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Instructor Liu and the others looked around for a moment before turning to maintain order within the surrounding area.

They could vacate a large space, but they couldnt effect the order of the airport.

Many of the airport staff were already there, directing the guests to walk to the waiting room on the side.

Instructor Liu talked to a near security official.

He looked at the center of the airfield and grinned, asking, “How long will it take”

“I dont know.

It should… Maybe it will take a little while.”

Instructor Liu waved his hand.

Zi Yan hugged Zhang Han tightly while crying heavily.

The emotions of the past few days that had accumulated in her heart had finally turned to tears and were pouring out.

Whispering softly in her ear, Zhang Han gently caressed the back of Zi Yans head with his left hand and patted her back with his right.

“Alright, stop crying.

Be a good girl.”

Zi Yan calmed a little and said in a choked voice,

“I… I was so stupid.”

“I was cheated.”

“Im sorry if Ive upset you”

“Its okay.

Its all in the past,” Zhang Han continued to comfort her, “I just feel so sorry for you.

Please, stop crying.”

“But… but I shouldve believed you.


“Its alright, youre my precious wife.

This is not your fault,” Zhang Han affectionately touched Zi Yans head.

He whispered, “Those people were so cunning.

Others would also be deceived.”

With Zhang Han comforting her, Zi Yan slowly stopped crying.

She innocently looked up at Zhang Han, slightly pouted her red lips and muttered,

“So, you dont blame me now”

Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Why should I blame you”

“You are so nice.”

Zi Yan hugged Zhang Han once again and whispered in his ear, “I mean, please dont be upset.

I love you, my husband…”

Oh my god.

Zhang Han seemed to be immersed in the warmth of his wifes love and his heart grew tenderer and tenderer.

That was the first time that Zi Yan had called him her husband.

Zhang Han leaned backwards.

He stared at her before extending his right hand to gently touch her red and swollen eyes, wiping away her tears.

His eyes were full of tenderness.

And she slowly closed hers.

Then, Zhang Han lowered his head and kissed her red lips.

With her arms wrapped around Zhang Hans neck, Zi Yan responded to his kiss.


Instructor Liu, Zhang Li and the others turned their heads, with all of them breaking into a smile.

Those days were also difficult for them.

Fortunately, everything was getting better now.

After kissing for a few seconds more, they stopped.

Zi Yan slightly raised her head, staring at Zhang Han.

She bit her lower lip lightly, her eyes once again filling with tears.

“Come on, stop crying.

Everything is alright,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.


Zi Yan responded, but it seemed that the teardrops just wouldnt stop falling.

Zhang Han finally understood what others mean when they said that women were made of water.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han said,

“Do you know that I have another identity”

“What is that”

Zi Yan blinked her eyes and began to think, which made her stop crying.

After thinking for five seconds, Zi Yan said, “Are you… Master Zhang”

While talking with Tang Jiayi two days ago, Zi Yan learned that Master Zhang had gotten very angry with the men who hurt his lover and killed thirteen people.

The incident made him very well-known in the town.

However, Zi Yan was too upset back then and didnt think much of it.

She knew that the name “master” represented a man who was very good at martial arts, but she didnt understand its specific meaning.

“No.” Said Zhang Han, slowly shaking his head.

“Then what is it” Zi Yan began to think again.

“I will give you a hint,” Zhang Han smiled slightly and said, “I love you, love you, love you.”

Zi Yan was surprised.

She opened her mouth and said softly, “I love you, too.”

Zhang Han found her so cute, touching her head, he said, “Ill give you another hint.

Alright, Ill be more straightforward.

I love you, love you, I love you.

Doesnt that sound a little familiar Think about it.”


Zi Yan was stunned, as if she had thought of something.

Her eyes suddenly widened as she asked, “You… Are you also… Hanyang”

Looking at the cute girl standing before him, Zhang Han grinned and said, “It would be such a coincidence, right Those songs are my second birthday present to you.”


A blush rose in her pretty cheeks as she finally realized who he was.

Then, she threw herself into Zhang Hans arms, bouncing while saying, “Wow, youre so nice.

Its so good to have you…”

Zi Yan was deeply moved.

The mixed feelings of self-accusation and upset slowly dissipated.

Instead, her heart was filled with a great happiness.

Yes, with such a great man as Zhang Han, how could she not be happy


Zhang Han laughed happily, then giving Zi Yan a princess hug.They walked outside.

Zi Yans arms were wrapped around Zhang Hans neck with her head resting on his warm chest.

It was so sweet.

“Alright, its done.

Escort them!” Instructor Liu shouted.

Everyone moved, making way for them.

Zhang Li, Zhou Fei and Luo Qing looked at Zhang Han warmly.

“They finally made up!”

They followed behind them.

After they walked downstairs, Zhang Han proceeded straight to the leading Mercedes-Benz, with Zi Yan in his arms.

Zhao Feng stood at the back with the others but he didnt make any move to drive the car, because he didnt know what the boss was thinking.

But when he saw Zhang Han put Zi Yan in the front passenger seat, he hurriedly asked someone to get the car keys and handed them to his boss.

Zhang Han took the car keys and nodded before taking the drivers seat.

Then, Zhou Fei approached the rear of the car, she was about to open the door when she was interrupted.

“What are you doing Youve always been a third wheel,” Zhang Li grabbed Zhou Fei.

“A third wheel Im not stupid! I just want to put Zi Yans high heels and handbags in there.” Zhou Fei rolled her eyes.

Even if she was stupid, she wouldnt dream of being a third wheel for them at such a moment!

“Oh, just go ahead.” Zhang Li smiled and let her go.

After thinking for a second, Zhou Fei opened the front passengers door.

She put the high heels on the mat and handed the bag to Zi Yan.

After seeing Zhang Han getting in the car, Zhou Fei smiled and said,

“You can come back very late tonight.

Enjoy the world of just you two.

Tsk, tsk…”

She closed the door quickly and stepped back, the Mercedes-Benz slowly left the airport.

“Where should we go” Zhang Li asked.

“Lets go and eat.

Im starving,” Zhou Fei said, “There is a banquet in the Peach Blossom Hotel.

Would you like to have some food there”


I dont want to eat the food at other places.” Zhang Li shook her head again and again.

“Then lets go to the company,” Zhao Feng said, “Ill ask someone to roast two whole sheep.”

“Lets go! Hurry up,” Instructor Liu said impatiently.

“Oh right, lets go to Yunyin Garden first to pick up Mengmeng.

We should make some porridge for her, as well as milk and boiled eggs.

She cant eat too much roast lamb,” Zhou Fei added.

“Are the boss and his wife not going to pick up Mengmeng” Instructor Liu asked.


Every couple needs time together after quarreling and making up.

Youre single.

You wouldnt understand that,” said Zhou Fei curling her lips in scorn.

“Alright, then well go there.” Instructor Liu smiled bitterly.

“It sounds like you understand that all too well.

Arent you single as well”

With that, they all got into their cars and prepared to go to the Eastern District of South Island to pick up Mengmeng before returning to the company.

The reality was similar to what Zhou Fei has said.

As the mercedes left the airport Zi Yan had watched Zhang Han all the way.

Her eyes were full of love, as if she could never see enough of him.

After arriving at the ring road around the Western District, Zi Yan looked at the signs and then asked softly, “Where are we going”

“We are going to pick up Mengmeng.”

He hadnt seen Mengmeng for a few days, so he had really missed her.

What he wanted more than anything was to stay with Zi Yan and Mengmeng quietly.


Zi Yan licked her lips and said, “Uh… How about we pick her up later I want it to just be us for a while.”

Zhang Han was surprised.

If he didnt understand her meaning, he must be a moron.

His eyes filled with excitement, he said, “Should we tell Zhou Fei first”

“Mmm.” Zi Yan took her phone out of her bag and dialed Zhou Feis number.

After a simple talk with Zhou Fei, she learned that they were on their way to pick up Mengmeng, so she hung up the phone.

Putting the phone back in her bag, she raised her head as a blush bloomed on her pretty face.

The car had already entered the hotel parking lot.

When they arrived, Zhang Han got out of the car quickly and went straight to the passenger side.

He opened the door and took Zi Yans hand, before they both hurriedly entered the hotel.

They quickly got the keycard for the Honeymoon Suite.

They rushed to the elevator, waited for their floor, and then entered their hotel room.

His actions were natural and smooth.

At that moment Zi Yan became silent, her eyes filled with tenderness.

There was a large pink heart-shaped bed in the middle of the room.

After opening the door and turning on the soft-colored light, Zhang Han held Zi Yan tightly in his arms and his lips met hers.


Still kissing, they slowly moved to the bed.

Zhang Han pressed Zi Yan under his body and stared at her.

Zi Yans eyes were filled with love.

Both her expression and actions told him that she was ready.

Neither of them spoke.

After looking at each other for another five seconds, Zhang Han kissed her again.

Just like that, the atmosphere in the room seemed to grow more intimate.

Soon, one by one, Zhang Hans windbreaker, T-shirt and pants were thrown on the carpet next to the bed…

…followed by Zi Yans dress and underwear…

One by one…

Gradually, the two of them were naked and embraced each other tightly.

There was fire within their hearts.

The time was ripe.

Zi Yan made a satisfied sound,

Their love wasnt only platonic.

They took each other deeply and thoroughly.

As Zi Yan made more sounds, Zhang Han also made a low sound, as if all the cells and all the bones in his body were satisfied.

So, in that way…

The battle in the romantic room continued quietly.

It became hotter and hotter.

Zhang Han didnt notice that the spiritual force within his body was gradually being divided into several wisps and then gathered by Zi Yans body.

They began to rotate.

Suddenly, Zi Yans body seemed to contain numerous rays of light that turned into a long stream, gathering at her abdomen.

A bright circle like the moon slowly formed.

They were unaware of how much time had passed as they had become completely intoxicated by their romance.

Pleasant voices rang around the room.

When they had reached the peak, Zhang Han made a low sound…


They were suddenly unconscious, as if they had fallen into an endless space and they were lost.

Just then, Zhang Han felt that a very bright moon was born.

A huge moon rising in the endless world.

It was bursting with brilliance and the light spread over everything.

It was so strange that even Zhang Han did not know what was happening.

However, something had quietly changed inside his body.

It seemed that some unknown energy had appeared out of thin air and was constantly piercing Zhang Hans abdomen.


He heard it!

He felt it!

A slight muffled sound rang in his abdomen.

“The sound represented…”

“Six inches in the abdomen!”

“The excellent Building Base!”

However, that energy seemed to be endless.


“Seven inches in the abdomen!”


“Eight inches in the abdomen!”


“Nine inches in the abdomen! The perfect Building Base!”

“The perfect Building Base”

Zhang Han was amazed, he could barely comprehend what he was seeing.

The moon dimmed, but it was still so dazzling.

“How did I get the perfect Building Base”

“I didnt even have the best Building Base.

To achieve nine inches into the abdomen required the perfect Building Base, Ill need a lot of resources!”

Zhang Han was confused.


Suddenly, the moon bloomed like the sun, which was blinding.


Another muffled sound was heard.

Another inch was achieved in his abdomen!

“Ten inches into the abdomen!”

Zhang Han was amazed.

“Whats going on Is it a dream”

“No, it isnt a dream!”

“However, nine is the maximum.

Nine inches into the abdomen would create the perfect Building Base.

But what would ten inches bring”


“I understand.

The perfect Building Base is just a name.

Its like a barrier.

Cultivation means getting through the barriers one by one, right”

“I got it.

Nine is the maximum, but it turns out that in this world, there are things that exceed the maximum.”

Just when Zhang Han was about to figure it out, the moon suddenly stopped shining and slowly dissipated.

Then, Zhang Han regained consciousness.

When he could see again, what he saw was the room.

There was still sweat on his and Zi Yans body after the romance.

Zhang Han checked his spiritual force, and then, a very complicated smile appeared on his face.

The surging spiritual force that flowed through his abdomen had experienced a qualitative change was even stronger than the perfect Building Base in his last life.

After the shackles had been broken, rays of light seemed to inadvertently flash around his abdomen.

If they were enlarged, they would look like meteors.

Zhang Han didnt know the reason why.

However, he knew that it was great news.

Ten inches into the abdomen… He was much stronger than before!

Just then, Zi Yans eyebrows trembled.

She slowly opened her eyes and stared at Zhang Han.

She was a little shy, but said softly, “Youre amazing.”

“Uh… Was it too fast” Zhang Han asked with hesitation,

“No, it was wonderful.”

Zhang Han looked at the time.

“Oh An hour and a half has passed.”

“It wasnt so fast.” He smiled a little awkwardly.

It could be said that he had held it for many years.

Whats more, the feeling that Zi Yan brought out in him had made him quite sensitive.

It was just that… something very mysterious had happened but he had already forgotten its feeling.

“Honey, there is a secret in your body,” Zhang Han leaned sideways, he held Zi Yan in his arms and said with a smile, “I cant detect your abdomen.

You said that you have little chance of having a baby.

It seems to be because of that.

In addition, Ive experienced a great breakthrough, which is what you gave me.”

“Really I helped you to make a great breakthrough What is it” Zi Yan said with a smile.

After making love, Zi Yan hadnt gained the ability to be a martial artist, but she felt better.

Her red, swollen eyes had recovered.

Compared to her, Zhang Han had gained much more .

From six inches to ten inches into the abdomen, he had achieved something that was better than the perfect Building Base.

Zhang Han felt like he was dreaming.

The surprise arrived suddenly.

Zhang Han was still pondering Zi Yans question.

“Did someone transfer that energy to Zi Yan Or was she born with such a precious body No matter what it is, it seems that it wasnt a bad thing at all.

As for the secret, Ill figure it out after my strength is improved.”

After thinking for a while, he still couldnt figure it out.

After hearing the question, he hesitated and then said, “I planned to tell you about it when you see it with your own eyes later, but I guess Ill say it now.

Im actually a… a reborn cultivator.”

“Ah a Cultivator What is that Is it an immortal” she said in surprise.

Her eyes were wide open.

“It refers to a person who pursues immortality.

There are many ways to cultivate.

Going to the extreme of each way may help the cultivator to break through and become immortal.

How about this Let me show you, and youll know.”

Zhang Han held Zi Yan with his left hand and gently moved his right hand.


The 18 cards that were in Zhang Hans pocket flew out in sequence.

With the control of his mind Zhang Han presented different patterns to Zi Yan.

“Cultivators have the ability to detach themselves from the world.

Theyre powerful and capable.

They can smash mountains, destroy cities, kill demons, and so on, by thousands of methods.

As their capability improves, they grow stronger and stronger.

They can even fly or walk under the ground.

They live an endless life, just as the sun and the moon does or the heavens and the earth.

This is what a cultivator is.”

Zi Yan was stunned by his words.

She looked at the man in front of her as her whole worldview collapsed.

After ten minutes, Zi Yan came to and said, “So, my husband is an immortal”

“Uh, not now.

I still have a long way to go.

Im just getting started.” Zhang Han found her question very funny.

“Wow, youre so powerful,” Zi Yan screamed, then feeling a little lost, she said “Youre so powerful, but I… Im just an ordinary person.

I can only accompany you in this life.

After ten years, Ill be older and ugly.


“How is that possible” Zhang Han waved his right hand and put the cards back into his pocket.

Then, he put his fingers on Zi Yans lips and said, “You will definitely cultivate in the future.

Youll stay young and beautiful forever.

Well live happily together and will always be a couple.

Well be together forever and ever.”

Zi Yans voice trembled and she asked, “I… Can I”

“Of course.

You wont only be able to do it, but you will do it well.

Although I dont understand it now, your body holds a big secret, which made me break through many levels.

Maybe youll be more powerful than your husband in the future,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

However, he didnt expect his words to come true until the future…

“Really Then lets be together forever,” Zi Yan said happily.


Right, first I should remind you.

You must believe me no matter what you see in the future, because in addition to deception, there are a lot of things in the world that can mix the genuine with the false.”

“I promise Ill always believe you.

I wont question you,” Zi Yan said seriously.

Zhang Han was a little bit tempted by the expression on her face.

Thinking for a moment, he said,

“Let me show you.

First, close your eyes and empty yourself.

Dont think about anything.”

Then, Zi Yan obediently closed her eyes.

Zhang Han touched Zi Yans pretty cheeks with his palm.

With light flashing through his eyes, the soul sense reached out and penetrated Zi Yans mind.


Zi Yan suddenly felt everything change, as if she was travelling through time.

She found herself on a prairie, while Zhang Han was happily riding a horse, Mengmeng was standing directly in front of her.


The scene changed again.

It was when she and Zhang Han were surfing together.

It seemed that there was the sound of running water all around her and she could touch the sea with her hands.

“Okay, open your eyes.”

Then, the scene disappeared.

Zhang Hans voice rang in her ear.

Zi Yan opened her eyes and looked at Zhang Han with confusion, saying, “It felt so strange.

It seemed so real.”

Zi Yan lay in Zhang Hans arms like a kitten, “Honey, I wouldnt believe it even if I saw it with my own eyes later.

I know that you only love me,” she said softly.

“Yes, I only love you.” Zhang Han smiled gently.

“You… you said that you were reborn.

Then tell me what happened in your previous life.

Im interested.” Zi Yan muttered.


Zhang Han held her in his arms and began to recall his past, while saying slowly,

“Its a long story.

I entered the cultivation world accidentally.

It was also in Shang Jing that I was driven out of the Zhang family.

I had a hard life for five years and was injured.

I finally left for Mount Kunlun.

I was at a loss and didnt know how many days I had walked.

I felt that there was a fog all around me and I forgot about time.

Finally, I jumped off a cliff… I didnt know anything about the Cultivation World at the beginning, so I was very vigilant and didnt dare to believe anyone.

Gradually, after I learned more and with the awakening of Treasure-sniffing nose, I… When I was experiencing the tribulation, even the sacred thunder was attracted… When I came back, I was on Mount Lang Xing at Shang Jing…”

Just like that, even with Zhang Han briefly telling her about his experience, it cost him more than two hours.

When she heard Zhang Han had tried to kill himself, Zi Yans eyes reddened.

When it came to the breathtaking part, she screamed and felt as if she was right there.

After that, Zi Yan knew everything.

“No wonder he can play the piano so well.

Turns out that hes practiced for hundreds of years.


“He also gave me songs secretly and did so many things silently.”

Zi Yan felt very happy deep inside.

“My husband is an immortal! Youre my guardian!” Zi Yan bit her lower lip, expressing her love through her eyes.


Zhang Han was tempted and his body trembled, feeling that it was time for him to show his ability again.

So, his hands began to move while he said with a smile,

“I just didnt fully enjoy it.

Lets do it again…”


Their bodies came together once again and they were fully immersed in their deep love.

It seemed that they would continue the romance, not returning home until evening.

Although it was not the first time, they could finally fully enjoy the feeling of making love.

They were just like a blazing fire and dry wood…

Just when Zhang Han and Zi Yan were enjoying their romantic time…

At one oclock in the afternoon, some breaking news was heard in the martial arts world in Hong Kong.

After He Qingtian returned to Hong Kong and learned that He Yunfei had been killed, he was furious and asked the man named Zhang to travel to Strange Peak Island within three days.

Otherwise, his whole family would be killed!

An hour after that, Lei Tiannan of the National Security Agency also sent a message that Zhang Hanyang was a special protector of the Agency and He Yunfeis death wasnt related to him, so he wasnt responsible.

Many people understood that from his tough attitude he wanted to protect Master Zhang.

Whats more, Master Zhang was the protector of the National Safety Agency and was known by the martial arts world.

He had killed thirteen people, but was still treated like that.

It seemed that he was indeed a powerful person.

Many people couldnt help but gasp in astonishment.

However, He Qingtian was not afraid.

He said that anyone who hurt his men should be killed.

He also asked the so-called Protector Zhang to meet him in one days time.

Lei Tiannan replied with a tough stance, “Its absolutely impossible!”

Neither of them wanted to compromise, so, at four oclock in the afternoon, Lei Tiannan and He Qingtian agreed to fight at Strange Peak Island the next day.

Since no one wanted to take a step back, they would just fight each other.

That was the martial artists way of solving things.

In the end, it turned out to be a battle between the two big shots in the martial arts world of Hong Kong, which raised a colossal uproar.

The entire martial arts world was shocked!


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