Chuan, who made a weak sound.

“Who are you You have broken my plan, and I must tear you up.

Remember my name… Fang-Shi-Huan!

“Im waiting for you.

Do you dare to show off in front of me with the little skills you have learned”

Zhang Han gently waved his hand and said calmly, “Kill the soul!”

All of a sudden—

There was a wind in the room, and the remaining two-thirds of the energy of the formation pierced into the black fog.



There was a faint roar in the black fog, and then it drifted away.

At the same time, Bai Chuan began breathing rapidly, which was a sign before he woke up.

“How dare you put your own soul into other peoples body since you are actually not good at casting”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

This kind of soul cultivator had both the main soul and the secondary soul, and they used the secondary soul the most.

It was the first time that Zhang Han found someone using his main soul.

Zhang Han could imagine how unprofessional his opponent was.

As for the cost of the main soul being beheaded…

In the yard of a villa in Lidong Island, a man with a thin face was sitting on an altar.

“Master has been casting for more than an hour, but there is no feedback at all,” one of the three people outside the stage said with curiosity.

“Yes, hmm Isnt this feedback”

Looking up, they found that the masters body was straight on the ground.

“This is an accident! Go and have a look!”

The three rushed up and shook Fang Shihuans head.

A minute later, he woke up slowly.

“Haha, huh Who am I Where am I What am I doing Who are you Who is he Are you all fools Haha, two fools…”


Back in the guest room—

It took Bai Chuan about 20 seconds to slowly open his eyes.

“I… Where am I” Bai Chuan said in a weak voice.

“At your house.

Get up and go out with me,” Zhang Han said casually and walked to the door.

Bai Chuan calmed down and still felt weak, but he got up and went out with him.

After they went into the living room, they were surrounded by Bai Shiya and others, who had been greeting Bai Chuan.

Zhang Han went directly over to the sofa, held Mengmeng in his arms, and looked at the Bai family behind him.

“Find an experienced traditional Chinese medicine doctor, take some tonics, and then he will be OK after a period of recuperation.”

“Thank you, thank you!”

Bai Shiya and the others sincerely thanked Zhang Han.

“Well, youre welcome.”

Zhang Han didnt say anything, but the little princess replied with a warm wave of her hand.

Then Zhang Han walked to the gate of the villa with Mengmeng in his arms.

When Zhang Han was about to go out, Bai Chuan hurriedly asked, “May I know your name”

Zhang Han paused, turned his head, let out a faint smile in response, and then walked straight away.


“At that time, the sun was very good, the door was open, and the light wind blew the mans beige windbreaker back slightly.

He turned his handsome face and gave me an uninhibited smile.

He walked away at leisure, as if the grace of saving a life was just a chore.

That scene, that face, and that smile were deeply imprinted in my mind.

If I want to give him a nickname, I will call him… Angel.

September 27, Shiyas diary.”

Sometimes, some people and some things will be deeply imprinted in ones mind and will be remembered for a long time, just like when Zhang Han left, he was deeply remembered by Bai Shiya and others.

Only when youve lost something would know how to cherish it.

Therefore, Bai Chuans family now cherished him very much.

As for the traitor, Bai Shiya reported to the police.

A few minutes later, a call came to confirm the rescue task, and Bai Shiya thanked the rescue team again.

Xu Yong drove back to New Moon Bay with Zhang Han and Mengmeng.

“PaPa, they are all thanking you,” Mengmeng leaned against Zhang Hans arms and said.

“Because Dad saved someone,” Zhang Han replied with a chuckle.

“Well, PaPa is so powerful.

PaPa is the most powerful, you are, you are a great hero, you are MaMas hero and Mengmengs hero.” Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han with adoration.


Zhang Han was extremely satisfied and laughed happily.

This made Xu Yong smile and admire his boss even more.

For the first time, he had found that human personality could be so attractive.

The longer he got along with Zhang Han, Xu Yong felt that they were not restrained at all in front of the boss, who was just like a big brother that made them unconsciously attracted.

Finally, everyone naturally wanted to accompany and protect the boss.

“Maybe this is the significance of the security team.

Fortunately, I chose to follow him at the beginning, otherwise I would have missed a lot.”

Thinking of brother Chen, the big brother in the Southern District, who had less contact with him, Xu Yong sighed and felt that their distance was getting farther and farther apart.

There is a saying that in a persons life, there are always friends leaving and friends coming in.

Xu Yong noticed that his friendship with the members of the security team was getting deeper and deeper.

Besides, he had developed a good relationship with Wolf Head Detachment now, feeling that he was almost assimilated by them…

On the way back, Zhang Han took out his mobile phone and clicked to apply for closing the task.

About three minutes later, the application was successful.

So Zhang Han directly turned to the page of the hidden spirit stone and clicked to exchange for it.

The exchange was successful.

In less than a minute, Zhang Han received a call.

They said that the hidden spirit stone could be delivered in about an hour.

Zhang Han asked them to send it to the restaurant and the other side replied and hung up.

It was 5:30 p.m.

when they got back to the restaurant.

By this time, there was already a line at the door of the restaurant.

Just after Zhang Han finished his dinner and was going to go upstairs to have dinner with Mengmeng, a man in a black suit came in with a square encoded box in his hand.

When he came near, the man respectfully whispered, “Protector Zhang, this is the energy stone you exchanged for.

The password has been sent to you in a message.”

“Thank you.” Zhang Han took the box and nodded his head gently.

The man saluted him and turned away.

Zhang Han took the box upstairs, went to the second bedroom, opened the box according to the password in the message, and saw the hidden spirit stone inside.

Zhang Han smiled with satisfaction.

It took him only one day to get the hidden spirit stone, and then he just had to wait for the jade.

The plan went very well.

After dinner, at about nine oclock, Xu Yong came up to say goodbye.

“Boss, Ill go back if theres nothing to do.”


At this time, Zhang Han was sitting on the sofa with Mengmeng in his arms and having a video chat with Zi Yan.

Hearing Xu Yongs words, Zhang Han subconsciously nodded, and then thought about the jade.

So he put Mengmeng on the sofa, got up, and went downstairs, where Xu Yong was arranging his mobile phone charger.

Zhang Han went over and asked, “Hows it going with the jade”

“Now we have spent 80 million and all of the jade is of good quality.

Besides, we have signed several orders today, and by tomorrow morning, we will be able to spend 150 million yuan to purchase them.

While half of them are top grade Hetian jade, the other half are Nanyang jade and Turquoise,” Xu Yong replied.

“Buy these first.

Send them to Mount New Moon tomorrow morning and put them under the tree at the top of the mountain,” Zhang Han said.

“OK,” Xu Yong nodded, “then Ill go back and arrange it.”

“Hmm.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“See you.”


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