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Chapter 427 In the Style of Our Boss

“So what”

“My master is a cultivator!”

At the same time, Zhao Feng was more convinced that if his master heard the news and learned that the other side was Li Zhan, the third master on the list, he would not have any mood swings.

Besides, the other side was just Li Kun, a good-for-nothing young man.

While Zhao Feng was going upstairs, in room 001, on the fifth floor of the club…

Li Kun checked the time, looked at Zi Shiya contemptuously, and said, “Three minutes left.”

Zi Shiya was very angry, yet she didnt say anything.

After all, she was at a disadvantage so she couldnt offend Li Kun anymore.

Zi Shiya, who had grown up in a large family, remained calm.

Liu Shasha and Yuwei behind her were already shivering in fear.

Obviously, they had grown up in a happy family and never come across such an experience.

On the other side, Yunlei and his roommates were relieved.

Running naked was a more acceptable punishment than breaking their legs.

However, Bai Ming felt more desperate.

He was famous amongst this generation, so if he ran naked, the news would spread the next day, making him a laughing stock for a long time.

But what if he didnt want to

Li Kun actually despised the Bai family.

After all, Li Kun was the legitimate son of Hong Kongs top aristocratic family, which was like a mountain pressing on Bai Mings head, suffocating him.

“The girl of the Zi family is pretty good-looking.” Suddenly, a middle-aged man with stubble began to scan Zi Shiyas body in an obscene way.

“Ha ha ha…” Li Kun said with a grin, “Director Hu, I must help you.”

Then, he looked at Zi Shiya, clapped his hands and said, “The punishment seems to be a little light.

Let me change the rules of the game.

Listen, the first choice is to break one leg and run naked.

The second choice is to spend the night with Director Hu, in which case, Ill let your friends go.

How about that Would you like to sacrifice yourselves for your friends Well, in less than three minutes, it will be up to you ten to vote.

Now, think about it.”

Li Kuns followers and friends all burst out laughing.

Yunlei and his roommate exchanged a look and began to think about the suggestion.

“You are shameless! As the son of a big family, how can you do this” Zi Shiya, who could not bear this insult, said angrily.

Her words soon made the laughter around her subside.

Even Miao Jiang was a little worried.

He was afraid the girl who dared to scold Li Kun would be punished more severely.

“You want to reason with me as my toys” Li Kun sneered.

While staring at Zi Shiya, he slowly stood up and walked over to her step by step.

Obviously, Li Kun wanted to do something.

Although Zi Shiya didnt know what it was, she knew that she was going to be in trouble.

Trembling, she took two steps back and saw two men in black vests coming towards her from behind.

She was in a desperate situation.

This made Zi Shiya a little flustered!

If Li Kun wanted to do something, how could she stop it

Li Kun approached her.

He was getting closer.

Li Kun had covered half the distance and would touch Zi Shiya if he moved three meters.

He even began smiling meaningfully.

“What can I do”

Zi Shiyas face turned pale.

She was desperate.


Suddenly, with a muffled sound, the door of the room was kicked open.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyone looked over and fixed their eyes on the door.

Zi Shiya saw Zhao Feng walk in first, followed by two men of similar age.

One of them looked a little fierce, and the other looked indifferent.

Li Kun stopped, his face darkening as he frowned unhappily.

Two serious men in their twenties, who were standing not far behind him, appeared beside Li Kun to protect him.

Under the gaze of everyone in the room, Zhao Feng took the initiative to approach Li Kun and scanned the other people.

His expression was frightening.

He walked to Zi Shiyas side, patted her on the back, and said softly, “Im here.

Dont worry.”

His words almost moved Zi Shiya to tears.

She was under too much mental pressure and felt very aggrieved.

Now that Zhao Feng had come to protect her, she began showing real emotions.

She looked like a wronged girl who had been bullied.

This made Zhao Fengs face even gloomier.

He turned to look at Li Kun and said coldly, “Whats the matter”

“They bullied us,” Zi Shiya said in a trembling voice.


The fat middle-aged man on the sofa stood up and said in a loud voice, “Are you Zhao Feng”

He hissed!

All of a sudden…

The atmosphere in the room was tense, and even the temperature seemed to drop sharply.

All the men sitting on the sofa stood up involuntarily, looking panicked.

They all knew that Zhao Feng… was that mans disciple!

Fierce Zhang!


They hadnt expected that this would involve two forces.

“Its too bad.”

Both of them could shake Hong Kong by stamping their feet.

If they fought today, they might cause a storm!

When they stood up, so did their followers, including Miao Jiang.

Unaware of what was happening, they were all in a daze.

Although he knew that Zhao Feng was a powerful man living on the south island, Miao Jiang couldnt understand the fear of the big men in the room.


While looking at Zhao Feng with interest, Li Kun grinned and said, “Are you her helper Interesting.

Yes, you can compete with me.

Its okay.”

Li Kun clapped his hands.

His words relieved Yunlei and his friends, and their attitude towards Zi Shiya immediately changed.

It turned out that she was a big shot!

Bai Ming was looking at Zi Shiya with joy and surprise.

He hadnt expected that Zi Shiya would find someone to compete with Mr.

Li Jr!

Although he hadnt heard of Zhao Feng, he knew that any man who dared to challenge Mr.

Li Jr had to be very powerful!

The three girls, including Zi Shiya, also breathed a sigh of relief.

They were curious about the statues of the driver and the housekeeper, who seemed to be more amazing than they had expected.

Li Kun clapped twice and then added, “Mr.

Zhang, who has appeared suddenly, has been very active recently and has become a celebrity in Hong Kong.

Since he upset you all, he must have considerable strength.”

Li Kuns words were full of contempt for Zhang Han.

In his opinion, there was a large gap between the 3rd place and the 17th place on the martial artists list.

“If he had come here in person today, I might have apologized.

You, Zhao Feng, are much worse than your master.

However, Im nice enough so I have decided to forgive you all.

If you guys drink up a bottle of wine and apologize to me, I will let you go.”

Then, Li Kun looked at Zhao Feng calmly.

His words made the atmosphere in the room become chilly again.

Everyone else realized that Mr.

Li Jr had chosen to provoke Zhao Feng!

It was audacious of him!

How dare he ask Fierce Zhangs disciple to drink wine and apologize to him!

Several influential men standing at the back dared not speak, even though they admired Li Kun very much.

“What an amazing family!”

“How amazing Li Kun is!”

Even Yunlei and his friends began to worry again.

After all, the other side seemed to look down on their helper!

At that moment…

They suddenly heard a cold voice.

“So, are you challenging me” Zhao Fengs eyes narrowed slightly.

“Hmm” Li Kun frowned.

Upon seeing Zhao Fengs expression, Ah Hu smiled ferociously.

He knew Zhao Feng very well.

Whenever Zhao Feng used such an expression and tone…

It meant he was going to have a fight!

Li Kun was a little upset.

Just as he was about to scold Zhao Feng…

“Fu*k you!” Ah Hu roared and began waving his hands.

The two men standing beside Li Kun were just about to resist, but they realized that their speed was less than half of the strangers speed!

They couldnt resist the attack!

This was terrible!

Their hearts were thumping wildly.



A loud, clear sound came from Li Kuns face.

He was hit and sent flying into the air before he landed on the tea table one meter away from the left, smashing it to pieces.

Li Kun was stunned as he lay in the broken glass, coughing constantly.

His left cheek was bloody.

Li Kuns two Peak-Strength subordinates were staring at An Hu in horror, as if facing a terrifying enemy.

They wanted to step back, but Xu Yong didnt give them the chance!


Xu Yongs body moved, and his right foot shot up.

In two seconds, he kicked eight times.

The two men, who were kicked up in the air, landed five meters away.

They were unconscious.


By now, the entire room was silent.

It was quiet enough that one could hear a pin drop.

Everyone in the room widened their eyes!

These two forces were really fighting!

They couldnt believe their eyes.

Li Kun, who showed off everywhere, was beaten like a dead dog!

“Its so terrifying!”

“Are Fierce Zhangs men so domineering”

In an instant, all the men on Li Kuns side turned pale.

Some of them could not help shivering.

They had regarded Zi Shiya and her friends as lambs to be slaughtered, but now they had become the lambs.

This change had only happened due to the arrival of the three men.

Miao Jiangs mind went blank.

He was so afraid because he was the culprit.

If these two powerful forces started to investigate who was responsible, he would definitely be punished severely.

Bai Ming was also confused now.

“How can Zi Shiya find such cruel helpers”

“If he dares to fight Li Kun like this, what kind of giant is standing behind him”

A second thought incurred profound fear.

“Otherwise, how could he be so brave and confident”

“If he dares to do it, he must have strong support!”

Even Zi Shiya, Liu Shasha and Yuwei looked at Zhao Feng in a daze.

Zi Shiya was confused.

“Isnt he my brother-in-laws housekeeper How dare he hit the son of the Li family”

“Is my brother-in-law particularly influential”



“My sister is dazzling and excellent, so the man she married must be amazing!”

For a while, Zi Shiya began to imagine aimlessly.

“You… How dare you hit me…” Li Kun, who was lying on the broken tea table, opened his eyes incredulously and spoke in a weak voice.

“Oh,” Zhao Feng said with a smile, “You should be glad that my boss is not here today.”

His words made the people on the sofa tremble.

They felt cold all over.

If that fierce man came, Li Kun would be killed.

They had all heard of Zhang Hans deeds.

In their opinion, Zhang Han was more terrible than Li Zhan.

He wouldnt reason with anyone at all.

He acted as he pleased and killed people if he wanted to!

This made many members of Hong Kongs upper class prefer to offend the whole Hong Kong rather than Fierce Zhang.

This was because he was too cruel.

On his way to fame, anyone who had offended him, except the crippled Scorpion, had died.

However, they didnt know that Scorpion had survived just because he had been lucky.

As his strength improved, the masters temper was getting worse and worse.

Upon hearing Zhao Fengs words, Li Kun tried to moved his lips.

However, at last, he fainted happily without saying anything.

Zhao Feng shook his head slightly when he saw this.

Then, he looked at Zi Shiya and asked with a smile, “Who else bullied you”

“I…” Zi Shiya was so confused that she couldnt remember anything for a while.

“Thats it.

Lets go.” Zhao Feng smiled, touched Zi Shiyas head, and walked out first.

Bai Ming, Yunlei and their friends followed out uneasily.

At least, they were saved!

Everyone behind them was relieved.

Especially the chubby man who had joked that Zi Shiya had a sense of survival.

Fortunately, Zi Shiya hadnt punished him.

However, all of them suddenly turned pale.

Zhao Feng stopped at the door and ordered without looking back, “Deal with the rest of them the way our boss would.”

“Okay,” Ah Hu and Xu Yong replied.

Everyone, including Bai Ming and his friends, was stunned.

“Boss way”

“What way is that”

Suddenly, many of them thought of what had happened at the Dragon Triumph Club.


They understood and quickly panicked.

“Catch them all in one draft!”

“Brother Feng, Brother Feng, dont do this.

Listen to me…”

“Brother Feng, dont get excited.

I am…”



Zhao Feng didnt look back or listen to anyones explanations.

He walked out of the room first.

Just as the door was about to close…

Bai Ming and Yunlei heard screams clearly.

They knew what the screams meant.

They suddenly felt their backs become freezing cold.

“How fierce are they”

Upon looking at the calm expression of Zhao Feng, who had gone out first, they realized that…

He was a really powerful man!


Yunlei was afraid again.

After secretly taking a look at Liu Shasha, who was expressionless, he hesitated for a while.

Then, he finally moved to the farthest position away from the girl.

When they reached the elevator, Zhao Feng pressed the button.

As they were waiting for the elevator, Xu Yong and Ah Hu walked over.

After entering the elevator, Zhao Feng looked at Zi Shiya beside him and asked, “How did you get involved with them”

“I, I dont know.” Zi Shiya replied before turning to look at Liu Shasha.

Liu Shasha said unhappily, “It is because…”

Yunleis heart jumped to his mouth.

He felt like he was choking and was about to suffocate.

“Well, lets go back and talk.” Liu Shasha looked at Yunlei in disappointment and then turned around and ignored him.

Zhao Feng glanced at Yunlei and Liu Shasha and guessed something.

However, he said nothing.

After they went downstairs and walked out of the club, Bai Ming and the others stood on one side and watched Zhao Feng get in an extended Rolls Royce phantom and drive away first.

“They, they are amazing,” the third brother in Yunleis dormitory said with lingering fear, “I didnt expect Zi Shiya to be so powerful.

If it wasnt for her, we would be miserable now.”

“It was terrifying.” While looking at the back of the car, Bai Ming could only think of this word to describe the situation.

Yunlei, who felt relieved, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

“Wed better behave ourselves.

Now that Mr.

Li Jr was beaten, if they get even, we will be the scapegoats.” Bai Ming sighed as he spoke desperately and turned away.

Meanwhile, in the Rolls Royce phantom…

Zi Shiya and her friends were thinking in silence.

Zhao Feng was driving with a calm face, as if nothing had happened just now.

Ah Hu was sitting in the front passenger seat, looking out of the window, his fingers moving constantly.

Obviously, he was happy that he had more strength.

While sitting beside Zi Shiya in the back seat, Xu Yong sensed the dreary atmosphere and said with a smile, “What happened to all of you Dont frown.

Its okay, dont worry.”

Zi Shiya looked up at him and said, “Is it really okay They are from the Li family.

Ive gotten my sister in trouble.”

“Ha ha ha…” Ah Hu laughed, turned his head and said, “You call this trouble Little girl, you dont know how powerful your brother-in-law is.

He can handle everything.

Otherwise, we wouldnt have done this.

Rest assured.”

“Really” Zi Shiyas eyes widened in delight.

“Could we lie to you” said Xu Yong with a smile.

“Is my brother-in-law so powerful Hes not even afraid of the Li family” Zi Shiya asked excitedly.

“Although the Li family is powerful, they are still far behind our boss.

Apart from Elder Li, our boss doesnt take any other member of the Li family seriously.

We dont have to worry about anything from now on.

Just leave it all to the boss,” said Xu Yong.

“Really Is he so amazing” Zi Shiyas eyes lit up.

“How powerful is a man who can compete with Elder Li”

“No wonder he dared to go to the Zi family to propose marriage.

If he is so powerful, he will surely succeed!”

“Whats the relationship between you and my brother-in-law” Zi Shiya asked curiously.

Their conversation attracted the attention of Yuwei and Liu Shasha.

“We are his subordinates.

Brother Feng is his first disciple.

Alas, we envy him so much.

We are not qualified to be the boss disciples,” Ah Hu said, grinning.

“We are all serving in the Mengmeng Security Group, but Brother Feng is our eldest brother and leader.” Xu Yong nodded.

“Dont use terms of the underworld.

Theres no eldest brother.” Zhao Feng laughed and corrected Xu Yong.

“We are all brothers serving the only boss, as well as his wife and Mengmeng.

In fact, our main task is to protect his wife and Mengmeng.

The boss doesnt need our protection.

Hes actually our backup, you know.”

“Wow!” Zi Shiya grinned in an exaggerated way.

The gloomy expression on her face had been replaced by a smile.

She suddenly began to admire her brother-in-law.

“My sister is so excellent, so her husband must be very powerful,” Zi Shiya said.

“Ha ha ha… You are right about that.” The three men burst out laughing.

The conversation made the atmosphere in the car lively.

“Then why did your boss open a small restaurant” Yuwei asked curiously.

She wondered why a great master would like to run such a small restaurant.

“The boss can do whatever he wants.

Originally, he opened the restaurant just for the convenience of cooking for Mengmeng.

He is an excellent man who loves his family.

We all admire him very much.” Xu Yong thought about it as he spoke.

Their boss was a man who could sacrifice everything for love.

They felt very lucky to work for such a man.

“Although the restaurant is small, the boss company is larger.

You can see it later,” Ah Hu said casually.

They only had one car, so when they passed the company, he would get off with Xu Yong and give the girls a chance to appreciate it.

“Then Ill wait and see,” Zi Shiya said with a smile.

She was filled with happiness.

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