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“Han, Yan, just take aunties home as yours and stay for a few more days.

I watched you grow up and Im glad that you got married.” Rong Jiaxin shook her head with a smile and said, “I dont know when you got married.

Is Mengmeng four years old”

“Were not married yet,” Zi Yan slightly pursed her lower lip and replied.

“Huh” Rong Jiaxin was stunned and said, “Mengmeng is four years old.

Why havent you gotten married”

“Yes, thats your fault, Han.

Zi Yan has given birth to such a lovely daughter, and you must live up to her love.

You should make her your legal wife as soon as possible,” Wang Ming said.

Zhang Han shook his head and said, “When I find out about my parents and get them back, well get married.”

“How can you do that” Even Rong Jiaxin said in a loud voice, “You… Well, in my opinion, youd better get married first.

Mengmeng has grown up, and you cant delay it anymore.

Its not funny.”

Hearing Rong Jiaxins words, Zhang Han asked directly, “Auntie, do you have any news about my parents”

“I dont know exactly, and no one knows when well get news of them.

You cant go on like this all the time.”

Rong Jiaxin had made it clear that she could be the elder to witness the wedding of the two and hoped to do so, but that was not what Zhang Han wanted.

Although his aunt had a good relationship with his parents, they could never be replaced by others!

Zhang Han was not afraid of any hostile forces.

After all, he had been fighting for hundreds of years in the Cultivation World, and suppressed 10 super sects and clans during this period, each of which was full of masters.

But now, no hostile forces were interfering with his search for parents.

He just had no news of them, which was the only problem he faced.

Even Zhang Han couldnt help it.

He didnt even know where to start looking for the news of those two.

At this time, he could only hope that Yue Wuwei would give him some specific information.

Hearing Rong Jiaxins words, Zi Yan also smiled and said, “It doesnt matter.

I believe that Zhang Han will find his parents, and then we can get married.”

“This…” Rong Jiaxin looked at Zi Yan with guilt and sighed.

“Han really married a good girl.”

“Hes very good, and Im happy to be with him.” Zi Yan smiled sweetly.

The conversation between adults confused Mengmeng.

“To get married” Mengmeng said vaguely, “Havent PaPa and MaMa gotten married yet Then, why do I exist”


The adults around her were stunned and didnt know how to answer the question for a while.

Zi Yan felt that this matter was a little indescribable.

She used to see the news that the children of a newly married couple went to their parents wedding, which was interesting.

But now the same thing was going to happen to her, and her feelings were so complicated.

“When mom and dad get married, you can take a picture with us with flowers in your hands.

It must be very beautiful.” Zhang Han smiled and touched Mengmengs little head.

“Hum, take flowers, take photos, beautiful.” Mengmeng smiled.

Rong Jiaxin loved Mengmeng so much that she had been playing with the little girl the whole way.

She didnt even have time to chat with Zhang Han.

At first, Mengmeng was a little shy, but later she had a good time and even sang a song to her grand aunt.

It took about half an hour to get to the destination.

The main residence of the Wang family of Xihang was a small manor in Binjiang District, which was close to a river and had beautiful scenery.

This was a small manor consisting of 13 one-story buildings.

Some of the buildings were modern and some were retro, and the distance between them was different.

There was a quadrangle-type building in the innermost part, which was the old and main house of the Wang family elders.

The car stopped near the three buildings on the right side.

While the ancient building in the center was the residence of Rong Jiaxins family, the modern house on the right side was arranged for Zhang Hans family.

The slightly longer house on the left side was a guest house with six rooms, which could accommodate Zhao Feng and the others.

50 meters farther inside, there was a building with french windows on three sides.

It was the Wangs restaurant, where the family usually ate.

Apart from having dinner together, the Wang family had irregular breakfast and lunch.

After all, according to the elders, the young people were night owls.

How could they get up early to eat breakfast

Zhao Feng and the others, under the guidance of the housekeeper, put Zi Yans suitcase and Zhang Lis and Zhou Feis luggage in the arranged rooms, and then returned to the room to quickly arrange their own luggage.

Zhang Han went to Rong Jiaxins residence, which looked retro, but the decoration inside was very refreshing and unique with modern-styled white floor tiles, sofas, and chandeliers.

“Han, sit down first and have some tea.

Ill call Ya.” When Rong Jiaxin spoke, there was a trace of sadness in her eyes.

Then she went to the bedroom in the corridor on the right.

Zhang Han also remembered his cousin, who was three years younger than himself.

He met this lively little girl when he was 13 or 14.

It wasnt long before Rong Jiaxin came out with Wang Ya.

Wang Yas hair was a little messy and her face was haggard, as if she hadnt woken up yet.

When she saw Zhang Han and the others, she kept up her spirits, gave out a smile, and came over to say hello.

“Nice to meet you, cousins.” Wang Yaxian said hello to Zhang Han and Zhang Li, then sat on the sofa, looked at Zi Yan and said, “Nice to meet you, cousin-in-law.”

“Nice to meet you.” Zi Yan smiled and greeted her.

“Ya has grown up, more beautiful than before,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“My cousin-in-law is really beautiful.” Wang Ya smiled and looked at Mengmeng.

Suddenly, she felt lost and sad, and her eyes quivered.

But she soon adjusted her mood, smiled and said, “Is she your daughter What a beautiful, lovely girl.

Whats your name”

“Im Mengmeng.”

After chatting with Mengmeng, Wang Ya looked at Zi Yan in doubt and said, “Cousin, you look familiar, as if I have seen you somewhere.”

“Well… My name is Zi Yan,” Zi Yan replied.

Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin were elders, and Zi Yan thought it was normal that they didnt know her.

But Wang Ya should have heard her name.

Hearing Zi Yans name, Wang Ya was shocked.

“Zi Yan”

Then her eyes lit up as she said in a surprised voice, “Oh, you are Zi Yan You, you are my cousin-in-law What a coincidence! Brother, when did you succeed in chasing her”

“Well… Not long ago, it was hard to pursue her.” Zhang Han joked.

Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han.

What was the meaning of “hard to pursue her” Zhang Han had merely pursued her once and she immediately accepted him!

But… The fireworks were so beautiful.

Zhang Han was romantic and gentle to Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

How could Zi Yan refuse him

“Youre lying to me.

Even your baby has grown up!” Wang Ya smiled and looked at Rong Jiaxin excitedly.

“Mom and Dad, you certainly dont know that my cousin-in-law is a famous star, the national goddess.”

“Really” Rong Jiaxin looked at Zi Yan happily and said, “You are a superstar Han is so lucky to marry you.”

“Im not very famous.

Im still developing.” Zi Yan chuckled.

“Well, now that she is a superstar…” Wang Ming wanted to say something.

He hesitated because he knew that the entertainment industry was a mess and that there were not many long and happy marriages.

Seeing Wang Mings expression, Wang Ya knew what he was thinking, so she added, “Zi Yan used to be a noble and cold goddess with no scandal at all.

So she retired five years ago because of Zhang Han, and she even gave birth to a baby for him I envy it.”

After that, Wang Ya looked at Mengmeng with love in her eyes.

Rong Jiaxin sighed and looked at Wang Ya with a little pity.

Wang Yas mental state was not very good., and this scene made Zhang Han feel a little different.

According to the occasional expressions of Rong Jiaxin and Wang Ming, Wang Ya seemed to be living on an emotional tightrope.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han gave up asking and prepared to do his own business.

However, sitting on Zi Yans leg, Mengmeng pouted.

“My MaMa is very beautiful, my PaPa is very powerful…” said the little girl with a lovely expression.

The little girls words caused a burst of laughter.

After saying hello, Zhou Fei sat aside in silence.

Five minutes later, Rong Jiaxin checked the time and said, “Ah Ming, its half past 11 now.

Have them prepare lunch.”

“OK, Han, wait a moment.

Ill arrange it.” Wang Ming stood up and prepared to arrange a rich lunch.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “I have something to do first.”

“Whats up Can you go there after dinner Let your aunt and uncle show you around in the afternoon,” Rong Jiaxin was surprised and said.

“I cant rest assured until I do it first.” Zhang Han chuckled and looked at Zi Yan.

“Would you like to stay here and eat first”

Zi Yan pondered and nodded.

“OK, then be careful.

Ill have dinner with you when you come back.”

“Well, Ill be back as soon as possible.” Zhang Han nodded and stood up.

“Eh Where do you want to go, Han” asked Rong Jiaxin.

“To the Qingfeng Sect and find Yue Wuwei,” replied Zhang Han.

“You are looking for Chief Yue” Rong Jiaxin was confused.

“For what”

“To ask about my parents.

He seems to know something,” Zhang Han replied.

“He knows something Really Why havent I heard of it” Rong Jiaxin was stunned and asked, “Who told you that”

“Lei Tiannan, he cant lie.”

“Lei Tiannan Lei Tiannan… Ah” Wang Ming repeated the name twice, and suddenly stared at Zhang Han with surprise.

“Isnt he Director Lei of Hong Kong, the great master ranked 11th on the martial artist list You know him, Han”

“This…” Rong Jiaxin suddenly felt that Xiaohan had developed very well.

He knew the martial arts world, knew Lei Tiannan, and came to find Chief Yue.

After pondering, Rong Jiaxin said, “It may be difficult for you to enter the Qingfeng Sect, for the chief and the elders dont like to see strangers.

Let us send a visiting card to them first.”

“Dont bother yourself with it.

Just give me a car.” Zhang Han refused her.

“Then, let your uncle take you there,” added Rong Jiaxin.

Though she was curious about Zhang Han, she didnt ask him too much and decided to talk about it when they were all free in the evening.

Wang Ming nodded at her words and said, “Let me take you there, Han.”

“OK.” Zhang Han nodded.

When they were going out, Mengmeng hurriedly said, “PaPa, what are you doing Mengmeng also wants to go with you.”

“Dads going to ask something, Ill be back soon.” Zhang Han touched her little head with a smile and said, “Would you like to stay here with your mother and wait for Dad to come back”

“Mengmeng, wait for PaPa with mom.

Hell be back soon.

Hmm… MaMa will let you have some snacks,” Zi Yan pinched Mengmengs face and said.

“Really” Meng Mengs big eyes lit up.

“OK, Ill wait for PaPa to come back.

PaPa, hurry up.”

“OK.” Zhang Han smiled and went out with Wang Ming.

As soon as he went out, he heard the voice of the little girl.

“Im going to have snacks.

Id like to have ice cream, potato chips, and seaweed…”

Mengmengs words made Zhang Han laugh.

“What a lovely girl, cherish the happy time now.

Time flies too fast, and she will grow up and marry someone in a flash.

If she marries into a good family, its OK.

If not, ah…” Wang Ming sighed deeply.

Zhang Hans expression froze.

He was silent because he didnt want to talk about it.

They went to the small parking lot in front of the yard, got in a black Bentley, left the villa area slowly, and drove all the way to the northeast.

“Han, how many years have you been together” Wang Ming asked curiously.

“About five years.”

“Is she still in the entertainment business Ive heard that circle is a mess,” Wang Ming said, warning Zhang Han at the same time.

“Let her have fun as long as she likes it.

I support her.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Now that she goes out to work, too, who will take care of Mengmeng at home It is better for children to be taken care of and educated by their parents.”

Obviously, Zhao Feng and the other men were not ordinary.

Zhang Han had to be very rich to hire such bodyguards, and maybe he had his own company to run.

If Zi Yan also went out to work, would they have the nanny look after Mengmeng Wang Ming thought it was not appropriate.

“I look after Mengmeng at home, well, full-time.”

“A stay-home dad” Wang Ming was stunned at once, his mouth was slightly shaken, and a terrible guess came into his mind.

There was a red light at the intersection.

Wang Ming turned his head slowly and hesitated.

“You, you, Han, did you… marry into Zi Yans family”

Originally, he wanted to ask Zhang Han if he was raised by Zi Yan, which sounded impolite.

So he reorganized his words.


Zhang Han was a little surprised and felt it so funny when he understood Wang Mings meaning.

Shaking his head, Zhang Han refused to answer the ridiculous question.

However, Zhang Hans silence made Wang Ming think he had guessed the truth.

Since Zhang Han didnt refute, he acquiesced.

“Alas.” Wang Ming sighed.

“Hans life is not easy.”

“Your aunt is very optimistic about you and often talks about you.

Although your uncles family is not the top family, we indeed have a good reputation and some influence in Xihang.

Han, youd better think about your aunts words, and Ill visit Zi Yans house with your aunt later…”

In other words, Wang Ming was comforting Zhang Han that though it was difficult for him to marry into Zi Yans family, his aunt and uncle would be his firm dependence.

Zhang Han didnt explain.

Wang Ming had such a misunderstanding just because he didnt know much about Zhang Hans family.

In a few days, he would realize that he was wrong.

As they chatted, they left the city, drove for half an hour in the suburbs, turned left and right, and finally arrived at the place where the Qingfeng Sect was located.

“I had the honor to visit the Qingfeng Sect with my father a few years ago.

Well be there in five minutes, but they may not see us today.

Whats more, we are going to visit Chief Yue, and we should be more respectful.” Before entering, Wang Ming warned Zhang Han.

“Is Yue Wuwei very powerful” asked Zhang Han casually.

“Wait, you cant call him by his full name.

You have to call him Chief Yue,” said Wang Ming with a stiff expression.

“Keep in mind that Yue Wuweis backstage supporter is Emperor Qing.

Though the Qingfeng Sect is a small sect, it has a high position because of this relationship and can even be in the top five of Xihang.

Of course, it is also due to their being in harmony with the rest of the world and their relatively incompetent disciples.”

Some years ago, when a treasure was found, the Qingfeng Sect, like other sects, would send some disciples to fight for it.

But they fought for three years and never won, which brought them the nickname “Passerby Sect”.

Yue Wuwei felt very disgraceful, so he decided not to compete against the other sects at all.

He had the disciples of the sect practice martial arts in a down-to-earth way, and the whole sect was now living a very leisurely life.

Wang Ming knew that although he was merely at the top of the Heaven Stage, he could be an elder if he joined the Qingfeng Sect.

While Yue Wuwei was the only Grand Master in the Qingfeng Sect, his three elders were all Heaven-stage Masters.

As for his disciples, their strength was really uneven, ranging from Obvious Strength to Earth-Stage.

Of course, Wang Ming knew that with his own strength, he could not compete with the three elders.

As for Yue Wuwei, after all, he was a great master worthy of respect.

Therefore, Wang Ming decided to warn Zhang Han again.

This time, he thought, if they were lucky, they would be allowed in.

If they were not, it didnt matter.

But he was wrong…

When they crossed a canyon, they saw the Qingfeng Sect, like a large temple, which was composed of many buildings and guarded by two disciples in front of the gate.

“Hello, Im Wang Ming from the Wang family.

Im here to visit Chief Yue,” said Wang Ming when they approached the gate.

One of the gatekeepers glanced at them and said, “Please go back, the chief is not here.”

“Is the first elder there” asked Wang Ming.

“The first elder is meditating and will not see anyone.”

“What about the second elder I wonder if the second elder has time.”

“The second elder is not free.

He is teaching his disciples.”

Wang Ming felt a little helpless and said, “I wonder if the third elder is willing to see us.”

“Just leave your visiting card here, and maybe they will be free one day…”

That disciple was a little impatient.

But he didnt get a chance to finish speaking.


The bodies of the two gatekeepers suddenly soared over the three-meter-high wall and fell into it.

“ ” Wang Ming went blank.

“What is going on”

Just now, he only felt that before the two disciples were lifted up, a kind of energy suddenly appeared under their feet.

“Whats up”

He didnt notice that it was Zhang Han who did it.

“Go inside,” said Zhang Han with a smile.

He took the lead and walked into the sect.

He didnt hurt the two disciples at the Inward Strength stage, but just made them fall.

Wang Ming followed in with confusion.

As soon as the two disciples got up, they saw Zhang Han coming in.

They turned pale with fear and ran to the inner courtyard in a panic.

About one minute later—

Wang Ming fully understood what had happened.

He heard shrill cries from the inner court.

“The enemy is coming!”

“Guard the sect and follow me to kill enemies!”


More than 50 disciples rushed out of the gate of the inner courtyard.

With swords and sticks in their hands, they all stared at Zhang Han and Wang Ming warily and nervously.

“Eldest brother, thats them,” cried the two gatekeepers, rubbing their buttocks.

“Who are you” The eldest martial brother took the lead to ask with great momentum, “Do you know where you are”

Zhang Han glanced at the crowd.

He finally knew why it was called the “Passerby Sect”.

The eldest martial brother was merely at the Peak Strength stage.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Im looking for Yue Wuwei.”


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