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Xu Yong reported one thing.

The last two membership cards were sold yesterday afternoon.

Dozens of guests were disappointed when they left with nothing.

Until today, more people had been coming to buy the membership card.

Xu Yong was overwhelmed!

All the people who went there were powerful figures.

He was frightened to tell them that the cards were sold out.

However, Xu Yong gradually found out that every guests reaction was warm and understanding, and strong feelings of pride welled up inside him.

Many asked if there would be membership cards for sale in the future, and they were willing to make an advance booking.

So Xu Yong called to ask about it.

Hearing that, Zhang Han smiled and said, “No more membership for the time being.”

20 membership cards were sold.

If all those guests went there at the same time, the restaurant would be full.

More membership cards would only attract more guests, and it would be too crowded.

Zhang Han didnt want his restaurant to be noisy and chaotic.

“OK.” Xu Yong nodded and said, “There is another thing.

The restaurant hasnt been open in two days.

The customers complained a lot.

The companys restaurant was going to recruit a chef before.

There was a chef.

Oh no, the top chef, it was Wang Long.

He wanted to come here, and he didnt care about the salary.

He only wished to use the best ingredients.

I thought if we let him, he could come here and make fried rice with eggs for guests first.”

Zhang Han pondered and finally said yes.

“All right, dont touch the tableware inside the cupboard next to the stove.”

“Got it, boss.”


Zhang Han then hung up the phone.

“Is someone new coming to our restaurant to cook” Zi Yan asked, curious.

“Wang Long,” Zhang Han replied.

“He applied to be the chef of the companys restaurant.

He would cook in our restaurant first, because weve been closed for a couple of days and Xu Yong said that the guests were complaining.”

“Poof…” Zi Yan laughed out loud.

She found it amusing.

Seeing her like that, Zhang Han was also smiling with his eyes.

Zi Yans coldness from the beginning gradually turned into a smile now and then, now she could laugh out loud.

Love could change a lot sometimes, and that was what made it beautiful.

The group of people arrived at the restaurant while chatting.

Its environment was comfortable.

They enjoyed a nice meal.

After a 10 minute rest, they went back to the amusement park and went into its water amusement section.

The park was huge with dozens of popular water amusement facilities, such as a childrens water play area, surfing pool, water slideways, and so on.

The main point of this travel was to let Mengmeng have a good time, so each of them selected and tried some rides suitable for children.

It was getting dark before they could finish half of them.

The park closed at nine, but they packed up and went home at six.

Mengmeng had a great time and returned with them contentedly.

When they arrived at Wangs residence, Wang Zhanpeng was already cooking some local food.

Wang Zhanpeng and his family all sat together at the table.

Before the meal, Wang Zhanpeng solemnly thanked Zhang Han.

Thats when many people found out about this relative of Rong Jiaxin, it was he who had saved Wang Zhanpeng!

Everyone changed their looks, they became more polite and showed more respect.

The meal started.

A moment later, Wang Zhanpeng noticed that Zhang Han had almost finished the food.

He looked at him keenly and said, “Han, I have prepared a pot of a superior Dahongpao tea in the yard.

Lets go and have a taste.”

Zhang Han looked at him, knowing he had something to say, so he nodded.

The little girl put down her spoon and muttered, “I also want to drink Dahongpao tea.”

“MaMa hasnt finished yet.

Would you like to stay here with me” Zi Yan smiled and said.

“Stay here with your mom.

Daddy will be back soon.” Zhang Han smiled and touched Mengmengs little head.

“Fine, hurry up, PaPa.” Mengmeng pouted.


Zhang Han nodded, got up, and went out with Wang Zhanpeng.

In the courtyard of the dining hall, there were several pavilions, and they sat in the one in the back.

There was a pot of freshly brewed tea on the table.

Wang Zhanpeng poured the tea for Zhang Han and said bluntly, “My grandfather, Wang Rufeng, was an array master.

He and Xiang Donglai went to the same sect, called Qimen.

Qimen was a famous array sect in the Hua nation at that time.

Other sects would ask an old ancestor to set up a large array for them.

Oh, by the way, Xiang Donglai was Xiang Qitians grandfather, who is now the leader of the Mystical Fog Sect.

“Back in the early days, we actually come from the same sect.

Xiang Qitians learning was more comprehensive, so his sect could expand to be the strongest sect in the area of Xihang.

However, our Wang family was declining rapidly.

Wang Ming was the only proficient one in younger generation.”

Depression glimmered in Wang Zhanpengs eyes, as he took a sip of tea and said, “Back then, my grandfather Wang Rufeng was a little better than Xiang Donglai.

They were brothers at first, but later they turned against each other for some reason.

Xiang Donglai was expelled from the sect, and he started to hate my grandfather even more…”

“What are you trying to say” Zhang Han couldnt help interrupting him.

He had no interest in the older generations grudges.

Wang Zhanpeng smiled and said, “Later, my grandfather got the sacred treasure of the sect—Mountains and Rivers Flag.”

“Sacred treasure” Zhang Han paused.

“You dont know about the sacred treasure” Wang Zhanpeng asked.


“Treasures here are classified into Huang-grade, Profound-grade, Earth-grade, and Heaven-grade.

Heaven-grade treasures are rare.

Sacred-grade treasures rank above them.

Only some big sects have a Sacred-grade treasure.

It has great power.

“Divine-grade ranks the highest, and a treasure of that rank is called a Divine-grade treasure.

Divine-grade treasures are extremely rare, they could represent a sect.

I knew of barely 20 Divine-grade treasures in a hundred years,” Wang Zhanpeng explained.

“It has a very impressive name.” Zhang Han smiled.

After further information, he knew that the Huang-grade was the zero to first-stage spirit treasure, then Profound-grade, Earth-grade, Heaven-grade, Sacred-grade, and Divine-grade were almost equal to the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth stage, respectively.

Since there were many fifth-stage spirit treasures in this world, obviously there was a golden age of practicing martial arts a long time ago.

But now, the spiritual qi of heaven and earth was exhausted, and it was even harder for people to make further progress in martial arts.

“The Mountains and Rivers Flag is a sacred treasure of Qimen.

My grandfather got it, but it went missing later.

Then the sect was torn apart by a battle and Grandfather was seriously injured.

He passed away after that.

That was why he have few apprentices.

Later, Xiang Donglai came back and built the Mystical Fog Sect at the old site of Qimen.

He also failed to find the Mountains and Rivers Flag.

Until recently, the Mountains and Rivers Flag remained missing.

“However, there was a sudden fluctuation not long ago in the place where our Wang family hold rituals.

It turned out that there was something else in Grandfathers tomb.

My guess was that the Mountains and Rivers Flag might be in it.

The Mystical Fog Sects people also found out the news.

Later, I was poisoned by tea.

Seven days passed, I was still alive.

The Mystical Fog Sect informed me that the Wang family could fight with them two days later.

If we won, the ritual place would be ours.

If we lost, they would take over the place.

“Its dangerous to fight them in the array.

This time, Ill try my best to keep the place.

If something happens to me, I need to ask you a favor,” Wang Zhanpeng shook his head and said.

“What can I do to help” Zhang Han asked directly.

“Protect my family and send them away from Xihang.” Wang Zhanpeng sighed and said, “Im afraid that Xiang Qitian would take the opportunity to hurt my family.”

“Its just a sacred treasure.

Why did you make this desperate move” Zhang Han asked, baffled.

If a person is fully aware that it is a dead end for him and he doesnt have the strength to overcome the difficulties, but he decides to take that road anyway, isnt he a total fool

“If its just the Mountains and Rivers Flag, I wont take the risk,” Wang Zhanpeng said with a wry smile, “because it might be our familys last hope.

You have seen the younger generation of our family… If our people continue to be in a decadent state, after two generations, the Wang family would decline to being an ordinary family.”


Zhang Han nodded and said, “Regarding what you asked, I promise to help you.”

Then Zhang Han put down his tea cup and went to the dining hall.

Wang Zhanpeng was relieved and smiled, he drank the last sip of tea, looking at the distant scenery, and walked into the old house.

In fact, Zhang Han understood Wang Zhanpengs choice.

The idea of a martial arts family was deeply rooted in them.

They didnt want to see the family declining in their own hands.

A familys descendants were the most suitable people for the inheritance, and sometimes there would be inheritance between blood relatives.

That was more important.

However, Zhang Han knew that the Wang family could hardly inherit through blood relatives.

Emperor Qing might have a way to do that.

Without blood relatives, inheritance meant nothing.

After staying in the dining hall for a few minutes, they went home.

Rong Jiaxin and her family stayed and chatted with them in the hall.

Wang Ya bought many toys for Mengmeng, and the little girl sat beside Zhang Han and played cheerfully.

Without seeing each other for many years, they talked about almost everything.

At half past nine, Zhang Han glanced around.

“Why are they still talking”

Zi Yan teased him in the daytime, so he determined to prove himself at night.

Zhang Han waited five more minutes, but their lively conversation didnt seem to have an end.

Fortunately, Mengmeng yawned at the moment.

“Do you want to sleep” Zhang Han asked.

“No,” Mengmeng pouted and answered.

She had yet to finish playing with her new toys.

“Daddy heard you yawn.”

“Really” Mengmeng paused and didnt remember whether she had yawned or not.

“You did, its time to go to bed.

How about playing tomorrow” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

Rong Jiaxin and Zhang Li also stood up.

“Its late.

We should rest.”

So they all went back to their rooms and prepared to sleep.

Zhang Han took Mengmeng to bed and began to tell her stories.

A few minutes later, Zi Yan came in, closed the door, and changed her pajamas in front of Zhang Han.

Watching this scene, Zhang Han was aroused.

His voice telling her the story was getting lower.

After Zi Yan changed into her pajamas and went to bed, Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng.

The little girl was still staring at him with big eyes and listening intently.

So he kept telling the story.

10 minutes later, the little lady finally fell asleep.

Gently carrying her to the small bed, Zhang Han quickly returned to the big bed and embraced Zi Yan in his arms.

“Well… what do you want Youre bad.”

“To eat you up.” Zhang Han looked at her keenly.

They were both caught up in the mood, and the air became hotter.

About 10 minutes later…

Zi Yan blushed and said in a sexy voice, “Lets go to the guest room.”

So they put on their pajamas, quietly left, and went to the guest room.

Zi Yans sweet and repressed groan intermittently came from the room.

It was a melody with power and rhythm.

The smell of lust permeated the air.


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