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Chapter 429 Everything Was Ready

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded softly and stretched out the little finger of his right hand, letting Mengmeng grasp it with her small hand.

The father and daughter followed Wu Chengdong to the side.

Zhao Feng followed them, habitually staying alert and looking left and right.

They entered the building from the side entrance.

On the way, many employees greeted Wu Chengdong respectfully.

“Hello, President Wang.”

At the same time, they felt surprised.

“Who is the person next to Mr.

Wu Its amazing that Mr.

Wu, who is limping, went downstairs to meet them!”

Wu Chengdong nodded at them and continued to give information about the conference to Zhang Han.

“The release of Mrs.

Zhangs album is held in the side show hall according to the highest specifications.

The whole process will take about an hour.

I have arranged a VIP room for you nearby.”

Wu Chengdong led them into a corridor while talking.

There was a room on the left side of the hall that was only a dozen square meters.

It was like a part of a large room.

The stage was right in front of the small room, so the guests would be facing the whole stage clearly when sitting on the sofa.

When they sat down on the sofa, Mengmeng looked up and asked, “Where is Mama When will she come out”

“Shell be out soon.” Zhang Han smiled and touched Mengmengs head.

“The press conference will start at 10 oclock.

Now its 9:50.

There are ten minutes left,” Wu Chengdong said, sitting aside.

“Will it be that long” Mengmeng looked at her fingers as she mumbled.

“Er…” Wu Chengdong looked at Zhang Han and said hesitantly, “Shall I tell them to start now”

Rules, for some people, were meant to be broken.

“No, lets wait for them.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly, took Mengmeng into his arms, held her small hand gently, and said with a faint smile, “Do you know what touch touch fly is”

“Whats touch touch fly” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Thats it.

Look, stretch out your index finger and…” Zhang Han gently straightened the little girls index finger and let the fingers touch each other.

“Touch, touch… fly.”

When he said the word “fly”, he separated the two fingers from each other.

Zhang Han didnt know what the meaning of this was.

It was like a little game meant to amuse children.

When he had been a child, he had also been carried in the arms of his parents and played that game with them.

He vaguely remembered that he had been about two years old at the time.

He still remembered his father cutting his fingernails, which he hadnt liked.

However, after his father had cut one of his fingernails, he would put it in the palm of his hand and blow it gently.

The nail would fly away…

Zhang Han held Mengmengs hands and played touch touch fly once.

“Huh” Mengmeng looked up.

She was a little confused as she said, “What does this mean”

“Its just a little game.” Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng as he answered.

“Hum,” Mengmeng mumbled, “Its not fun, Papa.

Its just for children.”

“Er…” Zhang Han didnt know what to say.

Wu Chengdong, who was sitting next to them, was very interested and envious of the father and daughter.

Based on Zhang Hans present behavior, he couldnt see the characteristics of the master at all.

If he hadnt seen it with his own eyes, he wouldnt have been able to imagine that Zhang Han was hiding a frightening side under such a peaceful appearance.

Soon, it was ten oclock.

The large screen at the back of the stage showed a picture of the cover of the album.

On the cover, Zi Yan, who was wearing a princess crystal skirt, looked like a fairy with long hair floating in the wind.

She was standing in a bamboo forest, surrounded by white fog.

The name of the album was Forever.

Anyone who saw this cover thought of only a single word: aestheticism.

Amid the melodious music, Meiqi limped onto the stage with a warm smile on her face.

As the music played, there were cheers under the stage.

When the music stopped, she said, “Distinguished guests, media representatives and fans, welcome to the new album release of popular goddess Zi Yan, an event held by the Royal Entertainment Company! Welcome!”

There were cheers again, especially from many fans who had come.

They cheered in waves, one after another.

“Todays conference is being broadcast live through Cool Music, so the whole world can pay attention to Zi Yan.

The music queen is returning through the Internet!”

“I guess youve all listened to the six songs that Zi Yan has recently released, which, in just three days, have reached the top of all the major music charts.

Today, four new songs… Oh no, five new songs, will be released.

Youve been waiting for them for a long time, havent you I think the best opening today would be for Zi Yan to sing a new song.

What do you think”

“Good!” There were bursts of applause under the stage.

“Okay, then lets welcome Zi Yan, who will sing her new song Love You!”

Meiqi smiled and applauded, welcoming Zi Yan to the stage.

Zi Yan, who was wearing a short skirt, took the microphone and slowly stepped onto the stage from the side.

All of a sudden, silence prevailed.

Only the sound of pressed shutters could be heard in the hall.

Soon, the accompaniment was heard and the MV began to play on the large screen at the back of the stage.

Many reporters noticed that it was clearly noted below the title that Zi Yan had written the lyrics and Hanyang had composed the song.

Then, the simple line-drawing-style MV began to play, telling a series of love stories between a man and a woman.

This kind of design was very special.

However, the audiences attention was more focused on Zi Yans singing.

“I close my eyes and breathe next to your heart; Only the two of us are on Earth at the moment; Your smiling lips have captured my heart…”

“Wow, Mama has come out.

Mama sings really well…” Mengmeng waved her little arms in Zhang Hans arms and cheered.

Zhang Han also smiled and looked at Zi Yan with soft eyes.

Meanwhile, the hundreds of spectators were quiet as they were enjoying the sweet song.

At the end of the song, Zi Yan sang, “Just love you, love you, love you… Beautiful love, I want to be close to you… because of you.”

While singing “because of you”, Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and made a heart-shaped gesture with her fair, tender hands.

They looked at each other for a few seconds, and then Zhang Han replied with a heart-shaped gesture.

He knew that this song had been specially written for him by Zi Yan.

When the song was over, there was thunderous applause.

Meiqi stepped onto the stage from the side and said with a smile, “Thank you, Zi Yan.

Now, does Zi Yan have anything to say to the audience”

Zi Yan nodded gently, held the microphone and looked at the crowd around the stage, feeling really excited.

“Im Zi Yan.

I havent seen you in a long time.

Thank you.”

There was another round of applause.

After chatting with Zi Yan for five minutes, Zhou Fei switched to the main topic.

She pointed to the album cover shown in the back and said, “This is Zi Yans new album, Forever, and this is the main visual cover of the album.

If you want to see the specific look of the album, please support the original album.

The album will be on the shelves on October 19 nationwide…”

After more than 10 minutes of interaction, Zi Yan sang The Most Beautiful Expectation at the strong request of her fans, and then accepted questions from the media.

Many reporters raised their hands, all of them silently thinking…

“How can I ask some penetrating questions in a gentle way”

Before coming, they had been warned by their superiors not to cause trouble.

Finally, a female journalist with a ponytail was picked.

She stood up, took the microphone, and asked, “I just noticed that your song Love You was written by you and composed by Hanyang.

We all know that Hanyang is a great songwriter, but his last work was ten songs written for you.

He has not written songs for anyone else ever since.

Now, he composed the song Love You for you.

Zi Yan, I wonder what your relationship with Hanyang is”

Upon hearing this, Zi Yan tilted her head slightly and blinked her beautiful big eyes.

She looked in Zhang Hans direction, and then looked at the female reporter who had asked the question.

Her eyes seemed to smile as she replied in a slightly mischievous tone, “How about you take a guess”

The female journalist was confused.

“How can I guess…”

“Can you give me a little more information” the female reporter hastily added.

“Sure.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “I see him every day.”

Thanks to the live broadcast, many entertainment companies and artists were paying attention to Zi Yans answer.

When they heard this, they were shocked.

There was only one thought in their minds.

“A person in a favorable position gains special advantages! Why cant I meet Hanyang every day”

Then, most of the questions were answered by Zhou Fei, including whether Zi Yan wanted to terminate the contract with Royal Entertainment Company, whether she would set up her own company, and whether she had any other plans.

After the questioning process, Zi Yan sang another song and interacted with the audience for more than 10 minutes.

The release of the album came to an end at almost eleven oclock.

After the reporters and the visitors left, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei got in the Maybach, while Zhang Han and Mengmeng sat in the back of the Rolls Royce phantom.

The two cars left slowly.

“Sister Yan, this is the data we just got.

More than 8 million people watched the live broadcast today.

Given how much attention you attracted, your album is sure to sell well,” Zhou Fei said excitedly while driving.

Zi Yan smiled but didnt say anything.

After all, she had already predicted this.

Sometimes, even a classic song could create a star, let alone a whole album full of high-quality songs.

After returning to the restaurant, Zi Yan went to the bedroom to change clothes while Zhang Han, who was sitting on the sofa, got up and followed her.

After a while, Zi Yan came out, her lips looking red and swollen.

Zhang Han went to the first floor to cook with a smile.

Before cooking, he opened the Safety-Force Center app and exchanged his remaining points for many spiritual herbs.

After eating, he took the spiritual herbs to the restaurant and went to the Mount New Moon.

Zhang Han approached the five-element furnace again and controlled the Fire Stone to make a furnace of elixirs.

At four oclock in the afternoon, three pills were shaped and put into a transparent glass bottle in Zhang Hans pocket.

At nine oclock that night…

Zhao Feng told Zhang Han a series of things.

“All preparations for going to Singapore have been completed.

Shiya and several elders of the Wang family have arrived at the company.

Instructor Liu has informed the relevant personnel in Singapore…”

Everything was ready for tomorrow.

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