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Zhang Han touched his forehead and felt that it was such a headache.

Those ingredients were all what he planned to ask for.

The best Foundation Elixir was required because only the best ones could help cultivators get the perfect Building Base quickly after the Foundation Stage.

If one could refine the top Foundation Elixir, he could get the perfect Building Base after taking it!

Human beings Building Bases also had rankings, including common ones, excellent ones for some talents, as well as perfect ones, which were being pursued by all cultivators.

Only with the perfect Building Base could the cultivator get the almighty power when the Elixir broke through to Yuan Ying.

The Foundation Stage was a very important stage, which was basic to cultivation and could lay a foundation for everything.

All the cultivators would take it seriously.

However, because many people werent very powerful or they were of low status, they didnt have many resources and could only get the common Building Bases.

Then, they would use many other resources during cultivation to pursue the perfect Building Base, which would be 10 times more difficult than getting the common ones directly.

Zhang Han hadnt understood that at the very beginning, and he was quite complacent about getting the common Building Base directly.

However, he discovered that he got the perfect Building Base with many more resources than he had imaged.

Moreover, he was also stuck in the Foundation Stage for many years.

The importance of the Foundation Stage could be imagined.

As long as one could refine the best Foundation Elixir, it was possible that hed get the perfect Building Base soon and it wouldnt cost him much energy.

“But… how to get the points”

Zhang Han sighed in his heart.

At that moment…

“Ding, ding!”

His phone suddenly rang and there was a message from the Safety-Force Center.

Once Zhang Han clicked it, a message popped up.

“Leng Qi (Protector Leng) requests to add you as a friend: Accept Reject.”


Zhang Han was surprised.

Then, he clicked on “Accept”.

He got a new friend on his list right away.


A new message was received.

He clicked the dialog box and found a voice message, saying: “Protector Zhang, Ive told Director Lei about what happened to Elder Hong yesterday.

Theyve talked and obviously hell protect you.

You dont have to worry too much.”

Zhang Han did not have any interest in that matter, but Protector Lengs next words surprised Zhang Han.

“Right, I heard that you went out to do a mission yesterday and exchanged the Energy Stone.

You also received 10 more tasks today.

Protector Zhang, it seems that you want to get some treasure.

If you need points, just let me know and I can lend some to you.”

After hearing his words, Zhang Han was stunned.

Then, some happiness flashed through his eyes.

He was just worried about that matter, and then he got a helper!

He replied with a voice message, saying: “Can points be lent”

Zhang Han laughed at himself after asking that, since points definitely could circulate.

For example, if he wanted the hidden spirit stone, he could ask Protector Leng to exchange it for him with his points.

Then, he could return him some treasure with the same points.

“Points are the same as money.

Of course they can be lent,” Protector Leng answered.

Zhang Han thought for a second and then said, “I really need some points.”

“How many”


Protector Leng suddenly fell into silence.

Five seconds passed, then 10.

After the 20th second—


“Transfer message: Leng Qi (Protector Leng) transferred 50,000 points to you.

Accept Reject.”

Whoever didnt accept that would be a fool.

Zhang Han clicked “Accept” and then the 50,000 points were received.

Then, he sent a voice message, saying, “Thank you.”

Zhang Han would keep that favor in mind.

“Youre welcome.

I personally appreciate you very much.

Although youre still a Profound-stage Master, you have a promising future.

Moreover, I sincerely hope that you can… You have a happy family.

Im really envious of you because you have such a beautiful wife and a cute daughter.

All right then, Ill go to practice with others.”

After he heard the words, Leng Qi was hesitant, since 50,000 points was not a small number and it took him many years to get 400,000 points.

However, what happened at the Triumph Club touched him deep inside.

Coupled with Lei Tiannans appreciation of Zhang Han, as well as Yang Qing Water and his ability of training martial artists in batches, he felt that Zhang Han deserved to be his friend.

Therefore, he lent him a lot of points.

In the meantime…

In the study room of a private house in Longcheng District…

After Leading Cadre Liu learned that Xu Yong, Instructor Liu, and the others had done the task together, a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

In any case, they finished the task together.

Over time, Xu Yong and the others might also be a part of Wolf Head Detachment.

The assimilation would strengthen the team.

Of course, there was another possibility that Wolf Head Detachment would be assimilated to Mengmengs security team.

Nobody could predict what would happen in the future.

However, Leading Cadre Liu regarded that task as the return of the investment.

In Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant…

After Zhang Han had the points, he directly entered the Treasure House.

“Burning Petal, an Earth-grade treasure, 23,000 points needed.

Redeem it: Yes No.”


Almost half of the 50,200 points were deducted right away.

“Dark Star Fruit, an Earth-grade treasure, 16,900 points needed.

Redeem it: Yes No.”


“Scorching Stone, 1,500 points for each.”

“Ill take four! 6,000 points.”

“Alpine Rush, a Profound-grade treasure, 1,300 points needed.

Redeem it: Yes No.”


“Dark Lotus Dew…”




The continuous operations only brought him one feeling: Cool!

After all the necessary ingredients for refining the Foundation Elixir had been redeemed, Zhang Han had only 100 points left.

However, he also enjoyed the fun of shopping.

Five minutes later, Zhang Hans mobile phone rang and he made the reservation for delivery.

After about an hour, the delivery man who had come there yesterday arrived again with nearly 10 special boxes in big and small sizes.

After Zhang Han checked the goods, he left.

Then, he took those boxes to the secondary bedroom and put them in the corner.

After that, he came out to play with Mengmeng.

Now all the ingredients were in place.

What he needed to do was just wait for the day when the Yuan Qing Fruit was fully matured, since he would have the second-stage spirit treasures Burning Petal and Dark Star Fruit, other first-stage spirit treasures, as well as the third-stage spirit treasure, Yuan Qing Fruit, at that time.

Zhang Han was sure to refine the best third-stage Foundation Elixir!

At the same time, Zi Yan just finished shooting in an ancient building and was on the way to the next location, the hills in the suburbs.

Zi Yan opened WeChat and was about to send a video to Zhang Han.

Suddenly, a message popped up and it was from a man.

She opened it, and it said: “Are you busy”

“Im on the way to work.

Whats the matter” Zi Yan asked.


Then, Zi Yans mobile phone rang.

She picked up the phone.

“Liang Hao.”

“Zi Yan, we havent contacted for a while.

How are you doing” Liang Hao greeted with a gentle tone, which could make others feel his goodwill.

“Im doing well.

What about you I guess you must be a big boss now,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“I quit after the task was completed and will board a plane soon.

I heard that you ran into some trouble in Hong Kong some time ago and I wanted to go there to check on you.

Unfortunately, I couldnt leave the company.

Now, Ive handed over the work and completely become a free man.

So, I plan to take a vacation there and visit you,” Liang Hao said with a smile.

“Oh, thank you for your concern.”

“But you seem to be very good these days.

I listen to the six new songs of yours every day.

Your voice is the same as before, very attractive.”

Zi Yan grinned and then said, “Im not in Hong Kong now.

Im on a business trip for shooting.”

“Its all right.

Ill wait for you to come back.

I have a lot of free time anyway.

My sister happens to be in Hong Kong, too.

Ill go visit her,” Liang Hao said very casually.

His voice was very gentle, but the listener could feel that he was very confident.

It could be seen from his words that he was a gentleman.

Zi Yan had known him for a long time and they contacted each other occasionally in recent years.

Both of them were born in Singapore.

Liang Hao was always a gentleman and hadnt had any girlfriend.

Some people even wondered if he was gay.

However, before Zi Yan went to Hong Kong, he expressed his love for her.

Zi Yan was determined to leave back then, so no love story happened between them.

However, after hearing Liang Haos words, Zi Yan began to wonder.

“What he said wasMy sister happens to be in Hong Kong, too, which shows that hes coming here mainly for me.”

“You… Do you have a girlfriend now” Zi Yan thought for a moment and then asked.

“Not yet, you know…”

Before he finished his words, Zi Yan grinned and then said frankly, “I already have a husband.”


A muffled sound was heard, and then he fell into silence.

Apparently, he was totally shocked.

“Our daughter is almost four years old.

You… If you want to come here to help me, then dont bother.

My husband is taking good care of me.

Im totally fine,” Zi Yan said.

By saying such words, Zi Yan rejected him straightforwardly.

After silence for another five seconds, a slightly bitter voice was heard.

“Are we friends”

“Yeah, why are you asking this”

“Then I have to go there to see your husband and daughter.

Of course, my main purposes are to see my sister, take a break, and rest for a while.”

Unconsciously, his main purpose had changed.

“All right, Ill probably return to Hong Kong in 10 days and Ill contact you then.

My husband is an expert at cooking.

Well treat you to nice meals,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Okay, thats a deal.

I need to board now.

Ill hang up.”


Zi Yan hung up after saying that.

“Hey Zi Yan, is that handsome guy Liang Hao” Zhou Feis eyes widened and she asked curiously.

“Yes, its him.” Zi Yan nodded.

“Wow, thats a very good guy.

He came to see you five years ago and he was such a gentleman.

I also advised you to date him at that time,” Zhou Fei said while smiling.

“Oh What Do you like him I can be your matchmaker, okay” Zi Yans big eyes rolled quickly, as if she was considering the matter seriously.

“Come on, I dont like him.

Hes not my type.” Zhou Fei repeatedly waved her hands.

“What type do you like” Zi Yan asked.

“Men like my brother-in-law!” Zhou Fei grinned while speaking.

“Hes such a sweet guy, but is overbearing when its needed.

Hes also so romantic.

He used so many tricks to pursue you and it even became national news.

Moreover, he cooks so well and takes care of your baby every day.

Wow! Itd be best to have such a flawless man!”

“What How dare you like your brother-in-law It seems that I have to watch you closely in the future! Hmph! I wont allow you to eat at our place so often! Ones best friend can be the greatest threat!” Zi Yan snorted and said.

“Come on, Im just kidding, all right My feelings for him cant be called love.

I just admire him.

Ill also have my Prince Charming one day.

Hmph, just wait and see.

My future boyfriend will be the best.

Hell be obedient and do exactly as I say.


Zi Yan burst into laughter.

Seeing Zhou Feis funny look and hearing her words, Zi Yan could not help laughing.

They were talking cheerfully there, while Liang Hao, who was standing at the entrance of Singapore International Airport and had always been able to deal with any situation calmly, was indeed greatly shocked.


“Zi Yan has had a husband Her kid is already four years old

“The kid already can run around!

“How can it be”


Liang Hao couldnt believe it, feeling a little bit lost deep inside.

That was because he used to like Zi Yan and always felt that theyd be a perfect match.

However, instead of being sad, he only felt a little lost about that.

His feelings were not strong.

It seemed that after hearing that Zi Yan had gotten a family, he was still willing to bless her like a friend.

“Is it that I dont really love her

“Is she just a good friend”

He himself didnt know what was on his mind.

“Sir, sir, please board.”

Suddenly, the sweet voice of a flight attendant was heard.

“Ah, oh, okay, thank you for your reminder.” Liang Hao came to his senses and then nodded with a smile.

Looking at the handsome guy, some light flashed through the nicely shaped flight attendants eyes.

“This guy is so good-looking!

“Besides, hes in first class, wearing famous brands, and looks rather decent.

Wow, he must have a rich family!”

However, Liang Hao turned a blind eye to the admiration of some ordinary girl.

He walked straight into the cabin and then took his seat.

Then, he sighed softly.

“If I didnt practice, I might be able to be with Zi Yan, but… maybe Im destined to miss her.

I wish her a happy life.”

Liang Hao looked at the time and then sent a message to Liang Mengqi before the plane took off.

“Ill arrive in Hong Kong at 10 in the evening.”

“Got it.”

Liang Mengqi replied with an emoji of a man with a sword, meaning that shed go there herself on time.

In Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant…

Zi Yan made a video call right after dinner.

After talking with Zhang Han and Mengmeng for a while, she went back to work contentedly.

The current Zi Yan was indeed a winner in terms of both career and family life.

She would find a chance to tell her parents about her situation.

After Zhang Han found his parents, theyd get married.

The wedding ceremony had to be very romantic.

Mhmm… According to his standards of life, it would definitely be super romantic.

Thinking of that, she felt very happy.

Zi Yan was looking forward to their wedding ceremony, since people always said that being a bride was the most beautiful moment in a womans life.

Zi Yan felt so happy that she worked more passionately and their shooting had also been accelerated because of her.

Whats more, every time she drank the water that Zhang Han gave her, Zi Yan felt very warm deep inside.

After making the video call with Zi Yan, Zhang Han tidied up the restaurant and then began to watch cartoons with Mengmeng on the second floor.

When it was about 10 oclock, he would tell stories to Mengmeng and try to coax her into sleeping.

It was 10 oclock.

Liang Mengqi arrived at Hong Kong International Airport in Yu Qingqings Volkswagen.

While waiting at the exit, she took out her mobile phone and dialed her brothers number.

“Hey, its 10:15.

Why havent you arrived yet”

“Im coming soon.

The plane is delayed for a few minutes,” Liang Hao replied.

“Hurry up.

In order to pick you up, I didnt have a good dinner.

Hmph!” Liang Mengqi complained.

When she said she wouldnt go to the restaurant, Yu Qingqing sent her a message, with photos of egg fried rice, noodle soup, a small bowl of stewed bones, as well as cucumber and okra salad!

Liang Mengqi almost drooled at the fresh stewed bones.

She began to feel hungry at eight oclock and her stomach growled.

Whats more, after seeing the okra salad, she wished that she was there.

She didnt like meat dishes very much in the past, but when she went to Zhang Hans restaurant, she liked all the dishes, among which okra salad was one of her favorites.

She hadnt expected that shed miss it this time.

Thinking of that, she became a little bit resentful.

“My dear brother, couldnt you have come earlier Why did you have to arrive at night”

Liang Hao laughed after hearing her words, and then he said, “All right, Im coming out.

Do you see me”

Then, Liang Mengqi looked around the exit.

Liang Hao was wearing gray trousers, a jacket, and a white short-sleeve T-shirt, with slightly long hair.

The man, who was about 175 cm tall, just walked out and was looking around.

“Im on your left in front of you.” Liang Mengqi raised her left arm and waved.

“I see you.”

Liang Hao hung up the phone and walked over quickly.

Then, he looked Liang Mengqi up and down, saying with a smile, “Sister, you look so good.

It seems that youve had a good rest here.”

Her younger sister was a little weak.

Several months ago, she had a high fever and suffered from pneumonia.

Therefore, her family told her not to work for a while, either rest at home or take a trip.

As a result, Liang Mengqi went to Hong Kong and she looked very good at present.

“Of course, I eat very well every day,” Liang Mengqi stuck out her tongue and said smilingly.

Then, her face darkened and she snorted, saying, “Today the boss made okra salad! I couldnt go there for dinner tonight just because of you.

Youre so annoying.

Couldnt you come over during the day Why did you have to arrive in the evening”

“I said goodbye to some business partners during the day.

It was hard to refuse.

Im sorry,” Liang Hao smiled and said, “Ill treat you to a fancy meal, all right”

“Hmph, no man can make more delicious food than the boss,” Liang Mengqi snorted and then said.

After hearing her words, Liang Hao felt confused deep inside, which could hardly be noticed by others.

He had heard about the “boss” from his sister no less than 10 times.

“If it was a boss who could simply cook delicious food, shed mention him three times at most.


“It seems that I have to meet him in person.

My sister is 22 years old.

She can fall in love now, but I need to check her boyfriend out.

“Not just any man can be my brother-in-law!”

“Who you spoke of is the owner of Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant, right” Liang Hao asked.

“Who else could it be” Liang Mengqi nodded and said, “Let me tell you, it was the first time that I had had such delicious food.

Its wonderful.

When our parents come, Ill take them there to have a taste.

Lets go there tomorrow.

I bet youll love it.

Haha, Im hungry.

Lets go find a place to eat.”

“Then lets go directly to the restaurant you spoke of,” Liang Hao said with a slight smile.

“Ive told you about that.

They only open for an hour for each of the three meals.

Theres no food at this hour.

The boss doesnt cook now.” Liang Mengqi rolled her eyes.

“Oh right, I forgot,” Liang Hao patted his forehead while saying, “Its only open for three hours per day I have some interest in that restaurant now.

Lets go there tomorrow.

What do you want to eat tonight”

“I dont know what to eat.

Mm…” Liang Mengqi thought for a moment and then said, “How about we go to the food stalls With more people there, the atmosphere would be great and I might eat more.”

“Food stalls Uh… Okay.” Liang Hao nodded.

“Lets go.

Get in the car first.” Liang Mengqi led him to the Volkswagen.

Then, Liang Hao sat in the passenger seat directly.

“Let me check.

This one looks pretty good.

Its near Victoria Park in Causeway Bay.

Well pass it on the way back to New Moon Bay.

Lets go there.” Liang Mengqi looked at the destination before starting the car.


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