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Dong Tianpeng apologized, but he himself didnt think too much.

He knew what his own nephew was like and guessed what had happened after hearing others words.

If he were not there, it would be simple and he wouldnt care about it.

However, he was present and that was Mr.

Zhangs younger sister, so he had no other choice but to apologize in person.

He felt helpless deep inside, but that was the law of the jungle.

He had to accept it.

Chu Hui was a little shocked by his apology and found it unexpected.

Liang Hao also felt the same.

After all, it could be seen that as an influential man, his attitude seemed to have explained everything.

“Her brother, and also the man my sister likes, seems to be somebody.”

Liang Hao was lost in thought.

Liang Mengqi blinked her eyes and looked around with curiosity.

Zhang Li did not say anything.

After seeing the situation, Dong Tianpeng thought for a moment and said, “If you feel unsatisfied, you can dispose of Dong Hongda as you like.”

Dong Hongda was frightened.

He thought that he asked his uncle to help him, but it seemed that hed suffer more because of him.

So, he looked very bitter and wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

“Forget it.

Just dont bother us again.” Zhang Li waved her hand while speaking and didnt use the opportunity to punish him.

“Okay,” Dong Tianpeng nodded and said, “Then Im leaving.”

After saying that, he frowned and stared at Dong Hongda.

Then, he took the lead and left.

Dong Hongda and the others followed behind and left with disappointment.

“You two, keep watch here, dont let others bother Miss Zhang.” Xia Shanhao told two men behind him, and then looked at Zhang Li while saying with a smile, “Please enjoy yourselves.

Call them if something happens.”

Then, he also left.

All the people around were shocked, and the matter was finally over because of their fear of a name.

“Wow, I didnt know that your brother is so powerful.” Liang Mengqis eyes lit up and she looked at Zhang Li while speaking smilingly.

“Anyway, it has nothing to do with you.

Dont be so excited,” Zhang Li rolled her eyes and said.

“How can you be like this Cant I say something” Liang Mengqi snorted and then said, “Lets continue.

Drink more.

This cool beer is not as terrible as I thought.”

Zhang Li looked at her watch and then said, “Its 11:40.

I have to go back.

There is still one at 12 oclock.”

“Do you mean DJ” Liang Mengqi asked.


“Haha, Goddess Li is the best DJ in our club.

Shes very popular,” Dahe laughed and said, “Beauty, Mr.

Chu, do you want to go there to have fun”

Chu Hui was stunned.

He seldom went to night clubs and wasnt interested in it, so he looked at Liang Hao.

Then, Liang Hao looked at Liang Mengqi.

He always listened to his sister on such matters.

“All right, lets go to have fun for a while.

By the way, lets see if Lili is really that awesome,” Liang Mengqi looked at Liang Hao and said.

After hearing her sisters words, Liang Hao nodded very elegantly.

So, the group of people stood up and walked into the indoor restaurant.

When they wanted to pay the bill, Xia Shanhaos two men stood by and shook their fingers at the restaurant owner.

“Sir, madam, your bill has already been paid,” the boss said quickly.

“I dont need others to pay.

Ill pay by myself.

How much is it” Zhang Li took out the wallet from her bag while speaking.

“This…” The boss didnt know what to do and then looked at the two men standing next to him.

After they nodded, a smile appeared on his face and he said, “Well then, 730 yuan in total for the two tables.

700 will be fine.”

“Let me do it,” Liang Hao smiled and said.

But Zhang Li had already taken out the money and handed it over directly, saying, “It doesnt matter.”

After that, they went out of the restaurant.

Zhang Li, Dahe, and Luo Qing walked over there earlier, so they all got in the Volkswagen driven by Liang Mengqi, while Chu Hui and the others got in two Audi Q7s behind them.

After three minutes, they arrived at the Starry Sky Bar.

After the cars were parked, the group of people walked in and Dahe asked them to sit at table 2.

Luo Qing returned to the wine counter and Zhang Li went backstage to prepare.

“Mengqi, you like Zhang Lis brother, right”

After they sat down and drank some wine, Liang Hao couldnt help asking with curiosity.

Liang Mengqi was stunned by his words.

Then, she blinked her big eyes and nodded, saying, “Yeah! I like him.”

Chu Hui, who was next to Liang Hao, was surprised.

He looked Liang Mengqi up and down, not expecting her to like that powerful man, Mr.


“Im very curious about him now.” Liang Hao smiled.

“But he already has a family, with a beautiful wife and a cute child.

I wont have the chance,” Liang Mengqi curled her lips and said unhappily.

Liang Hao was shocked by her words, and then he said, “Mengqi, you… you cant…”

“I know, I just like him a little.

I wont do anything inappropriate.

Dont worry,” Liang Mengqi snorted and then said.

“Oh, thats good, thats good.” Liang Hao relaxed a bit and then looked at Chu Hui while asking, “Do you know that Mr.


“I heard a little.

Someone called him Ruthless Zhang in the underworld.

The reason why Dong Tianpeng and Xia Shanhao are so afraid of him is that Mr.

Zhang has suppressed three forces, including them and Ye Han, the boss of the Eastern District.

Hes a very powerful person.

There seemed to be a battle, but I dont pay much attention to those things.

If you want to know, I will inquire about more details later,” Chu Hui replied.

“Theres no need,” Liang Hao said with a chuckle.

“This Mr.

Zhang is very powerful, but only in the underworld forces.

Ive never heard of him in the business circle, but…” Chu Hui paused, and then said, “Theres also a Master Zhang in the martial arts world.

Hes much more powerful than you could even imagine.

Its said that Master Zhang just reached the Profound stage, but… he killed two Heavenly-stage Masters in an instant.”

“What” Liang Hao reacted greatly and didnt look like himself.

He felt it incredible and said, “Is that true”

“Absolutely.” Chu Hui nodded seriously.

“Can you tell me more details” Liang Hao asked.

Although he just reached the Peak Strength, he knew the gap between him and a master.

He also knew how big the gap was between the Profound stage and the Earth stage.

Whats more, the gap between it and the Heaven stage was more like an insurmountable chasm.

So, how could a Profound-stage Master kill two Heaven-stage Masters in an instant

He was more shocked than the others because he knew what that meant.

“The details… This matter has already been sealed, so I only know about the basic plot, not the details.

I will tell you about it.” Chu Hui shook his head.

As soon as he said that, Liang Mengqi became all ears and wanted to know what happened.

“It went like this.

Master Zhangs woman was almost hurt by others, so in anger, he killed 13 people barehanded, including two Heaven-stage Masters, an Earth-stage Master, and the troublemakers.

People didnt know about Master Zhang at first, but after this incident, he became well-known and caused a sensation in the entire martial arts world in Hong Kong.

When you say Master Zhang of New Moon Bay, everybody knows about this,” Chu Hui said with emotion.

In this world, some people really couldnt be offended.

“Master Zhang of New Moon Bay… Mr.

Zhang of New Moon Bay.

Hey, do you think theyre the same person” Liang Mengqis eyes lit up and she said, “Could the boss be Master Zhang”

“The same person” Liang Hao was stunned and then looked at Chu Hui.

“Well… maybe.” Chu Hui shook his head with a smile while saying, “But I think that in the martial arts world, masters wouldnt hang out in the underworld.

Maybe its just a coincidence.

After all, there are many people surnamed Zhang.”

“Right, no master would care about the underworld forces.” Liang Hao smiled.

For example, he just reached the Peak Strength and wouldnt be related to any underworld forces, let alone would a master.

However, they didnt know that Liang Mengqis guess was the fact.

While they were talking, a passionate male DJs voice was heard from the stage.

“Lets welcome our best DJ, Goddess Li!”

Amidst the cheers, Zhang Li went to the stage and started the late-night party.

“Shes a very wild girl.”

Liang Hao looked at Zhang Li at work and found it very interesting.

“Lili is so cool on the stage.” Liang Mengqi smiled.


After sitting for more than half an hour, at 12:30, they got up and left the place.

Chu Hui returned to his home, while Liang Hao followed Liang Mengqi to the sea-view apartment, which was rented by her at New Moon Bay.

It was over 100 square meters with two bedrooms, which was suitable for the two of them to stay.

“Its past one oclock.

I wont have breakfast tomorrow morning.

Hey, brother, Im going to sleep.

Dont wake me up in the morning.

Go downstairs to have breakfast if youre hungry,” Liang Mengqi muttered before going to the master bedroom.

Liang Hao was sitting on the sofa.

He shook his head while smiling and then returned to the secondary bedroom.

The night went by silently.

The next day, Liang Hao woke up at six oclock.

After washing up, he put on sportswear and went downstairs to run on the street.

That was his habit.

He ran past two streets and saw several places where breakfast was served.

After thinking for a moment, he walked over, but stopped in front of the door.

Then, he took out his mobile phone and searched “Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant, New Moon Bay, Hong Kong”.

A lot of information was seen.

The first one was the special program of Tasty Food of the World, followed by some recommendations.

The restaurant had also been mentioned in the notes of traveling in New Moon Bay.

After finding out its location, Liang Hao jogged there.

At about seven oclock, he arrived at the restaurant and found it wasnt big after seeing the facade.

However, there were five or six people waiting in line at the door.

While he was waiting in line, he heard the people in the front talking in excited voices.

“Wow, there are steamed buns today.

Were so lucky!”

“Yeah, I called a few friends just now.

They just put on their clothes and came over here even without washing their faces.”


It felt like the restaurant was very popular.

About 20 minutes later, he entered the restaurant and nodded to himself after looking around the environment.

He found the small restaurant to be so well decorated, which showed ingenuity.

The rules made him feel awkward because diners had to get the food and pay themselves, which seemed to be very unique.

Then, he took a half serving of egg fried rice and a half tray of steamed buns.

After he ate a steamed bun… After he had one mouthful of rice…


“Its wonderful… No wonder my sister mentioned this to me no less than 10 times.

Now I get it.”

Liang Hao suddenly realized it.

He shook his head and began to focus on enjoying the delicious breakfast.

He still wanted to eat some after finishing his food, but he hesitated and finally stopped.

It was also his habit to make himself feel only 70% full after a meal.

So, he stood up and headed straight to the counter, where he saw a small pile of money.

Then, he touched his pocket…

It was embarrassing because he found that he only brought his phone, no cash.

Then, he began to look around.

“Is there no payment code


After thinking for a moment, he went to the dining tables and asked two people next to him, “Excuse me, I forgot to bring cash.

Can you exchange some for me Ill transfer it to you through WeChat.”

The handsome face and the gentle tone attracted one of the girls and she quickly said, “Okay, add me on your WeChat!”

“All right.”

“How much do you want” the girl asked.


During the talk, Liang Hao transferred 600 yuan to the girl through WeChat, and then the girl replied with a smiley emoji.

He was given 600 in cash.

Then, he placed it on the counter and was just about to turn and leave.

Then, he heard a greeting from a VIP members table.

“Boss, are you going out”


“Then Ill stay here to watch the restaurant.

Will we open at noon”


Liang Hao turned his head and looked over, seeing that a handsome and masculine man, who was about 180 cm tall, was walking toward the door with a princess-like little girl in his arms.

“Is he the boss

“Hes handsome, looking a bit proud Easy-going Hes indeed attractive.

No wonder my sister likes him.”

Liang Hao looked him up and down.

Needless to say others, his first impression of him was very good.

Zhang Han was holding Mengmeng in his arms while walking out.

When he saw that Liang Hao was looking at him, he also looked over.

Then, the eyes of the two men met.

It was just like a scene in a movie where time seemed to freeze for a second.

Then, Zhang Han pushed the door open and went out with his kid.

Liang Hao was still standing in the same place.

The look in his eyes was a bit strange, as if he was thinking about something.

“Its strange…

“He must be a person with stories!”

Liang Hao felt that the bosss pupils were very deep, like the super vortexes in the sea, and also black holes, which were very attractive.

After walking out of the restaurant, Liang Hao walked back to the apartment.

Zhang Han took Mengmeng to play in Mount New Moon.

At nearly nine oclock…

At the Land Department of New Moon Bay…

A Bentley and two Rolls-Royces stopped in front of the door.

A tall woman with sunglasses walked out from the back seat of the pink Bentley.

She was followed by a man in a suit, who was holding some files.

Two groups of people got out of the two cars respectively and they were dressed luxuriously.

Just after that, a group of people, headed by Wang Qishan, walked out of the door.

He reached out his hand enthusiastically and said, “Welcome!”

Then, he welcomed all people into the conference room.

Wang Qishan presented a map of the surrounding areas of New Moon Bay.

It could be seen that several mountains were circled in by some red lines and Mount New Moon was among them.

“Its planned that one of the four mountains will be developed.

The three companies of yours are the winning bidders, so you can negotiate which mountain is more suitable.” Wang Qishan smiled while speaking.

“Weve read the required materials and I think we should do some field observations,” the woman with sunglasses said.

“Right.” Wang Qishan nodded and said, “A few days ago, I received a report saying that Mount New Moon has been redeveloped.

Lets go check it out.”

A sneer appeared in his eyes while he was speaking.

He still clearly remembered that the man who rented the mountain ridiculed him last time.

So, hed made up his mind.

“If he dares to redevelop Mount New Moon, hell be severely punished!”


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