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“Because Im too young”

He Qingtian looked at Zhang Han, his face as pale as ashes.

Feeling that he was dying bit by bit, he fell into ultimate despair.

“It took me decades of cultivation to reach my present level.

“Now I dont even have a chance to escape…

“Im extremely alert indeed.

“Why cant I avoid his attack

“How did that card, in the end, reach behind me silently, accurately find and aim at my body…

“Is the Nine Shadows Movement really not worthy of his attention”

This was the last thought of Hao Qingtian, and then his body fell to the ground.

Until he died, he was confused.

In the face of this scene, everyone was stunned and there was dead silence over the field.

They didnt expect to see the death of Hao Qingtian, who was ranked 17th on the list of martial arts in Hong Kong.

Who could have predicted this Who would believe it if they didnt see it with their own eyes!

“He, He Qingtian… is dead” said a trembling Heaven-stage Master.

“He Qingtian is dead,” said Fang Rushan.

Fang Rushan looked grave.

At last, he realized that when he arrived, his inexplicable uneasiness had predicted the death of two masters, He Qingtian and Elder Hong.

“If I were to resist him… Im afraid I would die faster!” said He Chen.

Feeling cold to the bone, He Chen hardly dared to look directly at the challenge arena.

As a Grand Master, he could see clearly from all aspects of Qi, energy, and so on that those 18 cards were fought back one by one.


“What was the card that went straight through Hao Qingtians body

“What was the missing card

“Was this a high-level form of a weapon formation”

Everyone looked at the two figures leaving hand in hand reverently and fearfully.

They all knew that the death of one legend indicated the birth of a new legend.

There was still silence over the field until the two figures left the crowds field of vision.

Lei Tiannan realized what had happened.

“What the hell” said Lei Tiannan.

His eyes widened gradually and he looked blank.

“Its too scary!” Lei Tiannan murmured a few words.

Then he went along in the direction that Zhang Han had left.

At this time, Grand Master Lan of the Lingtian Sword Sect in the back took a few steps forward and made an obeisance.

“Director Lei, who was the gentleman just now” asked Master Lan.

Lei Tiannan stopped, turned around, and looked at all the people present.

Then he slowly said a few words that seemed to have been thought over and over again, “You can call him… Zhang Hanyang.”

“Zhang Hanyang,” Grand Master Lan repeated the name, her eyes shining with a strange light.

“He seckilled Elder Hong.”

“He made a weapon formation and seckilled He Qingtian.”

Fang Rushan spoke slowly and seriously, his eyes blazing like torches.

“From today on, Zhang Hanyang will take 17th place on the list of martial arts in Hong Kong.

The whole martial arts world will respect him as a great master.”

All the people present burst into an uproar after he finished speaking.

“Grand Master Zhang, or Zhang Hanyang from New Moon Bay.

He is so horrible!”

“When a Grand Master gets angry, there will be a river of blood! It seems that in the battle of Mount Yun Ding, he was hiding his strength and giving the other side a chance!”

“Yes, Master Zhang gave Gu Chuanlong and He Yunfei a chance at Mount Yun Ding, but they provoked him again and again.

Do they really think the martial arts master is good-tempered It is they two who caused Gu Chuanfeng, Gu Fang, Gu Chuanlong, He Yunfei, and others to die in the Dragon Triumph Club, and now they have involved the two masters, Elder Hong and He Qingtian.

They lost a great deal through trying to save a little!”


Many martial artists shook their heads and sighed.

Although it was officially forbidden to publicize, it was only aimed at ordinary people in society, and the breaking news had already been spread in the martial arts world.

At this time, in the corner of the last row…

Several men of different ages stood together.

“Father, father, he is a Grand Master Strong, a super master! I gave him a car.

Is that right” Ye Han said in excitement.

Ye Hans father turned his head in a daze, and his mouth quivered.

“You sent too little, too little.

Contact Zhang…..

Oh no, contact Zhao Feng, and then we will continue sending gifts to Master Zhang.

Since Mr.

Zhang is a little interested in luxury cars, lets empty our garage!”


Ye Han nodded in excitement.

Zhao Feng didnt want to have a deeper relationship with him, but he also paid for 10 luxury cars, including the extended Rolls-Royce, Bentley, the extended Mercedes Benz G500, Ferrari Laferrari Aperta, etc., so that more luxury cars were added to the companys garage.

Then the people on Strange Peak Island retreated one after another.

“Liang Hao.”

He Chen suddenly turned his head and said with a smile, “Are you familiar with Grand Master Zhang”

“Well, master, he… I have a general relationship with Master Zhang since we havent known each other for a few days, but his wife and I are friends since childhood,” Liang Hao replied in a low voice.

“Huh” He Chen waved his hand, smiled and said, “Just call me Uncle He.

You and his wife are friends Thats great.

You can arrange for me to visit them and make friends with them in a few days.”

“This…” Liang Hao grinned and said, “Uncle He, they are going out for a few days.”

“No problem, I can wait.

I will stay in Hong Kong for about 10 days.

My task this time is to guard the business group of Singapore, and their negotiation will last for several days.” He Chen shook his head.

“OK, Ill call them later.” Liang Hao nodded.

On the other side…

After the battle, the 18 cards flew back to Zhang Hans pocket.

He held Zi Yans hand and smiled at her.

“Lets go,” said Zhang Han in a gentle voice.

Then he took Zi Yans hand and walked to the shore step by step.

Although the road was full of rubble, Zi Yan felt as if she were floating forward.

Every time, Zhang Han would skillfully avoid the rubble and have her step on the flat road.

She pursed her lips, blinked her beautiful big eyes, and secretly looked at Zhang Han.

“Why do you always look at me secretly Is there something strange on my face” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“No, honey, you are a powerful immortal,” said Zi Yan.

Then she bit her lower lip and added, “They, they are all dead Doesnt it matter”

“Of course, the director of the National Safety Administration was standing in the back, and he said nothing about it.

Actually, it doesnt matter if we fight in the martial arts circle, just like how we did in the world of immortality, except that there are more restrictions on violence here.

Take He Qingtian for example, if an ordinary person humiliated him in person, even if he killed them, he would not be punished.

But if he killed people for no reason, the National Security Agency would intervene in this matter.

Maybe it is the so-calleda great master cannot be humiliated.” Zhang Han explained it simply.

“I see.” Zi Yan nodded, and her red lips slightly raised as she spoke.

“My dear, you are so excellent.

You are just as bright as the sun.

Everyone looks at you with admiration and awe, but I…”

Zi Yan felt the pressure.

“You are the best.

You can make me love you so much and give birth to an angel.

For me, you and Mengmeng are the most important,” Zhang Han said softly.

“Stop flattering me.” Zi Yans eyes sparkled with happiness.

“When I find my parents, Ill go to your family to propose marriage.

Ill hold the biggest wedding for you!” Zhang Han raised his hand and kissed Zi Yan on the back of her hand.

“Hehe, Ill wait for you.”

When they got to the boat, Mengmeng, who was in Zhou Feis arms, couldnt wait to stretch out her arms.

“PaPa, MaMa, PaPa, MaMa…”

Zhang Han put his right hand around Zi Yans slender waist and jumped out five meters, just landing on the boat.

The little girl went straight into Zhang Hans arms.

“I missed you,” Mengmeng complained.

“Missed you…” Instructor Lius mouth quivered.

“Please, it took them less than three minutes to go and come back.”

“Boss, is it over” Instructor Liu asked curiously.

“Yes.” As soon as Zhang Han nodded, Zhao Feng and the others came back with cheering voices.

“Master, you are so powerful!”

“Boss, youre awesome!”

Zi Yan was amused by them and burst out laughing.

These faithful friends were like loyal fans of Zhang Han, and sometimes they would be so funny.

They were all attracted by Zhang Hans personality charm!

Instructor Liu was stunned.

Three minutes to solve the battle, plus the round-trip time.

Did Zhang Han immediately come back after saying hello to them

He imagined that the boss and his wife went over and said, “Hello.

Goodbye,” and then came back.

It should take three minutes.

In Instructor Lius uncertain eyes, Zhao Feng and the others rushed back.

“What went on, what went on” Instructor Liu took Zhao Feng aside.

A few seconds later, Instructor Liu was choked by his own saliva.

On the other side, Zhang Li looked at her brother, grinned, and said, “Brother, when did you become so powerful…”

“Your brother was great a long time ago,” Zi Yan replied with a smile.

“You will understand it later.

By the way, do you want me to make you better” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Me Can I do that Im so weak.” Zhang Li shook her head like a rattle.

She didnt want to take part in exhausting training every day.

Zhang Han knew what she thought and couldnt help laughing.

“It wont be very exhausting,” he said.

“Then you will know.”

With that, Zhang Han looked to the right.

A figure came very quickly, arrived at the shore, and jumped onto the boat.

“Director.” Instructor Liu hurriedly said hello.

“Hello.” Lei Tiannan nodded, looked at Mengmeng in Zhang Hans arms and said with a smile, “What a cute little gal.”


Mengmengs eyes were wide open for a while, and then she shyly buried her head in Zhang Hans neck.

Looking at Lei Tiannan curiously, she whispered in Zhang Hans ear.

“PaPa, PaPa, why is he so dark”

“ ” Lei Tiannan froze at that point.

His skin was specially tanned to this bronze color, making him strong and healthy.

But now it was disliked by the little girl.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Li were stunned at first, and then chuckled.

“Its OK, children say what they like…” Lei Tiannan waved politely.

Hardly had Lei Tiannans voice faded away than Zhang Han burst into laughter and said, “You are dark for sure.”

“All right, you are so frank.”

Lei Tiannan couldnt speak anymore.

Looking at Zhang Han and Mengmeng, he thought, “Isnt my specially tanned skin charming”

After thinking about it, Lei Tiannan shook his head and smiled to show that he didnt mind it.

Then he began talking about the matter.

“Have you always been so powerful, or have you just advanced to this level”

After that, Lei Tiannan waved and felt that his question was a little impolite.

After all, everyone had their own secrets.

So he asked directly, “Are you interested in being second in charge”

“Second in charge” Zhang Han was surprised.

“Yes, the second director of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong.” Lei Tiannan rubbed his palm expectantly, saying, “The treatment will definitely satisfy you, and there are many other benefits.

If you join us, the National Security Agency of Hong Kong will be stronger.”

“Come on, Im not interested in that.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Dont be in a hurry to refuse me.” Lei Tiannan said helplessly, “I asked many old friends for help in order to investigate your parents affairs, I lent you the five elements furnace, and Im here to support you today.

Now that Ive helped you a lot, would you reconsider my invitation”

Zhang Han pondered, then finally nodded.

“OK, Ill think about it.”

However, in Lei Tiannans view, Zhang Hans “think about it” was equivalent to his promise.

When Zhang Han came back from Xihang, he found the directors token was sent to his restaurant along with many other items.

“Hahaha.” Lei Tiannan laughed and said, “Let me talk to you about the business.

“Though you can suppress Yue Wuwei with your strength, youd better take softer measures this time.

After all, Yue Wuwei is supported by Emperor Qing,” Lei Tiannan said seriously.

All the people around looked at them in silence, even Mengmeng was looking around curiously, not knowing what they were talking about.

“Emperor Qing” asked Zhang Han.

He had heard the name several times.

When he thought of Gu Chuanlongs words, he said casually, “Emperor Qing hasnt advanced to the level of Grand Master yet, has he”

“Who told you he hasnt advanced” Lei Tiannan was surprised.

“Master Gu,” Zhang Han replied.

“What can he know He just talks nonsense.” Lei Tiannan curled his lip and said, “If he were not gifted to the extreme, we would not acknowledge his title.”

Lei Tiannan glanced around and lowered his voice.

“We call him Emperor Qing because the Qing Dragon blood has awoken in him, and he is gifted enough to surpass his contemporaries with all the cultivation methods he inherited.

He advanced to the Wu Dao Grand Master stage two years ago, and the middle stage of Grand Master one year ago.

Now he is in the process of another closed-door cultivation and will definitely advance to the late stage of Grand Master.

Hes so talented that advancing is as simple as eating and drinking water for him.

In a few years, he will surely be at the top of the martial arts world.

“He has some connections with Yue Wuwei.

Therefore, Yue Wuwei can always maintain his position in the martial arts world as an Early-stage Grand Master.

Although you are also a genius, you should be cautious sometimes.

After all, you have your family.”

Lei Tiannan said a lot in one breath.

“Qing Dragon blood” Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly as he said, “Its not bad indeed.”

“Not bad”

Lei Tiannan was confused.

“Isnt the Qing Dragon blood horrible

“Emperor Qing is a hundred-year rare genius.

How can Zhang Han regard him as justnot bad When Zhang Han said this, it was as if a senior was appreciating a junior.”

Lei Tiannan didnt know what to say.

So he shook his head and decided to leave.

Before he said goodbye, Zhang Han nodded his head and gave Lei Tiannan a faint smile.

“Well, were going to catch a plane.

You go back,” said Zhang Han.

“ ” Lei Tiannans palm slightly shook as he said in a slightly complaining tone, “Then Ill go.”

Then he got off of the boat, feeling that Zhang Han was a bit rude.

Behind him, the boat headed straight for the international airport.

Lei Tiannan looked at the back of the boat and suddenly laughed.

“Good boy! The second director of the National Security Agency! With him, the National Safety Administration of Hong Kong will be impregnable!

“I dont know what stage he is in, anyway, it must the peak middle stage or the later stage.

What a young but horrible man! Even I would lose to him without playing my trump card.

But… Whats his trump card

“I hope that he can grow to be a match for Emperor Qing and bring enjoyment to the martial arts world.

The legends of Zhang Han in the south and Emperor Qing in the north may be passed down through the ages.”

Thinking about it, Lei Tiannan shook his head and sighed.

Though in his life, he could not reach the realm of those two talents and enjoy the great reputation as the best of his contemporaries, he could witness the rise of another new star, which was not bad.

He already knew Zhang Han well.

Although he was still curious about some things about Zhang Han, he would not ask about them.

Zhang Hans character and code of conduct were satisfactory to the elders of the martial arts world, so Lei Tiannan recommended him for the position of second director, and Leading Cadre Liu was willing to acknowledge him as a general and help him a lot.

All of this was not only because of Zhang Hans strength, but also because of his character.

If Zhang Han were a villain, he would not be treated like this even if he was powerful enough.

Zhang Han and the others arrived at the airport, waited for a moment, and then got on the plane to Xihang.

Before getting on the plane, Zhang Han waved to Zhao Feng.

“Buy a private plane when we get back to Hong Kong,” he ordered.

“OK.” Zhao Feng nodded first and then froze.

“Master… do we have enough money”

“Well, money is not a problem.

When we get back to Hong Kong, well go to salvage a sunken ship.

There are many things in it.”


Zhao Feng was surprised.

“Well, I really dont have to worry about money.”

After getting on the plane, those from Strange Peak Island went back and publicized the shocking news on the way.

He Qingtian was killed because of the strength gap.

Elder Hong was also killed before he could defend himself.

The news, like a hurricane, swept across the entire martial arts world of Hong Kong and continued to spread to surrounding areas.

The death of Elder Hong was not particularly shocking, but He Qingtian was the 17th-ranked master of the Hong Kong martial arts list for 10 years.

What was more frightening was the winner was a young martial artist in his 20s.

If they didnt know the specific situation, many of them would think that Emperor Qing had come to Hong Kong!

But that was not the case.

Therefore, they remembered a name after the competition.

“Zhang Hanyang!”

In mansion 3 in New Moon Bay—

Hong Qitao and Tang Jiayi were receiving an old friend.

Lin Shan dashed into the hall.

“Brother Hong, I just heard that He Qingtian died.

He was easily killed by Zhang Hanyang.

Zhang Hanyang is Zhang Han, who used to be called Master Zhang of New Moon Bay.

Hes been here.”


Hong Qitaos big mouthful of tea was sprayed on the ground again.

Finally, he and Tang Jiayi decided not to leave Hong Kong temporarily.

They wanted to stay here and maintain a good relationship with Zi Yan.

Hong Qitao was sure that his family would have no worries in a hundred years because of this relationship.

In this way, even after his death, he could proudly go to see his ancestors.

At the same time, he decided on a family rule.

All members of the Hong family, regardless of their status, must treat the Zi Yans family respectfully.

Those who disobeyed would be expelled from the Hong family.

Within two hours, another startling piece of news was spread.

“Zhang Hanyang, the former Protector Zhang, is appointed as the second director of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong.”

Director Zhang…

This title was beyond many martial artists reach.

At the same time, many big families had decided to be more friendly toward the National Safety Administration from now on.

In just two months, Zhang Han had entrenched himself in Hong Kong.

The protagonist of all of this news was talking and laughing on the plane to Xihang.

Because she slept late and got up early, Mengmeng fell asleep soon after she got on the plane.


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