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“How are you so rude”

Yue Wuweis eyes widened greatly, and he said with dissatisfaction, “Dont you know how to respect the aged and take good care of the young”


Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly, and the spiritual force in his body was like a volcano, ready to erupt.

After hearing his words, the faces of the first elder and the second elder changed.

“Is this guy really going to destroy this old temple”

Wang Ming also felt stressed, giving a wry smile secretly.

He was afraid that Zhang Han would take action if Chief Yue kept talking nonsense.

Wang Ming has no doubts as to Zhang Hans decisiveness.

Just as he had killed Shi Tianlei and another two men before, he was too casual, killing whenever and doing whatever he wanted.

But at that time, Yue Wuweis expression changed, and he smiled.

“For the sake of the money, you can come with me.” After finishing saying that, Yue Wuwei stood up and took the lead to the back door.

Zhang Han followed him.

He had just revealed some breath to warn him, showing that he did not want to listen to nonsense.

He did not plan to destroy something, and he thought that Yue Wuwei was somewhat strange in the meantime.

The breath he had revealed just now was at the Grand Master Late-stage, but Yue Wuweis gaze had been as calm as before, even cherishing a hint of interest.

Zhang Han, therefore, discovered by virtue of his soul sense that Yue Wuwei seemed to be a mysterious man.

However, regardless of Yue Wuweis identity and background, Zhang Han only cared about the news of his parents.

In his mind, there existed only three kinds of people—specifically, relatives, passers-by, and enemies.

For his relatives, he really cared about and treated them gently.

For passers-by, he would ignore them, showing indifference.

For his enemies, he only wanted to kill them.

Obviously, Yue Wuwei was just a passer-by in his view now.

Seeing Wang Ming and the two elders following them, Yue Wuwei waved his hand and said, “Dont follow us.

You should wait here for a while.”

The three of them stopped, watching Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei walking to the back hill via the back door.

Not far from the sect lay a mountain covered with lush green vegetation.

Neither of them said anything along the way, but just walked silently.

They walked to the foot of the mountain and passed a 10-meter-high rock pile, which was formed by pieces of rocks at random.

“Your father left something for you here,” Yue Wuwei said with a smile.

After hearing his words, Zhang Han was somewhat amazed.

Then his soul sense was released out of his body, turning into wisps of filaments and drilling into the rock pile to explore.

Suddenly, his soul sense detected and was blocked by a separate area.


“Something is weird.”

The soul sense was blocked for two reasons.

The first was that the power of his soul sense was just at the beginning stage, not strong enough, while the second reason was that the stuff inside was of relatively high quality.

If it was a treasure…

“Treasure-sniffing nose, activate!”

As Zhang Han activated his Treasure-sniffing nose in an instant, all kinds of breaths overwhelmed him.

In that rock pile…

Suddenly, an extremely fragrant smell of treasures poured at him constantly, like a surging river.

A fourth-stage treasure!

A spirit treasure close to the fifth-stage!

All of a sudden…

Zhang Hans expression froze.

But then he felt confused and wondered whether or not the treasure had been left there by his father.

He, therefore, looked at Yue Wuwei.

Yue Wuwei still smiled.

After he waved his hand slightly, the stones standing on both sides of the rock pile suddenly slanted.

The rock pile changed its shape.

“Clatter, clatter.”

Something in the center seemingly broke out of the earth, and meanwhile, all the stones rolled to both sides.

Gradually, a stone, like a right arm, extended out to Yue Wuwei, on which was a box as big as a palm.

“If you had not entered the martial arts world, this treasure would be taken by your father, but now you are at the early stage of the Building Base.

Obviously, you have obtained great fortunes, so you can naturally take this stuff.” Yue Wuwei handed the box over, smiling.

After he finished speaking, Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly and grabbed the box as he stared at Yue Wuwei with a playful smile.

“Old guy, you are indeed weird.”

Because he had just mentioned the two words: Building Base!

It was clear that Yue Wuwei knew something about the mysterious world and he actually surpassed the Grand Master Early-stage.

However, by virtue of Zhang Hans current soul sense, he could not make out how powerful his strength was.

Besides that, he was not really interested in this mysterious old man.

“Look, if I dont guess wrong, you are about to reach the middle stage.

This treasure can help you break through,” Yue Wuwei said with a smile.

As Zhang Han flicked his finger, the box as big as a palm opened.

This small box was decorated with jade inside, which was loaded with a glittery liquid, like quicksilver, containing tremendous energy as powerful as the ocean.

“It is a holy object called spiritual marrow, whose quantity is almost as large as that of a hundred crystal stones.

It can support you to cultivate for a long time,” Yue Wuwei shook his head and said.

“A holy object” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Since you mentioned the Building Base, dont you know that it is a fourth-stage spirit treasure”

Yue Wuweis expression suddenly froze.

He stopped smiling and sized up Zhang Han in surprise, showing his amazement in his gaze.

“Do you think it just assists martial artists to cultivate This is the most ridiculous joke I have ever heard.”

Zhang Hans eyes narrowed.

“Do you rely on your seniority to trick me”

Yue Wuwei continued by saying, “This spiritual marrow in such a large quantity is close to a fifth-stage spirit treasure, whose most significant role is to form crystal stone mines together with spirit water.”

“And such a huge quantity is enough to nourish nearly 10,000 crystal stones, but you actually asked me to use it to cultivate directly”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and sighed.

“I thought I might encounter a connoisseur, but now I realize that you are just a dabbler.”

“” Yue Wuwei was a little startled.

“Hahaha…” He suddenly burst into laughter and said while shaking his head, “I thought that Emperor Qing was the most formidable talent in the last 40 years, but I did not think that you cut a figure.

Interesting, interesting!”

“Just get to the point.” Zhang Han put on a solemn face and said politely, “Chief Yue, please tell me the news about my parents.”

The reason why he said that was because he hated to see that he always smiled and relied on his seniority.

According to what Yue Wuwei said, he was acquainted with his father and his father gave the spiritual marrow to him.

And besides, Yue Wuwei handed it over to him.

The few things showed that he was on speaking terms with his father and he was an upright man.

Of course, he did that due to their good terms, otherwise, he would not have given him the spirit treasure, which was almost at the fifth-stage.


Yue Wuwei suddenly sighed and said, “By virtue of your current strength, you are also qualified to know something.”

After saying that, Yue Wuwei looked at the top of the mountain with a trace of playfulness flashing through his eyes.

Zhang Han waited for a few seconds.

Seeing that he was still putting on airs, he was a little speechless and responded, “What is it”


Yue Wuwei sighed again and said, “In fact, I have no idea!”


After finishing his words, he did not give Zhang Han the opportunity to open his mouth, but moved quickly toward the mountain.

Zhang Han frowned.

When he was going to catch up to him, Yue Wuwei said something important, “You are a very good boy, so I may as well tell you.

“Your parents are in the Kun Xu World, which is in turbulence.

Since its entrance is closed, no one can get in or out of it.

“So, if you want to find your parents, you have to wait for the entrance to open.

It will take half a year to a year.

Before that, youd better seriously improve your strength.

“Your parents are safe for the time being, so you dont need to worry too much.

There is no need for me to say more, for you will naturally know in the future.


With a last laugh, Yue Wuwei disappeared into the jungle.

Zhang Han also gave up pursuing him.

After thinking about what Yue Wuwei said for a while, he let out a sigh of relief.

Obviously, the Kun Xu World was a small world, which was in turmoil and whose entrance was closed.

Only after the turmoil came to an end would the entrance open again.

All this information did not matter, what was important was that his parents were safe.

This was good news.

“The small world…”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

If he possessed Innate strength, he could cast about for a way to enter the small world.

However, obviously, he failed now.

Even if he directly absorbed this spiritual marrow, he only could be promoted to the middle stage of the Building Base, which was totally futile.

“Less than one year.”

Zhang Han stopped frowning because his family could be reunited then.

By that time, his parents were bound to go into rapture once they saw their lovely granddaughter, Mengmeng.

Zhang Han chuckled at the thought of that.

This journey to Xihang had not been in vain.

He was not suspicious of what Yue Wuwei said because any person in this world who knew about the Building Base was clearly not weak.

Moreover, it meant a lot since he gave the spiritual marrow to him directly, and his following words had an obvious note of warning:

“Your parents are temporarily safe, but they are indeed getting into trouble.

You are not powerful enough now.”

“If the Thunder Yang Tree can bear Thunder Yang Wood within a year and I succeed in entering Innateness, all the problems can be solved.

“Hes truly a funny old man.”

Zhang Han finally glanced at the top of the mountain and then turned to leave.

He returned to the lobby of the old temple.

“Hey Where is our Chief” the first elder glanced around and asked with curiosity.

“He slipped away,” Zhang Han replied.

“Slipped away Alas, the Chief is going to wander the whole world again…” The second elder sighed.

“Hows the matter going” Wang Ming got close to him and asked.

“It has been handled.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Lets go back now.”

Wang Ming took the lead walking back to the car, heading straight for the restaurant that Rong Jiaxin has recommended near West Lake.

At that point, they were already sitting in a private room.

Seeing Zhang Han and Wang Ming coming back, they asked the waiter to serve the dishes.

“Hows it going Do you get any news” Zi Yan asked Zhang Han beside him with concern.

At that moment, Rong Jiaxin and the other people present also looked over.

Everyone knew the reason for this trip.

Therefore, they prayed to get good news.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han smiled and said, “Its good news that I can pick up my parents in half a year to a year.”

“Great!” Zi Yan smiled heartily.

Her heart had almost gone to her mouth just now.

“That eases my mind.” Rong Jiaxin let out a long sigh of relief and said, “We should have a nice reunion after they come back.”

After learning this piece of news, the atmosphere of the room became more active in an instant.

Mengmeng was sitting between Zhang Han and Zi Yan and looked around.

Eventually, she looked at Zhang Han and asked, “PaPa, are Grandma and Grandpa coming back soon”

“Yeah, but it will take a while.”

“Will they like Mengmeng”

“Of course, they will like Mengmeng very much.” Zhang Han held Mengmeng in his arms and kissed her with a smile.

“Will they buy snacks for Mengmeng” Mengmeng asked while blinking big clear eyes.

“They will buy you a lot of snacks.”

“So… will they take Mengmeng out to play”


After Mengmeng asked for one minute, the little gals eyes were imbued with expectation, and she said with a chuckle, “In that case, I like Grandpa and Grandma.

I will wait for them to come back and play with Mengmeng.”

Her innocent words gave rise to bursts of laughter.

While they were chatting with each other, the waiters began to serve the dishes in succession.

Because it was a fish restaurant, the dishes made with fish were the majority.

In general, fish have a lot of bones, and children at the same age as Mengmeng could learn to spit them out by themselves.

However, many parents worry if the fishbones would stick in their kids throat, and it would be really painful if they failed to swallow them or spit them out.

Should Mengmeng learn to spit the bones out herself

Zhang Han said, “No.”

Zhang Han gave Mengmeng a piece of fish, then moved his finger slightly.

At that moment, all the bones of this piece of fish broke out, which stunned everyone at the table.

Then he gave a large piece of fish to Zi Yan.

As he shook his finger again, the fishbones were removed.

“Well! Is it so convenient to eat fish”

“Brother, remove the fishbones for me.”

“Brother-in-law, I also want you to do it for me.”

“Brother-in-law, you are so awesome.

Why dont you drive all the fishbones of these fish away”

Everyone looked at Zhang Han with expectation.

Even Zi Yan and Mengmeng were staring at him.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han chuckled and shook his head.

“No, I only serve Zi Yan and Mengmeng.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned for a while, then said while waving her hand, “PaPa just does it for MaMa and me.

You dont have a chance to enjoy his service.”


Zi Yan burst out laughing.

Zhang Han seldom played such jokes at normal times.

Therefore, he was obviously in a really good mood today.


She glanced at Mengmeng and realized that possessing what others did not have sometimes also fulfilled her.

“Hmph! Ill serve myself.”

Zhang Li snorted and continued to eat.

In the meantime…

In the martial arts world of Xihang, a piece of breaking news spread quickly like a hurricane.

At nine oclock the next morning…

The Wang family and the Mystical Fog Sect were going to fight with their formations to win access to Mount Cyan Fog.

After learning of piece of news, everyone in the martial arts world went crazy.

The news was like a boulder that was thrown into calm water, making ripples.

Various arguments were heard from all over Xihang.

“The Wang family The Mystical Fog Sect Are you kidding Does the Wang family court death”

“Its like an egg hitting a stone.

Even 10 Wang families are not a patch on the Mystical Fog Sect, let alone one.”

“They truly court death.

Decadent as the Wang family is, how dare they fight against the Mystical Fog Sect!”


Most of the people who made such remarks were young cultivators, while the martial artists of the older generation made their own remarks.

“The hostility of the Wang family toward Chief Xiang, Xiang Qitian, passed down from the former older master.

I afraid that their resentment will end with the defeat of the Wang family.”

“Thats right.

The Wang family is not the grand family that it used to be.

I think it will become a common family within two generations.”

“Mount Cyan Fog the place for the Wang family to offer sacrifices to ancestors, therefore, the Mystical Fog Sect owes the Wang family nothing because they give them a chance to compete.”


The evaluation of the older generation made many people find out that the Wang family and the Mystical Fog Sect were derived from the same sect in the early years, and had a grudge against each other for centuries.

However, then an insider said, “The cause of this dispute is mainly because of Shi Kuns hostility.

Somehow, Shi Kun and Wang Zhanpeng hate each other.

I heard that Shi Tianlei, a disciple of the Shi family, was killed in the Wang family.

According to Shi Kuns temperament, he will not give in to the Wang family.”

“I know the details.

Shi Tianlei was not killed by a disciple of the Wang family, but by a foreign Wu Dao Grand Master.

Shi Tianlei was so arrogant since he returned to the Shi family, so he must have had a conflict with the master.

As Grand Masters cannot be insulted, his death is reasonable.”

“Another powerful man came here But it is a pity that they will fight with formations tomorrow rather than the strength of martial arts.” .

“It seems that there will be an amazing fierce battle tomorrow.

Moreover, it is rumored that Shi Kuns formation is quite fierce, so I wonder if Wang Zhanpeng can fend it off.”



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