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“Yue Wuwei is our sect chiefs name,” whispered an Inward Strength disciple.

“Pfft… Ahem!”

The eldest martial brother glared at Zhang Han angrily and said, “How dare you call Yue Wuwei by his full name Too arrogant! Brothers…”

Before he finished speaking, Zhang Han gave him a joking look, and then he felt the spiritual force rushing out of this strangers body like a huge wave, rushing at him.


Before the eldest martial brother finished speaking, he and a group of disciples were carried into the air.

They were sent over the two-meter-high wall of the inner courtyard and plopped onto the ground.

“Ahem, ahem, ahem” Wang Ming almost forgot to breathe.

He tried to stare so hard that his eyes almost fell out.

He looked at Zhang Han with a blank face.

He sensed the tremendous spiritual force that he dared not to recognize before.

Now, only fools didnt know what was going on!

“Martial, martial, martial, martial arts Grand Master” Wang Ming began to stammer.

Because of the sudden astonishment, his tone became thrilling.

After that, his heart beat violently, as if he held his breath in the water, and raised his head when he could not hold it.

He could even hear his heart beating.

In fact, for him, being a Grand Master was not an unreachable dream.

After all, he was close to the Wu Dao Grand Master stage himself and there were elders in his family who were Grand Masters.

Besides, he had seen other Grand Master Strongs before.

He was so shocked because of the sharp psychological contrast.

“Grand Master Zhang.

Im Wang Ming from the Wang Family…”

Wang Ming reflexively wanted to pay homage to the great man.

Before he finished speaking, he realized what he was doing and could not continue.

“What should I call him Dammit, Im so embarrassed.”

Wang Ming hesitated and didnt know what to say.

“Uncle, just call me by my name,” said Zhang Han with a smile as if he could read Wang Mings mind.

Aunt Rong Jiaxin was one of the few relatives recognized by Zhang Han in the world, and Zhang Han was willing to respect her and Wang Ming as elders.

Zhang Han would not be complacent about his achievements and despise anyone, but his attitude was different from person to person, of course.

For some people, even if they knelt down to beg Zhang Han, Zhang Han would not spare them a glance.

Everyone had his own balance, and time would prove everything.

Wang Ming was relieved to hear Zhang Hans words.

However, he remembered what he said on their way here…

How could Zhang Han marry into the Zi family As a Wu Dao Grand Master, he could establish a sect himself!

Wang Ming felt like a clown today, and he was too ashamed to face anyone.

“Lets go inside,” said Zhang Han as he led the way into the sect.

At this time, the people inside also came to their senses and began to shout.

“Eldest brother, where are you What can we do now”

“The enemy is too powerful.


“Go to the elder for help, run!”


Hearing these faint words, Wang Ming curled his lip.

“As a Grand Master, Zhang Han can defeat your first, second, and third elders at the same time.”

But when he thought of it, Wang Ming suddenly said, “Han, you can fight, but dont hurt them too much.

After all, Emperor Qing is the behind the scenes supporter of Yue Wuwei.”

“Emperor Qing,” repeated Zhang Han.

Shaking his head slightly, Zhang Han realized that he had heard the name several times.

They seemed to be afraid of Emperor Qing, but…

“He is just a man with Qing Dragon blood,” replied Zhang Han calmly.

There were many descendants who inherited Qing Dragon blood, and they had developed numerous branches with uneven strength.

But Zhang Han would not be afraid of even the most powerful descendant.

Qing Dragon blood was merely a third-stage blood in the Cultivation World.

As for Zhang Han himself, with the help of countless resources, he became advanced to the level of the perfect Building Base stage, Innateness stage, eight-inch Elixir stage, and then seven-inch Yuan Ying stage.

Since then, he had acquired the ability to control his own natural elements, which ranked first in the second stage of the Cultivation World.

The first stage was only known as a legend, and for thousands of years, there might not be a person advancing to this stage.

According to the legend known by Zhang Han, all the masters at this stage could easily break the laws of nature and fly to the divine realm without worrying about thunder…

Zhang Han used to have a headache when he thought about this because he was killed by the divine thunder over the sky.

But now he just felt lucky.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng fascinated and enchanted him.

Unexpectedly, being a father made him so happy.

Of course, Wang Ming didnt know Zhang Hans history, so he was startled his nephews words.

“Just a man with Qing Dragon blood Just

“It sounds like the Qing Dragon blood is so common to him.”

Wang Ming still didnt understand it, so he was silent along the way and followed Zhang Han to the inner court.

They walked for a minute.

Suddenly, a large group of people came running up from the left and right.

There were about 150 armed disciples in total, and they all looked at Zhang Han warily.

The three elders finally appeared, while the first elder looked at Zhang Han and asked, “Who are you”

“Im looking for Yue Wuwei,” said Zhang Han calmly.

“You broke in like this and want to see the sector chief You really look down on me.

All disciples, listen, array,” said the first elder loudly.


All the disciples withdrew their weapons and began to surround Zhang Han orderly.

Zhang Han was surprised.

“They still want to fight in this situation

“No wonder it is called thePasserby Sect.

I bet they cant live a day in the Cultivation World.”

Zhang Han had never seen such a sect.

Under the command of his consciousness, the cards in his pocket flew out one by one.

After being stuffed Zhang Hans spiritual force, the cards turned into a fan and roared away.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

With a series of muffled noises, the 150 disciples were knocked down in 10 seconds.

“ ” The first elder was stunned.

Then, the circle of the 18 cards gradually narrowed down and surrounded the three elders.

The chilling cards almost made them tremble with fear.

The eldest elders eyelids were quivering as he said, “Hero, why are you so violent I asked my disciples to form an array and welcome you to the main hall for a talk.


“Hmm” Zhang Han was confused.

“Oh, they wanted to welcome me, so they withdrew all the weapons.”

“I wont go in.

Just ask your sect chief to come out,” said Zhang Han plainly.

“The sect leader is really not here, and he went out half a month ago.

He contacted me three days ago and said he would travel further,” replied the first elder honestly.

“Contact him,” ordered Zhang Han directly.

“I cant contact him,” said the first elder helplessly, “Hero, our sect chief always uses a public phone to contact us…”

“What” Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly.

The 18 cards kept coming at the three, and eventually spun around their heads, making their sweat almost run down.

“Hero, spare our lives!” The second elder opened his mouth for the first time and said repeatedly, “We dont know, or wed tell you for sure.

We swear!”

“Am I going back empty-handed” Zhang Han frowned and said in a deep voice, “No matter what method you use, contact Yue Wuwei within three days, or I will tear down your sect!”

“I see.

We will try our best to contact him,” the second elder quickly replied.

“I dare to ask the hero, why are you looking for the sect chief” asked the first elder with great care.

“I want to ask him something.

Call me when you get in touch with him.” With a wave of Zhang Hans hand, 11 of the 18 cards flew out and engraved a phone number on the wall.

Then, Zhang Han turned around and the 18 cards flew back to his pocket in turn.

While staring at Zhang Hans back, they all sighed with emotion.

The second elder wiped the sweat on his head and sighed.

“We are defeated once again.”

“Yes,” the three elders said in muffled voices, “Fortunately, he is a Grand Master and we wont be humiliated when the news comes out.”

“Yes, but well be humiliated when the sect is torn down.” The first elder glared at his two martial brothers and then comforted them.

“It doesnt matter.

He just wants to ask something.

Lets find a way to contact the sect chief.”



On the way out, Wang Ming hesitated for a long time as he wanted to remind Zhang Han not to use such tough means.

After all, Emperor Qing was the behind the scenes supporter of the Qingfeng Sect.


Wang Ming felt a toothache at the thought of Zhang Hans saying that it was “just Qing Dragon blood”.

Those who could awaken their blood were all big shots.


“Id better let Jiaxin persuade him after we get back.”

So they got in the car and drove back in silence.

Halfway back, Wang Ming put on a wry smile and said, “I was worried that it was you who married into the Zi family.

It seems that I thought too much.

With your strength, you would be worshipped everywhere.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Zi Yan and I dont have so many rules.

We just want to live in peace together instead of becoming a clan.”

“Its true that masters usually live in seclusion in downtown areas.

I admire you so much.

How old are you”

“27,” replied Zhang Han.

“A 27-year-old Wu Dao Grand Master.

Its amazing, and you are indeed a genius.

It may have something to do with your excellent parents, after all, there are genetic factors.” Wang Ming smiled and shook his head.

“Do you know about my parents, too” asked Zhang Han.

Looking as Zhang Han, Wang Ming said with nostalgia and admiration, “Of course, your father is theLord of Battle after all.”

“Lord of Battle” Zhang Han was surprised.

“Can you tell me more about it”

Wang Ming looked at Zhang Han and said, “You and Li dont know about this, because it happened before you were born.

There was a time when no Grand Master was seen in the world, and it was said that they were all exploring a secret realm.

Your father, as a Heaven-stage Master, was invincible in all battles and made great achievements, and no one could match him below the level of Grand Master.

He kept this record for five years, so he was honored as the king of war.

It was his time!

“Your mother didnt know how to cultivate, and your father helped her advance to the stage of Wu Dao Grand Master after giving birth to you.

However, she was defeated and seriously hurt by Gai Xingkong, the North Tiger, as soon as she got advanced.

Then came Gai Xingkongs time.

As a 19-year-old Early-stage Grand Master, Gai Xingkong wanted to break your fathers record, which was difficult for him at that time because all the masters had returned, and the world had changed.

“Even so, he defeated 99 young talents, but unfortunately failed to an overseas master in the 100th battle.

Then came the time of Emperor Qing.

In the past 50 years, no one has been able to reach the level of Emperor Qing, and it can be said that he has really suppressed a generation of martial artists.”

At this point, Wang Ming couldnt help warning Zhang Han not to cause too much trouble in the Qingfeng Sect.

“My father is the Lord of Battle” Zhang Han imagined the scene and laughed.

“Invincible in all battles, great achievements, and no well-matched opponent below the level of Grand Master… Hes so cool.”

Zhang Han could imagine his fathers demeanor at that time.

“Yes, Zhang Guangyou, the Lord of Battle, who had also suppressed a generation of martial artists.

But he was later seriously injured by a man with white hair and a youthful face and all his meridians were broken.

That man, Qing Zhen Zi, was at least at the Grand Master Late-stage, and no one knew where he came from.

If it wasnt for the Warlord of the Chan Clan, your father would have died,” said Wang Ming with a sigh.

“I always felt like you knew something.” Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at Wang Ming.

Wang Ming shook his head and gave Zhang Han a wry smile.

“Even the Warlord of the Chan Clan didnt know where Qing Zhen Zi came from.

Only your father knows the truth, but he has never told anyone.

Dont worry, you are a Wu Dao Grand Master now, and you will surely solve the mystery in the future.”

“Oh, by the way, whats your… level” Wang Ming asked curiously.

Zhang Han thought for a moment and replied, “Maybe the Grand Master Late-stage.”

“ ” Wang Mings expression froze.

“Theres a car ahead.” Zhang Han pointed to the front.

“Ah!” Wang Ming was taken aback as he looked ahead.

After braking suddenly, he stopped the car 10 cms behind the Buick in front of him.

“Late stage Oh, my, you are merely 27 years old!” Wang Ming grinned and looked frightened.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Only those who had really been in touch with genius knew what they were.

“Is it fair that some people were born at a high level

“Is it fair that some beast was born with the strength of Yuan Ying, gifted supernatural power, and can control the natural elements

“Is it fair that someone born ordinary could reach the stage of pass tribulation in just 30 or 50 years and become immortals in a hundred years

“There will always be real geniuses born, and this injustice will always exist.”

They kept quiet the whole way.

In fact, it was not completely quiet because Wang Ming would sigh from time to time.

“Grand Master Late-stage My gosh!

“How do you cultivate You are great!



Zhang Han was unable to neither laugh nor cry.

If he had known this, in order to keep his peace of mind, he would not have told Wang Ming.

About one oclock in the afternoon, the two returned to the Wang family.

“PaPa, how can you come back so late Mengmeng missed you so much,” complained Mengmeng.

Seeing Zhang Han enter the room, Mengmeng jumped up from the sofa and stretched out her little arm to him.

Zhang Han smiled softly and went to the front to pick up the little girl.

“Any news” asked Zi Yan with expectation.

The other people also turned around to look at Zhang Han.

From the previous chat, Rong Jiaxin knew that Zhang Han was a martial artist, but Zi Yan didnt say it more specifically.

Under the gaze of the crowd, Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “He is not in the Qingfeng Sect, well have to wait for a few days.”

“Oh, lets wait a few days,” said Zi Yan with a smile.

“Lets go to lunch first.

After that, auntie will take you out for a walk,” said Rong Jiaxin with a smile.

“Lets go.” Wang Ming nodded.

After they left, Wang Ya went to the guest room and informed Zhao Feng and the others to go to the back side restaurant with them.

“Well, Ya, you lead the way.

Jiaxin, Jiaxin.” Wang Ming kept winking and gesturing to Rong Jiaxin.

“Come here!”

Rong Jiaxin was confused.

Then she slowed down and reached Wang Ming.

Before Wang Ming could speak, Rong Jiaxin said excitedly, “Ah Ming, I didnt expect that my nephew was also a martial artist.

Hes like his father, right Im so happy.”

“Er… Thats right.

Just like his father.

Do you know his level” Wang Ming asked in confusion.

When he learned the news, he was shocked into being incoherent.

If Jiaxin found out about it, how could she be so calm

“Ill ask him in the evening,” Rong Jiaxin said with a smile.

“Ive asked him.

He almost demolished the Qingfeng Sect today.

He is a Late-stage Grand Master, late stage! I was so scared by the news that I almost had a car accident,” Wang Ming exclaimed.


Rong Jiaxin only had those words in her mind: “Grand Master Late-stage, he is at the Grand Master Late-stage…”

“What” A few seconds later, Rong Jiaxin screamed and scared several people.

Then Rong Jiaxin ran up to Zhang Han and whispered a few words in his ear.

After getting a positive reply, Rong Jiaxin suddenly fell silent and looked at Zhang Han for three seconds.

Everyone could see the strangeness and comfort in her eyes.

Soon after, they arrived at the restaurant.

The decoration in the restaurant was very neat, and there were only a few decorations in it except for the tables and chairs, which gave off a very bright feeling.

There were tables and chairs ranging from the small dining table to the big round table in the restaurant.

When they arrived, they saw eight or nine people in the hall, who were all Wang Mings relatives.

In addition to Wang Mings brother and sister-in-law whom they had just met, there was a fat white boy who was seven or eight years old and a girl who was 13 or 14 years old.

They all looked at the strangers with curiosity.

They all sat down after Rong Jiaxin made the introductions with a smile.

Seeing Zhang Hans family, many of Wang Mings relatives were surprised by their outstanding appearance.

After all of them were seated, the servants first served tea because although all the ingredients had been prepared, it would take more than 10 minutes to make the meal.

During tea time, the girl of 13 or 14 and the boy of seven or eight, after putting the last few mouthfuls of rice into their mouth, ran over to Zhang Han.

“What a beautiful and lovely little sister.

I want to kiss her.” The white and fat boy stared at Mengmeng, expressing his love with childish words.

Zi Yan chuckled.

As for Zhang Han…

He immediately turned around, reached out his hand, and gently flicked the boys forehead.

“Boy, you can only look at her, not kiss her,” warned Zhang Han.

“Haha, Im joking.

Im a man and I can protect the little sister,” said the boy.

This was a kind of imperceptible education of a martial arts family.

Boys were all men in charge, and they should protect their families.

However, Mengmeng mumbled, “I dont want others to protect me.

My powerful PaPa can do it…”

The boy laughed, and he didnt mind Mengmengs words.

The girl, who was 13 or 14, stared at Zi Yan and asked hesitantly after a while, “You, are you Zi Yan”

“Yes.” Zi Yan gave her a smile.


The little girl exclaimed with great joy and said excitedly, “Zi Yan, I like you and your songs so much, especially theFairy-tale Town.

I can tell the names of all the stories in it and sing them.

“May I take a picture with you Many of my classmates like you, too.”

The little girl looked at Zi Yan with great expectation.

“Certainly.” Zi Yan smiled and leaned down close to her little fan.

And then she made several facial expressions and took photos with the girl.

Then the little girl took her brother and ran happily to one side, ready to show off to the students.

The meal was soon served.

They were all local specialties with good taste, but the ingredients used were much worse than those of Mount New Moon.

Apart from the authentic snacks with special taste, the other delicacies didnt attract them very much.

Mengmeng soon finished eating, then she blinked her big eyes and looked left and right.

She seemed to be thinking about when they would finish.

The little princess was in a good mood because they would go out for fun after lunch.


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