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They ran out of the jungle with apprehension, all short of breath.

“Ouch, I probably have a bump on my forehead!”

Wang Qishan touched his forehead and found a bump as big as a fingernail, feeling somewhat painful.

But at that time, no one cared about him.

Instead, they panted and exclaimed.

“That dog is so fierce!”

“Well be miserable if bitten by it.”


After speaking for a moment, Liu Meng reacted and rushed to Wang Qishan, then greeted him, “How are you, Head Wang Lets go back and Ill ask the doctor to give you some medicine.”

“Lets go!”

Wang Qishan frowned and looked at Qiao Luoluo and the other people, then said, “Sorry, I need to go back first.

Excuse me for my absence.”

Then he got into his car and left directly.

“Lets go too.”

The man with the flattop haircut took a deep breath and drove away.

Qiao Luoluo snorted, “Get into the cars!”

She and her subordinates got into the Bentley.

“Find out his address in Hong Kong within a day.” Qiao Luoluo looked at Mount New Moon with emotion.

On the way back to the Lands Department, Wang Qishan went to the hospital.

The doctor gave him two anti-inflammatory drugs and told him the matters needing attention, then Wang Qishan rushed back to the Lands Department.

“Head Wang, whats wrong with you”

The instant he entered the lobby on the first floor, a female employee asked in a hurry when she saw Wang Qishans appearance.

“Im fine,” Wang Qishan responded, then asked, “Is the director here”

“Hes at the office,” the woman replied.

Then Wang Qishan went straight to the elevator.

Seeing Liu Meng still following him, he said in anger, “Why are you keeping pace with me”

“Huh… I will go back now,” Liu Meng was alarmed and whispered.

“Our head possibly is in a really bad mood, so Id better leave first.”

After finishing his words, Liu Meng went backward secretly.

Wang Qishan snorted and pressed the Up button.

He walked to the directors office with vigorous strides.

Wang Qishan wiped his face in front of the door and adjust his expression, then knocked on the door.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

“Come in.”

A strong voice was heard from the office.

Wang Qishan opened the door and glanced at the director.

The director, probably in his 50s, was in good health and spoke in a loud and powerful voice.

“Director, I have an important thing to report to you,” Wang Qishan hid his pride and said in a low voice.

“Whats wrong” Zhang Long glanced at him and asked.

“This is the case.

More than a month ago, we signed a contract with someone that had various restrictions to rent Mount New Moon for one year.

Today I guided the representatives of three companies that had won the bid to check it out, but I found a large piece of the woods had disappeared from Mount New Moon.

Someone planted grass and raises livestock there.

Now that he violates the rules and has a negative impact on our cooperation, should we punish him severely”

“Oh, we should punish him in accordance with procedures.” After saying that, the director looked at his computer screen.

“Yes.” Wang Qishan got up and walked out as his eyes were imbued with excitement.

However, after he just took two steps, the director said, “Wait, did you mention Mount New Moon”

“Uh, yes.” Wang Qishan stopped and stared at the director.

The director seemed to remember something all of sudden, then he said, “Wait a second first and let me ask my superior.”

He remembered that a group of people went to Mount New Moon to steal in the past few days and had created a great disturbance.

Later, they were directly taken to the General Office in the Southern District.

He also heard that someone probably contacted Director Dong Xiangchuan directly.

If that was the case, the person was likely to have a strong background.

So, he might as well ask his superior about this matter first.

Therefore, he dialed Dong Xiangchuans private number.

“Elder Brother Dong, may I ask you something about Mount New Moon Today, someone went there to check it out, but as a result…”

Under Wang Qishans gaze, the director gradually put on a thunderstruck face.

“Okay, okay, I know what to do.”

After saying that, the director hung up the phone as his mouth trembled several times.

He looked at Wang Qishan and said while waving his hand, “Dont worry about Mount New Moon and allow him to do whatever he wants.

Its none of your business even if he destroys the mountain.”

“Huh” Wang Qishan suddenly was dumbfounded.

“Didnt you hear what I said” the director said.

“I, I got it.

Shall I just let it go But the person who rents the mountain is very arrogant.” Wang Qishan said hesitantly, “Moreover, if we dont care about his behavior, will it influence…”

“The impact has nothing with you.

Just let it go,” the director said with no doubt.

“Yes.” Wang Qishan was suddenly frustrated and said, “I should leave now.”

Then he went outside.

However, he stopped after taking a few steps forward, turned his head, and said, “Director, the three winning bidders have also taken a fancy to Mount New Moon.

Should we continue to cooperate with them”

“Cooperation…” The director thought for 10 seconds and finally said, “I have not received any notification, so we can deal with it normally.”


Wang Qishan left.

After he went out, his eyes were filled with confusion.

“Whats going on How does the director overlook the illegal behavior of reconstructing the mountain”

At 11:30, Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu arrived at the apartment that Liang Mengqi was renting.

“Qingqing, Niangniang, let me introduce my brother Laing Hao to you.

Brother, they are my friends, Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu,” Liang Mengqi said.

“Hello.” Liang Hao nodded with a smile.

“Hello.” Yu Qingqing smiled and said, “Mengqi, your brother is handsome.”

“Yes, he looks younger than you,” Zhao Dahu twisted his body and said.

“A filthy mouth cant utter decent language.” Liang Mengqi glared at Zhao Dahl and then said, “Lets go have dinner.

I am so hungry.”

“Lets go.”

They went out.

Yu Qingqing was driving the car, and Zhao Dahu was sitting in the passenger seat, while Liang Mengqi and Liang Hao were in the back seat.

“By the way, I need to call Sun Dongheng first to borrow his membership card, otherwise you are not allowed to have access to dishes for members, brother.” While speaking, Liang Mengqi took out her mobile phone.

“You dont need to borrow it.” Liang Hao stretched out his hand and waved it, then said, “Later, I will buy a membership card directly.”

“Ah, great.” Liang Mengqi turned off her mobile phone, then was a little shocked.

She sized Liang Hao up a few times and said, “Its so strange.

Brother, according to your character…”

“I had breakfast there in the morning, and the dishes did taste delicious, which are worth that price.” Liang Hao shook his head with a smile.

“Oh, you went there in the morning What did you eat Egg fried rice or noodle soup” Liang Mengqi asked.

“I ate a half bowl of egg fried rice and a half tray of small steamed buns,” Liang Hao replied.

“Oh!” Liang Mengqi gave him an angry stare and said murderously, “Why didnt you, you, you bring me some small steamed buns”

“Huh Does the restaurant permit diners to take the food away I did not see the rules and thought that such behavior was not allowed, besides, I did not know who I could ask since there was no waiter there.” Liang Hao touched his forehead.

“Hmph!” Liang Mengqi snorted and said, “Buy the membership card yourself, and I dont need to bother borrowing it.”

“Mengqi, when did you get up” at that moment, Yu Qingqing grinned and asked.

“Nine oclock, I went to sleep late yesterday,” Liang Mengqi replied casually.


You got up at nine oclock.

How could you eat a lot if you ate steamed buns at that point” Zhao Dahu curled his lips and said.

“Thats right.

I can eat more delicious food at noon.” Liang Mengqi secretly swallowed, only feeing hungry at that time.

“That was then.” Zhao Dahu sighed and said, “When the bosss wife was there, every dinner was like a feast.

Hey, now, besides Mengmeng, we have access to many fewer dishes than before.”

“I have no idea when the bosss wife will come back.

I still want to eat the hot pot I ate last time,” Yu Qingqing said with a sigh.

“Did the bosss wife go out” Liang Hao said, “I saw the owner of the restaurant and a little girl in the morning.

The boss is really handsome, and the kid is very beautiful and lovely.”

“The bosss wife is also very beautiful.

She, however, wears a pair of sunglasses every time she goes out, so I have not seen her specific facial features,” Zhao Dahu said.

“Their baby is certainly good-looking because of their good genes,” remembering Mengmengs cute appearance, Yu Qingqing said enviously.

“I am probably familiar with the bosss wife, as if I had seen her before.

But I do not know who she is since I havent seen her face clearly,” after thinking for a while, Liang Mengqi said.

Although she was not willing to admit that Zi Yan was more beautiful than her, that was the truth.

“Oh.” Liang Hao nodded.

Remembering Zi Yan, who was on a business trip, he sighed with emotion.

Unexpectedly, she had been married for a few years.

However, he had never expected that the restaurant owners wife was Zi Yan.

As they chatted with each other, they arrived at the restaurant.

It was about 12 oclock at that time, and there were more than 20 people lined up in front of the restaurant.

Liang Hao was somewhat touched when he saw that many of the people looked grand and thought that the members of this restaurant seemed to be respectable.

“Theres Sister Liang.

Is he your friend He can use my membership card,” Sun Dongheng, who had already sat in the middle, waved his hand and said.


“Hes my brother, and he will buy one himself,” Liang Mengqi said with a smile.

“What are we going to eat at noon Is there any meat” Yu Qingqing could not wait to ask.

“Two dishes are to be served at noon today.

Arhat prawns and broccoli with dried mushrooms,” Xu Yong turned his head and said.

“Really Thats quite good!” Yu Qingqing grinned.

“But there seems to be such a small amount,” Xu Yong added.

“Ah!” Yu Qingqing froze.

Liang Hao glanced at Zhang Han, who was cooking in the kitchen, then said, “Should I buy a membership card through the boss”

“Come here, I can help you apply for the membership card.” Xu Yong stood up and went to the counter with a laptop.

After taking out a bank card from the drawer, he said, “Just transfer the money.”

“Okay.” Liang Hao nodded and took out his mobile phone and began to transfer.

At that point, there were two men sitting on the inner side of a table for ordinary diners.

One of them was in his 30s, dressed in casual clothes.

He was perfectly groomed like an elite, bearing a quiet temperament.

Opposite him sat a middle-aged man in his 40s with a square face, who was calm and looked at the man opposite him reverently.

“Lets taste the dishes here.”

The man in the casual suit whispered, then got up and went to the counter, while the middle-aged man followed him without saying anything.

“I want to apply for two membership cards,” the man in the casual suit said with a smile.

His tone was really flat, as if 20-million-yuan membership cards only cost 200 yuan.

“Poof, ahem, ahem…”

Xu Yong coughed a few times.

The membership cards were sold a few at a time.

Three membership cards cost 30 million yuan! The boss earned money so fast!

“This is the bank card.

The only thing you should do is transfer the money.”

Xu Yong pointed at the bank card.

His words attracted Liang Haos attention, so he glanced at the man, realizing that there were many members here.

However, when his eyes were fixed on the middle-aged man behind the man in the casual suit, he felt faintly stressed.

“This pressure… A Qi Strength Master”

Liang Hao was startled.

“This restaurant is indeed a place where powerful men show up!”

But he did not know that the people who inadvertently failed to control their aura were just promoted, commonly known as sciolists.

“Its done.”

The two of them showed the transfer record to Xu Yong.

“Okay, Ill give you cards numbered 15, 16, and 17.” Xu Yong took out three cards and handed them over.

Simultaneously, he said, “Oh, by the way, do you have your ID cards I need to record them.

If not, you can tell me your name and contact information.”

He was not aware if Zhao Feng recorded the members information when he sold the cards.

Now that Zhao Feng was not here, he might as well record them.

Yu Yong thought.

“Liang Hao.

My phone number…” Liang Hao said directly.

“It seems that he is Liang Mengqis brother.”

Xu Yong wrote it down while thinking.

After finishing his task, he nodded.

The man in the casual suit did not say anything, but just handed him a business card.


Sheng: Contact information…

There were only a name and his phone number on it.

However, after glancing at the name and scrutinizing the man in the casual clothes, Liang Hao suddenly remembered something and his eyes were suffused with consternation.

“This restaurant is indeed a place where powerful men show up!”

Liang Hao sighed in his mind, then turned and walked back to the table.

Xu Yong remembered their information in his mind and said, “Mr.

Sheng, you are already members and can sit at the members table here.”

“Thank you.” Mr.

Sheng nodded, then sat down at a small, quiet table by the window beside the piano.

Although another three membership cards were sold, Zhang Han just took a look and continued cooking.

He had found that the middle-aged man was a Profound-stage Master when he first came here last night.

Apparently, he acted like a bodyguard, and that the man in the casual suit possibly was of high status.

This scene did attract the attention of other people in the restaurant.

Another three membership cards were sold.

It was really… awesome!

After thinking for a while, Xu Yong did not go back to the table, but went outside.

He changed a few words on the bulletin board.

“Membership cards, 10 million yuan each, sold: 17/20.”

After he finished writing, he patted himself on the ass and walked back into the restaurant.

Among the over 20 people lined up, many people were shocked and looked at each other.

“Which rule has been changed”

“I have no idea.

Is the boss going to give us some preferential terms and allow us to taste some dishes”

“Stop dreaming.

The boss is disinclined to cook every day.

Just go and see if you want to know what happened!”

A man in his early 20s spoke and ran over.

After he found the difference between this sentence and the former one, his eyes widened.

“Fu*k! Members! Someone bought the membership cards! Now 17 of the twenty cards have been sold, leaving only three.

Dammit! How many rich people!”


“How terrible!”

“Hey, the members of this restaurant are all talented.

I like this place very much because I can see so many billionaires every day…”


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