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“Its good that you can taste the dishes made by Zhang Han this time,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

Zi Yan was also very happy that Rong Jiaxin would go with them because she sincerely wanted to have more contact with her.

Rong Jiaxin and Wang Ming were good-tempered.

Besides, she would need to see her father-in-law and mother-in-law in the future.

Zi Yan was a little nervous about that.


Just then, Wang Ming walked in from the door and looked at Zhang Han inexplicably.

He was shocked by Zhang Hans power.

He couldnt understand how a man under 30 could be so strong.

“Did he begin to practice when he was in his mothers womb

“Mm, maybe hes just a talent.”

He shook his head slowly and drove those thoughts out of his mind.

Then, he looked at Rong Jiaxin and asked with a smile, “Shall we go with Han”

“Mm, lets go together.

Remember to arrange the plane tickets.” Rong Jiaxin nodded.

“Han, Yan, well have to trouble you this time,” Wang Ming said with a smile.

“No trouble,” Mengmeng interrupted and said seriously, “MaMa just said it.



Everyone couldnt help laughing.

“I just talked with the three old masters.

They dont want to live under the entanglement of the old generations grudges and also have the idea of moving to Hong Kong.

They asked us to go there first to see if there is a suitable place for us.

After all, an inch of land has the value of an inch of gold in Hong Kong.

The Wang family isnt that rich.

After what happened to the worshiping place, a sacrifice hall will also be needed there.

So, well have to move forward step by step.

Han, we…” Wang Ming curled up his lips and didnt go on.

Although they wanted to move there, they also had the idea of relying on Zhang Han, naturally for the reason that they hoped their family could thrive.

After they talked about the battle earlier, Wang Zhanpeng gave his own evaluation.

“Hans ability is extraordinary.

He may have reached the level of the ancestor of sacred ancient sects.”

After hearing that, all the people in the Wang family gasped in astonishment.

The ancestor of sacred ancient sects blasted the mountains and set up various sects, whose power was well-known throughout the world.

Moreover, many years of grudges and disputes had made them a little tired.

So, a lot of family members were tempted by the idea when someone brought it up.

In consideration of many aspects, including the concern about the familys prosperity, the old masters of the Wang family ordered Wang Ming and his family to go there first to see if there were any suitable land and enterprises for them.

They didnt know that fate had brought a strong support for them.

Although Wang Ming didnt finish his words, Zhang Han understood what he meant.

He chuckled and nodded while saying, “Of course youre welcome.

Im very willing to help if theres any problem.”


Wang Ming suddenly felt his good days were coming, so he watched Zhang Han like he was a rare treasure and grinned.

Zhang Li, Zhou Fei, and Zi Yan felt a bit awkward.

Looking at his smile, they couldnt help but think of one word: gay.

“Hey, Dad, why are you smirking” Wang Ya felt embarrassed and quickly reminded him.

“Ahem, ahem.” Wang Ming realized it.

He smiled embarrassedly and said, “Well, Jiaxin, Ya, go to pack your luggage.

Its already noon.

Were leaving after a short break after the meal and well stay there for a long while this time.

We probably wont return to Xihang.”


Rong Jiaxin and Wang Ya nodded and then went back to the room to pack up their luggage.

Wang Ming laughed.

Because Rong Jiaxin was there, he naturally wouldnt need to pack up his luggage.

Then, he stepped forward to Zhang Han and asked, “Han, well, did you see the formation I made today”

“Yeah, I saw it.” Zhang Han nodded.

“What do you think” Wang Ming looked at him with expectation, as if he were waiting for his praise.


The reality wasnt as good as he thought.

“It was quite bad,” Zhang Han said bluntly, “There were at least 30 flaws, let alone other small mistakes.

Besides, even if your formation was complete, it wouldnt be very powerful.”

Wang Ming was frozen right away because that was a heavy blow for him.

Zi Yan felt it very funny and held back her laughter.

Then, she glanced at Zhang Han and coughed to remind him.

“Dont make him lose face!”

“Uh…” Zhang Han thought about it and decided to say something nice.

So, he said, “Of course, its not totally useless.

Your formation can scare some ordinary people.

You can also use it to catch wild chickens or wild ducks.”

“To catch… wild chickens” Wang Mings eyes widened.

“Oh my.”

Zhang Li burst into laughter and said, “Uncle, dont be discouraged.

Although its not perfect, its still amazing in our eyes.”

“All right.”

Wang Ming shook his head helplessly.

Before Zhang Han arrived here, he was the most outstanding master of formations among the young generation of the Wang family.

He was also a bit self-satisfied, but at that moment, his ability was totally denied.

However, he did not care about that because he had a strong interest in formations anyways.

After a bitter smile, he looked at Zhang Han and asked in a low voice, “Well, Han, was that the real Four Symbols Formation when you were fighting Xiang Qitian”

“It was just a part of it.

The jade you brought was not enough and the quality was a bit bad,” Zhang Han replied simply.

“Just a part How powerful will the full version of the formation be” Wang Mings eyes lit up.

“What do you think” Zhang Han did not answer, but asked him.

“Well…” Wang Ming rolled his eyes.

He felt it would be extremely powerful.

Just when he was about to ask, Zhang Han continued speaking.

“Uncle, you still dont know the superficial knowledge of it.

Ill teach you some when were in Hong Kong.”

“Ah Good.

Thats great.


Wang Ming smiled from ear to ear.

The Wang familys moving to Hong Kong was also what Zhang Han wanted.

As his understanding of the martial arts world deepened, he knew that Wu Dao Grand Masters were the backbone.

With Wang Zhanpeng and his men, it would be safer.

Although he himself was more than enough, Zhang Han couldnt allow any accidents to happen.

Then, Wang Ming stayed there to accompany him.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Li went back to their rooms to pack up the luggage.

After they finished, they put it in one corner of the hall.

When they were there, Rong Jiaxin and Wang Ya also went in with their suitcases.

They didnt take much luggage, each one only had a large suitcase.

At one oclock, everyone went to have lunch.

When they were eating, many young disciples of the Wang family looked at Zhang Han with great adoration.

Zhang Han had become their idol in their hearts.

After they finished the meal and took a break, the three old masters of the Wang family went to Rong Jiaxins house personally to see them off.


Wang Zhanpeng went forward and opened the football-sized wooden box in his hand.

It could be seen that a flag was lying inside quietly.

It was as large as a palm, but the flagpole was emerald green and the flag was cyan.

Various patterns could be faintly seen, and if one looked at it carefully, he could find condensed mountains and rivers there.

“This is the Mountains and Rivers Flag.

Han, given your achievements in formations, itll be more useful in your hands.

So, today Ill…”

It could be said that Zhang Han was the Wang familys savior.

In addition to the mysterious formation he displayed, Wang Zhanpeng came up with that idea.

Even if it was not for his own use, he would be very pleased to see the Mountains and Rivers Flags great power in the future.

But before he finished his words, Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Keep the flag for yourself.

I dont need it.”

“Well, the Mountains and Rivers Flag is a holy treasure after all.

With it, your strength will definitely be improved a lot.” Wang Zhanpeng was stunned.

He didnt know what Zhang Han was thinking.

“This is a holy treasure.

Im a bit reluctant to give it away.”

Even Wang Zhanzong and Wang Zhanhong did not get it.

“Han, just accept it.

We also hope that the Mountains and Rivers Flag can exert its greatest ability.

Obviously youre the most suitable person,” Wang Zhanzong said with a smile.

He thought that Zhang Han was too shy to accept it.

Wang Ming and the others also looked at Zhang Han at the same time.

Although they didnt know much about it, they thought it was obviously a good thing because it was regarded as a holy treasure.

Zhang Han found them very interesting.

He shook his head with a smile and said, “This thing is of no use to me, but it will be useful to you.

Keep it.”

What he was the most proficient at was not formations, while Wang Zhanpeng and the others were specialized in that field.

“No use” Wang Zhanpeng was stunned.

He said, “But its a holy treasure!”

“Its nothing to me.

I have my sacred treasure,” Zhang Han responded.

According to that definition, the Thunder Yang Tree would be a sacred treasure, the spiritual marrow would be a holy treasure, and the Yuan Qing Tree would be a Heaven-stage treasure.

Zhang Han had numerous spiritual treasures, so it was clear to him what kind of thing was useful to him.

To put it more plainly, the Mountains and Rivers Flag was not to his liking.

If they put the second-order treasure obsidian crystal and the fourth-order treasure Mountains and Rivers Flag together, Zhang Han would still choose the obsidian crystal without hesitation.

To make a formation most powerful it had to be set up in advance.

The more mysterious the formation was, the greater effort and the more things it would require.

If the formation was contained in the Mountains and Rivers Flag, at least half of the energy would be lost.

Wang Zhanpeng and the others didnt know about that.

But after hearing his words, they were struck dumb with astonishment.

“Sacred treasure”

“My God.

Han, you really have a scared treasure”

“This… this is incredible! “Having a sacred treasure is equivalent to having a whole sect!”

All of them had heard that many big sects became prosperous because they had sacred treasures.

That information really shocked them.

So, Wang Zhanpeng directly put the Mountains and Rivers Flag away.

“Hes already got a sacred treasure.

So forget about this.”

After they chatted for a while, Zhang Han and his men got in the cars and went to the airport.

Wang Zhanpeng and the others escorted them to the gate of the house.

Watching the back of the car team, he shook his head and sighed.

“Hes really a talent of this generation.

Im afraid that Emperor Qing would be no match for him.”

“The Zhang family has a strong backing…” Wang Zhanhong expressed his feelings.

“What a pity.

The Zhang family has a narrow vision.” Wang Zhanzong said slowly, “I feel that given Hans temperament, he may not admit to being a member of the Zhang family.

“Thats because the new leader of the Zhang family focuses more on business.

In the power center, Shang Jing, they have gradually reduced their attention to the martial arts world.

This is also a drawback of big families.

One cant be anxious to achieve quick success and get instant benefits.

However, Zhang Guangyou is a hero.

With Han there, their generation will surely prosper.”

Wang Zhanpeng sighed again.

He was a little disappointed.

He also hoped that there would be a talent in the Wang family, but he was afraid that hed see no one in his family as powerful as Zhang Han throughout his life.

The plane would take off at 3 p.m.

and arrive in Hong Kong at 5:30 p.m.

It would only take two-odd hours, which would be rather fast.

Before boarding the plane, Zhao Feng informed Xu Yong, who was in the restaurant.

He told him that theyd arrive at the restaurant at about six oclock and explained the other things.

Xu Yong replied that Wang Long would prepare a hearty dinner at six oclock.

After arranging things properly, he boarded the plane.

Mengmeng didnt fall asleep.

She looked out of the window and occasionally said in her cute voice, “PaPa, look, do you think that cloud is like Little Heihei

“There are so many clouds.

I cant count them all.”


Over two hours passed quickly.

When they arrived in their own land, Zhao Feng and the others felt relaxed a lot.

“Were finally here.

Well have a good time here this time.”

Wang Ya stretched herself and smiled.

Rong Jiaxin was gratified and smiled after seeing that, thinking that her daughter was about to get over the failed marriage.

Seeing that everyone went out of the parking lot, Wang Ming asked, “How will we go back”

But later, when he walked around the corner and saw the scene in front of him, his mouth trembled slightly.

He felt that he had asked a stupid question.

Because he saw a line of nearly 20 cars parked on the road in front of him.

An extended limited-edition Rolls-Royce Phantom was very eye-catching, followed by two ordinary Phantoms, and the rest were all Mercedes Benz.

It was a luxury motorcade, but it didnt shock Wang Ming.

What surprised him was that near the driving seat of each car stood a man in a suit with white gloves.

He looked at them carefully and was shocked.

“Oh gosh, theyre all martial artists!”.


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